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Greek Dig Letters

After learning about the Archeological discovery or Arthur Evans, you are going to
do some archeology of your own. Imagine that you just graduated from college. You
have been assigned your first dig at a new site in Greece. Below are 5 artifacts that
you find. You are to write 3 letters home to family or to a friend detailing what is
you discovered and what you are able to discern about Greek culture from it. Here is
what I am looking for:

1) The letter feels like an authentic letter
2) Each letter is a at least a paragraph in length
3) The letters are detailed
4) The letters speak specifically about what you can come to understand about
Greek culture from the artifact
5) If you go above and beyond and create a highly decorated series of letters I
will reward you with extra credit.

Sample Entry

April 7

You will not believe what we dug up today in near Athens! As we removed
bucket loads of dirt we hit something very hard that made a really odd metallic sound.
As we removed the dirt we slowly revealed a large brass bull. The interior of the bull
was hollowed out and it had a small door on the belly. As we looked closer we could see
that the bottom of the bull was scarred with burn marks. We opened the door and
found the bull full of old bones that also were blackened and burned. It was a very
curious find.

After puzzling over what this object was I came to the following conclusion. The
bull must have been used as some kind of torture device. People were placed inside and
slowly burned alive. I had the bones sent off for further study. If these bones come back
revealing they are from another culture we will come to understand that the
Athenians were cruel to outside races. If they come back Greek, then we could come to
understand a great deal more about Greek law and capitol punishment. It is going to
really open our eyes about Athenian culture!

Artifact #1

Artifact #4

Artifact #2

Artifact #3 Artifact #5