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22 August 2014

22 August, 2014 Vol. 6 Issue 08 |

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The Pulse of Kiwi Indians


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22 August 2014


Wife charged over Manukau killing

Get a job, Dairy owner scolds young


Multicultural NZ society: Light of hope

for small businesses


Power column


Indian parliament approves bill to end

collegium system


Indian-Origin mathematician wins

Nobel Prize for Mathematics


Koya brothers in opposite political



Fusion music concert review

Swati Sharma

ne of the people accused of stabbing of

Davinder Singh to death has been revealed
as his wife.
Gurjinder Singh, 25, and Amandeep Kaur,
31 were charged with the murder of 35-year-old
Davinder Singh and given name suppression
which was lifted when both accused appeared in
the High Court at Auckland this week.
Earlier police recovered the weapon used to
stab Davinder
Singh when
he and his
having their
meal inside his
car in South
thank those
members of
who contacted
the Operation
Bastille team
about items
they located which may have been of interest,
police said in a statement.
Kaur was too distressed to talk to police the
day after her husbands death but just after being
interviewed, police charged her and Gurjinder
Singh with the murder.
Davinder Singh, 32, a father of one, was killed

as he sat in his car beside wife Amandeep Kaur

outside the Manukau Event Centre in Norman
Spencer Drive, Papatoetoe. They were on their
way home from work and had stopped to eat a
takeaway meal when the attack occurred.
Mr Singhs got a lot of wounds so theres
definitely an indication of a violent struggle
thats occurred in and around the vehicle, said
Detective Inspector Dave Lynch.
Police confirmed that the motive for the attack
was not robbery.
Both defendants pleaded not guilty when
appeared in court this week.
Singhs family
said he had no
killing was a
case of being in
the wrong place
at the wrong
The couple
had a 10-yearoldwww.budgetcarau
son who
was living in India, family said.
Davinder Singh and his wife decided to send
him back to be looked after by their extended
family as they wanted to focus 676
on their
Davinder Singh came to New Zealand from
- 400 CARS ON
Rajasthan seven
years ago andOPEN
had been
as an upholsterer
David 027 893 1932 - Jarna 021 418 504 - Raj 022 014 5

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22 August 2014

Cheers, jeers greet Bainimarama in Auckland

Arvind Kumar

MIXED reaction greeted FijiFirst Party

leader Frank Bainimarama when he visited
Auckland last week on a campaign trail ahead of
the September 17 election.
On one hand there were hundreds of
supporters, some who turned up at the Vodafone
Events Centre in Manukau at 10am for the interim
Fiji Prime Ministers 2pm appearance, on the
other hand close to 20 protesters waving placards
rallied outside the gates of the venue.
A predominantly 1000-plus Indo-Fijian crowd
packed the event venue as Mr Bainimarama, who
overthrew the elected government of Laisenia
Qarase in December 2006, appeared on the stage
to the cheers of his supporters, and the heckles of
the protesters who were let in minus placards.
I have been told not to worry about the
devils, he told the audience, referring to the
protesters and their consistent interruptions.
Mr Bainimarama opened his campaign by
highlighting the fact that the new constitution
allowed racial equality and at the same time
safeguarded native land.
This constitution takes Fiji away from the
dark days of 2000, Mr Bainimarama said,
referring to George Speights overthrow of the
Mahendra Chaudhry government.
This constitution is dear to my heart and I am
happy that the people of Fiji have endorsed it.
Mr Bainimarama said the new constitution had
been hailed as a fair and just document by many

Fiji First leader Frank Bainimarama delivers his

message to supporters at the Vodafone Events
Centre in Manukau last week.
The previous constitution allowed the sale
of native land; it is now refined and secure than
ever, Mr Bainimarama said.
Like any previous constitution, it upholds
the legal and moral basis of a common and equal
citizenry without denying anyones individuality
or culture.
For the first time, ordinary people now enjoy
guarantees of free education, adequate housing
and health care, social security, clean water and
protection of the environment, Mr Bainimarama
This constitution establishes common
citizenry. All citizens of Fiji are now called Fijians.
One person, one vote, one value.
Answering a question from a member of
the audience, Ajesh Sood, on whether he could

Part of the 1000-plus crowd listen to Bainimaramas address.

Protester Rajeshwar Singh, a former Minister in

the Qarase government.

guarantee there would be no more coups in Fiji,

Mr Bainimarama said vote for me and there will
be no more coups.
Another Aucklander, Komal Gounder,

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Newmarket: 142, Broadway, Newmarket. Ph: 09 524 6845

Dannemora: Unit 7, 14 Bishop Lenihan Pl. East Tamaki. Ph: 09 278 9008
Henderson: Unit 6, 42 Paramount Dr., Henderson. Ph: 09 837 0104

Glenfield: 20 Link Drive, Glenfield. Ph: 09 444 1004

09 366 7792

praised the work carried out by the Bainimarama

government over the past few years, but urged the
FijiFirst leader to guarantee sound education for
all Fiji children so that when they grow up they
will pick up a pen and not a gun.
Although he did not take questions from the
media, one local journo snuck one in.
Yolande Ah Chong, presenter on Radio 531
PI, asked what he would do to prove the protesters
wrong, Mr Bainimarama said: They are a bunch
of losers. I close my eyes and ears to losers.
Mr Bainimaramas August 8 visit was
believed to have been organized by a local media
organization. He did not grant interviews to local
media except one Indian community newspaper
and radio station.
He is expected to visit Australia next week as
part of his campaign.

22 August 2014

Get a job, dairy owner scolds

young robber in Wellington

DAIRY owner scolded and chased after

a 14-year-old boy after he held her up at
knifepoint, then fled the scene in a Wellington
Ngaio Supermarket owner Kelly Patel said she
told a carving knife-wielding teen to get a job
as he robbed her shop of almost
$100 last week and then fled as she
gave chase in her van.
Patel told the Dominion Post
newspaper she was very scared
after the June 10 death of Auckland
dairy owner Arun Kumar. Two boys
aged 12 and 13 are facing trial on
manslaughter and murder charges.
CCTV footage of this mornings
incident shows the youth entering
the shop on Khandallah Rd about
9.30am, with what appears to be a tea-towel
disguising his face and holding a carving knife.
Patel was serving neighbour Robyn Radomski.
Both woman said they at first thought it was a
But the dairy owner claims the teenager
then pointed the knife at her and swore at her,
demanding money from the cash register and
iTunes cards.
I was a bit worried about the knife because it
reminded me of that killing in Auckland recently,
Patel said. It was the morning, he had a knife and
he looked about the same age, I thought he was
maybe 12 or 13.
The security cameras in the shop which Patel
said had cost $20,000 to install after the shop
suffered previous thefts pointed straight at the
counter and dairy entrance.
Radomski said she quietly backed out of the

I was thinking what my strategy would be I
didnt feel it would be a good move to try and do
something while he had the knife.
Once outside, she ran to a nearby medical
centre, getting the staff to call the police. She said
the doctors told all patients to stay
Meanwhile, Patel was feeling
annoyed after handing over cash
to the youth.
I said to him, well, you should
get a job.
I said, I have to work for my
I told him off, and he just goes,
He left with the money and she
hit a panic button to alert her husband upstairs
while she jumped in her van. I thought, Im
going to get that little . th. th.
However, she couldnt find him and police
Youth Aid intercepted him near Simla Crescent
railway station. He will be interviewed at
Wellington Police Station, Detective Sergeant
Christiaan Barnard said.
Police were still determining what steps should
be taken, he said.
Police were yet to find the knife and suspect
it may have been discarded in a stream alongside
Khandallah Rd.
Barnard said the youth had discarded his
disguise by the time Youth Aid picked him up.
Patel said the dairy had been robbed before
but she was disappointed to be confronted by
someone so young.
- Talia Shadwell, Fairfax NZ

Police warn of latest scam

ounties Manukau Police are warning

residents of a phone scam involving Inland
Revenue. Recent immigrants and business
owners are targeted, with victims being told that
the government of New Zealand wishes to gift
them a tax refund for being a good citizen.
Phone calls
are made from
phone numbers
could belong to
Inland Revenue.
H o w e v e r,
Sergeant Simon
Beal of Counties
Manukau Police
says the phone
calls are actually
routed through a
server from overseas, possibly India or Malaysia.
Anyone who receives a call from Inland
Revenue or any other government organisation
should check on the departments website for the
official phone number, says Detective Sergeant
Beal. If youre unsure the call is legit, hang up
and double check by calling the organisation back
using the number provided online.
The scammer asks the victim to prove that they
are a good citizen of New Zealand by making a
payment or donation to an overseas bank account
via Money Transfer services such as Western
Union or Moneygram before receiving their tax

This is not something that Inland Revenue
would ever do and everyone asked to make
payments through money transfer services like
should be wary, says Detective Sergeant Beal.
Other recent scams include victims receiving
warning that they
would be arrested
or deported if they
did not make an
Inland Revenue
payment quickly.
A d d i t i o n a l l y,
some victims have
been told to buy
Prezzy Cards, load
money onto them
and disclose their
security numbers
to the scammer
over the phone.
should be wary of any unknown person who calls
and asks for money. Inland Revenue will never
knock on your door or call you asking for credit
card details. Never give credit card details over
the phone and call Police if youre suspicious
of someone who has called or visited you, says
Detective Sergeant Beal.
People throughout the Counties Manukau
District and particularly East Auckland have been
Anyone who has been a victim of this scam or
is contacted by a scammer should call Police on
09 261 1300.

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20/08/14 3:16 pm

22 May

to help new
in indisputably
settle in NZ
shape : INZBC

on Bill Englishs message that the

government has managed to guide the
country throughThashika
global nancial
and major
local natural disasters in the last six years and
the economy is in tidy shape at the end of that
mmigration New Zealand (INZ) has announced
period needs to be applauded.
that Citizens Advice Bureau New Zealand
While the Family Budget
(CABNZ) will be the provider of face-to- face
did not come as a surprise to
settlement information services for new migrants
many, economic growth is
across the country.
to peakManager
at a robust
INZ General
Steve McGill says that
to June
announcement is great
news as CABNZ are
is located in the
ideal mainstream
heart of the communities they serve.
by 2018
very highprovision
rates of face-to-face
We are
by international
outlets from 18
control, and
to 30 locations
by the
i nComparing
c r e a s the
e budget with other developed
coverage across
the country, Mr. McGill says. There will now
be seven sites in Auckland, three in Christchurch
and six new regional areas have been included.
The services include face to face information
and workshops that would help new Migrants to
settle and adapt to the lifestyle of New Zealand.
The bureau would provide information for the
queries regarding Local Communities, health,
education and any other queries that an immigrant
would seek advice on. The services are made
available to any new Migrants who are under
two years; however there are other immigration
clinics that would help others with their settlement
The CAB clinic at Pakuranga, which is also
one of the selected bureaus, is very much looking
forward to assist the new migrants who come in

seek of their advice. We are looking forward

world economies, and particularly our
to providing local workshops and settlement
neighbours Australia, this budget shows the
information to people new to New Zealand and
New Zealand economy in indisputably tidy
helping them to successfully integrate into our
shape. This may be one of the reasons why the
local community. The resources enabled by the
high diverse
by historic
contract will
inclusive service which now includes web-based
live chat, email enquiries, and free 0800 calls from
agroundthe chairperson
rather than
mobiles, said Kim Godinich,
CAB, Pakuranga, talking about theacross
services they
to not so
would be providing andditch
the methods
of availing
this service.
Further talking to the manager of the bureau,
Louise Boswell, she says, We are honored to
be selected by Immigration
to provide
on theNZ
in our area.
The strong Kiwi dollar
has certainly
helped the exporters, it isWe
say that
this service
this is the reason for the export
with over
forty and
are in negative in the budget
of helped
minimal surplus has also not
providing face to
face information and advice to people coming
to the bureau. This builds on our existing service
and makes good use of the fact that we are
already providing a quality information service
in our community. Being chosen to provide this
service recognizes that the CAB is a trusted
place for people to come to get information and
advice. It will extend our reach and profile with
new migrants and supports us to be even more
responsive to our changing community.
This Settlement Information Service will
provide information and options for new migrants
such as employment enquiries, including how to
find employment, getting assistance with CV
writing, housing, community events - where and
how to get involved, health, volunteering and

It will be better under Labour.

I want a New Zealand where
people matter most and every
Kiwi has the opportunities
has managed to guidethey need to do their best.
ocal natural disasters in
- David Cunliffe

ape at the end of that

prise to many, economic

in the year to June 2014,
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al standards, inflation
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22 August 2014

Science behind Indian Cooking a great success

month ago, the members of the Hindu

Organisations, Temples and Associations
- HOTA Forum, collectively decided to make
available the deep wisdom of the Indian civilisation
and the Hindu culture to the community at large.
This resulted in the announcement of a series of
workshops called the Hindu Wisdom Workshop
run at different venues throughout New Zealand
and coordinated by the HOTA forum itself.
The first in this series of the Hindu Wisdom
workshops on the Science behind Indian
Cooking was an astounding success. This was
on 03 August 2014 at the Shri Shirdi Saibaba
Sansthaan, Onehunga, Auckland.
The workshop was run by Dr.Shirish Karnik,
an expert in Ayurveda and a key contributing
member in the Hindu Council New Zealands
health division AROGYA which stands for
Aeotearoa Research Organisation for Generic
Yoga and Ayurveda.
Dr. Karnik explained the science in a
systematic and clinical manner that was palatable
to the audience. The topics covered a range of
practical dos and donts in Indian cooking, the
misconceptions we have about India cuisine, how
food affects the mind, how food need to change to
climate, why six tastes are important, the concept
of agni in a living human body, advise on the
quantity of food, how to achieve a balanced diet
and how the Indian thaali makes a lot of sense in
the modern world.
It was the simple facts that made the difference,
when Dr.Karnik said that the Indian staple food i.e
the Indian bread or roti was fully cooked inside
out, compared to the commercial bread we get in
the market. It is advised that we rinse the rice two
or three times before we cook it in a traditional

way to wash away the starch. The quantity and

portion size is also important where the suggestion
is to have the tummy with approximately 1/3rd
food, 1/3rd water and the rest empty.
Indian food is not just carbohydrates, too
much fat and or spices or just taste bud pleaser.
It is balanced diet, if prepared and consumed
properly depending on many factors.
Very recent results from study conducted by
Auckland University states that people who eat
junk food during their young age can affect their
mental status.

Ayurveda emphasises on eating food as

an important ritual in a calm, quiet, peaceful,
positive & happy environment than just to eating
in rush or for filling the stomach. State of Mind
plays a big role in digestion and metabolism. For
example, watching television which has majority
of news that are negative in nature is no great
help compared to assimilating food in a positive
space of mind. Mrs.Suma Rajkumar, a participant
shared The workshop was very informative and
very well presented. It was of great help to me on,
how well we can plan healthy food according to
the weather and health conditions. In short the
information provided in the workshop will guide
us to change the way we handled food on day to
day basis.
Vinod Kumar, President of the Hindu Council
of New Zealand noted that HOTA forum is best
suited to deliver these workshops for the deep

connections the forum has in the community.

These workshops are simply a case of the
community demanding it and the HOTA Forum
delivering it.
Ram Lingam, the coordinator for these
workshops commented There is so much to
know and share about Hindu wisdom because of
the cultures universality and practical benefit on
a day to day basis.
The next workshop is titled Everything you
want to know about Karma at the Mahatma
Gandhi Centre 145 New North Road, Auckland
on Sunday, 28 September 2014 from 1 PM
to 2 PM. This workshop will be presented by
Bramhachari Adarsh Chaitanya of the Chinmaya
For more information about the Hindu wisdom
workshops and if you wish to host it at your
premises, please contact Ram at 022 5800 108.


National is building a stronger economy which means more jobs and opportunities.
Nationals plan will deliver higher incomes, quality teaching and higher achievement in
schools, shorter hospital waiting times and safer communities.



Authorised by G Hamilton, 41 Pipitea St, Wellington

22 August 2014

Quiz Masti-A grand trivia night by

Chinmaya Mission

he youth of Chinmaya Mission NZ in

association with Kaysons and Relianz
Forex Ltd., are organising their annual charity
fundraiser for 2014. This time it is called, Quiz
Masti A Grand Trivia Night a unique funfilled night with
6 exciting rounds
a delicious 3
loads of laughter
enigmatic quiz
masters and a
chance to win
of course!!! It
promises to be
an entertaining
night for all.
Make sure you
get your tickets
quickly to avoid
as there are
seats available!
Teams of 8 are welcome or come individually
and discover a dream team! Kids under 5 years
As part of helping foster the overall
development of youth, CHYK, the youth
wing of Chinmaya Mission NZ, are given the
opportunity to organize, execute, participate
and showcase their skills by presenting
Auckland with fun-filled programs each year.

The funds from this event are dedicated to assist

the developement of the Missions work here in
Auckland. Come join us in supporting the next
generation of young adults and the on-going
work of the next generation of young adults and

the on-going work of the Mission to ensure the

passing of the wisdom of the Vedic culture to the
younger generations.Doors open at 6.30pm on
Friday, 19th September at the Mahatma Gandhi
Centre, Auckland. See you all there! Tickets are
$30 per person and are sold at various outlets like
KAYSONS,MITRE 10 MEGA, Henderson and
Botany, Yogijis Foodmart and from Chinmaya
Mission by calling 2756954.
09 630 9491
ASKING $200,000ON
$16,000 APPROX ASKING 199,999 + STOCK (UNDER
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22 August 2014

A bright light of hope for small ethnic businesses

ow small ethnic businesses from different

cultures and ethnicities can accelerate
themselves by getting an expert advice
from successful businesses in New Zealand.
Multicultural New Zealand has made this possible
by launching New Zealand Multicultural Business
Advisory Board.
This advisory board commits to help Small
and Medium Ethnic Enterprises (SMEEs) grow,
who are experiencing struggle in settling their
businesses. This Board can be considered as an
important step in the consolidation and promotion
of SMEES owned and operated by ethnic
I simple words, the board will provide help on
financial issues such as how to approach banks for
financial support, how to make banks become part
of their business. Also it will advise businesses to
build relationships in the industry.
Chairperson of Multicultural New Zealand,
Wenceslaus Anthony said that many expert
organisations have come forward to offer
informative help to small businesses. Being a
director in one of the prominent banks in New
Zealand he feels that it is their responsibility to
guide people who are working towards the growth
of their businesses.
Wearing the camp of borrower and lender as
a Director in the Bank- I know what it means to be
the custodian of the funds. SMEES have to have
strong financial discipline and make your banker
involved in understanding your business.
Our primary challenge is to put in place
strategic plans, processes and systems as the
strong foundation for engagement. The saying
that the Banks provide umbrella when the sun

From (L) to (R) Tayo Agunlejika, Wenceslaus Anthony and Trade Minister Tim Groser

shines brightly but take it away when it rains, has

to be proved wrong. Banks are partners and take
part in the risk of the SMEES investment, he
Welcoming Trade Minister Tim Groser to
the launch event, Wenceslaus said, As the word
Multicultural means different nations/ different
cultures - it is therefore appropriate that our Trade
Minister Hon.Tim Groser inaugurates the launch
as he visits many countries and understand the
culture of those countries with reference to Trade
and Business.
The board is made up of six members Peter,
Maria, Kane, Gaz, Tayo, Taz and Wenceslaus;
with a range of cultural heritage, including:
Vietnamese, European, Nigerian, Sri Lankan,
Indian and Polynesian. This Board is committed
to the challenging task of defining itself, setting
targets and moving towards them and most
important of all, connecting with SMEES.

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I believe that we have determined our aims

and objectives, among which is the need to
encourage cultural diversity among New Zealand
businesses, support the engagement of SMEES
in Local and Central Governments and foster the
Board to be a strong and official advocate for
ethnic enterprises, said Wenceslaus.
This Board has been established at the
initiative of Tayo, the Executive Director and
the support of the Immediate Past President
Priyani and the Current Executive Team with
Alexis as the President, which is an important
step in the consolidation and promotion of Small
and Medium Enterprises (SMEES) owned and
operated by ethnic communities.
This was a calling from above which I could
not resist. I was pleased to accept the position of
Chair with very committed and talented board
members to contribute our time, resources and
talent to be of service to this Nation and people of

all ethnicities. This is an exciting opportunity to

build from inception and to work throughout New
Zealand with different ethnicities to help small
and medium businesses grow, said Wenceslaus.
The Board members will work through in
the areas of government relations, financial
Institution relations, events, business mentoring,
membership and relationship with various
business associations. The board intend partnering
with the Banks and organizing an interaction
system as what the Banks expect of SMEES and
strengthening the relationship.
New Zealand is a country of small and
medium sized businesses (SMEES). Ministry
of Business, Innovation and Employment
statistics indicate that SMEES with up to 20
employees account for 97% of all NZ businesses,
employ 30% of all employees, and contribute
27.8% of New Zealands GDP. A vibrant and high
performing SMEE sector is therefore critical to
the prosperity of New Zealand.
This Multi Culture Advisory board is faced
with challenges and opportunities. The outcome
could be positive or negative. However, if it
sets the right process and systems in place the
Board with its commitment would have positive
outcomes. But this is possible only with the
collaboration of all the stakeholders and the
commitment and will of the SMMES to succeed
with integrity and sacrifice.
Anyone who needs advice for their businesses,
can contact
Tayo Agunlejika, Executive Director
Phone: (04) 916 9177 Mobile (021) 250 9786
22 August 2014


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23 May 2014

22 August 2014


Hathi Ghoda Paalki,

d o n t wa i t.


Auckland celebrated Janmasthami, the birth anniversary of Lord

Krishna, with music and dance in different Hindu temples.

he ISSO Auckland Swaminarayan Mandir

celebrated Janmasthami with grandeur.
Prime Minisiter John Key was the guest of honor
along with MP Kanwalji Bakshi, Melissa Lee
and Jami lee Ross and Tow aspiring candidates
Parmarjit Parmar and Misa Fia Turner and
other distinguished members of the Auckland
This was the Prime Ministers first visit to
the Mandir since its inauguration in April 2008.
He started his speech acknowledging that this
Mandir is undoubtedly the best temple in New
Zealand and he felt calmness as soon as he walked
into the temple. In his speech, he briefly touched
upon the focus of his Governments policies over
the next few years with emphasis on the economy,
safety & security of Indian population, education
and the upcoming Cricket World Cup 2015,
which is jointly hosted by New Zealand.
Member of Parliament, Mr. Kanwaljit Singh
Bakshi greeted the gathering on the event of
Janmasthami and echoed the feeling of calmness
experienced in the Mandir. He expressed that
the Satsangis here are his extended family and
attributed the success over the last 6 years to
the hard work of the Satsangis along with the
graciousness of Dr. Kanti & Mrs. Ranjna Patel.
The Prime Minister spent about an hour and
half at the Mandir interacting with the Satsangis
before relishing the Mahaprasad prepared by
the Satsangis. More than 800 people attended
the event which started off at 6pm and went past

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22 August 2014


Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki




SKCON temple, like every year had great celebrations

on Janmashtami. Hundreds of devotees thronged
the temple to have Darshan. The idols were very
immaculately dressed and the entire organisation was
very well done.
The head priest at ISKCON, Govinda Kinkarji said,
todays youth need to get the message of Krishna,
which is not to leave everything and join the Krishna
movement; but they have to just add Krishna in their
lives. That was the message, he wanted to give to the

Shri Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan

hri Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan of NZ conducted a week

long Srimad Bhagavad Katha by Acharya Vasant
Bhai Shukla ji at Sri Shirdi Sababa Mandir, Onehunga,
The devotees wonderfully decorated the Mandir, did
Dandya and Garba and also celebrated Dahi Handi.
Thousand odd devotees attended the week long Katha
and Sri Krishna birthday and took blessings of the Lord.
Throughout the week devotees were served mahaprasad.
Thousand took blessings of the Lord. Throughout the
week devotees were served mahaprasad.

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independence day

22 August 2014

Auckland celebrates India Independence Day

5th August1947, India got its Independence. Since then this day is celebrated in remembrance of
our leaders and all those who fought for Indias independence in the past. This occasion of pride
was celebrated by the different organizations and Indians in Auckland.

hartiya Samaj Charitable Trust

celebrated I-day at Aotea Square with
Flag Hosting Ceremony and Cultural
Performances at ASB Theatre. Alomg
with that The South Trust, Auckland
Indian Association, NZ Indian Central
Association, Waitakere Indian Association,
Roopa Aur Aap Charitable Trust; Radio
Humm FM and many organisations
from many states of India and neighbour
countries too, came together for the first
time under one umbrella to prove that we
all belong from a country who believes in
Unity in Diversity.
The dignitaries who marked the
presence on this special eve were Mayor of
Auckland His Worship Len Brown. High
Commissioner of India His Excellency Ravi
Thapar, Minister of Ethnic Affairs Judith
Collins, Labour Party was represented
by Phil Goff, Leader of NZ First Party
Winston Peters, Members of Parliament,
Auckland Council Councillors & Local
Board Members, Representatives of the
Community Organisations, Community
Leaders and many distinguished Guests.
The event started by flag hosting with
National Anthem. The entire crowd
acknowledged the great Indian fete in
Auckland with joyful performances.

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22 August 2014

independence day

adio Tarana celebrated Indian Independence day Bollywood style.

Bollywood star Govinda was the main attraction of the event festival
of India, where he not only danced but also sung for the audience. Along
with that, people enjoyed energetic performances that included dance
performance by Indi King Group, Aaja Nachle School of Dance, classical
dance by students of Padma School of Dance, Live singing by t series contest
winner Avish Sharma and Bombay Magic Live Band. NZs Got Talent
finalist Bhangra Group- Anakh Punjab Di and 50 50 Dance Crew gave the
most appealing performance of the day. Political leaders also marked their
presence to the event. David Shearer & Priyanca Radhakrishnan from labour
Party and Kanwaljit Bakshi & Paramjit Parmar from National party joined
the event and enjoyed the celebrations with Indian community.

Institute of
Technology (SIT)
also hosted a flag
raising ceremony
to celebrate Indian

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22 August 2014

Know Your Candidate

From past three issues we have been bringing you this section where we introduce ethnicSwati Sharma
Indian candidates who are contesting in these general reactions. Advance and overseas
voting starts from September 3rd and September 20th is the main voting day where you
decide the fate of country. As you gear up for elections, here are we bringing you a profile of four candidates from
different political houses and what do they think about the community. We asked these candidate same questions to
which they responded as follows. So now its your turn to use your party vote and choose the best one.

Anne Degia-Pala, NZ First Party

Which constituency are you competing from?
I am a prospective candidate for the electorate of
Kelston in West Auckland
How long have you been with the party?
My political aspirations is based on my passion
for ethnically diverse communities, whic I have
served for over 20 years in NZ. I believe this is
the reason the NZ First Party selected me as a
candidate. I am formally associated with the NZ
First Party for 9 months, however informally our
association goes back almost 3 years.
We would like to know more about your family
and your profession. (Where are you from, who
are there in your family)
Together with my husband and two young
children, I arrived in NZ in 1990. I am born in
Suva, Fiji. My Indian heritage is from Gujarat
in India. I am co-director with my husband of
WinMac Solutions Ltd., an IT company based
in Kelston, however I have built a profile in
West Auckland as a Community Leader and an
Intercultural Advocate working closely with all
diversity and ethnicities Auckland wide, closely
associated with local and central government.
In 2004 I was elected the first Indian woman
President of Waitakere Ethnic Board. I am very
passionate about social issues and work closely
with women and children.
In 2007, I was awarded a Queen Service Medal
(QSM) for working with ethnic communities by
the Government of New Zealand. I have been
instrumental in bridging the gap between Indians

of Fiji and India by working closely with Indian

I am a founding member and the only Indian
woman member of the first Auckland Council
Ethnic Peoples Advisory Panel. I am a Governance
Board member of WaterSafe Auckland Inc (WAI)
and Trustee of NixCrew Trust Incorporated. I
continue to work in the injury prevention sector
and belong to the Auckland Council Multi Sector
Violence Prevention group.
In 2001, in a tragic car accident our only son
Nikheel (19) was killed in New Zealand. Our
daughter Nikeesha is married and lives in London
with her husband and our grandson, 3 year old
How did you develop interest in politics?
We left Fiji due to the unsettling political
environment and loss of a democratically elected
government. I basically learnt politics with my
father who was a keen supporter and worker in
the National Federation Party. Upon arriving in
New Zealand, I supported the NZ Labour Party
and was a member with the party until mid-2013.
I was nominated by the Labour Party to stand for
the Whau and Henderson Massey Local Board
elections in 2010 and 2013 respectively.
If won in elections, what would be your main
focus? What do you expect to do for the Indian
Community in New Zealand?
New Zealanders will remain my main focus. Focus
on equity, fairness and democratic processes that
ascertain good employment, education, housing

and health for all New Zealanders including

The employment of New Zealanders
(including ethnic Indians) is high on the NZ
First planning priority. High unemployment is
not acceptable. Highly skilled and experienced
Indian Kiwis being unemployed is a human and
economic waste which is a blight on this countrys
productivity. Indian residents and citizens of this
country must have fair treatment when it comes
to employment and I will work hard to eliminate
discrimination, ensure that employers including
the public sector and other businesses treat Indians
as they would any other New Zealander.
I am very pleased that the NZ First Party will
keep the retirement age to 65. Many of our elders
deserve a well-earned lifestyle and good health to
see them through their old age. I will work hard to
bring the four well-beings back which the current
government has removed.
Good settlement makes common sense. As
a nation built on immigration, we need to ensure
that overseas skills and expertise is brought in
through immigration, however for Indians who
remain unemployed or underemployed, NZ First
will train, skill and employ for their prosperity
and the NZ productivity. There is a lot at stake
without good settlement for our families and
children, I will voice for urgency in this area.
Putting New Zealand and New Zealanders First
is common sense... and I am proud to be called a
New Zealander First.

ANJUM REHMAN, Labour Party

Which constituency are you competing from?
None, Im a list candidate
How long have you been with the party?
I joined Labour party in 2003.
We would like to know more about your family
and your profession. (Where are you from, who
are there in your family)
I protect my family from my political activities and
am glad that I do so. About myself, I was born in
a small village in the district of Azamgarh, UP. I
left India when I was just under 2 years old, and
migrated to Canada with my family. We arrived in
New Zealand when I was 5 years old, and I have
lived in Hamilton ever since. Im a Chartered
Accountant by profession.
How did you develop interest in politics?
I have been interested in politics from a young age.
I was 14 when the Springbok match was stopped in

Hamilton, and at that time I studies South African

history in school. In those days we worried about
nuclear weapons and the Cold War. I became more
politically active by joining the Labour Party when
my children were a little older and I was able to
give time to be an activist.
If won in elections, what would be your main
focus? What do you expect to do for the Indian
Community in New Zealand?
I have several areas of interest. I would like to do
some work in my area of professional expertise,
making tax compliance easier for small business
and supporting small business owners, particularly
in the regions. In a voluntary capacity, I have
also done a lot of work in providing services for
women suffering from domestic violence, and
I have worked on sexual violence prevention. I
would like to focus on both of those areas if I was
in government.
For the Indian community, Im part of a Labour

team that will ensure decent wages and work

conditions, and access to quality education and
particular to tertiary education. We have strong
policy on affordable housing - especially for young
people trying to buy their first home. Ill be pushing
for a return to investment in community policing,
so that police are visible on the streets and engaging
with communities, especially to reduce the level of
crime against small business owners. Our team
will support the learning of other languages and
reinstate decent funding for settlement support
22 August 2014



Roshni Sami, Internet-Mana Party

Which constituency are you competing from?
I am standing in Kelston electorate
How long have you been with the party?
I joined the Internet Party on 29th May when
Laila Harr was announced as party leader.
We would like to know more about your family
and your profession. (Where are you from, who
are there in your family)
My father is Indo-Fijian and my mother is a
Kiwi. They met while both studying at Auckland
University. My parents are now divorced. I am
engaged, my partner is Indian.
I am trained as a policy researcher, I have a BCom/
BA and MA from the University of Auckland. I
worked for approximately 6 years in the Pacific
doing work for development agencies such as
UNWomen, AusAID and other not-for-profits.
When I came back to NZ I worked in property
for 3 years. My father was in computers IBM,
he now focuses on property development. My
mother runs her own business exporting to the
How did you develop interest in politics?
I have always had a strong sense of what is right
and wrong; and a strong desire to speak up about

those things I still do! My mother always

encouraged me to follow my interests, I studied
Politics at University and then went to connect
with my heritage and work in the Development
sector in the Pacific and spend time with my
father and grandmother. On my Indian side we
were indentured labourers to Fiji, basically slaves
under the British administration. In contrast to
my parents and grandparents, I have had a very
different life, we celebrate multicultural NZ
now, racism is frowned upon in any case I can
almost pass for Pakeha with my pale skin and
middle class NZ upbringing, I grew up speaking
English I have studied, I am confident. I see it
as four generations of work to reach this level of
gender-equity and socio-economic well-being
from the streets of Chennai and Kolkata when my
great-grandparents got on boats to Fiji hoping for
a better life. So for all that have gone before me
I must do everything I can to make this a more
just and egalitarian society, for everyone. For
this election I was only inspired to get involved
because of Laila Harr, I am working to win party
vote to get her into parliament, I believe we need
her vision and leadership in parliament.
If won in elections, what would be your main
focus? What do you expect to do for the Indian

Umesh Parinpanayagam, Green Party

Which constituency are you competing from?
The Green Party is asking people for their Party
Vote, I am doing this from the electorate of
Manukau East.

developed since we moved to Auckland.

For example concerts from visiting artists
from India were once rare, now it is a regular

How long have you been with the party?

I have been involved in the Party since the early
2000s when I got involved as a student at the
University of Auckland but I joined around

How did you develop interest in politics?

When I started university it was the first time
I was able to vote. I think I believed a better
world was possible and one way was to get
more Green Party members into parliament.
The Green Party were criticizing many of the
things the Government were doing at the time
and they were putting forward alternative ideas
I agreed with. Thats how I got interested.

We would like to know more about your

family and your profession. (Where are you
from, who are there in your family)
I was born in Whangarei shortly after my
parents and older brother migrated to New
Zealand as a consequence of the war in our
homeland. We moved to Tauranga because
thats where my father found a job, and I went
to primary and intermediate school there.
Subsequently we moved to Auckland and after
high school I went to university and completed
an engineering degree.
Growing up in a smallish town in New Zealand
I think had a detrimental effect on my ability
to connect to my cultural heritage but after
moving to Auckland there have been more
opportunities. For example Ive been involved
in South Indian culture through playing the
Mridangam (drum) a little bit. Organisations
like the Caranatic Music Society have really

If won in elections, what would be your main

focus? What do you expect to do for the
Indian Community in New Zealand?
The Greens focus is on creating fairer society,
cleaner environment and smarter economy.
We have announced a number of specific
policies towards these goals, which will benefit
many New Zealanders including the Indian
Community. These include:
$1 billion package to pull kids out of
poverty (Paid by an increase tax on earnings
over $140,000 to 40 percent, and closing tax
Reprioritising transport spending - away
from uneconomic motorways towards public
transport to ease congestion

Community in New Zealand?

My main interest is in education and the economy
in New Zealand for all people Indians, Maoris,
Pakehas - everyone. We have had a lack of
economic vision and leadership and many people
are suffering because they are underpaid or
unemployed. I strongly believe there needs to be
investment in the establishment of an innovative
digital economy to parallel NZs excellence in
agriculture, and create more secure high value
jobs. This must also be met with strong investment
in education, which is why we have a free tertiary
education policy. Both of these require focused
political leadership to be achieved, right now
most people do not even believe free tertiary
education is possible, but that is not the case.
There is a serious problem with a widening gap
between rich and poor which stifles innovation,
also economies with a wide income gap tend to
have slower growth. Increasing minimum wage
to living wage will boost local business through
increased spending and create more jobs (as past
wage increases have shown) as well as addressing
social inequities. I want to see a vibrant educated
NZ full of opportunities for everyone, men and
women, people of all races.

Free off-peak transport for students.

$1 billion for research and development
Start up government-owned Green
Investment Bank
Free healthcare for everyone until age 18
We believe all New Zealanders deserve to
live in a country with a clean environment,
smart economy and fair society and this
requires a government that recognise its
obligation to eliminate discrimination.
The Green Party believes adequate funding
needs to be directed to combating institutional
racism and agencies that do this work, such
as the Human Rights Commission, need to be
fully supported in their work. The Green Party
will ensure that the Human Rights Commission
and Race Relations Office are fully supported in
their endeavor to implement the Human Rights
Act, counter prejudice and discrimination, and
address racism.
We will work with communities to combat
prejudice; develop fair, compassionate and
effective processes in all areas and ensure that
education, health and other institutions meet
the special needs of all communities.
We also believe that a standalone Ministry
of Ethnic Affairs will be helpful in addressing
the institutional racism issues faced by many
I am happy to answer any questions at

Kiwisaver kick start for all New Zealand babies

ll babies born in New Zealand would

automatically be registered for a KiwiSaver
account and receive a $1000 kick start from the
government, New Zealand First Leader Rt Hon
Winston Peters announced today.
The announcement was made at New Zealand
Firsts 2014 Election Campaign Launch in
Thousands of young New Zealanders have
used KiwiSaver to help them save to buy their
first homes, its common sense that it helps to pay

for their tertiary education too says Mr Peters.

The money in their KiwiSaver account will
only be able to used for tertiary education fees. If
the young person does not go on to further study,
the money will stay in their account to go towards
their first home and retirement.
Over their childhood and teenage years with
contributions from family, the Christmas and
birthday $20 gifts from the grandparents, and the
afterschool and holiday jobs, most people will see
a sizable amount of savings after 18 years.

Parents and family can contribute knowing

that it will go towards tertiary education or a home
- a basic need. Itll change parental savings culture
as well. It also teaches a child good savings habits
from early on.
The savings for the government will be
substantial, not having to loan as much money to
students for their tertiary education fees.
Some will say this wont have an affect for
many years. Theyre wrong of course, because
we are setting out to change New Zealand to a

savings culture.
Our conservative estimates put the cost of this
policy at around $60 million a year more than what
the Novopay disaster has already cost us.
Thats $60 million reinvested back into our
economy, our businesses and our people.
By these means can we directly help so many
of our young whilst at the same time further build
the funds to free ourselves from the dependence
on foreign money and foreign savings, says Mr


22 August 2014


Modis bold vision generates


CAN see before my eyes Mother India awakening once again. My Mother India
would be seated as the World Guru. Every Indian would render service towards
welfare of humanity. This legacy of India would be useful for the welfare of the world.
So said Swami Vivekananda, one of the most influential spiritual leaders of Hinduism.
As India last week marked the 68th anniversary of its Independence from British
rule, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, himself a strong believer in the words of ascetics,
sages and saints, took the opportunity to inspire Indians of the valuable role they had to
play, at home and abroad, in this modern era.
Friends, the words of Viveknanda ji can never be untrue. The words of Viveknanda
ji, his dream of seeing India ensconced as World Guru, his vision, it is incumbent upon
us to realise that dream. This capable country, blessed with natural bounty, this country
of youth can do much for the world in the coming days, Modi said in his maiden
Independence day address to the nation.
His speech had more drama, inspiration and pep than his predecessors maiden
Independence day speeches put together.
While the nation has been grappling with recent incidences of violence and atrocities
against women, and the need for a renewed push for an energised economy, Modi made
these the big themes in his address. Not forgetting the Clean India campaign targeting
building toilets for girls in schools.
He pitched India as a manufacturing hub, delivered bold initiatives for job creation,
promises of better safety for women, and the scrapping of the Planning Commission.
Fully aware his words would attract world attention, therefore potential investors,
Modis speech, hailed widely, also regenerated the enthusiasm among the common man.
My dear countrymen, the world has changed. Now India cannot decide its future
by remaining isolated and sitting alone in a corner. The economics of the world have
changed and, therefore, we will have to act accordingly. Government have taken
many decisions recently, made some announcements in the budget and I call upon the
world and call upon the Indians spread world over that if we have to provide more and
more employment to the youth, we will have to promote manufacturing sector. If we
have to develop a balance between imports and exports, we will have to strengthen
manufacturing sector. If we have to put in use the education, the capability of the youth,
we will have to go for manufacturing sector and for this Hindustan also will have to lend
its full strength, but we also invite world powers.
Therefore I want to appeal all the people world over, from the ramparts of Red
Fort, Come, make in India, Come, manufacture in India. Sell in any country of the
world but manufacture here. We have got skill, talent, discipline, and determination to
do something. We want to give the world an favourable opportunity that come here,
Come, Make in India and we will say to the world, from electrical to electronics,
Come, Make in India, from automobiles to agro value addition Come, Make in
India, paper or plastic, Come, Make in India, satellite or submarine Come, Make in
India. Our country is powerful.
Strong words and vision from a confident leader set out to inspire and advance the
worlds largest democracy into the global powerhouse it has been touted to become.
For New Zealand, Modis pitch should bring fresh hope for the conclusion of the
Free Trade Agreement negotiations which have been in limbo, for far too long now.
-Arvind Kumar

Indian Weekender Volume 6 Issue 08

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Indias veto doesnt mean

collapse of global trade talks
- Arvind Padmanabhan

ndias demand for concessions on food subsidy

as a quid quo pro to a pact to simplify procedures
on global commerce may have blocked the first
major step forward in the 19-year history of the
World Trade Organisation (WTO). But that does
not mean the global trade talks have collapsed.
India, per se, was not opposed to the pact
on what is called trade facilitation when the
diplomats from the 160 member countries of the
WTO met in Geneva last month and set July 31
as an informal deadline to sign on the dotted line.
It was then to be ratified at the 10th Ministerial
conference next year.
But India wanted to take no chances and
assumed the role of a tough negotiator, having
been short-changed in the past. In the decade
before the WTO was formed on Jan 1, 1995, New
Delhis views, along with those of the developing
world, were simply ignored.
At the core of Indias demand is food security
for its 1.2 billion people, the bulk of whom live
on the doles given by the government in the
form of subsidised grain. This is guarantee under
Indian statute, having enacted the National Food
Security Act, 2013.
Officially, this programme is set to cost
the exchequer Rs.1,31,086 crore ($21 billion)
annually and there was no way Indian interlocutors
in Geneva could have conceded to a pact that
could potentially go against a domestic law, as
also the larger issue of food security.
Related to it were two more aspects - the
subsidy to farmers to buy plant nutrients and the
periodic announcement of a minimum support
price by the government, based on which the state
agencies pay farmers higher-than-market price
under its public procurement and distribution
The draft multilateral pact proposed a freeze
on the extent to which governments can buy farm
produce at a non-market driven rate. The 9th
Ministerial Meeting at Bali in December 2013
called for a permanent solution on this issue by
11th such conference, due in 2017.
It was also agreed that till 2017, no country
can move the dispute settlement body of the WTO
against another member if its government was
found to be breaching the level of subsidy freeze
that was permitted - this was officially termed as
the peace clause.
True, the above issues were not part of the trade
facilitation pact. Also true that for the agreement
on stockpiling of food, the previous WTO
Ministerial Meeting in Bali had set a December

2017 deadline. So one can argue that India had

time till then. But Indias concern has been: What
if no permanent solution is found by 2017? In
such an event, the peace clause will expire and
member countries would be free to drag India to
the WTO - and the outcome would not have been
in New Delhis favour.
India has also maintained all along that the
Doha round of trade negotiations had called for
a single undertaking - that is conclude all issues
together. But in Bali, diplomats felt people at
large must see some movement forward and lowhanging fruits should be tapped.
These were to form a part of the early harvest
Accordingly, it was agreed that the trade
facilitation pact, on which there is agreement
among member countries, should be ratified
separately. Apart from ease of commerce, it is
potentially seen as adding $1 trillion to global
trade and create 21 million jobs.
But New Delhi was wary given the way trade
pacts were finalised in the past.
US pressure on India, accordingly, also did not
work. Two emissaries were sent to New Delhi:
Commerce Secretary Commerce Penny Pritzker
with this specific mandate and Secretary of State
John Kerry for supplementing her efforts.
But Prime Minister Narendra Modi, echoing
what his Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman
and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had already said
before, made it clear India will not compromise its
peoples food security and livelihood.
At the same time, it is also not as though all is
lost and if the July 31 deadline has been missed,
it is curtains for the trade facilitation pact. Even
before the diplomats left WTO headquarters
disappointed, moves were afoot to meet again in
I invite you all to use this time to think
carefully about what the next steps might be...
reflect long and hard on the ramifications of this
setback... We should take the time to reflect, come
back in September, WTO Director General
Roberto Azevdo said.
During last months talks, there was also
this threat of isolating India. But this was mere
posturing, going by what diplomats said privately.
Going forward, August will be crucial for behindthe-scenes parleys. But Indias basic stand is
unlikely to alter.
(Arvind Padmanabhan is executive editor of
IANS. The views expressed are personal. He can
be reached at

22 August 2014

- Iva Tora

EORGE Orwell, in his eponymous 1984,

wrote: No one ever seizes power with the
intention of relinquishing it.
If comments by Fijis coup leader, Frank
Bainimarama, during his recent Auckland visit
are anything to go by, Orwells reflection on the
nature of power couldnt be truer.
When Frank Bainimarama, now leader of
FijiFirst Party, stepped on to the podium at
Manukaus Vodafone Events centre in South
Auckland last week, it was to the applause of
hundreds of supporters who had made the trek
to listen to, and, opportunity permitting, shake
his hands for a photo op.
The navy commodore, who deposed Prime
Minister Laisenia Qarase in 2006, was on a
mission to muster support for FijiFirst, which
will be put to the test in an eagerly anticipated
election on September 17.
While a strong media corps gathered there,
the commander, much to their chagrin, was
only fielding questions from the public. This,
in the midst of heckling from close to 20 prodemocracy protestors who had snuck in to
voice their opposition. And make a lot of noise
they did.
For many who had never before heard
Bainimarama, it must have been disappointing
to see his trademark cockiness wither as he
was barely able to string coherent sentences
together in responding to questions.
The Germans have an exquisite word
for that moment when an enemy has a fall schadenfreude is defined as pleasure derived
from anothers misfortune. As Bainimarama
struggled to orchestrate his words, the protestors

Power without glory

Protesters strut their stuff outside the venue where FijiFirst leader Frank Bainimarama addressed
the crowd in Auckland last week.
likely had their moment in the sun and their
fair dolloping of schadenfreude.
After referring to the protestors as a bunch of
devils and losers, Bainimarama was asked what
he would say to prove the protesters wrong.
They are nothing but a bunch of losers. I
close my eyes and ears to losers, he said.
More poignantly, when asked what
guarantee he could give that there be no more
coups, his response was: Vote for me and there
will be no more coups.
In other words, if you dont vote for me

there will be another coup.

The coup leader may not be an educated
man but power has never depended on the
number of degrees racked up or ability to
think. Power is about domination and control.
This is the chief driving force behind Frank, the
DNA blueprint as it were.
In many ways, Bainimarama is an enigma.
Here is an indigenous Fijian and no ordinary
Fijian but one with strong ties to the chiefly
families in the Fijian establishment. Despite
this pedigree, Bainimarama has sought to


dismantle traditional Fijian institutions: the

Great Council of Chiefs, the Methodist Church,
reform and rename the Native Lands Trust
Board to iTaukei.
At a time when Western countries have
assumed custodianship of indigenous rights
of the Aborigines in Australia and the Maori
in New Zealand Bainimarama and his righthand man, Aiyaz Saiyad Khaiyum, have gone
out of their way to do the opposite.
Few would argue that racial equality is
needed in Fiji. But the remarkable irony
in Bainimaramas calls for racial equality
is that he has sought to achieve this at the
expense of indigenous population. This is the
disenfranchisement of one group by way of
dismantling the bastions of their identity
without any consultation or due process.
Further, he has sought to appease the
ordinary masses by development works,
namely building bridges and so on, the regime
carried out particularly in rural areas. Yes,
his supporters applauded him for these, but
has anyone conducted a proper audit of these
works? Sadly, people cannot see beyond their
noses. Good government is not just about the
provision of things material.
Good governance is about transparency,
accountability, about giving everyone a voice
without fear or intimidation or the threat of
death simply because they disagree with you.
It is these values that are your basic building
blocks for a stable, equitable and workable
Not roads or sewing machines.
Iva Tora is a Fiji-born journalist who has
worked in Australia and Fiji and currently
based as a sub-editor in New Zealand.

Courageous of Modi to talk of toilets from Red Fort

- Saeed Naqvi

rime Minister Narendra Modis courageous

elaboration in his maiden Independence
Day speech, on the nations need to build toilets
had in it a touch of Acharya Vinoba Bhave. It
also brought back a Devi Lal story.
During a visit to China, Devi Lal, then Indias
agricultural minister, made a great impression
on the Chinese leadership by his knowledge of
things agricultural. Even though he had been
invited to study Chinese agriculture, his hosts
found his observations and queries so insightful
that they took him to more and more places so
that they too could learn from his asides.
On one field trip, Devi Lal, the tallest Jat
from Haryana, towering above his Chinese
counterpart in every sense of the term, stood
on a piece of high ground, put his hands on
his hips, and began to survey a mega farm.
The Chinese waited for his pearls of wisdom.
Devi Lal leaned over and whispered something
in the Indian ambassadors ear that made the
emissary, an expert Mandarin speaker, turn
pale, then white as a sheet.
Devi Lal had whispered a simple question.
Kisaan tatti kahan kartay hain (Where do the
peasants shit) The Chinese, prolific spitters off
the main highways, do, nevertheless, have a
sense of delicacy about the theme Devi Lal had
touched upon.
In the dictionary of his mind, the
ambassador translated shit into nitrogenous
waste matter for which expression he found
a suitably ornate word in Mandarin. When
he communicated the query to the Chinese
agriculture minister, he froze and blinked and
blinked and shook his head like a sage who had
seen light. Devi Lal had spotted the biggest gap
in Chinese agriculture: want of adequate toilet
arrangements for peasants.
I have embellished this Devi Lal yarn

with a purpose. Middle class squeamishness

sometimes obviates scrutiny of basic issues.
It was courageous of Narendra Modi to have
dwelt on the absence of toilets in the countryside
and on the shame of our unclean cities. He
touched on numerous other themes. When even
our Gods and Goddesses are manufactured in
China, it is time someone spoke of reviving
Indian manufacture. That is an idea whose
revival will take time.
Toilets for rural households and cleanliness
in cities is a revolution the Modi government
can start tomorrow.
Let us not talk about Gujarat which is
probably much better off in this regard than
Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Let him begin with
the National Capital Region where, by Modis
own definition, he is still an outsider. Before
staleness sets in, let him appoint an official
in his own office with a strict mandate: in six
months to a year, the official must have in his

hand a comprehensive blueprint for toilets for

Delhis villages and the hundreds of thousands
of pavement dwellers. Nobody knows where
they go for their ablutions. Also, there must be
a plan for the removal of garbage dumps.
Let this official be a regular member of
the Indian Administrative Service. Try giving
him a suitable job description, say, Secretary
Toilets. My guess is that he will bolt the
service, go back to his village and arrange a
hundred havans to get this Rahu out of Ketu in
the quickest possible time. If he happens to be a
Muslim, Deoband will launch an agitation.
Alright, for national tranquility, let us call
him Officer on Special Duty. Let this OSD
begin his inquiries by visiting important hotels,
hospitals, major multistoreyed blocks and seek
out the managements to show him the toilets
on the premises. He will discover that those
manning these facilities are six inches shorter
and a few shades darker than other management

cadre on the premises. They are not even on the

rolls of these outfits. They cannot be. How can a
toilet cleaner be promoted as a lobby manager,
for example. How can he even dream to ever
become a Food and Beverages manager
Garbage dumps, thousands of them around
the city, cannot be removed for similar reasons.
Rag pickers employed to load the garbage
trucks have found a market, heaven knows
where, for the scrap they pick from the garbage
bins parked in these dumps. A chain of interests
has developed around each one of these. They
have become sources of livelihood.
Outside of India I have seen men and
women find privacy behind the sand dunes
in, for example, the Sahara desert. The picture
cannot be very different in the sandier part of
the Thar Desert. Within an hour of daybreak,
every particle evaporates in the sharp shams
or sun.
In Europe, atleast upto the 18th century,
ablutions were a taboo. Wolfgang Mozart and
his brothers died young of ailments from lack
of washing. In Andalusia, on the other hand, a
culture of Hamams and libraries prevailed since
the arrival of the Moors in the 8th century.
In fact one of the charges during the Spanish
Inquisition after 1492 was quite extraordinary:
He Bathes. This history has something to do
with the culture of toilet paper introduced by the
British in the colonies even where, otherwise,
plenty of water was available.
A tropical country needs ablutions for
minimal hygiene. It required considerable self
belief for Modi to dwell on the theme at such
length on such an occasion.
(A senior commentator on diplomatic and
political affairs, Saeed Naqvi can be reached
on The views
expressed are personal.)


22 August 2014

Supporting young people into independence

Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi

oung New Zealanders deserve more than

a life of welfare dependency. National is
not prepared to let this be the future of our next
Getting off welfare and into work brings a
better life, more opportunities, and a brighter
Teenage beneficiaries are at high risk of staying
on welfare for a long period of time. If they get the
help they need, thousands more young adults will

be able to lead productive lives.

A re-elected National Government would
extend the intensive support currently provided to
our youngest beneficiaries, to all teen parents on a
benefit and many 18 and 19-year-old beneficiaries.
The days of the all care and no responsibility
approach are over. We are not going to throw
taxpayers money at young people and leave them
to their own devices.
Work and Income has found many young
adults who approach them for help need more
than just money. They need a helping hand to get
on their feet, and National is offering just that.
Services to guide young beneficiaries into
education or training or help them find a job will
be extended so that more young adults have the

opportunity to live a prosperous life.

Many more young adults will be mentored and
advised on budgeting and parenting obligations
with a capable adult from a community-based
This is about taking a long-term approach to
ensure these young people learn the skills they
need to build fulfilled and aspirational lives.
Money is loaded onto a payment card for
groceries and essentials not cigarettes or
alcohol. Young beneficiaries bills, like rent and
electricity, will be paid directly to suppliers until
they are ready to take this on themselves.
There are increased training and education
opportunities waiting for them with 10,000 feesfree Youth Guarantee places for 16 to 19-year-

Health is the real wealth

David Shearer

ahatma Gandhi once said it is health that is

real wealth, not pieces of gold and silver.
How right he was.
When youre in politics as I am, listening to
New Zealanders every day, you soon get a feel for
what people really care about: good healthcare,
quality education, solid well-paid work,
opportunities and hope for the future.
We all want to live a long and healthy life,
enjoying our children and if were lucky,
Research shows the best path to maintaining
good health over the long-term is early
intervention and prevention.

Thats why I was so saddened to learn that last

year more than half a million New Zealanders
needed to see a doctor, but couldnt afford an
Over the same period, quarter of a million
New Zealanders didnt fill their prescriptions
for the same reason. These people went to the
doctor because they were sick but couldnt get the
treatment they needed. That is heart-breaking.
Our once-prized health system has become
just an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff,
because too many people cant afford to get the
care they need.
This is not the New Zealand Labour believes
in. Were a better country than that. We believe
New Zealanders should be able to rely on quality
healthcare regardless of the size of their wallets.
A Labour Government will make healthcare

more accessible for more Kiwis.

All up, nearly 40 per cent of New Zealanders
or 1.7 million people will get free doctor visits
and prescriptions under Labours health package
which has been carefully costed as part of our
responsible fiscal plan. Thats up from 12 per cent
at the moment.
We will radically reduce the cost and improve
the quality of healthcare for hundreds of thousands
more New Zealanders.
Labour will give 700,000 people in low
income communities free or heavily discounted
GP visits through an injection of $60 million for
primary healthcare.
And we will make doctors visits and
prescriptions free for all New Zealanders aged 65
and over.
This will make a real difference in the lives

Pressure on NZ Super and Health Services

Winston Peters

ew Zealanders collectively pay for their

health, welfare and superannuation
systems. These systems are the foundation of
our society and New Zealand First is committed
to their continuation on a well-funded and
effective basis. But resources are not infinite.
The pie has a certain size.
New Zealand has been alerting the New
Zealand public to the fact that immigration puts
great pressure on hospital and health services.
In contrast, National pretend there is no impact
of immigration on health. Well go to any
hospital and look what is actually happening!

Kiwis who have worked and paid taxes

all their life and rightly concerned when their
health care is delayed because of over-crowded
New Zealanders are not fools. They know
that New Zealands immigration intake is out
of balance. In comparison with every other
countries we have a huge intake of people in
older age groups.
New Zealand First is not anti-immigration
but we are for a sensible immigration policy
that puts the New Zealand interest first.
New Zealand should decide who comes
and lives in New Zealand on the basis that
they bring benefit to our country. That is not
unreasonable. In fact its common sense.
The government with its out of control
immigration policy is putting an unnecessary
strain and burden on all our services., especially

our health system.

NZ Super also takes a hit from immigrants.
The rule is that new arrivals only need to be
here 10 years and, if they are 65, they receive
full 100 percent NZ Super.
This is amazingly generous and grossly
unfair to Kiwi taxpayers
Kiwis who have worked all their lives
cannot just go to another country and claim a
The lottery winners who enter under the
parent category have no requirement to work
or contribute to the economy to gain NZ Super.
There are already nearly 70,000 here under
this category. This is equivalent to a lump sum
gift of $400,000 over average life expectancy.
New Zealand First says the NZ Super pie is
not boundless it cannot be a feast for all and
sundry to dine on.

olds and 20,000 places in the Apprenticeship

Reboot programme.
As a result, the number of people under 20 who
are not in education, employment or training is
now the lowest it has been since 2004. That means
many more young people are getting ahead.
With 1,600 people going off welfare and into
work every week, Nationals significant welfare
reforms are working well.
Getting more New Zealanders off welfare and
into work, is a key part of our focus to deliver better
public services for New Zealanders and build a
more competitive and productive economy.
Authorised by Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi MP,
1/131 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland

of nearly 700,000 older New Zealanders. These

are people whove paid taxes all their lives, who
face some of the greatest health needs and who are
most likely to have fixed incomes.
Labour will also make GP visits, prescriptions
and dental care free for all pregnant women. Thats
because international evidence, including work by
our own Sir Peter Gluckman, shows a direct link
between the health of expectant mothers and that
of their children.
And Labour will look after children as they
grow by providing free GP visits and prescriptions
for those under 13 and increase funding for youth
health centres.
Labour believes that people matter most and
that we all deserve the best health.
You can tell a lot about a society by the way it
looks after its children and elderly people.
Under a Labour Government, the young, the
old, the pregnant and those on low incomes will
all get the healthcare they need.

National does not care. The evidence is that

in the last six years the number of immigrants
over 50, for example from China, has almost
The Immigration Minister is no longer
working for ordinary New Zealanders. He takes
time to visit one wealthy investment immigrant
to discuss how he wants to change our laws. In
contrast he neglects regulating immigration to
best fit New Zealands needs.
New Zealand First does not blame individual
immigrants. They are the lucky beneficiaries or
a slack system.
Currently, almost half the immigration into
New Zealand is under reunion or humanitarian
categories. That is far too high of a proportion
of migrants.
New Zealand First will restore economic
and social sense to immigration policy.

Is your business strategy for

growth being held back?
no need to bet the house*
Lock Finance is New Zealands leading independent and business finance
company offering a fully integrated combination of trade finance,
working capital, debtor finance and factoring since 1889.
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Phone: Shanil Patel on 09 375 4260.


LOC 6899 B
22 August 2014



Choosing Green for the future

Barry Coates

he Green Party is a growing political

movement in New Zealand. The Greens have
gained respect for fresh thinking, stable leadership
and strong principles. At the last election, more
people than ever gave their Party vote to the Green
Party. With over 11 percent of the vote, the Greens
had 14 MPs in Parliament. This enabled the
Greens to act as an effective opposition, holding
the government to account, while collaborating
to build warm insulated homes, the national
cycleway and electrified trains.
Now, at this election, the Greens have
developed an innovative and inspiring plan that
will take New Zealand forward into a better
future. These are costed and coherent policies
that will create the practical solutions to improve
our quality of life. The headline priorities are to
ensure we have a cleaner environment, to build a

fairer society and to invest in a smarter economy.

The overall aim is to protect and improve the New
Zealand that we all love. The Greens aim to gain
15 percent of the vote, bringing around 20 MPs
into Parliament. This would make the Greens a
powerful movement for political change.
The Greens draw strength from our roots
in communities, reflecting the concerns and
aspirations of citizens. The Greens are committed
to creating a fully inclusive society in which all
citizens, of all religions and all ethnicities, can
contribute and flourish. The Indian community is
a growing and increasingly important part of New
Zealand, enriching and strengthening our society.
The Greens look forward to working closely
with Indian communities to ensure that new
residents are warmly welcomed, more families
united and work skills rewarded by employment
There is much to be done to if we are to
support the New Zealand that we all love. The
environment is not adequately protected. For
example, six out of ten rivers monitored are too

polluted for healthy aquatic life or for swimming.

The Greens will protect our rivers and ensure that
they are clean enough to swim in safely, and will
protect our beaches from oil spills by prohibiting
deep sea oil drilling.
Our society has become unfair. Almost one
in four children grow up in poverty, and the
experience of New Zealand for many people
is a struggle to pay the bills, sitting in traffic
jams, cold and expensive housing, and few job
opportunities. The Greens will ensure that all
children can thrive, with support for 20 hours free
early childhood education and free doctors visits
for children to age 18 years. The Greens will also
create school hubs in all decile 1-4 schools, with
a dedicated nurse, free school lunch and after
school programmes. The Greens will invest in our
rail network, and create safe cycleways so that
children can cycle to school.
Our economy has become too dependent on a
few commodities and speculation, and we spend
less on research and development than most
OECD countries. The Greens will support the

Labour extends free GP visits, free prescriptions

abour leader David Cunliffe has announced

those aged over 65 will be added to the groups
who get free doctors visits and prescriptions
under a major boost of funding for primary health
Speaking at Labours campaign launch today,
Mr Cunliffe unveiled Labour policy to fund free
GP visits for about 700,000 people aged over 65,
as well as pregnant women.
Nearly 40 per cent of Kiwis or 1.7 million
people will be eligible for free doctors visits and

free prescriptions under a Labour Government,

Labour Leader David Cunliffe says.
Last year more than half a million New
Zealanders didnt go to their doctor when they
needed to because of the cost. A quarter of a
million didnt pick up a prescription for the
same reason.When people get sick their ability
to pay shouldnt be a barrier to getting good
healthcare, which is why Labour is committed
to progressively reducing health costs across the
board as economic conditions allow.





Our initial focus is on people with the

highest health needs and health costs. Today I am
announcing that Labour will make GP visits and
prescriptions free for nearly 700,000 Kiwis aged
65 and over, children aged up to 13 and pregnant
women, who are currently entitled to free primary
care in relation to their pregnancy, but not for
other medical needs. Mums to be will also receive
free dental care.
We will also extend and improve the Care
Plus programme which supports people with


chronic or serious long term health conditions.

That means an extra 250,000 New Zealanders
will receive an extra four free doctors visits each
year, along with a comprehensive wellness plan.
Our investment in healthcare has been fully
costed and is part of Labours plan to run a surplus
every year and pay off Nationals debt.
Addressing health needs earlier saves money
in the long term. Keeping people well through
effective public and primary healthcare is the right
thing to do for our families and for New Zealand,
David Cunliffe said.




development of a smarter, greener economy, built

on innovation and sustainability. An additional
1000 places will be created for engineering and
science at tertiary institutions and $1 billion of
new funding will be invested in research and
development. Greens policies on climate change,
energy and the economy will position New
Zealand as a modern economy, participating in
the wave of change happening across the world.
Policies on sustainability have become central to
the worlds leading businesses, and the Greens
will ensure that New Zealands clean and green
reputation creates opportunities for a high value,
high skill economy.
There is a clear choice facing voters at the
forthcoming election. The Green Party has
policies to build a cleaner environment, a fairer
society and a smarter economy. Party vote Green.
Barry Coates is the Green Party candidate
for Mt Roskill, and is 16th on the list. He is
the former Executive Director of Oxfam New
Zealand. He has a degree in economics from
Auckland and a Masters from Yale University.


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NZD. Entry into Auckland Grammar and Epsom Grammar (and all other schools The Ivory is zoned for) is a matter entirely at the discretion of the relevant schools. Prospective purchasers
must make their own enquiries to satisfy themselves that purchase of a particular Ivory residence will allow for entry into their school of choice. **The purchaser must pay the balance of
the deposit as specified in the Sale and Purchase Agreement, within 10 working days of signing the Agreement. At settlement the full purchase price, less the deposit, must be paid. Every
Precaution has been taken to establish the accuracy of the material herein at the time of printing, however, no responsibility will be taken for any errors or omissions. Prospective purchasers
should not confine themselves solely to the content of this material but make their own enquiries to satisfy themselves with regard to all aspects. The material herein was prepared prior to
the commencement of construction and the approval of necessary Territorial Authority consents. The Developer reserves the right to increase or decrease the number of units according to
market demand and therefore the sizes and proposed layouts of the units may vary accordingly. The number of parking spaces and configuration of basement levels in the Building may be
altered in the sole and absolute discretion of the Developer. Changes may be made during development and all dimensions, finishes, fittings and specifications are subject to change
without notice. Prospective purchasers acknowledge that they have had reasonable opportunity to seek legal, technical and other advice and have either obtained such advice or decided
not to do so of their own accord. Auckland Council District Plan (Isthmus) minimum complying apartment sizes are studio 35m2, 1 bedrooms 45m2, 2 bedrooms 70m2, 3 bedrooms 90m2.


Happy Ganesh Chaturthi
22 August 2014

Ganesh Chaturthi: A festival of Joy and Devotion

- Vaibhav Bhalki

anesh Chaturthi, the Hindu festival, is the

day Lord Ganesh was born. Ganesh is the
son of Lord Shiva and Parvati, who is believed
to bestow his presence on earth during this
festival. Lord Ganesh is widely worshipped
as the god of prosperity, good fortune and
The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is one of
the important festivals in India and has been
celebrated since ancient times. This festival
also has a historical importance, at the end
of the last century the foremost leader of his
times Sri Bal Gangadhar Tilak transformed the
domestic celebrations of Ganesh Chaturthi into
a social and religious function.
As per the Hindu calendar, this festival
falls between 20th August and 15th September
and lasts for 11 days. It is widely celebrated in
India and also by the Indian community abroad
and it gives me immense pleasure to share the

celebration in New Zealand with the readers.

Our celebration in New Zealand starts
with spring cleaning our homes to prepare the
house for the 11 day guest (Lord Ganesh).
The families are bound to follow the traditions

and rituals while making arrangements for

welcoming the lord and preparing for his
stay. The festival begins with installation of
clay idols of the Lord Ganesh and worshiping
for odd number of days ( 1,3,5,7,9,or 11).
However as per the traditions, on the day of
Ganesh chaturthi, one must avoid seeing the
Moon, which ways back to the story of Lord
Ganesh being mocked by the moon when he fell
down while returning home after a sumptuous
meal. On the last day of the stipulated time of
worship, the idols of Ganesh are immersed in
water bodies such as lakes, ponds or the sea as a
sign of farewell to the lord and the celebration..
However, recent observation on pollution to
water bodies have made slight changes to the
immersion process and people in cities prefer
to immerse idols in small bucket to avoid water
pollution. Further to the immersion process
the idol dissolves in the water which is later
watered to plants. Indian community in New

Zealand prefer an Eco Friendly Idol of Ganesh

as compared to traditional Ganesh idols which
are decorated with heavy colours and artificial
ornaments. The Eco friendly idols of Ganesha
which are made of pure clay makes it easy to
immerse in water and dissolve.
The Kannada Community celebrates
Ganesha festival in New Zealand with much
devotion and dedication. The houses are very
colourfully decorated with lights and other
decorative. The festival involves preparing
variety of sweets mainly Modak, made from
rice flour/wheat flour with a stuffing of fresh
or dry-grated coconut, jaggery, dry fruits and
cardamom and sharing it with friends and
family. The tradition of inviting friends and
family for pooja is also followed here in New
Zealand. The festival which is celebrated with
much devotion not only brings joy but also is an
occasion to meet and greet family and friends.

Aucklanders prepare to celebrate the festival of Ganesha

- Shriya Bhagwat

he smell of incense, anticipating steaming hot modaks at a

meal, rhythmic aartis set to simple tunes, new clothes, going
to friends at their homes in the neighbourhood for darshan these
are only a few things Aucklanders remember if you ask them of the
Ganesh Chaturthi of their memories when living in India.
In India, Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in each and every state.
In Maharashtras festive calendar, over 10 days, (ending with Anant
Chaturdashi and idol immersion), elaborate public celebrations
are attended by tens of thousands. From public squares to housing
complexes, Ganesha is revered with affection people begin
preparations months in advance. In homes, Ganesha is treated as an
honoured guest.
Historically, this festival has played a significant role in forging
closer bonds between divergent parts of communities in India.
In 1893, the celebration was re-imagined by freedom fighter
Lokmanya Tilak as a large, well-organized public event. Ganeshas
wide appeal as the deity for everybody resonated with people and
a public festival gave context to building grass-roots unity between
people. This social cohesion certainly came handy in Indias
budding Independence movement.
The many places where Ganesha lives
Aspects of tradition have continued but today also take many forms

in the global Indian diaspora. In Auckland, community associations

including the Auckland Marathi Association celebrate Ganesh
Chaturthi collectively. Aside of that, it is interpreted in diverse ways
in homes. Tradition is re-interpreted and the celebration plays out in
ways that is most meaningful to individuals.
Ganesha and a family of friends
As new singletons in New Zealand, 8 flatmates decided to bring
Ganesha to their shared home in Auckland.

We wanted to feel a sense of togetherness and retain a sense

of connection with our Indian-ness and culture in some way. We
decided 5 days would be just right, incorporated ideas from every
persons celebration memories and had a no-fuss, flexible approach,
says Manasee Joshi.
We took turns cooking, played aartis on youtube and everyone
made an effort to be at home for the pujas. We invited people over
on the fifth day. I guess, more than the rigid rituals we improvised;
got creative and inclusive the intention behind the celebration
trumped everything else. The immersion of the idol was also
symbolic of letting go of grudges and fights.
Ganesha and a helping of modaks
Ganesh chaturthi would be incomplete without making modaks as
per a family recipe passed down through generations.

I never knew how to make modaks until I married and moved

from my mothers home to live with my husband and in-laws, says
60-year-old Manik S. Ahinave. My mother-in-law passed on the
recipe to me. I learnt to make that well. Then when we moved to
Pune, I started trying other versions. I continued the tradition when
I moved to Auckland with my son and his family.
Ganesha and the devotees
The festival of Ganesha weaves together tradition, devotion and a
progressive attitude for families.
Were 8 families bound by our shared following of Guru Dr
Anirudha Joshi and every year one family hosts the celebration in
their home. All of us help out. The idol is special its eco friendly
and made out of paper mache. Not ordinary paper either; there
is a tradition of writing down chants amongst followers of Guru
Anirudha Joshi in little notebooks. This idol is made out of those
notebooks its a beautiful way of tying together tradition, devotion
and a progressive attitude, says Vrunda Chinchankar.
At our home, we went all out with the celebration. All of us
wore Maharashtrian nine-yard sarees, invited over 130 people for
an evening for a grand aarti and a meal of Prasad. It was a beautiful,
auspicious event.

Ganesha and an artistic interpretation

An Auckland based artist picked ten names
of Ganesha as a theme for her very first
Ganesha is said to be a remover of
obstacles and invoked at the beginning of
any new venture. For my first exhibition,
there was no better choice. Ganesha has many names and each
one describes him and his unique qualities. I picked ten names and
painted Ganesha as I imagine him, says artist Smita Upadhye. I
found the experience extremely fulfilling. I am never surprised to
learn that Ganesha is a favourite amongst gods. Ill be picking ten
other names for another series of paintings soon.
Join Auckland Marathi Association in celebrating the festival of
Enjoy a community celebration with traditional aarti, food and
Date: 7 September 2014 (Sunday) Time: 5 pm onwards
Venue: Freemans Bay Community Hall,
Entry: Free for members. A guest fee of $15.00 per person for nonmembers. This fee includes full dinner, served after the program.
For more information contact Rushi on 0273242542, Vrunda on
0212555500 or Prasad on 0211451136
22 August 2014

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi


Bhalki Family

Katte Family

Ravishankar family Suresh Meenakshi



1. Add salt and water to the plain flour and make
a dough. Set dough aside for 2-3 hrs
2. Slightly roast cocunut, KhusKhus and Rawa
3. Coarsely grind the cocunut with hands on in a
4. Mix the remaining ingredients(except oil) to
make the filling.
5. Divide dough into 11 equal sized balls
6. Roll each ball in circular shape to size of puri..
Place it on the palm and add 1-2 tsp of filling to
it.. Then get the sides of the puri together at the
center, bind them together to cover the filling.
7. Prepare the remaining modaks in similar Way.
Once all modaks are done, heat ghee/oil and
fry these modaks on medium heat till they turn
golden brown.
8. Modaks are ready to be offered as a Prasad

elebration of Ganesh chaturti ways back

to our childhood days back in India and
this tradition followed to Auckland as well.
The festivity is a celebration of 5 days, my
wife Tejashwini and I celebrate it with much
enthusiasm and joy. The festivity in our house
starts with spring cleaning the house and
decorating the entire house to whole heartedly
welcome the Lord, Ganesha. Following our Eco
friendly lifestyle we bring home an clay idol of
Ganesha without any paint or artificial ornaments.
The Stapana of Ganesh Idol is done on a thin
layer of rice which resembles purity, Idol is then
decorated with fresh flowers which are replaced
every day. Decorating the idol with vermilion,
bhajans are sung to welcome Ganesha. Gowri
& Ganesh both are worshiped on the first day.
A different type of sweet(Prasadam) is prepared
every day until the 5th day which includes
traditional Kadabu & Modaka. The ceremony
ends with lighting firecrackers and with an Aarti
and immersion of lord ganesha in water. The idol
usually dissolves in the water within a week and it
is then watered to the plant or trees in the garden.

(Sweet Dumplings)
2/3 cup plain flour
A pinch of Salt
1/2 cup grated dry Cocunut
1 tbsp KhusKhus (poppy seeds)
1 tbsp Baarik Rawa (Semolina)
1.5 tbsp Ghee
3-4 tbsp powdered Sugar
Chopped Nuts (raisins, cashews, almonds)
Ghee/Oil to fry

anesh Chaturti is celebrated with a lot of

devotion in our family.With elders and
family members we make this festival a very
memorable one at our place. We try to keep it as
traditional as possible we decorate the house with
Thorana , garland made of mango leaves and
beetle leaves. We have the tradition of bringing
the Idol of Ganesha by performing aarti and
further placing the idol on a plate of raw rice.
The day starts with an oil bath and a shower and
then we start the pooja by chanting mantras and
singing hymn in worship of the lord. The pooja
is followed in a very ritualistic manner for which
we play a cassette that has all the procedures to
perform the ritual. We conclude the day by the
traditionally immersing of the idol in water. The
elders along with the ladies of the house cook
and bake sweets that will be distributed after
the pooja. We also have the tradition of inviting
people home and visiting to our friends which we
try and follow as well.

anesh chaturti is one of our biggest festival

which is celebrated with family and friends.
Back in India the tradition is of having the
clay idol of Ganesha for few days at home and
celebrating the festival with the whole family. In
Auckland we try our best to keep the tradition
alive, the celebration starts with fasting for Gowri
and Ganesha. We offer pooja to Gowri where we
distribute Haldi and Kumkum to the women. In
our house we have small silver Idol of Ganesha,
we place it as our pooja idol and perfom the rituals.
We also have the tradition of offering sweets to
the god during pooja, so we make Modaka for
Ganesha and Pooranpoli for Gowri. However the
traditional ritual involves immersing of Ganesha
for which we visit our friend?s place where the
ritual is performed

1 cups- Chana daal
(3/4th cup- jaggery),
cardamom powder,
1 cup- Plain flour
pinch of salt
cooking oil.
To make the Hurna (filling):
1. Add salt and water to the plain flour and
make a dough. Set dough aside for 2-3
1. Boil water and put washed chana in it.

2. Continue to boil until the daal is soft and

water is thick.
3. Filter the water and keep aside.
4. For each cup of chana daal, put 3/4 cup
of jaggery.
5. Boil the cooked daal and jaggery until
it becomes a little thicker (hurna
consistancy for those who know it and
for those who dont, it should be a paste).
6. Put in a food processor, add cardamom
powder and grind to fine paste.
To make the Kadabu:
1. Take the plain flour (1 cups of chana
needs 1 cup of maida)
2. Add a pinch of salt, hot cooking oil (1
tablespoon) and very little water and
knead for a long time. The dough must

owri and Ganesha is a festival of joy and

devotion for our family. I have two boys and
they enjoy celebrating this festival. In our family
the celebration starts the previous day of Ganesh
chaturti that is with Gowri pooja. Gowri pooja is to
symbolize that the mother comes before the son,
the procedure of the pooja is by placing a kalasha
( a pot of water with decorated with coconut and
mango leaves or beetle leaves) and the Bhagana
(grains and cereals with other presents given to
elderly women)before the goddess and following
the rituals that summarizes the gowri pooja. A
small Manatap (temple) is used to keep the idols
of Gowri and Ganesh. Following Gowri Pooja
is Ganesha pooja which is performed the next
day. We wake up early in the morning and start
the pooja where we decorate the Ganesh idol. We
also make a lot of sweets which if offered to god
during the pooja and later distributed among the
friends. Finally we bid farewell to the God by
immersing the idol in the water.

be very hard. Keep aside for about an

hour or two.
3. Make small balls and roll the dough in an
oval. You can use oil or rice flour to roll
the dough.
4. Fill this with the stuffing (hurna).
5. Mix some maida flour (one teaspoon) in
some water to make maida paste. Using
a Q-tip, apply the paste around the edge
of the oval maida leaf.
6. Bring both ends of the maida together
this looks like a half-moon and seal the
ends together.
7. Heat oil and when it is very hot, put the
kadabu in and fry until golden brown.
8. Kadabu are ready to be offered as a
Prasad for Ganesh,

25 April 2014


PM help
Indias largest
train para-cyclists
destroyer warship
22 August 2014


Now a legal cover for dhoti in Tamil Nadu

amil Nadu state has passed a law which

clubs, associations and hotels refusing entry to
could accommodate us after short notice was
imposes fines on private clubs who enforce
people wearing dhoti or traditional Indian dress.
given. The World Para-Cycling Champs were
strict dress codes.
The bill tabled to preserve the culture, custom
This is also a testing time of Indian scientists and
announced late in the UCI International racing
heritage of Tamil Nadu was brought in
engineers. INS Kolkata proves Indias indigenous
calendar and the fact that they are competing
the refusal of entry to a Madras High
capability, Modi said at commissioning of INS
The Southern Institute of Technology
at 1880m above sea level Court
in Mexico
meant D. Hariparanthaman, by the
judge, Justice
Kolkata to Indian Navy.
3rd year Bachelor of Sports and Exercise
Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) Club.
He added that this
Science students helped condition and prepare
Will Payne SIT
Sports also
and announced in the assembly
warship will send message
New Zealand para-cyclists
their World
that the government would come out with a law
across the globe about
Championship gold and silver wins in Mexico
per trained
week accompanied
by a number
clubs of
and other organisations from
Indias capability.
this morning. The SITtimes
6 NZ
those clad in dhoti.
INS Kolkata is a
para-cyclists, 4 of which are Southlanders
of theirfor
are quietly She
the TNCA Clubs act as sartorial
symbol of self-reliance
and two SIT graduates
the We
and will boost the
Championships in Mexico. As the conditions
to the bill, if any recreation club,
confidence of armed
wisely for
the Championships
by supporting
at the World Championships
in Mexico
company or society violates
forces and the inspire the
at 1880m altitude, the athletes were trained
club because
- a
the provisions of the act, its licence or permission
youth at the same time,
on aSITs
hypoxic he
the government
shall be cancelled after
added Modi.
high altitudes.
The SITgarment.
of Sport
SIT Sports
and Exercise
Tamil Science
Nadu Chief
INS Kolkata is fitted with most advanced
3rd Payne
saysJ. it
a reallydue
a bill
All political
parties in Tamil Nadu criticised the
weapon systems including anti-submarine
to the
help out with
world class
of recreation
TNCA move and supported the new legislation.
athletes. The benefit ofathletes
a hypoxic
in a professional world championship
that the athlete is able environment.Its
to live at sea level and
really great that an
formance Coach Brendon
adapt to
altitudes uplike
to 6000
Paralympics New Zealand
were very fortunate that Laura Fairweather NZ para-cyclist (world champion, world recorder holder)then
and be
3rd to
requested SITs services.
ecessary equipment and Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science student David Watts
Bike NZ Head Performance Coach Brendon
the full-service
he said full-service
technology on board. The airline plans to have a
he Tata Sons-Singapore Airlines joint
Cameron says We were very fortunate that LauraOn
(world champion, wo
is not just
but there
will be
20-aircraft fleet in five years.
venture unveiled the brand name of its new
SIT both had the necessary equipment and Bachelor
of serving
Sport and
David Wa
a clear strategy based on customer experience and
Yeoh was speaking at a ceremony to launch
airline Vistara, and said it is expected to launch
the new brand name, the logo and livery of the
operations by October with the first aircraft
The company is a 51:49 joint venture between
airline, along with Tata-SIA Airlines Chairman
coming in by September.
Tata Sons and SIA, with Singapore Airlines
Prasad Menon and Board Directors Mukund
We are in the last lap of the process of securing
nstitute the
and three students to join them this year.
inspiring each other. Paulette
also adds
that itUSD 49 million and the Tatas
to invest
Rajan andManager
Swee Wah Mak.
Operator Permit
of flying
s explored
providing the restofof the total USD 100 million
Asked about the route network of the new
There are a series of approvals which we have to
ursday and
at the of
to to
what other students
CEO said we
are close
get to
the satisfaction
said because
Phee Teikthe year
he Southern Institute of Technology
own designs. Programme Manager
and thre
Menon exuded confidence that Tata-SIA
our in
network. It will
cover cities
a to visit new fabric
the CEO
of the go
airline Arts
The group
of 32
to World
of Wearable
and tohaving
be able

Fashion students explored the world of

Paulette Caullton said Last year the year one
a significant player in the Indian
demand forfor
of all theVistara.
degree students
and the year three students go
to Auckland
Also but
as declined
it is the beginning
also because
aviation market by redefining the way we travel
share details.
To questions,
we expect
to get
dents were exposed
to thehe said
we thought
academic year it is a greatDunedin
for Awards.
many students
into the
ID Fashion
The group
of 32
WorldI Fashion
of Wearable
sayin that
Tatas and produce
Earlier, sources had said the plan was to begin
the first aircraft some time in September and by
f the Emerging
students gostandards
to Auckland
SIAs this
and service
services in five cities and go up to 11 within a
this calendar year, we would have five aircrafts in
Yeoh from
also year
parried several
ek fashion
students for a trip. We all liked
the weekly
year oneflights.
to meet
the 3 tutors.
Week and
we thought
make Vistara
a natural
choice for academ
yearit so
of much
with 87
of theasnew
in Museum The
to help
inspire airline
we thought
it would
be greatwould
for the
twowith Mumbai,
two and three
as it Goa,
helps with
and Southland
has already
our stud
to getofthe
airline quickly
off it would be a good idea to take the year one
Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jammu, Srinagar, Patna
to lease 20 Airbus A-320s, including seven
iD Fashion Week fashion show, Larnach
students for a trip. We all liked it so much that
the year
and Chandigarh.
A-320 Neo series planes which have the latest
Castle and the Dunedin Museum to help inspire
we thought it would be great for the year two
two and

Institute of Technology
or of Sports and Exercise
rime Minister Narendra Modi Saturday
ped condition and prepare
cyclists to their World
indigenously-built destroyer warship INS
nd silverKolkata
wins in Mexico
into the Indian
IT students
in 6
which are
duates forModi
the World
Mexico. As
of Indian
in Mexico areengineers,
he athletes
were trained
and strategists
machine who
to make the
IT Bachelor
of Sportlargest
d year warship
countrys maritime
ed the performance
of the defence
of a hypoxic
machine is
said that
e to live at sea level
andthe warship INS Kolkata proves
t to altitudes up to 6000 capability.
INS Kolkata is going to the Indian Navy.

SIT students help train para-cyclists

Tata Sons-Singapore Airlines luxury airline Vistara set for October launch
shion students join the Glamour at Dunedin Fashion Week
SIT Fashion students join the Glamo

is marketing a wide range

Shaun is marketing a wide range of profitable businesses to suit all investments
able businesses to suit all
Shaun is marketing a wide range
stations, superettes, dairies
+ accomodation,
ents including;
of profitable
businesses Lotto
to suitStores,
auto workshops,
liquor stores.
including; service stations,
es, dairies
+ accommodation,
Lotto restaurants andinvestments
superettes, dairies + accommodation, Lotto
af franchises, auto workshops,
franchises, auto workshops,
nts and
liquor stores.
PRIME AUCKLAND LOCATION -North Shore: Relatively new Tanks & Pumps ; Ample Customer car parking ; Fuel sales
1.2 million litres p.a. @14 Centsrestaurants
per litre commission ;Shop
sales $8,000
per week
@ 25% Gross Profits; Great Potential to

Wedding Cakes

add a Caf in the Shop ; High margins, low rent & a long & secure Lease is in place. Asking $475,000 + stock.

I have had considerable

experience, both here and
overseas including over 17
years in business, sales and


I have owned and

successfully run a number
of businessess including
service stations. Lotto and
superettes and am also very
familiar with the Hospitality
Sector & Liquor Stores.


With the backing of NZs premier business brokerage

I can offer the degree of professional service that
successfully brings business buyers and sellers
Call me today for a free appraisal and confidential

Shaun Khanna

p. 09 215 7491 (DDI)

m. 0297 709 767

Ample Customer car parking ; Fuel sales 1.6 million litres p.a. @10 Cents per litre commission ;Shop sales $10,000 per
week @ 30% Gross Profits; Huge Truck Stop is fully operative. The Service Station is located in a fast developing Town &
has excellent potential to increase sales in the near future. A long & secure Lease & Supply Agreement exists .
Asking : $699,000+ Stock.

Mousse Cakes
Log Cakes

litres approximately @ 10 cents per litre commission ; Shop sales are $13000 per week @ 25% Gross Profits ; ; Huge
Truck Stop is fully operative. The Service Station is located in a fast developing Town & has excellent potential to increase
sales in the near future. A long & secure Lease & Supply Agreement exists .Asking : $579,000+ Stock.


TOP BRAND The Service Station is located at a prime & strategic Location with a fully operative & very busy Workshop.
The Business has been established since more than 15 years & has been doing consistently well . The business is giving
$100,000 approximately net profits per annum . It has High chattels value & the business includes the property , relatively
new Tanks
& Pumps , 3Chocolate
Hoists ,Wheel balancer
& alignment
together with the entire workshop fitments . High Potential
Mud Cake
exists to increase the sales .ASKING: $510,000 + STOCK ( INCLUDES FREEHOLD PROPERTY ).

Alcohol Free Optional


TOP LOCATION: Weekly sales are $14000 with 30% Gross Profits on an average . The business comes
with a three bedrooms accommodation on the first floor . Ample customer car parking exists.
The Dairy also has a huge Chiller with potential to add Fruits & vegetables.
Shop: 09,
Dominion Road, Mt. Eden. Ph: 09 630 7744, 630 8333
$ 210,000+

CBD: 328 Queen Street, CBD. Ph: 09 368 5646

CBD: 18 High Street, CBD. Ph: 09 303 2636

Newmarket: 142, Broadway, Newmarket. Ph: 09 524 6845

Dannemora: Unit 7, 14 Bishop Lenihan Pl. East Tamaki. Ph: 09 278 9008
Henderson: Unit 6, 42 Paramount Dr., Henderson. Ph: 09 837 0104

Glenfield: 20 Link Drive, Glenfield. Ph: 09 444 1004
22 August 2014



Pradhan Sevak
Modis first I-Day speech, a blockbuster show

he iconic Red Fort witnessed a historic moment when countrys most popular Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered first impromptu PM speech
on 68th India Independence Day. For the first time in Indian history, an extempore speech was given by a Prime Minister on the Independence Day.
Traditionally, Prime ministers deliver a pre-written speech on Independence Day. But Modi is known for his unscripted speech. He also avoided any bulletproof chamber in order to connect directly with people during his maiden Independence Day speech.

Here are the 10 oustanding quotes from Modis I Day Speech

I am Pradhan Sevak

I can promise you. If you work 12 hours, I will

work for 13. If you work 14 hours, I will work
for 15 hours. Why? Because I am not a pradhan
mantri, but a pradhan sevak.

One mission

I am an outsider in New Delhi. I have stayed

away from the elite in this city. In the 2 months I
have been here, I now have an insider view. I was
astonished. I saw many governments functioning
within a government. One department is fighting
the other. So, we are trying to break this wall; we
want to have one mission and target: Take the
nation forward.

Clean India

I come from a poor family and I want the poor

to get dignity. We want to start a movement for
a clean India. If we have to build a nation, let us
start from the villages.

No to Communal violence

Be it caste or communal violence, they stall the

growth of the nation. Let us affirm that we will be
free from these tensions.

Why should I Care?

Can someone tell me, whatever we are doing,

have we asked ourselves if our work has helped
the poor or come to benefit the nation in any way?
We should come out of the Why should I care
attitude and dedicate ourselves to the nations

Digital India

India used to be known as the land of snake

charmers. Today, our IT professionals have left
the world spellbound.

Come, make in India

From ramparts of the Red Fort, I would like to

call people of the world to come, make in India.

I want to tell the global companies that we have

skill, talent and discipline... From electronics to
electricals, from chemicals to pharmaceuticals,
come, make in India. Paper to plastic, automobiles
to agricultural products, come, make in India,
from satellite to submarine, come, make in
India. We have the capabilities. Come here and
manufacture in India. Sell the products anywhere
in the world but manufacture here... we have the
power, come I am inviting you.

Ask you sons

Zero defect, Zero effect

Indias sex ratio is 1000 boys for 940 girls. Who

creates this disparity? It isnt God. Dont fill your
coffers by sacrificing the mothers womb. People
feel that sons will take care of them when they
are old. But I have seen aged parents in old-age
homes. I have seen families where one daughter
serves parents more than five sons.

The mantra of our countrys youth should be to

at least make 1 product that we import. Dont
compromise in manufacturing; Stress on Zero
defect, Zero effect (impact of environment). Our
manufacturing should have zero defects so that
our products should not be rejected in the global
market. Besides, we should also keep in mind
that manufacturing should not have any negative
impact on our environment.

I want to ask parents, when daughters turn 11 or

14, they keep a tab on their movements. Have
these parents ever asked their sons where they
have been going, who they have been meeting?
Rapists are somebodys sons as well! Parents
must take the responsibility to ensure that their
sons dont go the wrong direction.

One daughter equals five sons


22 August 2014

Poor cant wait any more for betterment in lives: President

mphasising that the poor cannot and will not
wait for another generation for betterment in
their lives, President Pranab Mukherjee said that
the focus of governments policies needs to move
from alleviation of poverty to elimination, which
has a time-defined objective.
In an address to the nation on the eve of the
countrys 68th Independence Day, the president
also said that though Indias economy has been
subdued at below 5 percent in the last two years,
he could sense renewed vigour and optimism in
the air.
In his speech, his first under the Narendra
Modi government, President Mukherjee stressed
on a sound educational system, which he said
must also inculcate the core civilizational values
of love for motherland; compassion for all;
tolerance for pluralism; respect for women and
other values.
The president said the decisive challenge of
our times is to end the curse of poverty. The focus

of our policies now has to move from alleviation

of poverty to elimination of poverty. The
difference is not mere semantics: alleviation is a
process; elimination is a time-defined objective.
He remarked that while in the past six
decades the ratio of poverty had declined from
over 60 percent to less than 30 percent, even then,
nearly one-third of our population still lives below
the poverty line.
Poverty is not a mere statistic. Poverty has

a face, which becomes unbearable when it scars

the visage of a child. The poor cannot, and will
not, wait for yet another generation to see the very
essentials of life - food, shelter, education and
employment - being denied to them.
Touching on the nations economy, the
president said in the past decade Indias economy
grew at an average rate of 7.6 percent per year.
By the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, we
would have achieved a literacy rate of 80 percent.
But would we be able to say that we have provided
quality education and skills to our children to be
good citizens and successful professionals? he
Describing India as a beacon of democracy,
President said people must defend its secular
fabric with vigour and those who believe in the
poison drip of inflammatory provocation dont
understand the countrys values or its present
political impulses.
Though an ancient civilization, India is a

Parliament approves bill to end collegium system

arliamentary approval was accorded to two
bills seeking to end the collegium system
for appointment of judges with the Rajya Sabha
Thursday adopting the measure as passed by the
Lok Sabha a day before.
The Constitution (99th Amendment) Bill,
which seeks to put the proposed judicial
appointment commission and its entire
composition in the constitution, and the National
Judicial Appointments Commission Bill, 2014,
which lays down the procedure to be followed by
the proposed body for appointment of Supreme
Court judges and transfer and appointment of
chief justices and other judges of the high courts,
will now go for the presidents assent.

In the upper house, where the government has

just 59 of the 243 members, the constitutional
amendment bill got the support of 179 out of 180
members present.
A bill for amending the constitution needs
the support of at least two-thirds of the members
present in the house, and at least half of the
members should be present at the time of voting.
People want talented people to become
judges, Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said
while winding up the debate on the bill.
Speaking on the bill, Finance Minister Arun
Jaitley said it restores the original spirit of the
Through this bill, the government seeks

Modi attacks Pakistan, says its

waging proxy war
n his first attack on Islamabad after taking
office, Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused
Pakistan of waging a proxy war against India,
saying this had killed more soldiers than the
numbers killed in all wars since 1947.
Making his second visit to Jammu and
Kashmir in less than two months, Modi also
vowed to take the countrys war against terrorism
to a logical conclusion.
Hopping from one venue to another before
returning to the national capital, the prime
minister announced Rs.8,000 crore to build four
major road projects in Jammu and Kashmir.
Modi, who became prime minister in May,
said Pakistan was sponsoring a proxy war
against India as it had lost the capacity to fight a
conventional war.
We have lost more soldiers during the proxy
war than the country has during the conventional
wars fought with Pakistan, he said, referring to
Islamabad-backed terrorism in Kashmir and other
parts of India.
Modi was addressing officers and soldiers
posted at Siachen, the worlds highest battlefield,
at Leh, the capital of mountainous Ladakh. He
later interacted with the soldiers.
He said his government was committed
to making India self-reliant in defence
manufacturing, building a strong armed forces,
and equipping them with modern arms and
Terrorism, he said, was a global problem and
all humanitarian forces of the world should unite
to fight it. India is committed to strengthening and
uniting these humanitarian forces.
A national war memorial would come up at
Leh, Modi announced.
Union Power Minister Piyush Goyal
and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval
accompanied the prime minister.

Modi addressed a public rally at Polo Ground

in Leh town, where he inaugurated a 45 MW
Nimoo-Bazgo hydro electric power project built
on the Indus river in Alchi village, 70 km from
here, through remote control.
Dressed in traditional Ladakhi gown and
headgear, the prime minister also laid the
foundation of a Rs.1,700 crore, 330-km LehSrinagar transmission line to be built by the
National Grid Corp of India.
He said corruption and not shortage of
developmental funds was destroying the edifice
of the country.
Corruption is troubling us. People are angry. I
promise we will fight corruption...
There are also honest officers. We will
work with them too. If we win the fight against
corruption, we will win battle against poverty.
From the mountain peaks of Ladakh I
announce today that we will eradicate corruption
from the country taking along all political parties
ready to work with us against corruption, he
Addressing about 6,000 people at Kargil,
Modi paid compliments to the region, the site of
a India-Pakistan conflict in 1999. Today I am
hearing the sound of claps. When I came earlier,
we heard the sound of guns.
He inaugurated a 44 MW Chutak hydro
electric project in Kargil, built on the Suru river as
a run-of-the-river project by the NHPC.
Modi told the Leh rally that after getting
connected with the northern power grid, Ladakh
would use electricity produced in the region.
Ladakh has Prakash, Paryavaran and
Paryatan (Power, Environment and Tourism),
the prime minister said.
If these three are utilised properly, then the
country will benefit... Development must be such
that it transforms the lives of the common man.

to restore the spirit of the original constitution.

In simple English, this means that the president
and the government will appoint judges to the
Supreme Court, he said.
Ram Jethmalani, an Independent member
from Rajasthan, was the only member who
abstained from voting.
The Rajya Sabha then passed the judicial
appointment commission bill with a voice vote.
The two bills seek to scrap the collegium
system of appointing judges and set up a
commission for this.
The bills propose that the Chief Justice of
India will head a six-member National Judicial
Appointments Commission, other members

modern nation with modern dreams. Intolerance

and violence is a betrayal of the letter and spirit of
democracy, he said.
Mukherjee also spoke about taking up the
challenges of governance by reforming the
policies, practices and systems of governance so
that the enormous aspirations of our people can be
fulfilled with vision, commitment, integrity, speed
and administrative capability.
Stagnant minds create immobile systems
which become roadblocks to growth. India
demands creative thinking in governance that
enables fast-track development and ensures social
harmony. The nation has to be placed above
partisan impulses. The people come first, he said.
The president stressed that good governance
was critically dependent on rule of law,
participatory decision-making, transparency,
responsiveness, accountability, equity and

of which would be the law minister, two senior

Supreme Court judges and two eminent people.
A collegium comprising the prime minister,
the Chief Justice of India and the leader of the
single largest party in the Lok Sabha will select
the two eminent people.
One eminent person will be nominated from
among the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes,
OBCs, minorities or women.
The bill states that the commission will seek
the views of the governor and chief minister of
the state concerned in writing before appointing
or transferring a judge of that high court.

Major Varadarajan to be given

Ashoka Chakra posthumously
ndias highest peacetime gallantry award
Ashoka Chakra will be conferred on Major
Mukund Varadarajan posthumously, the defence
ministry said.
The officer from the 44th battalion of
Rashtriya Rifles laid down his life in a gun battle
after killing three
Hizbul Mujahideen
militants in Jammu
and Kashmir earlier
this year.
President Pranab
Mukherjee, who is
also the supreme
the armed forces,
has approved 55
Shaurya Chakras,
39 Sen a Medals,
one Nao Sena Medal
and two Vayu Sena
Medals, a defence
ministry release said
on the eve of the
68th Independence
The release said Varadarajan laid down his life
while leading an anti-terrorist search operation in
Qazipathri village in Jammu and Kashmir.
During the operation, before attaining
martyrdom, Varadarajan displayed exemplary
leadership skills, raw courage planning and swift
action which culminated with the elimination of
the three top ranked Hizbul terrorists, it said.
Four of the 12 Shaurya Chakra awards would
be conferred posthumously.
The recipients of Shaurya Chakras were
Major Abhishek Kumar, Major Manohar Singh

Bhati, Major Satnam Singh, Major Vishal Singh

Raghav, Subedar Prakash Chand (posthumous),
Naik Ansaigra Basumatary, Lance Naik Bharat
Kumar Chhetri, Sepoy Vikram (posthumous) and
Rifleman Prem Bahadur Roka Magar.
Indian Navy personnel awarded the Shaurya
Chakra were
K u m a r
and Lieutenant
Kapish Singh
M u w a l
W i n g
H u v e y
of the Indian
will also be
conferred with
Sena Medal will be conferred upon Commander
Gosavi Kaustubh Vijay Kumar while Wing
Commander Abhyankar Aniket Santosh and
Wing Commander Rahul Shukla will be given the
Vayu Sena Medal.
The president has also awarded 26 Mention-inDespatches to army personnel for their significant
contributions in different military operations,
which include 21 for Operation Rakshak, one
for Operation Meghdoot, three for Operation
Rhino and one for Operation Hifazat.
22 August 2014

Vajpayee, Netaji to get Bharat Ratna

ormer prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee

and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose may this
year be bestowed with the Bharat Ratna, Indias
highest civilian honour,
official sources said last
Bharatiya Janata Party
leaders have in the past
demanded that the Bharat
Ratna be bestowed upon
Netaji Subhas Chandra
Boses name is also doing
the rounds for the coveted
The Bharat Ratna can be given to a maximum
of three people in a particular year. However, the

possible belated award to Netaji elicited protests

from some quarters.
Boses grandnephew Sugata Bose said the
freedom fighters stature
was bigger than the
Bharat Ratna and he
should be kept out of
partisan politics.
How can Netaji be
given the Bharat Ratna
after Rajiv Gandhi, he
told a TV channel.
The recommendation
of names for the Bharat
Ratna is made to the
president by the prime minister himself.

Centre to aid Metro projects in cities

with 10 lakh people

onsidering the growing popularity and

demand for Metro services, the government
has now proposed assisting such projects in towns
and cities with a population of 10 lakh, Urban
Development Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu said.
Until now, we have been taking up only cities
of about 20 lakh, but from now we are planning
to take up 10 lakh also, the minister said at the
inauguration of the first rooftop solar power plant
at a Delhi Metro station.
The solar plant, located at the Dwarka Sector
21 station, was inaugurated by Naidu along with
Power, Coal and New and Renewable Energy
Minister Piyush Goyal from the Metro Bhavan in
central Delhis Barakhamba Road area.

The lights of a platform - that uses solar

power generated by the plant were switched on
by remote.
He said that despite having 365 days of sun,
India has not been able to utilise it in a proper
The units generated by the 500 kwp plant will
be used for meeting the power requirements at the
The Delhi Metro will be installing five more
such solar power generating rooftop plants in
future at the Yamuna Bank Metro station, Yamuna
Bank depot, Anand Vihar Metro station, Pragati
Maidan Metro station and the Metro residential
complex at Pushp Vihar.



President presents best parliamentarian


resident Pranab Mukherjee presented the

outstanding parliamentarian awards to
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, Congress leader
Karan Singh and JD-U president Sharad Yadav
for 2010, 2011 and 2012, respectively.
At a function organised by the Indian
Parliamentary Group, Mukherjee said Jaitley,
Karan Singh and Yadav were worthy successors
of the illustrious lineage of parliamentarians who
have received the award in the past.
They have been steadfast in their
commitment to our country and its people. All of
them have made substantial contributions to our
parliamentary life, he said.
The president complimented Prime Minister

Narendra Modi for having commenced his

innings in parliament as leader of the majority
party by bowing down in front of its steps and
paying homage to this great institution.
Speaking on the occasion, Modi urged Lok
Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan to convene a
meeting of speakers of all state assemblies, so that
the practice of awarding outstanding legislators
could be extended to the states as well.
He said the country was looking at parliament
with a lot of hope, and added that it may also be
worthwhile to conduct a survey among the people
as to how they judged a particular session of

Government bats for parliaments

supremacy, Congress to seek amendment

he government Tuesday reiterated that it

favoured an independent judiciary as well
as sanctity of parliament, even as the Congress
said it would seek amendments in two bills which
aim to replace the collegium system of appointing
judges when these are tabled in parliament.
Law and Justice Minister Ravi Shankar
Prasad said the independence of the judiciary was
important but sanctity of parliament was no less
We all want an independent judiciary, but the
sanctity of parliament is equally important, which
we all appreciate, Prasad said while moving for
the consideration of the Lok Sabha the two bills.
The government doesnt have any intention

of intervening in the rights, jurisdiction or

authority of the courts of India. Their powers are
well known, their independence is well known
and their institutional integrity is also well
known, he said.
Meanwhile, Congress spokesperson Abhishek
Manu Singhvi told the media: We are going to
seek some amendments. We are not against the
basic bill. We are not against the object sought to
be achieved and we are not against the spirit. All
those three things are ours but remember there are
two or three significant substantive changes in the


22 August 2014

Indian-origin mathematician wins the Nobel Prize for Mathematics

wo Indian-origin mathematicians have
won prestigious global prizes in the field of
mathematics with one of them being awarded
the Fields Medal - known as the Nobel Prize of
Manjul Bhargava, a professor of mathematics
at Princeton University, was Wednesday conferred
the Fields Medal at the International Congress of
Mathematicians 2014 hosted by the International
Mathematical Union (IMU) in Seoul, a press
release issued by the Fields Institute for Research
in Mathematical Sciences said.
Also on the same occasion, another Indianorigin mathematician Subhash Khot won the
Rolf Nevanlinna Prize, awarded by the IMU), for
his prescient definition of the Unique Games
problem, and leading the effort to understand
its complexity and its pivotal role in the study
of efficient approximation of optimisation
Bhargava, born in 1974 in Canada, was
awarded the Fields Medal for developing powerful
new methods in the geometry of numbers, which
he applied to count rings of small rank and to
bound the average rank of elliptic curves.

He is the recipient of the Mathematical

Association of America prize in 2003, the
SASTRA Ramanujan Prize in 2005, the Cole Prize
in Number Theory of the American Mathematical
Society in 2008 and the Infosys Prize in 2012.
Other three winners of the Fields Medal are

Indians emerge top investors in

central London realty

of $400 million,
Indians are the
largest buyers of
land among overseas
investors in central
London, accounting
for a 55 percent share
in the second quarter
of this year, says a
leading commercial
realty services group.
The largest such
deal by an overseas
investor was also
struck by an Indian
entity, India Bulls, which purchased a property
in upmarket Hanover Square in Mayfair, close to
Oxford Circus, for $260 million, says the report
prepared by CBRE South Asiaa.
This closely follows the acquisition of New
Court on Carey Street, that was once home to the
citys bankruptcy courts, for $150 million by the
Mumbai-Based Lodha Developers, the report
Both are due to be converted into luxury
housing developments.
Overseas investors, especially those
from India, displayed a strong interest in the
development opportunities in Central London
during Q2 of 2014, supported by strong market
fundamentals and recovering UK economy, said
CBRE chief Anshuman Magazine.
This considerable interest in residential
conversion opportunities shown by Indian

investors has mainly been due to the greater return

on value in this market, Magazine added.
The realty group said leading Indian corporate
houses and non-resident Indians in London were
taking advantage of the opportunities in London,
a stable destination for investment in the realty
space, that is now seen growing with economic
As a result of the reported growth in the
UK economy, investor appetite for development
opportunities - including for housing - is expected
to remain strong, going forward, the group said.
Land purchases in London increased by 13
percent over the second quarter to top $1.4 billion.
Going forward, the group said, a strong
demand for residential-led land sales had also
caused the appetite to spill over to other areas
around London and should reflect in heightened
commercial land transactions in the second half
of the year.

Peerage for Indian-origin tycoon

n Indian-origin businessman, who has

donated over 300,000 pounds to Britains
Conservative Party is to be elevated to the House
of Lords, a media report said Friday.
Ranbir Singh Suri, chairman of the Oceanic
Jewellers Ltd, was nominated by Prime Minister
David Cameron. He is among a group of 22 new
members of the upper house of parliament, Sky
News reported.
The Queen had graciously signified her
intention of conferring Peerages of the United
Kingdom for Life on the 22, 10 Downing Street

said in a statement.
It is understood they will receive their
appointment in due course.
The founder and chairman of the British Asian
Conservative Link set up in 1998 to encourage
more political participation among Asians, is
understood to have donated over 300,000 pounds
to the Tories.
The move is expected to fuel criticism as the
addition of 22 new peers will make the House of
Lords bigger than at any time since most of the
hereditaries were removed by a law in 1999.

Maryam Mirzakhani, the first

Iranian and the first woman to win
the medal, and Artur Avila, the first
Brazilian, and Martin Hairer, the
first Austrian to win a Fields Medal.
Mirzakhani, a mathematics
professor at Stanford University,
was awarded the prize for her
the dynamics and geometry of
Riemann surfaces and their moduli
Avila, a professor at the
Instituto Nacional de Matem?tica
Pura e Aplicadab in Brazil, was
awarded the prize for his profound
contributions to dynamical systems
theory, which have changed the
face of the field, using the powerful
idea of renormalisation as a unifying principle.
Hairer, a mathematics professor at the
University of Warwick, was awarded the prize
for his outstanding contributions to the theory
of stochastic partial differential equations, and in
particular for the creation of a theory of regularity

structures for such equations.

The Fields Medals are awarded once every
four years by the International Congress of
Mathematicians (ICM) in order to recognise
outstanding mathematical achievements.
John Charles Fields was a Canadian
mathematician who had a major impact on
national and international mathematical studies
and research.
Khot is a professor in the Computer Science
Department at New York Universitys Courant
Institute of Mathematical Sciences. He has a PhD
from Princeton.
His work has led to breakthroughs in
algorithmic design and approximation hardness
and to new exciting interactions between
computational complexity, analysis and geometry.
The Rolf Nevanlinna Prize is awarded once
every four years at the International Congress of
Mathematicians, for outstanding contributions in
Mathematical Aspects of Information Sciences,
including all mathematical aspects of computer
The Fields Medals were started in 1936 and
the Nevanlinna Prize in 1982.

Indian-American scientists
wound-healing products for India
n Indian-born American researcher plans
to introduce her pioneering range of
speedy wound-healing products in the country
to benefit the poor.
Molecular biologist Chanda Zaveri ran
away from Kolkata 30 years ago to escape an
arranged marriage and became a top scientist
after training under two-time Nobel prize
winner Linus Pauling.
She was the first to use peptide (short strings
of biological molecules) in skin care products
and eventually formed her own companies
Actiogen and Skin Healix.
Currently, animal trials of her peptide-based
product Angiohealix Wound Management
are underway at Kolkatas R.G. Kar Medical
College and Hospital.
The product, an ointment, can heal nonhealing wounds with minimal scarring. It can be
applied topically to chronic ulcerative wounds
like bed sores etc. and diabetic wounds as well.
Since it is cheaper than other conventional
drugs, I hope it can benefit the poor and let them
lead a dignified life, Zaveri told reporters here
Wednesday at a lecture on wound management
at the Peerless Hospital.
She will act as a consultant for the hospitals
proposed wound wellness clinic.
After the animal trials are completed, we

will go for human trials in about three months.

We want to test it on diabetic patients too, she
Zaveri will also distribute 20,000 tubes
of the ointment among the underprivileged
sections here. The secret to the wound-healing
formula is a peptide (ACT-1) composed of a
series of 28 building blocks or amino acids.
Zaveri claims her find can heal wounds faster,
is easy-to-use and also has no side effects.
It took me 20 years to find the 28 amino
acid long peptide. It is in the first stage of clinical
trials in the US. It hasnt got the approval of the
US Food and Drug Administration yet.
It does angiogenesis (forms new blood
vessels) at the wound site and we have not
found any residues in the stomach or blood
circulation, she explained, adding it was meant
for application on clean wounds.
According to Anjan Adhikari of R.G.
Kars department of pharmacology, who is
heading the mice studies, the results so far are
We have been doing the trials for three
months and the results are promising. However,
once the trials are complete, we will have to
get regulatory permission and then we can go
ahead with human trials, Adhikari told IANS.

A campaign in UAE to bring

Indians, Pakistanis closer

n entrepreneur in the United Arab Emirates

(UAE) has launched a campaign to promote
goodwill between expatriates from India and
Pakistan, a UAE daily reported.
Tanya Daud, whose father is from India
and mother from Pakistan, has launched Baat
Karain or Lets Talk to help expats from India
and shatter myths about each others community
through communication, The National reported
There is a lot of curiosity and not everyone
has access to each other. So why not go ahead? ...I
think what is lacking is nuanced narrative about
each other, especially when it comes to Pakistan,
Daud said.
She wants Indians and Pakistanis to wish each
other happy Independence Day, post short video
clips, share old photos and discuss ways to dispel

Pakistans Independence Day falls on
Thursday, while Indias is on Friday.
I really want that those who are supporting
the campaign should also start conversation, share
and even raise an issue... Converse with people
across the border and understand each other and
have a better picture about each other, Daud was
quoted as saying by the daily.
She hopes that both countrys embassies and
diplomats in the UAE will get involved.
Officers working in embassies are also
people who have questions, curiosity and biases.
If these confusions end, then I am sure they will
help make things easy for others, she said.
Daud said the UAE was the perfect place for
Indian and Pakistani communities to talk about
their misunderstandings and curiosities.
22 August 2014


Koya brothers in opposite political camps

- Nandini Vandhana

ijiFirst candidate nominee Faiyaz Koya

believes that his father would never disagree
with his choice to join the Voreqe Bainimaramaled party.
Our father never told us to follow his exact
footsteps and my brother chose the National
Federation Party and I choose FijiFirst, he said.
And I think that my father would never
disagree with my choice; he never bought us up
to be the same people.
With respect to what my Dad actually
believed in, and what the NFP fought for from
Day One is being espoused by FijiFirst, Mr

Koya said. Faiaz Koya will be contesting against

his brother Faizal Koya who will be standing on a
NFP ticket. Their father Siddiq Moidin Koya was
once party leader for the NFP. Mr Koya was also
credited for his role in paving the way for Fijian
independence from Britain in 1970
It is about a choice and I have chosen FijiFirst
with respect to my political career, said Faiaz
Koya. I was not too inclined to go into politics.
Having seen what FijiFirst is all about and what is
being done, I firmly believe that is what I wanted
to do.
I have been involved in the peripheries and

Wife, mother hacked to death

- Mere naleba

WOMAN and her mother are dead after

a knifing incident at Namuana Village in
Kadavu last Sunday.
The suspect is alleged to have knifed his
37-year-old wife and her 60-year-old mother
following a family dispute.
As police continued investigations into the
double homicide, a Namuana villager, who
wished to remain anonymous, told this newspaper
the suspect also attacked one of his wifes two
teenage nephews who reside with them in a house
they were renting in at the village.
He said the horrendous act was committed
while the couples six-year-old adopted daughter
stood crying and watching her father attack
members of their family. Speaking in the iTaukei
language, the man said the incident happened
while villagers were attending the 10am church
He said the house was located in an isolated
area and no one knew a knifing incident had taken
place until the women were found lying on the

road by villagers who were going to church that

morning. The couples daughter is now in the care
of Social Welfare Department workers who have
been staying in a house located close to the crime
Another woman, who did not wish to be
named, said the man became furious after his
mother-in-law tried to lodge a police complaint
against him for slapping a 16-year-old boy, who
is admitted at the Vunisea Hospital for wounds
sustained during the knifing incident.
She said the family had only moved to
Kadavu last year from Suva to manage the
suspects brothers business, which provided
accommodation to visitors to Vunisea and nearby
areas. She added he was asked to find another
place to stay in after a downturn in business.
But because the children were already in
school, they could not just leave to return to Suva,
so they found that house in Namuana and have
been renting there for four or five months now,
she said.
Police spokesman Inspector Atunaisa
Sokomuri said investigations were continuing.

this time I thought of standing in the elections and

doing my bit as a proud citizen.
It is not about my brother and me; it is about
choice, in our household, our parents never
brought us up to be clones, he said.
For me personally, I believe in what the Prime
Minister has done so far and I certainly support
him 200 per cent, I believe in what FijiFirst is
doing and what it actually aspires to be, he said.
Mr Koya said he has been at the Legal Aid
Commission, chair of the Hotel Licensing Board
and also with Tourism Fiji.
Through this I have travelled and seen the


developments in the country, he said.

I am a true citizen and I want to do my bit for
the country, he said.
Mr Koya believes in equal citizenry and said
that if he get a seat in Parliament, he wanted to
play his part in building a better Fiji for all.
I believe this is the bottom line and the start
that FijiFirst has had over the last seven years in
terms of infrastructure and development, tourism
and education is unsurpassed, he said.
I think it is a wonderful opportunity for the
people to realise what can happen in the future
This is fairly new to me and I have resigned
from the boards, I was not part of the campaign
trail and we will be organising meetings around
the West first, he said.

Ro Teimumu faces the media

- Aqela Susu

ocial Democratic Liberal Party leader Ro

Teimumu Kepa last week appeared live on
FBC TVs For the Record show alongside FCB
TV senior Journalist Edwin Nand and Fiji Sun
senior journalist Josua Tuwere.
Below is an edited excerpt of the show.
Question: In recent days and weeks
theres been a lot of comments coming out of
SODELPA and also party member Laisenia
Qarase which has painted a picture that has made
it seem that SODELPA is aligned more towards
the indigenous community and some are even
saying that SODELPA policies are racist. Is
SODELPA a racist party?
Ro Teimumu: I think its the media more than
anybody else thats giving out this message that
SODELPA is racist because our platform has
always been that we look after the indigenous
issues and interests. Whilst we look after the
interest of the indigenous doesnt mean that it
overwrites the interest of any other group or any
other people living in this country.
But because the indigenous is very special
because they are the first people that arrived
into this country and they were here occupying
the land, the iqoliqoli before any other group
arrived here and we just need to ensure that
their interests are safeguarded and also it is
safeguarded under the Universal Declaration
which is the UN Declaration of the rights of the
Indigenous People and ILO 169 so that covers
the areas that the Indigenous should be protected
and that is what we are doing.
Question: If SODELPA were to win the
elections and bring in policies which are more
aligned to the indigenous wouldnt it be a
breach of UN Convention on Human Rights
and UN Convention on the elimination of racial
Ro Teimumu: Whilst the racial discrimination
declaration is there and also the human rights that

doesnt mean that any of those rights overwrites

any of the other rights including the indigenous
rights. Not just that we have to ensure that all the
groups are looked after and they have been very
well looked after all these years until now.
So theres really nothing racial about it, we
just have to look after the groups because there
are special interests of these different groups just
like there are special interests for any other group
so in this case it is the indigenous and because
this is the country that they are indigenous to.
So in this country they will be looked after as
indigenous because when they go to another
country we dont expect them to request for any
rights that indigenous in that country might have.
We want religion to be practiced in the country
so Christian state, no, values and principles, yes.
Question: How does that translate into
running a government?
Ro Teimumu: As it has been performing in
the past, all other governments have been having
prayers. At times they have denominational
worship so theres nothing new in Christian
values and principles because past governments
have from Independence up until 2006 and
perhaps this government has been doing that
We have never said that we want Fiji to be a
Christian state. The SDL manifesto and also in
the SODELPA now we look at Christian values
and principles and that is a historical fact that we
are based on because of the early missionaries
that came and Christianised the country which
is in the 1997 Preamble. When the missionaries
came they changed the Indigenous people. From
that time until now we have the Christian values
and principles that we abide by.
What we are saying is that any other group or
any other person can practice whatever religion
they want to practice.


22 August 2014

Kerala fashion jewellery bound for Cyprus


We have been focusing strongly on

training women artisans to help them expand
their business overseas. We are happy to see the
initiative bearing fruit, he said.
KADCO managing director C. Abhishek
said the corporation will engage more trained
craftswomen to meet the rising export demand for
Kerala jewellery.
Serene Tharian, a representative of the Cypriot
company, said: Our company is interested in
other items, including ornamented garments and
country towels made in Kerala.
KADCO, formed in 1981, works for the
socio-economic betterment of traditional artisans
engaged in making handicrafts and other products
using wood, gold, copper, brass, iron, leather and

he Kerala Artisans Development Corp Ltd

(KADCO) has bagged export orders valued
at Rs.5 million from a Cyprus-based company for
Kerala-made fashion jewellery and accessories.
The order comes as a huge boost to KADCO, a
government undertaking which for three decades
has sought to support traditional artisans and
promote Keralas indigenous handicrafts globally.
KADCO has already met an order placed by
the Cyprus-based firm for 50 items including
earrings, bangles and necklaces made of paper
and terracotta valued Rs.2.5 million.
KADCO expects to export the entire jewellery
by March next year. The rising overseas interest
for Kerala-made fancy jewellery and accessories
will especially benefit women artisans, said
KADCO chairman K. Purushothaman.

Smart sensors to sniff out Bengal to sell heritage textiles

cancer-causing pollutants online for global shoppers

ollution control and remediation is all set to

get smart in India, thanks to smart polymers
or new-age sensors that can sniff out cancercausing substances in extremely minute traces
and also help in removing them from the air or
water sources.
The eco-friendly, cost effective smart
polymer technology is the brainchild of scientist
R.J. Krupadam, who recently received the
National Award for Technology Innovation in the
field of Polymer Science and Technology from
the ministry of chemicals and fertilisers.
According to Krupadam, the new method
can distinguish between similar molecules and
get an exact hit on the carcinogen that one wants
to monitor - and that too in a swift manner as
compared to conventional chromatographic
These lab-designed substances were
successfully applied to detect a group of
hydrocarbons (PAHs).
Classified as carcinogenic and mutagenic,
PAHs are found in industrial emissions,
automobile exhaust and smoke from burning
wood, tobacco and charcoal.
Several PAHs are known to cause lung and
skin cancer on long-term exposure.
PAHs are released into the ambient air and
water bodies due to fossil fuel combustion and
industrial emissions, in particular hydrocarbon
processing plants and oil refineries.
The method proposed to detect PAHs is very

sensitive and doesnt need much of a sample of

the polluted source, Krupadam, a senior scientist
at Nagpurs National Environmental Engineering
Research Institute (NEERI), told in an email
These super-sensory polymers also allow
detection of other chemicals belonging to the
same group of carcinogens with greater accuracy
and sensitivity.
To give you an idea, standard processes
measure contaminants in parts per million (ppm)
or parts per billion (ppb).
One ppb is equivalent to one drop of impurity
(pollutant) in 500 barrels of water.
Now, these smart polymers have a clear edge.
They can detect traces in parts per trillion which
translates to one drop of impurity in 500,000 such
Additionally, these can take up and hold in
(absorb) the carcinogens, thereby acting as cleanup agents, for example, in oil slicks and water
These polymers are reusable... can be
used more than 20 times and also they are
environmentally benign, Krupadam said.
Currently, these are being produced at
laboratory scale and pilot scale quantities.
Krupadam said the next step is to scale them up to
the kilogram level.
Laboratory and pilot scale preparation of these
sensory materials and absorbents is successful
and we are looking for industry partnership for
commercialisation, he said.

eputed for its exquisite collection of heritage

textiles, the 60-year-old Tantuja - handloom
weavers co-operative under the West Bengal
government - will from September make its
unique products available to global shoppers via
its maiden e-commerce venture.
This would be the West Bengal governments
first online textile venture. And, in sync with
sartorial trends, designers for the enterprise have
aesthetically incorporated a dash of neon into the
indigenous fabrics crafted in Bengals remote
and ancient textile clusters, including the districts
of Nadia (cotton from Shantipur, Phulia) and
Murshidabad (a sericulture hub).
The e-service will be a first for us. Initially
we will begin with 100-150 items, mainly sarees.
We are tying-up with an e-marketing firm and
the expected date of launch is September 1,
P.K. Bhattacharya, chief marketing officer, West
Bengal State Handloom Weavers Co-operative
Society ltd.,? told at the Tantuja Bhavan here.
Connoisseurs will have access to the famed
Shantpuri-Phulia cotton sarees and Jamdani and
Tangail six yard wonders in Murshidabad silk and
cotton, among a plethora of others. The centuriesold art of weaving Jamdani has been declared
by Unesco as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of
Over the years, we have built up a brand
name and we understand what people want. They
cherish the high standards and traditional motifs
seen in our items which are directly sourced from
the weavers. It helps them to sustain their craft

and business, Bhattacharya explained. There are

101 outlets across India.
In addition to the earth-toned and pastel
sarees adorned with customary Kolki motif (an
S-shaped design) so synonymous with Bengal
and inspirations from nature (foliage, climbers
and the banyan tree), the online shop will also
include a few selections by Chief Minister
Mamata Banerjee.
We have retained the motifs and natureinspired designs throughout as instructed by the
chief minister. There arent much of geometric
patterns. To add a bit of modernism, we have
added some subtle hints of neon colours in the
Murshidabad silk sarees. These are targeted at the
new generation, in-house designer Anindita told
us. She said a whole new range of pure silk kurtis
will also be made available online. The officials
refused to release any images prior to the launch.
So far in the last two years, Tantujas products
like stoles, scarves and kitchen linen have bagged
export orders from European countries like
Germany and France. The US also is on the list
of clients, while Israel and Finland are the next
in line.
Domestially, it has been supplying weaves to
Kerala for the last three years. It will soon also
tap into the Assam and Andhra Pradesh markets.
From the US and Germany we have received
orders of $6,000. With the online service, we
will increase our sale and local craftsmen whose
products sell the most will profit well, project
officer Shankar Das told

First functional 3D brain-like

tissue created
n a first, bio-engineers have created a functional
3D brain-like tissue similar to the tissue in rat
brain and which can be kept alive in the lab for
more than a month.
The tissue could provide a superior model for
studying normal brain function as well as injury
and disease, and could assist in the development
of new treatments for brain dysfunction.
The key to generating the brain-like tissue
was the creation of a novel composite structure
-- a spongy scaffold made out of silk protein and a
softer collagen-based gel.
The scaffold served as a structure onto which
neurons could anchor themselves, and the gel
encouraged axons to grow through it.
Over a period of several weeks, researchers
conducted experiments to determine the health
and function of the neurons growing in their 3D
brain-like tissue.
They compared them with neurons grown in
a collagen gel-only environment or in a 2D dish.

We found that the neurons in the 3D brainlike tissues had higher expression of genes
involved in neuron growth and function, said
David Kaplan, a professor of engineering at Tufts
University, Boston.
In addition, the neurons grown in the 3D
brain-like tissue maintained stable metabolic
activity for up to five weeks.
However, the health of neurons grown in the
gel-only environment began to deteriorate within
24 hours.
In regard to function, neurons in the 3D
brain-like tissue exhibited electrical activity and
responsiveness that mimic signals seen in the
intact brain, Kaplan added.
He emphasised the importance of the brainlike tissues longevity for studying other brain
The findings were published in the journal
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
22 August 2014


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22 August 2014

World Trade Skills CEO delighted with SIT Trade progress

he Southern Institute of Technology (SIT)

hosted World Trade Skills CEO Bruce Howat
on the 13th of August around the impressive 5.5
million dollar trades facility upgrade. Mr Howat
was in Invercargill as part of his national tour to
interview medal winners from the recent World
Trade Skills national competition which was held
earlier this year in Hamilton. This is part of the
final selection process to choose the Tool Blacks
team that will compete at the World Trade Skills
competition in Brazil in 2015
Mr Howat said the facilities at SIT are
excellent and top quality. It is great to see the
Institutes of Technology and Polytechnic (ITP)

sector supporting trades as it is the backbone of

New Zealand. Mr Howat went on to commend
the Southern World Trade Skills apprentices
that won the top region in New Zealand stating
the Otago/Southland region punched above its
weight and shone during the competition, with the
bulk of the team coming from Southland where
the students trained at SIT with the support of
Southern Group Training.
There will be a team training camp later this
year for apprentices to help them prepare for the
World Trade Skills competition in Brazil in 2015.
Each of the apprentices will be given a skills
trainer in their particular discipline where they

will have at least 400 hours of training to prepare

them for the competition.
The apprentices will also compete in the World

Trade Skills Oceania competition in April 2015 as

a build up to get the apprentices match fit for the
World Trade Skills competition in late 2015.

SIT Nursing graduates surpass National employment average

IT 2013 Nursing graduates have significantly

surpassed the national graduate employment
average with 75% of SIT Bachelor of Nursing
graduates and 100% of Diploma in Enrolled
Nursing graduates gaining employment
respectively. Thissignificantlysurpassed the
national average of 52% while neighbours
Otago polytechnic produced an employment
rate of 48.9% (45 out of 92 graduates) for their

SIT is third equal with Auckland University of
Technology for graduate employment rates, with
Canterbury Polytechnic Institute of Technology
and Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology
in first and second place as expected due to
job shortages in Canterbury region from the

Christchurch earthquake.SIT Nursing Programme

Manager Sally Dobbs says 45 Bachelor of
nursing students sat state finals in 2013. Currently
34 of these students have secured employment as
Registered nurses this equates to 75% of SIT
graduates having gained employment. Seventeen
of these jobs are within the Southland region and
the rest are located throughout New Zealand
no graduate has moved to Australia. 24 of the

graduates are on Government funded New Entry

to Practice places. SIT produces high quality
graduates who are well respected throughout New
Zealand. In 2012 87% of SIT graduates were in
employment by March 2013.
In addition to the high employment of SIT
Nursing graduates, SIT students have also
obtained a 100% pass ratefor the external Nursing
Council registration exam for the past 7 years.

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airline, travel and tourism industry, thanks to
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Agent working for Menzies Aviation at Auckland

International Airport said Shelly Pomare, ITC
You can study at the City campus, Botany
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Auckland in 2015 - ICC Cricket World Cup,
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tourism industry is huge!
If you would like to be part of this exciting
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22 August 2014



DArranged Marriage: A Refreshing Comical Play


Marriage off Broadway.

Talking about DArranged Marriage, Tarun
Mohanbhai, the actor who plays all the 8
characters of the play, says It was a show we
started as part of the 2002 International Comedy
Festival. I would have never dreamed 14 years
later it would still be entertaining he masses or
even have relevance. Although over the years the
show has evolved into something that we could
have never imagined.
DArranged Marriage, which has been
performed in seven countries over 200 times,
has been a proven international critical success.
This funny parody of Indian family life, a roller
coaster ride to laughsville as dubbed by the
critics, is not to be missed.
The play will be staged at the Playhouse
Theatre, Glen Eden, 15 Glendale Road, west
Auckland, on the 5th and 6th of September. The
tickets cost $30 out of which $10 from each ticket
is donated to The Prostate Cancer Foundation of

hose Indian Guys, Tarun Mohanbhai and

Rajeev Verma, are all set to present their
refreshingly comical play, DArranged Marriage,
to the New Zealand theatre lovers. An enthralling
play geared up to take the audience in an emotional
roller coaster of laughter and cry.
Those Indians guys with their plays and
performances have carved a niche for themselves
in the New Zealand entertainment scene. This
entertaining duo have explored various themes
through theatrical plays from cultural clash,
immigration, cultural stereotypes, growing up
Indian in New Zealand society and cultural
expectation. Themes like love, loss, family and so
on were also staged by these guys.
DArranged Marriage takes you through
the journey of Indian culture and life in New
Zealand in a typical bollywood style of dance
and drama. The story line is about Sanjay Gupta,
the New Zealand born son of Indian immigrants
Manhur and Pushpa. 29 year-old Sanjay lives at

home, works in his fathers corner shop, dreams

of a career in stand-up comedy, and strenuously
avoids the issue of an arranged marriage. His
nagging parents finally get the better of him,
but to his surprise, he discovers that Neenu, the
prospective bride, is the one! Unfortunately,
complications (and hilarity) ensue Adding to
Sanjays trials and tribulations are Dilip, a gimpy
uncle who yearns for the perfect Indian woman;
the smooth-talking, sleazy playboy Rundeep; and
Mr. Dave Patel, Johnny Walkers (and the British
Empires) best friend, who is Sanjays potential
The director of the play, Rajeev Varma, has
been in the acting profession for 16 years. Having
graduated from The Unitec School of Performing
and Screen Arts in Auckland, New Zealand, he
created the Rising Generation Theatre Company
and has also produced and acted in many plays.
In recent years Rajeev has been in New York on
various projects and has performed DArranged

Riti Sharma to
perform her

Natyaloka presents MARGAM

iti Sharma, disciple of Smt. Kalaichchelvi

Uttayakumaran of the Narthana Aalayam
School of Indian Dance, is having her
Bharatanatyam Arangetram on the 13th of
September, at the Dorothy Winstone Theatre
(Auckland Girls Grammar School).
An Arangetram is a traditional Indian Dance
graduation. It is the first solo public appearance
by the dancer, when her guru believes that her
disciple has reached the level of readiness to
perform in the presence of critics, fellow artists,
family and friends. This relentless pursuit for
excellence requires commitment, discipline and
several years of training.
Riti began learning the art of Bhartanatyam
at the age of eight under the guidance of her
guru Smt. Kalaichchelvi Uttayakumaran of the
Narthana Aalayam School of Indian Dance. She is
currently a Commerce student at the University of
Auckland and is an ex- student of Botany Downs
Secondary College.
Riti is extremely passionate about the art
of Bharatanatyam. Her gurus knowledge and
spiritual guidance has influenced Ritis progress in
this divine art form. This is Smt. Kalaichchelvis
33rd Arangetram.
The music will be provided by accomplished
artists who have been brought over from India for
this occasion. Riti will be accompanied by Smt.
Kalaichchelvi Uthayakumaran (Natuvangam),
Arun Gopinath (Vocal), Shankar Venkatraman
(Mridhangam) and Ramesh Baswa Nagarajan
What: Bharatanatyam Arangetram
Who: Riti Sharma
Where: Dorothy Winstone Centre, Auckland
Girls Grammar School
When: Saturday 13th September at 5.30 pm
Contact: Riti Sharma on 0211482628

ARGAM is an Indian classical dance

recital by the students of Natyaloka School
of Indian Classical Dance, Dunedin and this event
celebrates the third year of Natyaloka in this
culturally vibrant city.
MARGAM provides an insight into how a
Bharatanatyam dancer blossoms into a beautiful
artist by showcasing the traditional format of
items performed in a certain order which was
standardised in the 18th century. This traditional
structure which was set by four brothers who were
dance masters, musicians and poets who hailed
from Tanjore, South India (Tanjore Quartet),
consists of a coherent progression of independent
dances arranged in a specific order to perfectly
display all the components of the dance form.
Opening with a dance of invocation
Pushpanjali and Alarippu to set the mood, awaken
the dancers body and welcome the spectators, a
traditional recital proceeds next to Jatiswaram,
which introduces the audience to the pure dance
techniques of Bharatanatyam. Next follows

New Zealand, as the Ambassador of the same

Tarun Mohanbhai has taken this initiative.
One can avail the ticket from www.eventfinder. or text 021 649 455 with your name and
how many tickets you would like.

Shabdam, a story-telling dance that introduces

the art of expression, or abhinaya. Technique and
expression combine in Varnam - the center piece
of a solo recital. Following this, the audience is
treated to several slower expressive dances like
Kavadichindu, padams, kirtanams or javalis. The
tempo then builds to a climax in the Thillana,
a fast-paced, exciting dance featuring brilliant
footwork that leaves the audience in a happy,
upbeat mood.
MARGAM will be held at the College of
Education Auditorium on August 24, Sunday
from 6pm. The dancers at Natyaloka along with
two guest dancers will be presenting excerpts
of MARGAM under the guidance of Swaroopa
Unni. All are invited to be a part of this amazing
event and share our happiness through dance.
Tickets priced at $12/$10 can be bought online
through (booking fee
apply) or through door sales (cash only).
For more information, contact natyalokanz@

Energise your life with Cosmic Abundance

rana is the universal energy; it is the Sanskrit

word for life-giving force. Pranic Healing is
a highly developed and tested system of energy
healing. It is also considered to be energy
medicine, which utilizes prana to balance,
harmonize and transform the bodys energy
processes. This invisible bio-energy or vital
energy keeps the body alive and maintains a state
of good health. In acupuncture, the Chinese refer
to this subtle energy as Chi. It is also called Ruah
or the Breath of Life in the Old Testament.
Pranic Healing is a simple yet powerful and
effective system of non-touch energy healing
originated and developed by Grand Master Choa
Kok Sui. It is based on the fundamental principle
that the body is a self-repairing living entity
that possesses the innate ability to heal itself. It
works on the principle that the healing process
is accelerated by increasing the life force or vital
energy on the affected part of the physical body.
Pranic Healing is applied on the bioelectromagnetic field known as the aura, or
energy body, which is an energy field that
surrounds, and interpenetrates the physical
body. This energy body absorbs life energy and
distributes it throughout the physical body, to the
muscles, organs, glands, etc. The reason Pranic
Healing works on the energy body is that physical
ailments first appear as energetic disruptions in
the aura before manifesting as problems in the
physical body.
You can learn to perform Pranic Healing
on yourself and your loved ones in the Cosmic

Abundance - Advanced Spiritual Technology for

God Realisation workshops in Auckland.
Cosmic Abundance is a dynamic self
and soul development program for those who
wish to experience accelerated evolution in
relation to the integration and realization of the
Triple Divine aspect, unlimited inner and outer
prosperity and much more. The course also
provides informational technology to regenerate
cells of your body, emotions, mind and spirit
and activate the youth gene, called FOXO3 gene
by scientists. Reload your consciousness and
experience youthful vitality in your life, finances
and relationships. Revitalize your inner and outer
environments to realize your cosmic status and
experience fifth dimensional consciousness.
Intense practice and treatment sessions will be
conducted during the course to transform the
consciousness of attendees and to reveal the
secrets of abiding empowerment.
The author and presenter of the course
Cosmic Abundance is reputed international
lecturer, Dr Hazel Wardha (Ph.D.). She presents
new technology and combines the quintessence
of knowledge and experience that she has gained
through Ageless Wisdom.Level-1 & Level-2
courses are going to be held from 11th to 14th of
September 2014 this year.
Contact Pavitra Roy on +6421445166, or
email for more


22 August 2014

Bollywood Diary

Bigg Boss 8 coming soon with Salman

here was a pall of uncertainty over whether

Salman Khan will host the eighth season of
reality TV show Bigg Boss or not, but now
its confirmed that the Bollywood superstar will
return as its anchor.
Cant wait for Season 8?#BiggBoss. Coming
soon with @BeingSalmanKhan. Presented by @
snapdeal. The Biggest Reality Show @colorstv
#snapdeal, Raj Nayak, CEO, Colors, posted on
his Twitter page Tuesday.
Rumour mills were abuzz that Salman, who
has hosted four seasons of the reality show,

may not return to anchor it this time as he was

reportedly in no mood for it.
In fact, Salman had last month said: There is
a possibility (that I may host the upcoming season
of Bigg Boss) and there is no possibility also.
When he was asked as to who will be a good
host for the show, if not him, he had said: If not
me, then I think Shah Rukh Khan will be a great
host for this season of Bigg Boss.
Well, rumours have now been put to rest,
and fans of the show are keenly awaiting its next

Katrina Kaif does her own

stunts for Jagga Jasoos

white, bold red, lavender and pink.

Nargis apart, the show saw Priya Sachdev and
Rohit Bal take to the ramp as showstoppers.
What added to the ambience was singer-model
Rachael Verghese, who enthralled the audience
with some enticing numbers including Adeles

Ranveer Singh does a

Manchow Rap for Kill Dil

atrina Kaif is making news for doing her

own stunts in ?Jagga Jasoos?. Director
Anurag Basu says the actress underwent ?a bit of
a training?, but it wasnt very ?hectic? to perform
?We were in South Africa where Ranbir
Kapoor and Katrina both had to do stunt scenes.
Ranbir was performing his own stunt. I couldnt
get duplicate for one person, so she had to undergo
a little bit of training to do the stunts, which were
not very hectic,? Anurag Basu, the dirctor told.
The film is set to release next year.
Basu, whose last film -- the highly acclaimed
and commercially successful Barfi! -- came two
years ago, is currently seen judging talent show
?Indias Best Cinestars Ki Khoj? on Zee TV.
He had earlier judged ?Indias Best
Dramebaaz?, but finds the judging job stressful
this time.
The talent is good but this is stressful then the
last show I did. The contestants in Indias Best
Dramebaaz were kids and it was fun to judge
them but this time they are grown up adults and
its been stressful, he said.

Nargis Fakhris oops

moment on the ramp

ctress Nargis Fakhri had an unexpected

moment - the slit of her bold dress split
further apart as she was going to take a final bow
as the showstopper of jewellery brand Azva at the
BMW India Bridal Fashion Week (IBFW) here
The actress put up a confident stance despite
the slit, which opened up further after a model
accidentally stepped on her dress.
However, that didnt deter the confident actress
from flashing a million dollar smile.
She wore a black dress with a neckline
plunging enough to give a clear view of a 22 carat
gold choker in an antique finish.
The Rockstar actress had already done her
catwalk before the oops moment happened.
After the show, Nargis told reporters she just
laughed off the incident.
Nothing happened. Someone just stepped on
my dress and I started laughing. I laugh a lot when
I am nervous, she said.
During the show, models sauntered the ramp
wearing elaborate ornaments in gold as part of
the brands wedding collection. The jewels were
accentuated with glitzy red carpet ready outfits in

ctor Ranveer, who has crooned for his film

Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl in the past, has now
written and crooned a Manchow Rap for his
upcoming romantic actioner Kill Dil. The song
is expected to be launched Thursday.
Ranveer Singh has done a special Manchow
rap for his next project with Shaad Ali. This
high-energy, foot tapping number has been
choreographed by Ganesh Acharya and has music
by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, read a statement.
While the crackling track has been sung
by Arijit Singh, Ranveer has also belted out
The Manchow Rap in his own inimitable style
adding a schezwani zing to the song, added the
Kill Dil also features Parineeti Chopra, Ali
Zafar and Govinda in important roles.

Ali Fazal admits to being

fashion conscious

ctor Ali Fazal, who recently sported a cream

dhoti and pink coloured bandhgala achkan,
says what he wears makes a difference to him.
The fashion conscious Fukrey star
specifically likes to wear winter clothes.
I love winter wear. I love jackets. I would be
lying if I say I am not fashion conscious. Everyone
is, Ali told IANS.
Since he is currently based in Mumbai, he
doesnt get to flaunt his jackets, so he tries to
move out whenever he can.
Mumbai doesnt give me that option much.
We wait for December, which is the time for
loveliest weather for Mumbaikars or I come down
to Delhi to meet my friends or Lucknow where
my grandparents are, he said.
The actor also loves to travel and is keen to
travel to Turkey.
I would like to go to Turkey. I am looking
forward to that. I am thinking of taking mom
there? to Istanbul. Turkey has great character and
history, he said.
Ali is currently tied up with Khamoshiyan,
produced by Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt. He will
also be seen in Rohan Sippy?s Sonali Cable,
which will release in October.
22 August 2014




22 August 2014

India Bridal
Fashion week:
A Bridal Affair

he BMW India Bridal

Fashion Week, showcases
the different designs for the
experimental brides of present
day. The models showcasing th
collection of various designers
had an array of designs from
traditional to contemporary
modern Silhouettes giving a
bride to be various options to
choose from for her D-day.
22 August 2014



Girls have ability to help grow Indias economy: Priyanka Chopra

ctress Priyanka Chopra says that girls

have the ability to transform their own
lives and help grow Indias economy. She feels
that they should be given more opportunities to
make a mark.
Girls have the ability to transform their
own lives, develop their own enterprises and
help grow Indias economy, said Priyanka, the
UNICEF India goodwill ambassador.
Building Young Futures aims to unlock the
potential of young people from disadvantaged
The 32-year-old, who had been supporting
UNICEFs adolescent work in the country
for eight years, met young women Sunday in

Esha Gupta turns

coy bride on ramp

sha Gupta has scorched the big screen with

her bold avatars in films like Jannat 2 and
Raaz 3D, but Esha Gupta gave her sexy look
a miss to walk as a coy bride at the BMW India
Bridal Fashion Week.
As the showstopper for designer Jyotsna
Tiwari, Esha mesmerized audiences as she
took to the ramp looking ethereal in a powder
pink voluminous tulle gown with a heavily but
beautifully embellished bodice.
A lot of people relate to me with the sexy
image, but I totally loved how Jyotsna presented
me in this simple and elegant outfit in such a
romantic setting, Esha told reporters here post
the show.
Romantic it was -- the ramp was lined by
artificial trees with pink and white flowers
adorning the nude branches. It lent a pleasing
look to the show, which was replete with bespoke
ensembles in a soft colour palette ranging from
peach, pink, red, beige, turquoise and orange.
From pre-draped saris to evening gowns,
lehengas and voluminous anarkalis, treated with
delicate and intricate embroidery -- the line, titled
Under The Stars, is not over-the-top and fitted
the wearable category to the hilt .
Ladies swooned over the flattering designs,
suitable for bridal as well as pre-bridal occasions.
Adding to the romanticism were remixed
versions of evergreen Hindi songs like Khoya
khoya chand and Jaane kya tune kahi. The
audiences loved it.
Esha, who started her career as a model in
Delhi before she became a big name in the fashion
world and before she plunged into Bollywood,
was happy to be on the ramp.
If you get a designer who is ready to explain
the concept and music as clearly as Jyotsna did
for me, it is always great, Esha said, proudly
showing off her gown, which made her feel
sweet, young and innocent.

Chandrapur, over 900 km from here, to mark

International Youth Day - Aug 12 and to witness
how their lives are being transformed through

the Building Young Futures programme, which

is run in partnership with Barclays, said a

The actress-singer feels that it is giving the

girls vital skills and support they need to shape
up their future.
I met girls who have experienced incredible
hardship in their lives. Building Young Futures
has given them a voice and confidence, or
daring as they call it. These girls are working
together, setting up businesses, planning their
futures; they are empowered to handle the
challenges life throws at them, said Priyanka.
I strongly advocate that parents, caregivers and educators must give the girls more
and more opportunities to grow in their lives,
she added.


22 August 2014

Quiz Masti A Grand
Trivia Night

Time: 6.30pm Date: Friday, 19th

September Venue: Mahatma
Gandhi Centre, Auckland.

A unique fun-filled night with 6 exciting rounds

of quizzing, a delicious 3course meal, loads of
laughter through our enigmatic quiz masters
and a chance to win great prizes, of course!!!
It promises to be an entertaining night for
all. Tickets are $30 per person and are sold
at various outlets like KAYSONS,MITRE
10 MEGA, Henderson and Botany, Yogijis
Foodmart and from Chinmaya Mission by
calling 2756954.

Raksha Bandhan 2014

Time: 2:30pm Date: Saturday 13th

September 2014 Venue: Shri Shirdi
Saibaba Mandir, 12 - 18 Princess
Street , Onehunga, Auckland

An Evening of Carnatic

Time: 5.30 pm
Date: 23 August Saturday
Venue: Raye Freedman Arts Center,
Silver road, Epsom Auckland

Rasikas NZ is proud and honored to bring

the concerts of carnatic Music to a town near
you with our partners Sangeetha Bharathi,
NZIFS Wellington and RAAGA Hamilton.
NZ Tour of the violin maestros Sri M Nagaraj
& Dr M Manjunath, famously known as the
Mysore Brothers. They will be joined in concert
by the Bangalore based percussionists,
Sri Arjun Kumar on the mridangam and Sri
Giridhar Udupa on the ghatam. Contact

DArranged Marriage

Time: 7:30pm
Date: 5th & 6th September
Venue: 15 Glendale Rd, Glen Eden

The discourse is sure to provide one with

an insight into the philosophy of Vedanta,
an opportunity not to be missed. There will
be an opportunity to ask questions and for
discussion. $10 per session, or $25 for all three
sessions.For Tickets contact 021 0225 6503 or
027 679 4235; Or
register online Door sales

Celeration Ganesha

Date: 7 September 2014 (Sunday)

Time: 5 pm onwards Venue:
Freemans Bay Community Hall,

Join Auckland Marathi Association in

celebrating the festival of Ganesha Enjoy
a community celebration with traditional
aarti, food and music. Entry: Free for
members. A guest fee of $15.00 per
person for non-members. This fee includes
full dinner, served after the program.
For more information contact Rushi on
0273242542, Vrunda on 0212555500 or
Prasad on 0211451136

The festival celebrates Universal Fellowship

and Veneration of Womanhood. This year our
Those Indian guys presents a rib tickling play
performances include:Samoan Fire Dance,
starring Tarun Mohanbhai. A play in bollywood
North Indian Folk dance; South Indian
style, that would tickle every audiences funny
Classical dance; Drama; Entry to this event is
bone. A play not to be missed. For tickets
FREE but seating
is limited.
call 021649455.
e Basin
& Events
we aimplease
to provide
you with a state of the art facility for all
Date: 30-August-2014
will be given to those who reserve.This is
with by
a passion.
events are
individually catered according to your requirements.
Time: 5:00 p.m to 10:30 p.m.
and sweets for all as well. With a wonderful line
Venue: The Mahatma Gandhi
re a multi-purpose
to making
a huge success
and a
up of performers, seats
are filling
For free
04th, 05th
6th September
Centre,145 New North Road,Eden
seat reservations for you and your family, e-mail

occasion through
our professional service and hospitality.
or text Laxman Sunkari on 021
Venue:Art of Living Centre, 93
We have the following programme
829 209.
Venue is fully equipped with a full sound system,
and data
facilities with free
Wi-Fi for your


Onam Celebrations

Yoga Vasishta

5.00 p.m - 7.30 p.m - Onasadya, Delicious

Onam day feast
5.00 p.m - 7.00 p.m- Interactive Fun
Games arranged for kids and adults
7.00 p.m - 7.30 pm.- Onam celebration
Inauguration,bringing out Darpanam
14,Samajam Annual publication, & prize
giving ceremony
7.30 p.m - 10.15 p.m- Onam Cultural
Onam falls in the month of Chingam,
which is the first month according to the
Malayalam Calendar. The celebrations
begin within a fortnight of the Malayalam
New Year and go on for ten days. All
over the state of Kerala, festive rituals,

traditional cuisine, dance and music mark

this harvest festival. This festival marks
the homecoming of the mythical King
Mahabali who Malayalees consider as their
King.As part of our Onam celebration,
Auckland Malayali Samajam also collecting
non-perishable food parcels for Auckland
City Mission. Admission for the Onam
celebration is managed through passes.
Samajam Members will get passes at the
reception. Guest pass also will be sold
at the gate for $25 per person.For more
details, please contact the Secretary, Soby
Bernard Thomas at 0211214148 or email

orate Conferences from 10 to 300 people.

ater for Weddings, Birthdays, Christmas Parties, Corporate Seminars & Functions, Cocktail
es, School Functions & Balls and Club Socials.

Venue can also host Product Launches, Live Music Bands and Concerts.

do not have worry about ending your party too early as we are licensed till 3am.

omplex also provides you with complimentary parking for over 200 cars.

33 Morrin Rd
Panmure, Auckland 1072
T: +64-9-574-5372
State of the art facility for all kinds of events and
Fully equipped with a full sound system, AV and data
facilities with free Wi-Fi for your Corporate Conferences
from 10 to 400 people.
Cater for Weddings, Birthdays, Christmas Parties,
Corporate Seminars & Functions, Cocktail Parties, School
Functions & Balls, Club Socials, Product Launches, Live
Music Bands and Concerts.
Licensed to operate bar till 3am.
Complimentary parking for over 200 cars
Capacity: 400 people for a Cocktail or Conference Style
setting or up to 240 people for a sit down dinner.
A dedicated Duty Manager, Security Personnel, Special
License (a cost of up to $350) for Liquor service provided
for every event.
Private Board Room can seat up to 12 people and is fully
equipped with a Big Screen TV and data cables.
Catering options available in a cuisine of your choice
Complimentary Stage & Dance Floor

Call now 09-574-5372 / 0212-66-88-70 / 022-043-3132
22 August

6:40 am




22 August 2014

Fusion-review : A soulful Concert

- Alison Booth

he Fusion concert was a diverse programme

with a musical sampling. The concert through
the performances showcased the passion and
excitement of the musicians. The hall was really
nice and attracted a diverse audience that may not
have bought tickets if in the ethnoburbs!
The first half of the concert started with a
classical piece- Jansang Mohini- Short alap by
Dilshad Khan that started with his sarangi tuned
impeccably. Fazal Quereshi entered with playful
tabla brining the crowd alive. The tabla and
sarangi merged, playing in sync, demonstrating
the astounding level of instrument prowess
these two musicians possess. The next on list was
Piya Basanti , a tribute to Sultan Khan - not a tight
of a piece as there has little to rehearse. The piece
introduced Ben Fernandez into the group as a talented
keyboard player. The sarangi sang with more power
than the heartfelt vocal rendition Dilshad Khan sang
in honour of his uncle Sultan Khan.
Introducing the whole band was Kenny
Garretts Sing along a Song. Jo Shum
demonstrating her powerful bass technique, She
looked in complete control of the complex nature
of the challenging music that was about to follow.
The keyboard entered demonstrating subtle true
pure jazz that was supplemented by sax and drum
kit and finally enhanced but the sarangi and tabla
infusing the piece with an eastern fusion flavour.
The sarangi added laughter, soul and sweetness
to the piece creating a sense of questioning and
Further , Ben Fernandezs Ballad/Lullaby was
light and western by comparison. Keyboard and
flute remained straight and conforming in strong
contrast to the sarangi and tabla that added a

very different voice to the composition. Ending

the first half of the concert was Fazal Quereshis
Funky Seven that started with a fabulous Tabla
and Bass duet demonstrating Jos true talent and
ability. Mark Menezes on drum kit was featured,
Jim Langabeer on flute and Ben Fernandez
on keyboard wrapped in a fusion experience
that framed the soulful sarangi solos and tabla
The second half of the concert made the night
even more soulful with the fusion of different
genres of music. It started with Miles Davis
Ardis was a good choice as it is jazz with a strong
Indian flavour. Bass solo was solid, dense and
passionate. Keyboard was beautiful and playful;
the sax added brightness. The band further moved
to play the classic jazz piece, Chick Corea (Spain)
which reflected the bands growing confidence.
Keyboard started bringing in the pieces main
theme and the rest of the band followed. Tenor sax
solo was good with the playing more confident

and polished. The rhythm was rocking and the

audience responded to the fun the band was
experiencing on stage.
Dilshads soulful singing of Panihaari a
Rajasthani folksong was a refreshing piece. The
romantic folk song transliterates to tell a story
about women gathering water, came alive as the
audience were clapping rhythms in their seats.
Rajasthani repertoire remains familiar and exotic
to the audience, this concert attracted. Often a
crowd teaser- in this case a good choice for the
audience and placement in the programme.
Sarangi was powerful with playful jazz fusion
interactions. With heartfelt singing by Fazal.
Fazal Quereshi Serentity opening lines by the
sarangi brought back memories, to those who
have visited India, of boatmen singing in the early
mornings on the Ganges. The tabla entered soft
and pulsing- very tight and skilful duet that set the
piece for the rest of the band. Fazal demonstrated
tabla bols and in came the drum kit with all the

musicians jamming together. The sax solo was

strong and accomplished. Mark demonstrated
his skills and expertise. The piece brought the
house down and left a feeling that this was the
culmination of all the hard work this band put
together in such a short space of time. The piece
was a very exciting demonstration of fusion and
the experimental nature of such performances
involving creative crossovers between musicians
and repertoires.
Finally the concert ended with a joyful piece,
Encore Duke Ellington Caravan, a jazz standard
that everyone in the band was confident with
allowed all to shine including a very nice sax solo.
The band had their audience in their hands and
brought down the house.
The soulful musical evening left everyone
awestruck singing praises of the artists and their
performance. The concert was not just a fusion
of music but a fusion of culture which connected
people of different world together.
22 August 2014




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