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Ui, Amara Bianca March 24, 2014


Quiz # 4

The Brigandage Act of 1902 is a law that disables Filipinos to create or to form
movements which advocates or supports any form of nationalism. Any kind of
group which has the intention of going against the Americans will be imprisoned
or will be accused with criminal offenses. This law was approved by the
Philippine Commission during the conquest of the Americans. During this time, it
was still inevitable for any law to stop some Filipinos who are really willing to fight
for the country. These people are called the Bandoleros. I think that these people
can and must be considered as heroes because they are not the ones who are
too afraid to actually fight for what they think is right. They are the ones who have
the heart of what a true Filipino. They are the ones who were willing to risk
everything such as their freedom, rights and even their own life just for the sake
of fighting for the country. This kind of dedication is not seen in most Filipinos
because during that time, the Americans were too powerful to be put down. This
became the reason why the Filipinos just had to deal with whats going on in
order for them to become safe. It is very rare for anyone to find people who will
actually be willing to go through any consequence just to fight for one thing when
they can actually just go with the flow in whats happening and not harm
themselves. The people like the Bandoleros makes me want to salute their
bravery and their act of nationalism. The love for their country is very huge and
powerful that fear did not hinder them from doing what they ought to do.

I think that the establishment of the First Philippine Republic is not premature
because aside form its achievements (Philippine independence, borrowing of 20
million pesos from banks for government expenses, establishment of schools,
drafting of the Philippine constitution, declaring war against the United States,
etc.), I think that if the law was not established earlier, the agony of the Filipinos
will continue and the more that the Americans stay in the country, the harder it is
for the Filipinos to dissolve the rule of the US in the Philippines. Also, the
movements made by the Filipinos were actually big movements and were
actually enough to be able to accomplish what they wish to accomplish.