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C/O Uttam Namdeo Bankar, Survey no - 13, Flat no - 186, Opp.Akasavani, Bankar colony,
Hadapsar, Pune – 411028, Maharastra state.
Phone : 9850669675,9923414353. Email :-,

To prove my self in responsible and challenging position that gives me

OBJECTIVE scope to apply my knowledge and skill and be a leader of the team that
dynamically works towards success and growth of the organization.

 Mammalian cell culture and Virus production : Process development,

optimization, standardization from 10 L scale to 200 L scale.
 Yeast and Bacterial Fermentation : Process development,
optimization, standardization from 10 L scale to 200 L scale.
 Preparation and maintenance of MWCB, WCB and seed cultures of
mammalian cell line, Virus, yeast and Bacterial cultures.
 Process validation, Equipment validation , Cleaning validation of
Fermentors, Bioreactors and other peripheral equipments.

Serum Institute Of India Ltd.( SIIL ) Pune.

I had accomplished 10 years experience in fermentation field with
2000 - PRESENT successful out puts. During this period I was offered to work in different
projects - Hepatitis-B Vaccine Manufacturing and Rabies Vaccine

Asst. Manager. Rabies Vaccine Development. SIIL.

• At present working on Rabies Vaccine Development using
bioreactors ( S.S and Disposable Bioreactor ).
• The central theme of development is, Rabies virus production
using MRC-5 cells ( Human Diploid Cells ) as a substrate.
2005 – Till date • The beauty of the technology is, microcarriers and bioreactor are
used for cell growth and virus production, where microcarriers provides
surface for growing MRC-5 cells and bioreactor ensures fast cell
growth and high virus yield compared to other traditional viral
production methods.

 Batch planning and manpower handling.

 Chemicals and raw material arrangement.
 Trouble shooting of bioreactors and other equipments.
 Planning and handling of production process in GMP
JOB PROFILE  Process control and taking corrective action to resolve the
deviations in the process.
 Process and equipment optimization, standardization and
 Preparation of process and equipment related documents
( SOPs, BMR, log books, Deviation reports, change controls, IQ, OQ,
PQ ).

Rabies Virus Production using Bioreactor developed successfully and
brought up to 200 L scale from initial 10 L scale. Large scale production
process established using 200 L Disposable Bioreactor.

Executive Officer Hepatitis – B Vaccine Production. SIIL

• Worked as a fermentation team leader in Hepatitis – B vaccine
production at 200 L scale.
• Managed to implement process development methods in
2000 – 2005 production in order to increase the yield.
• Developed economic strategies and easy handling methods to
resolve the practical difficulties in large scale production.
• Prepared process and equipment validation documents, change
controls , deviation reports and log books etc. in view of WHO audit.

Optimized and standardized fermentation process of recombinant yeast

Hansenula Polymorpha at 200 L scale of Hepatitis – B vaccine
Actively participated in WHO audit.

Research Associate Sat’s Biotech, Hyderabad

1999 - 2000 • Worked on media and process development of high cell density
cultivation of Lactobacillus Sporogenous Bacteria.

Developed a unique fermentation medium, which can give high cell density
and fast spores formation of Lactobacillus Sporogenous Bacteria.

Supervisor Shantha Biotechnics Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad

• Worked as a shift in-charge in Hepatitis – B vaccine production
(World first recombinant vaccine using yeast Pichia Pastoris ) at
1997 - 1999 100 L scale.
• Handled entire process ( upstream and Down stream ) of Hepatitis
– B vaccine production from seed culture preparation to final bulk

Well acquaintance with SAP system.

COMPUTER Well conversant with windows environment in advance version, word
COMPETENCY perfect, Grapher, Software, Internet usage for data bank search, patents,

NAME Seshu Babu. Burrala
FATHER’S NAME Subbarao. Burrala
DATE OF BIRTH 28 / 06 /1974
PERMANENT B.Seshu Babu , S/O B.Subba Rao , Bommuluru post, Gudivada mandal,
ADDRESS Krishna district, Pin: 521 330, Andhrapadesh, Phone: (08674-242004).
EDUCATIONAL M.Sc Biotechnology (1996) from Nagarjuna University, Guntur.
QUALIFICATION B.Sc (CBZ) from ANR College Gudivada, Nagarjuna University.
Microbiology, Immunotechnology, Fermentation technology, Biochemistry,
Molecular biology, Genetic engineering, Tissue culture, Cell biology, and
Enzyme technology.