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Sarah Jordan


Height: 53 Weight: 140 lbs. Range: low F to high B

The Unmiracle* (upcoming) Featured Auslynn Films
*Starring Stephen Baldwin
The Faces Behind the Trees Supporting Columbia College d/Brian Surber
Blown (Web Series) Guest Star Wine Mouth Productions d/Michael Gerrity
Trip Starring Electric Marshmallow Prod. d/Dominick Evans
Genuinely False Starring Columbia College d/Emerson Sigman
Midnight Rain: Nightmare Supporting Team Phoenix Productions d/Adam R. Jones
Forgetting About Samantha Supporting Columbia College d/Marcus Guy
Butterfly Lady Supporting Columbia College d/Shiri Burson
Bump)ed Featured Columbia College d/Aisha Brown
Before I Met You Featured Art Institute of Chicago d/Michael Gerrity

The Gondoliers (Staged Reading) Gianetta Nitschke Studio d/Dr. Brad Nitschke
How to Succeed in Business
Without Really Trying Rosemary Center for the Arts d/Aaron Henrickson
Locked Ward (Staged Reading) Jill Three Cat Productions d/T. Paul Lowry
Sweeney Todd: The Demon
Barber of Fleet Street Ensemble, u/s Beggar Woman Williams Street Repertory d/Mark Mahallak
The Peoples Passion Play Bible Belter Soprano Quest Theatre Ensemble d/James T. Scott III
Its a Wonderful Life: A
Radio Play Violet, Various Williams Street Repertory d/T. Paul Lowry
The Rocky Horror Show Janet Weiss Williams Street Repertory d/T. Paul Lowry
Talk Radio Rachael, Various Spartan Theatre Company d/Joseph Galizia
Counterpoint Muse #3 Art of Adaptation Festival d/Aaron Henrickson
All of Us (World Premiere) Shea Kansas City Fringe Festival d/Jeff Church
With Their Eyes: A View of
9/11 from a High School at Katherine, Mira,
Ground Zero Kerneth Coterie Theatre d/Jeff Church

Chicago College of Performing Arts (CCPA) at Roosevelt University, B.F.A. in Musical Theatre
Acting: Blake Hackler, Jane Alderman Jazz: Rebecca Lemme
Musical Theatre: Ray Frewen, Tina Paul, Luis Perez Ballet: Rebecca Lemme, Luis Perez
Voice: Dr. Brad Nitschke, Ann McMann, Bonnie Shadrake Tap: Matthew Crowle, Melissa Zaremba
Dialects: Elise Kauzlaric Modern: Michael Snipe, Jr.

Special Skills
Dialects: RP, Cockney, Southern, Boston, southern Irish, French, Other: Strong sight-reading skills, pass in unarmed
combat by SAFD (2012), choral singing, beginning piano, basic djembe, tambourine, licensed driver, US passport,
flag corps, splits on both sides, cartwheels, somersaults, juggling, plate spinning, hula hoop, fully-trained barista,
swimming, yoga, weirdly good at Asian Theatre