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1) What is the meaning of the word "Qur'an"?
A) That which is Read.
2) Where was the Qur'an revealed first?
A) n the cave of !ira "#a$$ah).
%) &n which night was the Qur'an first revealed?
A) 'ailatul(Qadr ")ight of the *ower).
+) Who revealed the Qur'an?
A) Allah revealed the Qur'an
,) Through whom was the Qur'an revealed?
A) Through Angel -i.raeel "Alaihis(/alaam)
0) To whom was the Qur'an revealed?
A) To the last *ro1het2 #uhammed "/allahu Alaihi Wasallam).
3) Who too$ the res1onsi.ilit4 of $ee1ing the Qur'an safe?
A) Allah himself.
5) What are the conditions for holding or touching the Qur'an?
A) &ne has to .e clean and to .e with wudhu "a.lution).
6) Which is the .oo$ which is read most?
A) The Qur'an.
17) What is the to1ic of the Qur'an?
A) #an.
11) What are the other names of the Qur'an according to the Qur'an itself?
A) Al(8ur9aan2 Al(:itaa.2 Al(;i$r2 Al()oor2Al(!uda.
12) !ow man4 #a$$i /urahs "cha1ters) are there in the Qur'an?
A) 33
1%) !ow man4 #adani /urahs "cha1ters) are there in the Qur'an?
A) %3
1+) !ow man4 #an<ils "stages) are there in the Qur'an?
A) 3
1,) !ow man4 *aara or -u< "1arts) are there in the Qur'an?
A) %7
10) !ow man4 /urahs "cha1ters) are there in the Qur'an?
A) 11+
13) !ow man4 Ru$oo "1aragra1hs) are there in the Qur'an?
A) ,+7
15) !ow man4 Aa4aath "verses) are there in the Qur'an?
A) 02%0
16) !ow man4 times is the word 'Allah' re1eated in the Qur'an?
A) 2065
27) !ow man4 different t41es of Aa4aath "verses) are there in the Qur'an?
A) 17
21) Who is the first '!aafi<' of the Qur'an?
A) *ro1het #uhammed "/allalahu Alaihi Wasallam)
22) At the time of the death of *ro1het #uhammed "/allallahu Alaihi Wasallam) how
man4 !uffa< were there?
A) 22
2%) !ow man4 Aa4aath "verses) on /a=da "1rostration) are there in the
A) 1+
2+) n which *aara "1art) and /urah "cha1ter) do 4ou find the first verse
a.out /a=da "1rostration)?
A) 6th *aara2 3th >ha1ter(/urah(al(Araaf2 ?erse 270.
2,) !ow man4 times has the Qur'an stressed a.out /alaat or )amaa<
A) 377 times.
20) !ow man4 times has the Qur'an em1hasi<ed on alms or charit4?
A) 1,7
23) !ow man4 times in the Qur'an2 is the *ro1het #uhammed "/allallahu
Alaihi Wasallam) addressed as@aa(Ai4u(!an()a.i?
A) 11 times
25) Where in the Qur'an has *ro1het #uhammed "/allallahu Alaihi Wasallam)
.een named 'Ahmed'?
A) *aara 25th2 /urah /aff2 A4ath 0th.
26) !ow man4 times has the name of Rasool(ullah "/allallahu Alaihi
Wasallam) .een mentioned in the Qur'an?
A) #uhammed "/allallahu Alaihi Wasallam) A + times B Ahmed "/allallahu
Alaihi Wasallam)(1 time.
%7) )ame the *ro1het whose name is mentioned and discussed most in the
A) #oosa "Alahis(/alaam).
%1) Who were the :aati.(e(Wahi "co14ists of the revelations) of the Qur'an?
A) !a<rat A.u Ca$r "Radhiallahu Anhu)2 !a<rat Dsman "Radhiallahu Anhu)2
!a<rat Ali "Radhiallahu Anhu)2 !a<rat ;aid Cin !arith "Radhiallahu Anhu)2
!a<rat A.dullah .in #asood "Radhiallahu Anhu) B !a<rat Ameer #uawia
"Radhiallahu Anhu).
%2) Who was the first 1erson who counted the Aa4aath "verses) of the
A) !a<rat A4esha "Radhiallahu Anha).
%%) &n whose advice did A.u Ca$r "Radhiallahu Anhu) decide to com1ile the
A) !a<rat &mer 8aroo9 "Radhiallahu Anhu).
%+) &n whose order was the Qur'an com1iled com1letel4 in written form?
A) !a<rat A.u Ca$r "Radhiallahu Anhu).
%,) Who confined the recitation of the Qur'an on the st4le of the Qura4sh
A) !a<rat Dsman "Radhiallahu Anhu).
%0) &ut of the co1ies of the Qur'an com1iled .4 !a<rat Dsman "Radhiallahu Anhu)2
how man4 and where are the4 at 1resent?
A) &nl4 2 co1ies. &ne in Tash$ent and the other in stan.ul.
%3) Which /urah of the Qur'an was *ro1het #uhammed "/allallahu AlaihiWasallam)
reciting while 1ra4ing2 that !a<rat -a.eer Cin #uth'im 'istened to and em.raced
A) /urah At(Toor.
%5) Which was that /urah of the Qur'an which *ro1het #uhammed /allallahuAlaihi
Wasallam) had recited when one of his enemies Dt.a after listening to it fell in /a=da
A) The first five A4aaths of !a(#eem(/a=da "8ussilat) *ara 2+.
%6) Which is the first and the most ancient #os9ue according to the
A) :aEa.a
+7) n Qur'an man$ind is divided into two grou1s. Which are those two
A) Celievers and dis.elievers.
+1) Who is the man a.out whom2 Allah has said in the Qur'an that his .od4
is $e1t as an admonishing eFam1le for future generations to come?
A) 8ir'aun. "*haraoh).
+2) Cesides the .od4 of *haraoh2 what is that thing which is $e1t as an
admonishing eFam1le for future generations to come?
A) )oah's Ar$.
+%) After the wrec$age of *ro1het )oah's Ar$2 which is its 1lace of rest mentioned in
the Qur'an?
A) >ave of -udi.
++) n the Qur'an the name of which com1anion of *ro1het #uhammed"/allallahu
Alaihi Wasallam) is mentioned?
A) !a<rat ;aid Cin !arith "Radhiallahu Anhu) "/urah A Al(Ah<a.) /urah G %%2 A4at G
+,) Who is the relative of the *ro1het #uhammed "/allallahu Alaihi Wasallam) whose
name is mentioned in the Qur'an?
A) A.u 'aha. "/urah Al(#asadd) /urah G 1112 *ara %7.
+0) n the Qur'an there is a mention of a *ro1het who has .een called .4 his
mother's name. Who was he?
A) -esus !a<rat sa "Alahis salaam) is mentioned as .n #ar4am.
+3) Which was the agreement that was titled as H8ath(hum(#u.een' without fighting
a .attle?
A) Treat4 of !udai.i4a "/ulhe !udai.i4a).
+5) What are the different names used for /atan or Ievil in the Qur'an?
A) .lees and Ash(/haitaan.
+6) Which categor4 of creature does the Qur'an 1ut '.lees' into?
A) -inn.
,7) What were those worshi1s and 1ra4ers that were ordered .4 Allah to the
>ommunit4 of Cani srael and which were continued for the #uslim Dmmah
A) /alaat "*ra4ers) and ;a$aat. "Al(Ca9arahJ+%)
,1) The Qur'an re1eatedl4 warns of a certain da4. Which da4 it is?
A) @aumul Qi4amah."The Ioomsda4).
,2) Who were those 1eo1le with whom Allah was 1leased and the4 were 1leased
with !im2 as mentioned in the Qur'an?
A) >om1anions K /aha.a "Radhiallahu Anhum) of our .eloved *ro1het
#uhammed."/allallahu Alaihi Wasallam).
,%) n which !ol4 Coo$ of )on(#uslims the Qur'an is mentioned re1eatedl4?
A) n the !ol4 Coo$ of /i$h >ommunit4(Lranth /ahe..
,+) n which 4ear were the vowels inserted in the Qur'an?
A) +% !i=ri.
,,) Who were the first serious students of the Qur'an?
A) /uffah "/tudents who used to sit at a 1lace in
#as=id(e() /AW).
,0) Which is the first Residential Dniversit4 where the facult4 of the
Qur'an was esta.lished for the first time?
A) #as=id(e() of the *ro1het "/allallahu Alaihi Wasallam).
,3) C4 what name did the Qur'an address those no.le and 1ious 1eo1le who
were selected .4 Allah to conve4 !is message to man$ind?
A) )a.i "*ro1het) and Rasool "#essenger).
,5) What t41e of a 1erson does the Qur'an want to ma$e?
A) #omin.
,6) What is the scale or measure of one's dignit4 according to the Qur'an?
A) Ta9wa. "*iet4)
07) What according to the Qur'an is the root cause of the evil?
A) Alcohol.
01) What are the two most im1ortant t41es or $inds of Aa4aath "?erses)found
in the Qur'an?
A) #uha$$amaat and #utasha.ihaath "&rders K nstructions and NFam1les
K nstances ( lessons).
02) Which is the longest /urah ">ha1ter) in the Qur'an?
A) /urah(al(Ca9arah A /urah G 2.
0%) Which is the smallest /urah in the Qur'an?
A) /urah(al(:ausar A /urah G 175.
0+) What was the age of *ro1het #uhammed "/allallahu Alaihi Wasallam) when
Qur'an was first revealed to him through !a<rat -i.raeel "Alaihis(salaam)?
A) +7 @ears.
0,) !ow long did *ro1het #uhammed "/allallahu Alaihi Wasallam) receive the
revelation of the Qur'an in #a$$ah?
A) 1% @ears.
00) !ow long did *ro1het #uhammed "/allallahu Alaihi Wasallam) receive the
revelation of the Qur'an in #adinah?
A) 17 @ears.
03) Where was the first /urah revealed?
A) n #a$$ah.
05) Where was the last /urah revealed?
A) n #adinah.
06) !ow man4 4ears did it ta$e for the com1lete revelation of the Qur'an?
A) 22 4ears2 , months and 1+ da4s.
37) Which /urah ">ha1ter) of the Qur'an is to .e read com1ulsoril4 in each
ra$a'at of the /alat ")amaa<)?
A) /urah(al(8atihah "The &1ening) A /urah G 1.
31) Which is the /urah2 which Allah taught as a Iu'a "*ra4er)?
A) /urah(al(8atihah "The &1ening) A /urah G 1.
32) What is the reason of $ee1ing /urah(al(8atihah in the .eginning of the Qur'an?
A) t is the door to the Qur'an.
3%) What is the /urah ">ha1ter) revealed com1letel4 and found first 1lace
in the Qur'an?
A) /urah(al(8atihah "The &1ening) A /urah G 1.
3+) Who was the onl4 lad4 whose 1ersonal name is found in the Qur'an?
A) #ariam "Alaihis(salaam).
3,) n which /urah ">ha1ter) of the Qur'an do 4ou find maFimum instructions?
A) /urah(al(Ca9arah A /urah G 2.
30) When and Where did the *ro1het #uhammed /allallahu Alaihi Wasallam) and
!a<rat -i.raeel "Alaihis(salaam) meet for the second time?
A) &n 8rida4215th Ramadan2in the >ave of !ira.
33) What was the interval .etween the first and the second revelation?
A) 2 4ears and siF months.
35) Which is the /urah ">ha1ter) that does start without Cismillah?
A) /urah(al(Tau.ah or Cara'ath A /urah G 6.
36) n which /urah ">ha1ter) of the Qur'an Cismillah is re1eated twice?
A) /urah(al )aml A /urah G 23.
57) !ow man4 /urahs ">ha1ters) in the Qur'an have the titles named after
different *ro1hets?
A) 0 /urahs ">ha1ters)J
a) /urah(al(@unus A /urah G 17.
.) /urah(al(!ood A /urah G 11.
c) /urah(al(@usuf A /urah G 12.
d) /urah(al(.raheem A /urah G 1+.
e) /urah(al(#uhammed A /urah G +3.
f) /urah(al()uh A /urah G 31.
51) n which 1art of the Qur'an do 4ou find 'A4at(ul(:ursi' "?erse of the
A) n the .eginning of the third *art ."/urah G 22 A4at G 2,,).
52) !ow man4 different names of Allah are mentioned in the Qur'an?
A) 66
5%) Who were the three non(1ro1hets whose names are mentioned with due
res1ect in the Qur'an?
A) 'u9man2 A<i< of Ng41t and ;ul9arnain.
5+) At the time of !a<rat A.u Ca$r "Radhiallahu Anhu) how man4 com1anions
had com1iled the Qur'an in the form of a .oo$?
A) 3, com1anions.
5,) Which is the onl4 .oo$ that is com1letel4 memori<ed .4 millions of
1eo1le in the world?
A) Al(Qur'an.
50) What did the -inns who heard a few Aa4aath ?erses) of the Qur'an sa4 to
each other?
A) We have heard a uni9ue discourse which shows the right 1ath2 veril4
we .elieve in it.
53) Which are the most 1o1ular translations of the Qur'an in Nnglish?
A) Translation .4 #uhammed #armadu$e *ic$thall and .4 Allama @usuf Ali.
55) nto how man4 languages of the world has the !ol4 Qur'an .een
A) )earl4 17% languages.
56) Who was the first translator of the !ol4 Qur'an into Drdu?
A) #oulana /hah Rafiuddin #uhaddis Iehlavi.
67) What will .e our condition on 'The da4 of the -udgment' according to
the Qur'an?
A) Nver4.od4 will .e in a state of anFiet4.
61) Who was the *ro1het mentioned in the Qur'an whose three generations
were 1ro1hets?
A) !a<rat .raheem "Alaihis(salaam).
62) What is that .oo$ which a.olished all old rules and regulations?
A) Al(Qur'an.
6%) What does the Qur'an sa4 a.out 1ro1ert4 and wealth?
A) The4 are tests of one's faith.
6+) According to the Qur'an who is "$haatamun )a.i44een" "the last of the
A) *ro1het #uhammed "/allallahu Alaihi Wasallam)
6,) What is the name of the .oo$ that tells us clearl4 a.out the realit4 of
the .eginning and the end of the world?
A) Al(Qur'an.
60) n the Qur'an what other name is given to the cit4 of #a$$ah?
A) Ca$$ah and Caladul Ameen.
63) According to the Qur'an what other name is given to the cit4 of #adinah?
A) @athri..
65) Whose Leneration is $nown as "Cani srael" according to the Qur'an?
A) The generation of *ro1het @a9oo. "Alaihis salaam) who is also $nown as srael.
66) Which are the mos9ues that are mentioned in the Qur'an.
a) #as=id(ul(!aram A #a$$ah A /urah G 132 ?erse G 1 1lus man4 other verses
in the Quran.
.) #as=id(ul(;irar A #adinah "This mos9ue was .uilt .4 #unafi9een K !41ocrites in
front of #as=id(e(Qu.a) A /urah G 62 ?erse G 173.
c) #as=id(ul()a.awi ( #adinah. ???
d) #as=id(ul(A9sa A *alestine A /urah G 132 ?erse G 1.
e) #as=id Qu.a A #adinah A /urah G 62 ?erse G 175.177) The name of which angels
are mentioned in the Qur'an?
a) !a<rat -i.raeel Ameen. "Alaihis salaam)
.) !a<rat #ee$aeel. "Alaihis salaam)
c) !a<rat !aroot. "Alaihis salaam)
d) !a<rat #aroot. "Alaihis salaam)
The word .ird is mentioned in the Llorious Quran , times and the word .irds occur in
the )o.le Quran 1% times. Among the .irds2 the hoo1oe "hud(hud in Ara.ic) has
.een s1ecificall4 mentioned twice in /urah G 232 An()aml2 the following mannerJ
OAnd he sought among the .irds and saidJ !ow is it that see not the hoo1oe2 or is
he among the a.sent?P /urah 23J27 "?erse).Q R R
*rominent scholar Ir. !amidullah tells of an effort in Lerman4 .4 the >hristian
scholars to gather all the Lree$ manuscri1ts of Ci.le as the original Ci.le in Aramaic
is eFtinct. The4 gathered all manuscri1ts in the world and after eFamining them
re1ortedJ "/ome two hundred thousand contradictor4 narrations have .een found...
of these one(eighth are of an im1ortant nature.
" When the re1ort was 1u.lished2 some 1eo1le esta.lished an nstitute for Qur'anic
Research in #unich with the goal of eFamining Qur'an the same wa4. A gigantic
research 1ro=ect was started that continued for three generations.
C4 16%%2 +%777 1hotoco1ies of Qur'anic manuscri1ts had .een collected. A re1ort
1u.lished shortl4 .efore World War showed the results of the eFamination of these
manuscri1ts. While some minor mista$es of calligra1h4 were found2 not a single
discre1anc4 in the teFt had .een discoveredS
&f course the love2 devotion and care that #uslim showed toward the Qur'an2 and
that .ecame the immediate cause of its miraculous 1reservation2 was ins1ired .4 the
*ro1het #uhammad2 /alla(Allahu ala4hi wa sallam. &n one occasion he as$ed the
com1anions in /uffaJ Which of 4ou would li$e to goout ever4 morning to Cuthan or
Al( A9i9 "two mar$ets near #edina) and .ring two large she(camels without .eing
guilt4 of sin or without severing the ties of $inshi1? >amels were the valua.le
commodit4 of the time2 she(camels even more so. ts e9uivalent toda4 ma4 .e a
.rand new automo.ile. As the4
showed their interest2 *ro1het #uhammad2 /alla(Allahu ala4hi wa sallam2 eF1lainedJ
To teach or recite two verses of the Qur'an is .etter than getting two she(camels.
And three verses are .etter than three she(camels. "#uslim).
And so2 for centuries this ummah dis1la4ed an un1recedented love and devotion for
the Coo$ of Allah. t .egan the education of its children .4 teaching them how to
read Qur'an. t .egan its da4 .4 reciting from the Qur'an. Qur'an was divided into
seven 1arts2 each called a man<il2 so it could .e read com1letel4 ever4 wee$. t was
divided into thirt4 1arts2 each called a =u<2 so it could .e read com1letel4 ever4
month. Qur'an is the most read and memori<ed .oo$ in the worldS
Toda42 though2 we see a change. Than$s to the twin scourges of a colonial education
s4stem and the television2 toda4 we find millions of #uslim children for whom
learning to read the Qur'an is not 1art of their education. We find millions of #uslim
homes where Qur'an is read onl4 on s1ecial occasions.
When someone dies2 for eFam1le. This des1ite the fact that in most 1arts of the
world toda42 unli$e the /oviet Dnion of 4esterda42 reading the Qur'an is no longer a
high ris$ 1ro1osition. !ow unfortunate is the 1erson who should die of thirst while
holding the refreshing glass of water in his handsS !ow unfortunate the 1erson who
should die of disease while holding the 1erfect medicine in his handsS&f course we
must read it2 understand it2 and 1ut it into 1ractice.
Cut we must also that reading with full deference and 1ro1er eti9uettes is
a 1re(re9uisite for understanding the Qur'an2 =ust as understanding its message is a
1re(re9uisite for 1racticing it. &ur goal must .e to live .4 the Qur'an. 8or onl4 then
we trul4 live. &therwise we onl4 1retend to live.
A''A! !A8;
HOLY QURAN 50 Questions & Answers
50 Questions & Answers on The Quran
1 !hat is the "eanin# o$ the wor% &Qur'an&(
A That whi)h is Rea%*
+ !here was the Qur'an re,ea-e% $irst(
A In the )a,e o$ Hira .Ma//ah
0 On whi)h ni#ht was the Qur'an $irst re,ea-e%(
A Lai-atu-1Qa%r .Ni#ht o$ the 2ower
3 !ho re,ea-e% the Qur'an(
A A--ah re,ea-e% the Qur'an
5 Throu#h who" was the Qur'an re,ea-e%(
A Throu#h An#e- 4i5raee- .A-aihis1Sa-aa"
6 To who" was the Qur'an re,ea-e%(
A To the -ast 2ro7het8 Muha""e% .Sa--ahu A-aihi !asa--a"
9 !ho too/ the res7onsi5i-it: o$ /ee7in# the Qur'an sa$e(
A A--ah hi"se-$
; !hat are the )on%itions $or ho-%in# or tou)hin# the Qur'an(
A One has to 5e )-ean an% to 5e with wu%hu .a5-ution
< !hi)h is the 5oo/ whi)h is rea% "ost(
A The Qur'an
10 !hat is the to7i) o$ the Qur'an(
A Man
11 !hat are the other na"es o$ the Qur'an a))or%in# to the Qur'an itse-$(
A A-1=ur>aan8 A-1?itaa58 A-1@i/r8 A-1Noor8A-1Hu%a
1+ How "an: Ma//i Surahs .)ha7ters are there in the Qur'an(
A ;6
10 How "an: Ma%ani Surahs .)ha7ters are there in the Qur'an(
A +;
13 How "an: ManAi-s .sta#es are there in the Qur'an(
A 9
15 How "an: 2aara or 4uA .7arts are there in the Qur'an(
A 00
16 How "an: Surahs .)ha7ters are there in the Qur'an(
A 113
19 How "an: Ru/oo .7ara#ra7hs are there in the Qur'an(
A 530
1; How "an: Aa:aath .,erses are there in the Qur'an(
A 6666
1< How "an: ti"es is the wor% 'A--ah' re7eate% in the Qur'an(
A +6<;
+0 How "an: %i$$erent t:7es o$ Aa:aath .,erses are there in the Qur'an(
A 10
+1 !ho is the $irst 'Haa$iA' o$ the Qur'an(
A 2ro7het Muha""e% .Sa--a-ahu A-aihi !asa--a"
++ At the ti"e o$ the %eath o$ 2ro7het Muha""e% .Sa--a--ahu A-aihi
asa--a"how "an: Hu$$aA were there(
A ++
+0 How "an: Aa:aath .,erses on SaB%a .7rostat ion are there in the
A 13
+3 In whi)h 2aara .7art an% Surah .)ha7ter %o :ou $in% the $irst ,erse
a5out SaB%a 7rostation (
A <th 2aara8 9th Cha7ter1Surah1 a-1Araa$8 Derse +06
+5 How "an: ti"es has the Qur'an stresse% a5out Sa-aat or Na"aaA
A 900 ti"es
+6 How "an: ti"es has the Qur'an e"7hasiAe% on a-"s or )harit:(
A 150
+9 How "an: ti"es in the Qur'an8 is the 2ro7het Muha""e% .Sa--a--ahu
A-aihi !asa--a" a%%resse% asYaa1Ai:u1Han1 Na5i(
A 11 ti"es
+; !here in the Qur'an has 2ro7het Muha""e% .Sa--a--ahu A-aihi
!asa--a"5een na"e% 'Ah"e%'(
A 2aara +;th8 Surah Sa$$8 A:ath 6th
+< How "an: ti"es has the na"e o$ Rasoo-1u--ah .Sa--a--ahu A-aihi
!asa--a" 5een "entione% in the Qur'an(
A Muha""e% .Sa--a--ahu A-aihi !asa--a"13ti"es Ah"e% .Sa--a--ahu A-aihi
!asa--a"11 ti"e
00 Na"e the 2ro7het whose na"e is "entione%an% %is)usse% "ost in the
A Moosa .A-ahis1Sa-aa"
01 !ho were the ?aathi5e1!ahi .)o7:ists o$ the re,e-ations o$ the
A A5u Ba/r .Ra%hia--ahu Anhu8 Us"an .Ra%hia--ahu Anhu8 A-i
.Ra%hia--ahu Anhu8 @ai% Bin Harith.Ra%hia--ahu Anhu An% A5%u--ah 5in
Masoo%.Ra%hia--ahu Anhu
0+ !ho was the $irst 7erson who )ounte% the Aa:aath .,erses o$ the
A A:esha .Ra%hia--ahu Anha
00 On whose a%,i)e %i% A5u Ba/r .Ra%hia--ahu Anhu %e)i%e to )o"7i-e the
A O"er =aroo>.Ra%hia--ahu Anhu
03 On whose or%er was the Qur'an )o"7i-e% )o"7-ete-: in written $or"(
A A5u Ba/r .Ra%hia--ahu Anhu
05 !ho )on$ine% the re)itation o$ the Qur'an on the st:-e o$ the Qura:sh
A Us"an .Ra%hia--ahu Anhu
06 Out o$ the )o7ies o$ the Qur'an )o"7i-e% 5: Us"an .Ra%hia--ahu Anhu8
how "an: an% where are the: at 7resent(
A On-: + )o7ies* One in Tash/ent an% the other in Istan5u-*
09 !hi)h Surah o$ the Qur'an was 2ro7het Muha""e% .Sa--a--ahu A-aihi
!asa--a" re)itin# whi-e 7ra:in#8 that HaArat 4a5eer Bin Muth'i" Listene%
to an% e"5ra)e% Is-a"(
A Surah Thoor
0; !hi)h was that Surah o$ the Qur'an whi)h the 2ro7het Muha""e%
.Sa--a--ahu A-aihi !asa--a" ha% re)ite% when one o$ his ene"ies Ut5a a$ter
-istenin# to it $e-- in SaB%a .7rostation (
A The $irst $i,e A:aaths o$ Ha"1Mee"1SaB%a
0< !hi)h is the $irst an% the "ost an)ient Mos>ue a))or%in# to the Qur'an
A ?aa5a
30 In Qur'an "an/in% is %i,i%e% into two #rou7s*!hi)h are those two
A Be-ie,ers an% %is5e-ie,ers
31 !ho is the "an a5out who"8 A--ah has sai% in the Qur'an that his 5o%:
is /e7t as an a%"onishin# eEa"7-e $or $uture #enerations to )o"e(
A =ir'aun* .2haraoh
3+ Besi%es the 5o%: o$ 2haraoh8 what is that thin# whi)h is /e7t as an
a%"onishin# eEa"7-e $or $uture #enerations to )o"e(
A Noah's Ar/*
30 A$ter the wre)/a#e o$ 2ro7het Noah's Ar/8 whi)h is its 7-a)e o$ rest
"entione% in the Qur'an(
A Ca,e o$ 4u%i*
33 In the Qur'an the na"e o$ whi) h )o"7anion o$ 2ro7het Muha""e%
.Sa--a--ahu A-aihi !asa--a" is "entione%(
A @ai% Bin Harith*
35 !ho is the re-ati,e o$ the 2ro7het Muah""e% .Sa--a--ahu A-aihi
!asa--a"whose na"e is "entione% in the Qur'an(
A A5u Laha5
36 In the Qur'an there is a "ention o$ a 2ro7het who has 5een )a--e% 5: his
"other's na"e* !ho was he(
A 4esus F2ro7het Isa .A-ahis sa-aa"G is "entione% as 5in Mar:a"*
39 !hi)h was the a#ree"ent that was tit-e% =ath1hu"1Mu5een' without
$i#htin# a 5att-e(
A Treat: o$ Hu%ai5i:a
3; !hat are the %i$$erent na"es use% $or Satan or He,i- in the Qur'an(
A I5-ees an% Ash1Shaitaan*
3< !hi)h )ate#or: o$ )reature %oes the Qur'an 7ut 'I5-ees' into(
A 4inn*
50 !hat were those worshi7s an% 7ra:ers that were or%ere% 5: A--ah to
the )o""unit: o$ Bani Israee- an% whi)h were )ontinue% 5: the Mus-i"
U""ah a-so(
A Sa-aat an% @a/aat* .A-1Ba>arahI 30
LRa55ishrah-ee swathiree Da:assir-ee a"ree Dah-u- u>%hathan "in -isanee
Ya$>ahoo >au-ee
" #4 'ord2 eF1and "i.e.2 relaF) for me m4 .reast "with assurance) And ease for me
m4 tas$ And untie the $not from m4 tonge That the4 ma4 understand m4
s1eech""Qur'An 27J2,(25)