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Challenges to Astrology and Astrologers - JUSTICE S.N.

We are living in the space age. Permanent stations have already been
set up at the poles. Astronauts have been orbiting the earth for
extended periods of time. In the not too distant future space station are
likely to be established on the moon and may be in deep space.
Television, internet facilities, globalization, E-commerce, E-business,
scientific developments, charm of the west, coupled with high level of
education have raised aspirations of your youngs on one hand and
ever-increasing consequential tensions on the other. Life style has
changed and is further changing at a fast pace. All these factors are
creating diversified problems.
These changes and human problems need a different approach in the shape of holistic astrological
counselling for providing an ideal mothers care in all round development of personality of her child. Every
astrologer and every serious student of astrology is supposed to help and advise the individuals to find a
way out of the confusing and agonizing situations, without breaking basic norms and ethics as good
Though during last one decade astrology has not only taken a quantum jump in ever-increasing number
of astrologers, serious students of astrology and astrology lovers, and there has been a qualitative jump
also, yet in order to keep pace with ever increasing inquisitive queries we must think of accelerating this
pace of qualitative jump. When scientists are trying to get rid of their dogmatic blurred vision, could we
afford to be dogmatic in our approach and when physics is going to be the New Bhashya of Vedanta?
No, alone would be the answer.

Extra Saturnine Planets
Our seers were not unaware of the extra saturnine planets. One may surmise that the effects of the extra
saturnine planets have been accounted more effectively through the influences of Rahu and Ketu. When
our seers could consider the effects of the Upagrahas (which are astronomical points in relation to the
Sun and are taken to be synonymous with the moons around the major planets) they certainly knew
about Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and may be several yet undiscovered planets. Some researchers have
tried to define the house lordships and karakatvas of these planets. Though these planets are being
sought to be used to claim more systematic and elaborate studies in western astrology, provide general
reading without being specific, and the current situation studies could be exemplified by Desha, Kaala,
and Paatra stated in our literature, yet we have to consider these Extra- Saturnine planets as suggested
by Dr. P.S. Sastry, for better answers and better counselling.

Health: Medical Astrology and Medical Science
In so far as physical energy of an individual is concerned, it is internal energy inherited through Genom
/gene. This genetically inherited energy modified by the cosmic forces could be assessed in two ways.
Lagna and lagnesh would represent genetically inherited energy, and external nursing of this Genom may
be seen by the strength or by affliction/weakness with the existence of the position of Sun and the Moon,
particularly, on other planets influencing the lagna Lord and the Moon generally. The remedial measures
along with medicines could be used for the purpose of improving the physical energy.

Mundane Astrology
Earthquakes devastate several parts of the world sometimes and seismological input do not appear to be
adequate both in terms of accurately predicting the time factor as well as intensities to take precautionary
measures. An addition of astrological inputs could probably significantly improve the situation.
Weather prediction is also an area where astrological inputs could provide good support to the
metrological department. Of late there has been some improvements in weather predictions in the short
term through satellite pictures and analysis using large databases. Nevertheless precise guidance is still
elusive. The direction of a storm and wind speeds are forecast which frequently fail to cross the coast at
the appropriate place or the cyclone abruptly changes its mind and moves in an unexpected
direction. Astrological inputs pertaining to those exact locations may probably improve results. Also
astrology could provide long term forecasts say, over the next decade which satellite information certainly
cannot cover. In order to incorporate these inputs there has to be acceptance of the relevance of
astrological inputs, which can happen with an attitudinal change at the governmental level at our own
level for significant impact of astrological parameters, cannot be assessed by individual contributions, but
only by a systematic and organised approach with institutional support.
Statesmen, economist, and others interested and concerned with such matters could make
good use of mundane astrological inputs regarding the general health of the nation and specific problem
areas which may arise during a given period of time. Spiritual Rejuvenation: Co-relation of Astrology
with Adhyatma Essential.
There appears to be an enhanced interest worldwide in spiritual matters even amongst the youth. The
west appears to be getting disillusioned with materialism and is turning to the east for guidance in matters
outside the see and touch world. The question of human evolution in a conscious manner by choice is
being seriously studied. We have to correlate astrology with Adhyatma or spiritual science by
understanding the Panch-tatvic reality or Brahaman or God or Parmatma. Whether it is Sankhya, Yog,
Nyaya, Vaishaishika, Purva Mimamsa or Vedanta, man is always searching a definition of Parmatman;
the search is on to find the exact relationship between physics, the nature of man, universe and God or
the triad of Jeeva- Jagat- Ishwar. The man has always been in search of Sat- Chit-Anand or all pervasive
pure truth, intelligence and bliss. To provide an insight into the current level of spiritual evolution of an
individual and to also provide guidance, on the best path, in the current lifetime for rapid advancement in
the spiritual dimension, in addition to general planetary positon, Jaimini system and some interesting work
documented by several astrological savants looking at Rahu and Ketu as the karmic control planets, give
important clues as indicators of the current life learning and mission and to the direction most suitable for
spiritual progress. These may prove very effective in astro-counselling