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Prctica de ingls bsico 1, unidad 1, todo acerca de los verbos, pronombres

acciones, el uso de "to be", "to have" y las dems acciones.
1) Substituya las palabras subrayadas por su correspondiente pronombre
The money is in the box.
Mr. Miller is late today!.
The maid opens the door.
He it
The students are intelligent.

2) Escriba la accin "to be", "to have" y "to love", para/en las siguientes oraciones:
My students __love________ to play piano.
He __is__ a very intelligent boy.
She and he ___are_____ my cousins.
The cat ____has___ much food.
The dog, the cat and my family ___are_____ all what i need to be happy.

3) Cambie estas oraciones positivas a negativas e interrogativas.
A) we are tall. Are not we tall?........we arent tall
B) he is my teacher. Is not he my teacher?..........he isnt my teacher
C) she is pretty. Is not she pretty?....... she isnt pretty
D) they are my parents. Are not they my parents?..........they arent my parents

Identifique la palabra en plural incorrecta y corrjala:
1) Apples, pencils, teachers.
2) Tomatoes, tables, windows
3) Walls, cherries, papers.
4) Students, knives, strawberries.
5) Children, markers, prunes.
6) Guavas, celeries, radishes.
7) Proofs, melons, grapes.
8) Boys, roof, exercises.
9) Erases, rooms, tables.
10) Keys, kisses, leaves
11) Lettuces, babies, knives.
12) Doubts, pictures, handkerchifes

Practica de ingls bsico 2, unidad 3, possessives.
Use the correct possessive pronouns:
1) My mother has a dog, it is __mine______(mo).
2) That is not my book, it is __hers______(de ella).
3) The radio on the table is ___theirs____(de ellos).
4) Is that card __yours_______(tuya)?.
5) This hat isnt __mine_____(mo), it is __theirs______(de ellos).
6) We have an infection in our throat, the problem is __ours_______(nuestro).
7) (de quien) _____somebody________ beautiful things are these?.
8) Those big houses are __mine________(mas), and ___yours_____(tuyas).
9) All the responsability of learning english is ____yours______(de ustedes).
10) Not fight for those things, they are ___theirs_______(de ellos).

Practique cambiando las anteriores oraciones a forma negativa e interrogativa.

Completa las siguientes oraciones con el adjetivo apropiado:

1) I am ___bored_________ (aburrido).
2) it is ___boring_________(aburrido).
3) he feels __tired___________(cansado).
4) the exercise is __tiring__________(cansado).
Coloca el artculo correcto ("a", "an" o "the") en las siguientes oraciones, si es que
A) Virginia attends __a_____ large university.
B) Americans like ____the____ sports of all kinds.
C) ___the___ exercise is good for you.
D) New york city is in ___a___ country of usa.
E) Is ___a__ blue ocean?.
F) ___the__ only important thing is ___the____ union of all mankind.
G) To be __an______ honest man is the principal thing.
H) In this room, you can see ___a____ chair and __a______ desk.
I) I want to watch __a_ movie.
J) ___the___ name of my dog is nice.
K) _______ people.

1) Hello!, What is ___yours______(tu) name?.
2) ___my _______(mi) name is ___mnica____________.
1) Are you and __yours_______(tus) parents from mexico?.
2) Yes, they __are_____ (son) from mexico.
1) Are ____yours_____(tus) friends from Veracruz city?.
2) No, they __are not_______(no son).
Complete these sentences:
____yours_____(sus) names are __mnica and
Is ___hers____(tu) name mary?. Is __his_____(su) name Fred?.
Are _ours______(nuestras) houses nice and expensive?.
____are_____(son) Angel and Susan __their_____(sus) names?.
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I want you to be __my____(mi) friend.
This english course is __of___(de) Omar Ali Caldela.
My parents house ___is_(es) very nice.
Monica is going to kiss __hers______(su) boyfriend.
___are____(son) these ___yours____(tus) friends?.
__there is_____(hay) a nice town near here.
__there are_____(hay) many pets around here.

Practica de ingls bsico 2, unidad 3, el uso de "ing" y repaso de "subject
1) practice putting "ing" to the end of all verbs you learned in the past:
Swim, swimming.
Skip, skipping.
Skip, skipping.
Leap, leaping. (excepcin a la regla)
Forget, forgetting.
Put, putting.
See, seeing. (excepcin a la regla)
Study, studying.
Grow, growing.
Steal, stealing.
Se recomienda que cheque en un diccionario o tabla de gramtica, pues como ve,
existen varias excepciones a la regla.
2) substitute all the "subject pronouns" in the next sentence, with the appropriate
form of the verb "to be":
Ex: what am i doing?. What are you wearing?. What is he buying?.
What ________ doing?. What ________ wearing?. What ________ buying?.
3) we have 2 sentences:
A) the shirt. And b) is it blue?.
If the sentence "a" is = it, then we have: c) is blue the shirt?.
So, please build a sentence "c", from the sentences "a" and "b" given:
A) the t. V. Set. B) is it small?.
C) __is the t.v.set small?_________________________________________
A) the shirt and the pants. B) are they nice?.
C) ______are nice the shirt and the
A) your trousers. B) are they long?.
C) ________are your long trousers?________________________________
A) your coat. B) is it warm?.
C) _is your warm coat? __________________________
A) our mattress and bed. B) are they comfortable?.
Are our comfortable mattres and bed

Prctica de ingls bsico 2, unidad 3, "another, the other and the others".
Complete these sentences with "another, the other or the others" as necessary:
1) She has 2 books about english, one is good and _the other________(el otro)_
one is bad.
2) You have to study for 5 days and __the others_______(los otros)__ days too.
3) I want to buy _another______(otro)_ pencil, I like not this one.
4) I have a pretty girlfriend, I want to have __another_______(otra)_ one.
5) We are going to watch a movie this weekend, next weekend we are going to
watch _the others__________(las otras)_ ones.
6) It is late for you to come with us, and for _the others_________(los otros)_ too.
7) We are bored of seeing that, lets see ___another______(otra)_ thing.