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Rutgers University 540:201 Work Design & Ergonomics

School of Engineering Instructor: Dr. James T. Luxhj

Department of Industrial Office: CORE - 210, Telf. (848) 445-3625
and Systems Engineering E-mail:


Teaching Assistant: T. Ling (E-mail:

Text: Work Systems and the Methods, Measurement, and Management of Work, Mikell P. Groover,
Prentice-Hall, 2007.

Catalog Description:
Man-machine analysis, motion economy, time study, work sampling, predetermined time systems,
work sampling; introduction to robotics, facilities layout, materials handling; introduction to
ergonomics and anthropometric, biomechanical, and human-machine interface models.

Co-requisite: 540:202 (Work Design & Ergonomics Laboratory)

Course Format:
Class meetings will be devoted to lectures and discussion of selected topics. Performance
evaluation is to be based on the following components: 2 tests, homework, a group project and
presentation. Homework must be turned in at the beginning of class on the date it is due. All
homework must be prepared in a neat and professional manner to receive partial and full credit.
Late homework will be graded, but will not be credited towards the student's course grade.
Grading Policy Test #1 25%
Test #2 30%
Homework 15%
Methods Study with presentation 30% (will be weighted between
Methods Study:
More details on the methods study will be provided during the second week of classes. This study
will focus on applications of the basic topics covered in the course. Students will work on the
study in groups of 4 to 5 members. A typed final report per group will be due on December 8,

Attendance Policy:
Students are expected to attend all classes; if you expect to miss one or two classes, please use the
University absence reporting website to indicate the date and reason
for your absence. An email is automatically sent to me.

Test Policy:
Make-up tests will only be given upon extreme mitigating circumstances. A memo from the
Deans Office in B-110 needs to be provided verifying the reason.
Important Dates: September 15 - Notify instructor of group members
October 27 - Progress Report due
December 8 - Methods Study Report due

Week of Topic Reading Assignment
9/1 Scope of the IE profession, career opportunities. Chapter 1
History of work systems and methods engineering.
Monday, Sept. 1- NO CLASSES (Labor Day Holiday).

9/8 Methods Engineering and Operations Analysis. Chapter 8
Graphical tools for Operations Analysis. Chapter 9

9/15 Motion/Methods Study and Work Design. Chapter 10
Notify instructor of group members: Monday, Sept. 15.

9/22 Introduction to Time Study. Chapter 12

9/29 Direct Time Study (continued). Chapter 13

10/6 New Approaches to Process Improvement - Chapters 20-21
Lean Production and Six Sigma.

10/13 Work Sampling. Chapter 16

10/20 Predetermined Motion Time Systems. Chapter 14

10/27 Manual Assembly Lines. Chapter 4
Project Progress Report due: Monday, October 27.

11/3 Manual Assembly Lines (continued). Chapter 4
Test #1: Thursday, November 6 (Chapters 8-10, 12-13, 16, 20-21).

11/10 Learning Curves Chapter 19

11/17 Ergonomics and Human Factors. Chapters 22, 23-25

11/24 Class Presentations: Monday, November 24.
Class Presentations: Tuesday, November 25 (Thursday classes).

12/2 Test #2: Monday, December 1 (Chapters 14,4,19,22-25).
Class Presentations: Thursday, December 4.

12/9 Project due: Monday, December 8 (by 12:00 NOON to CORE 210).

NOTE: Test Dates are Subject to Change.

540:201 Work Design and Ergonomics

Dr. James T. Luxhj

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