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Fellowship in


Contact Program :
4 weeks of contact program at Apollo Sugar clinics/Accredited Apollo Hospitals across India.
Centers: Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Bhubaneswar, Ahmedabad


Royal Liverpool Academy: The Royal Liverpool Academy is the education wing and centre of the Royal Liverpool &
Broadgreen University Hospitals Trust. It is one of the largest University Teaching Hospitals in the UK. It is one of the primary
sites where medical education is delivered through the University of Liverpool and one of the main partners of Liverpool Health
Partners, the Academic Health Sciences System for Liverpool, UK. The Academy will be participating in the quality assurance
framework of assessment for the program.

Medvarsity Online Limited

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Fellowship in Diabetes course is a one year online program which includes a 4 week contact program at Apollo Sugar
Clinics/Accredited Apollo Hospitals across India.
This course is structured to provide broad, in-depth and updated knowledge in all the aspects of diabetic care and facilitate
the physicians to develop the skills for efficient and integrated diabetic care.
This course is offered by Medvarsity and Apollo Hospitals Educational and Research Foundation (AHERF), in association
with Apollo Sugar Clinics and The Royal Liverpool Academy.

To enhance the Physician's knowledge of the basic sciences pertaining to
Diabetes Mellitus.
To provide additional expertise in identifying potential Diabetics by
understanding the clinical manifestations and efficiently diagnosing
Diabetes Mellitus using the current investigative tools.
To understand and put into practice the current therapeutic principles in
Diabetes Mellitus.
To know the scope and methods of non-pharmacological management of
Diabetes mellitus.
To impart competencies in patient care to handle all emergencies and
complications related to Diabetes Mellitus and make appropriate and
timely referrals to other specialties especially Cardiology, Nephrology,
Neurology, Ophthalmology and General Surgery.
To understand the concept of Integrated Diabetic Care.
To develop the necessary skills for counseling and educating Diabetic
patients and their families.
To develop a 'preventing' and 'promoting' healthcare approach to
Diabetes management.

MBBS graduates
Post Graduates in any medical specialty
1 year online study
4 weeks of contact program

Module 1

Module 3

Introduction to Diabetes
Mellitus - Definition, History,
Classification, Syndromes
Clinical Presentation of
Diabetes Mellitus
Investigations to aid diagnosis
in Diabetes Mellitus

Complications of Diabetes Mellitus

(Cardiovascular, Peripheral
Vascular, Eye, Renal, Neurological)
Complications of Gestational
Diabetes Mellitus (the effect on the
Infections in Diabetes Mellitus
Surgery and Anaesthesia in a
Diabetic patient

Module 2

Emergencies in Diabetes Mellitus

Hospital Admission Guidelines
Patient Education - Diet, Exercise,
Health Care Delivery - The Concept
of Integrated Care

Pharmacology in Diabetes
Approach to management in
Diabetes Mellitus - Current
Guidelines, Application of
Pharmacology in a practical
Diabetes in Childhood and
Diabetes in the Elderly
Secondary Diabetes Mellitus

Module 4

MCQ based online module-wise assessment.
Final examination - MCQ based online test, after successful completion of the four module tests.
Viva - To be conducted by a panel of examiners consisting of the examiner from The Royal Liverpool Academy and from
The Apollo Hospitals. The Royal Liverpool Academy examiner would be the overall assessor and accreditor.
Successful candidates will receive a "Fellowship in Diabetes" jointly from Medvarsity and Royal Liverpool Academy .

For further information on course fee and modes of payment,
Call 1800 425 6066 (9am to 8pm)