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A. Complete with the verb to be:
1. The old man .. wise. (+)
2. The sun .. hot. (+)
3. The mice .. eating cheese. (+)
4. The books .. new. (-)
5. Judith .. at home. (-)
6. . you tall? No,...
7. your mother pretty?Yes,.
8. your father from Spain? No, .
9. they dogs? No, ...
10. the water cold? No, .

B. Complete the sentences wit: this, that, these or those:
1. My cats are playing with kids there.
2. Help me, please. I want to put chairs here and . tables
over there.
3. I want to buy .. dress here.
4. Where are . shoes you wore on your wedding?
5. Can you see .... flag on the tower?

C. Write the questions using: Why When What Where Who

1. ..?
The party is on Friday.
2. ..?
My favorite color is purple.
3. ..?
My favorite actor is Antonio Banderas.
4. ..?
I am sad because Im sick.
5. ..?
The academy is on Universitaria Avenue.

6. Anna: _________ that man?
Betty: Thats the man ________ was driving the car.

A) Whos which B) Which is he C) Whos who
D) Is who E) Who which

7. This is the boy .. had an accident.
8. Yesterday I saw a car ... was really old.
9. Mandy is the girl . I met on Friday.
10. The book you gave me is great.

D. Complete with the right article: a an the - __
1. Rose wants to visit _____ European city. Maybe, she is going to Paris.
2. Could you pass me _____ salt, please?
3. When Joe was a child, he went to school in _____ London.
4. Charlie is going to _____ UK for his holiday this year.
5. I have _____ MP3 player with a lot of rock music.

E. Choose the correct answer:
1. Ana: Lets talk about your interests
Betty: I .. interested . Politics.
A) am on B) do in C)am in
D) am at E) am with

2. Carmen: Do you know who that girl is?
Lucia: I know. but I cant remember name.
A) she - her B) her - she C) her - her
D) she - she E) him - his

3. Patty: she .. tennis every day?
Paula: Yes, she
A) Does-play-does B) Does-plays-does C) Do-plays-do
D) Do-play-do E) Is-play-is

4. Kate: Where.. Susan now?
Pilar: Susan. come to school today. She is sick.
A) is didnt B) is - not C) she - went
D) is dont E) are isnt
5. Julia: .. you walk to school every day?
Mary: Yes, I
A) Are - am B) Do - did C) Does - doe
D) Do - do E) Did - did

6. We are .. for Luis. When he ., well leave.
A) wait-will arrive B) waiting-is arrived C) waiting-arrives
D) waiting-arrived E) waited-arrive

F. Complete with the correct form Present Simple or Continuous:

John lives in a small village near the sea. He .. (work) at the local
post office. He .. (not drive) to work because the office is near his
home. He always .. (walk) to work. In the afternoons,
he .. (play) basketball with his friends. They .. (not
have) much to do in the evenings, but John .. (love) his life in the
This week everything is different. He .. (stay) with his brother in
London. He .. (drive) everywhere, but he .. not like)
it. He .. (want) to go back to his village.

G. Subject, Object and Possessives:

1. ______mother always cooks for ______
a) She her b) Hers we c) Her us

2. ______ doesnt know ______ name.
a) He his b) Hers he c) Me mine

3. Davids sister is very hard working. ______marks are really brilliant!
a) Hers b) Her c) His

4. Luis: What do______eat when you go to a Chinese Restaurant?.
Patrick: ______ eat pork. I like ______!
a) your Me it b) they theirs me c) you I - it

5. I watch ______programme every afternoon. ______is a really good
a) shes her b) hers She c) her She

6. David is my best friend. ______ play with ______and ______sister every
a) He I - mine b) I him - his c) He him his

7. The teacher is not very happy with ______ because ______ talk all the
time and dont listen to ______
a) us we her b) we we hers c) me us - I

8. Juan: Is this your new house?
Ruben: ______like ______, ______very big.
a) I his Hes b) I it Its c) He it Hes

H. Choose the correct alternative:

1. En este enunciado cul es la forma correcta que se debe utilizar en el
siguiente espacio?

A: "You have to talk to the manager soon and tell him about problem."
B: "I look forward __________ him on Monday. I think he is coming to the

a) to meet b) meet c) to meeting d) meeting e) meet to

2.- Cul de los siguientes pronombres debemos utilizar para que la oracin
este adecuadamente expresada segn el contexto?

- A friend of _______ is coming and she is planning to stay for 3 months.

a) his b) her c) me d) you e)they

3.- Uno de los siguientes verbos se utiliza para que cada una de las oraciones
est expresada adecuadamente.

- As a child I used to _____ apples and bananas from fruit trees.
- I suggest you to go to a street market if you want to ___ up good bargains.
- Be careful in the street because that's where thieves go to ___ pockets.

a) pick b) get c) eat d) join e) collect

4.- Cul de las alternativas debe insertarse en los siguientes espacios para
que los verbos den sentido adecuado a la oracin?

- If it _______ during the night, Robert _______ skiing the next morning.

a) snows - would go b) snow - will go c) would snowed go
d) will snow - will go e) snowed - could go

I. Simple past or present perfect simple:
- When do we use which tense?
1. 'Already' is a signal word for ...........................................
2. 'Just' is a signal word for ... ...........................................
3. '2 years ago' is a signal word for ... ...........................................
4. 'Yet' is a signal word for ... ...........................................
5. 'Yesterday' is a signal word for ... ...........................................

- Affirmative Sentences
1. Mary (win) .. the lottery last year.
2. We (prepare / already) .. dinner.
3. James (find) ..your ring in the garden yesterday.
4. They (buy) .. their car two years ago.

- Negative Sentences
1. I (see / not) ..anyone yet.
2. Phil (go / not) the cinema last night.
3. She (arrive / not) ..yet.
4. Emily (visit / not) last week.

- Questions
1. (you / read) .. the book yet?
2. How many letters (they / write) far?
3. (you / be) home last night?
4. How often (you / travel) ..abroad till now?

1. She .. and walked away.
a) smile b) smiled c) smiles

2. When I college, I started looking for a job.
a) leave b) have left c) left

3. Did you a good weekend?
a) have b) had c) having

4. It was .. you.
a) nice meet b) nice met c) nice to meet

5. At the moment I .. a book about a young boy in
a) m reading b)read c) going to read

6. I cant .. computer games. I really hate them.
a) hate b) stand c) keen

7. Its important .. good relationships with the other employees.
a) have b) having c) to have

8. I look forward from you.
a) hearing b) heard c) to hear

9. Im not very keen violent films.
a) on b) of c) about

10. Erika to Australia next month.
a) is going b) will c) go

11. I .. dinner tonight. Im just going to have a snack.
a) dont have b) m not having c) dont having

12. What are your plans for the weekend? .. anything nice?
a) Did you do b) Do you do c) Are you doing

13. He . His girlfriend in 1998.
a) did meet b) met c) has met

14. You . Have a passport to get into the country.
a) has to b) have to c) can

15. She do any homework tonight so she can come with us.
a) doesnt have b) can c) has to

16. I usually . New words in a dictionary.
a) study up b) look up c) take up

17. They expect this game easily.
a) win b) winning c) to win

18. Try to avoid a lot of noise because your brother is sleeping.
a) making b) to make c) make

19. Ive decided .. law.
a) studying b) study c) to study

20. Keep walking until you the river.
a) at b) reach c) get

21. Did you travel . train?
a) on b) by c) the

22. In the future, cars use oil because I have to work late.
a) will b) can c) wont

23. I . to live in Spain in 1987.
a) was b) used c) use

24. She didnt to smoke.
a) used b) regularly c) use

25. I studied for six years .. become a doctor.
a) so b) to c) for

26. Where .. I find a bookshop?
a) can b) must c) does

27. This is the shop . I worked for ten years.
a) that b) what c) where

28. Shes the woman gave me a good tip last week.
a) which b) who c) how

29. My bag is full because I bought .. many souvenirs.
a) too b) enough c) very

30. She gave eating meat last year.
a) up b) out c) back

31. Your boat is . beautiful than ours.
a) the b) most c) more

32. My dog is always barking at . Moon.
a) a b) (no article) c) the

33. So, youre enjoying life in Argentina. What . about it?
a) are you like b) does you like c) do you like

34. The internet connection doesnt
a) fix b) on c) work

35. There are so many people at the party. The room is very

a) crowded b) empty c) safe

36. If I pass my test, . take you out to celebrate.
a) I would b) I will c) I do

37. What would you do if she her job?
a) leave b) leaves c) left

38. If we had more money, we . go on expensive holidays.
a) would b) will c) wont

39. If I the lottery, I wouldnt tell anyone.
a) win b) will win c) won

40. Were going on holiday tomorrow. Im really
a) excited b) lonely c) bored

1. Juan loves to play games. His favorite game is chess because it
requires a great deal of thought. Juan also likes to play less demanding
board games that are based mostly on luck. He prefers Monopoly
because it requires luck and skill. If hes alone, Juan likes to play action
video games as long as they arent too violent.

What is the main idea of this paragraph?
a. Juan dislikes violence.
b. Juan likes to think.
c. Juan enjoys Monopoly.
d. Juan enjoys playing games.

2. Maria is watching too much television. A toddler shouldnt be spending
hours staring blankly at a screen. Worse yet, some of her wild behavior
has been inspired by those awful cartoons she watches. We need to
spend more time reading books with her and pull the plug on the TV!

What is the main idea of this paragraph?
a. Watching a lot of television isnt good for Maria.
b. Books are good.
c. All cartoons are bad.
d. Some cartoons are bad for Maria.

3. Samantha, I cant eat or sleep when you are gone. I need to hear your
scratchy voice and see your lovely toothless smile. I miss that special
way that you eat soup with your fingers. Please come home soon!

What is the main idea of this paragraph?
a. Samantha, you have bad manners.
b. Samantha, you should see a dentist.
c. Samantha, I miss you.
d. Samantha, I have lost my appetite.

4. Someday we will all have robots that will be our personal servants.
They will look and behave much like real humans. We will be able to talk
to these mechanical helpers and they will be able to respond in kind.
Amazingly, the robots of the future will be able to learn from experience.
They will be smart, strong, and untiring workers whose only goal will be
to make our lives easier.

Which sentence from the paragraph expresses the main idea?
a. Someday we will all have robots that will be our personal servants.
b. We will be able to talk to these mechanical helpers and they will be able to
respond in kind.
c. They will look and behave much like real humans.
d. Amazingly, the robots of the future will be able to learn from experience.

Science News

Do you want to keep up with the latest research and discoveries in science?
There are many good websites that you can visit to make that easy.
One great site is called Science News for Kids. This site reports science news
covering a wide range of subjects. The articles are written with the interests
and educational experience of younger readers in mind, but adults will find this
site suitable for them as well.

Another wonderful site, one that I check out every day, is called Science Daily.
The site is constantly updated with news, often about exciting findings that
change how we look at the world and the universe. Whether it's newly
unearthed discoveries about creatures that have been extinct for millions of
years or the latest advances in cures for human diseases, you'll find it
at Science Daily.

These sites post stories as they become news and also archive all the past
articles. That way you can enter a search term and find articles on just about
anything related to science that they've ever published.

1. The author believes that adults
a. won't understand a site for kids.
b. will find Science News for Kids useful.
c. don't like science as much as kids.

2. What does daily mean?
a. never at night
b. only for scientists
c. every day

3. What does unearthed mean in the paragraph?
a. dug up
b. from another planet
c. shot into space

4. What does archive mean?
a. a nest in a boat
b read carefully
c. keep in a safe place

Vitamin D

Scientists have known for a long time that vitamin D is essential for humans. If
children have a vitamin D or calcium deficiency, they can develop rickets, a
softening of the bones. New studies are showing that people of all ages need
vitamin D to help them fight off diseases by keeping their immune systems

Our bodies can make vitamin D when our skin is exposed to sunlight. However,
its best to eat a diet that is rich in the vitamin.

1. The main idea of this paragraph 1 is that vitamin D __
a. is found in milk
b. has been studied by scientists
c. is no secret
d. is important for good health

2. If something is essential, it is _______.
a. harmful
b. expensive
c. dreadful
d. needed

3. When you have a deficiency of something, you _____
a. have all you need
b. do not have enough
c. look like an onion
d. are rich

4. The remainder of the last paragraph that is incomplete probably goes on to:
a. say why vitamin C is also important
b. explain why you should brush your teeth after eating beetles
c. give some examples of foods that are rich in vitamin D
d. say which diseases might be prevented by vitamin D

5. Which statement is false?
a. Some foods contain vitamin D.
b. Our bodies can use sunlight to make vitamin D.
c. Some people dont have to get vitamin D from food.
d. If youre a child, you will definitely get rickets if you dont play in the sun.

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