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Prashanth Reddy M

Java Software Developer

Years of Experience: 4 + years Mobile: 0727151916.

1 Providing technical solutions to usiness prole!s" having !ore than # $ %ears of extensive
soft&are anal%sis" design and develop!ent experience using industr% standard
2 'nti!atel% &or(ed &ith end users" usiness technolog% groups at various stages of the pro)ect
lifec%cle" including re*uire!ent gathering" design" develop!ent and post production support.
3 +uccessfull% designed and developed applications using ,ava" ,+P and application
fra!e&or(s including -./ and +truts using ,2EE technologies.
4 0aving hands on experience in deplo%ing &e and ,2EE applications in 1o!cat" ,2oss"
3esphere and 2E4 3elogic 4pplication servers and &or(ed &ith +%ase" 5racle and
-%+67 dataases.
5 4n effective co!!unicator" *uic( thin(er and rapid prole! solver &ith co!!it!ent and a
strong &or( ethic and excel at turnaround scenarios and have the vision to re!ed% prole!s
and !ove the tea! for&ard.
1 'nvolved in 8eveloping ,+P pages" +ervlets" E,2s and other ,ava /lasses.
2 Preparing technical docu!ents ased on functional specs for develop!ent process.
3 'nvolved in developing stored Procedures using +67" P79+67.
4 Preparation of +etup9'nstallation docu!ents.
5 'nvolved in 1esting" 8eugging" pac(aging and deplo%!ent of the application" as a &hole.
6 'nvolved in 1echnical 8esign and 8ocu!entation.
Personal Details:
Status in South Africa
.alid &or( per!it
Date of Birth
2# 4pril" 19:2
Marital Status
Dri!ers "icense
$ey s%ills
,ava " ,2EE
S$&"" S'(
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,)A"&-&*A(&+ &S(&()(&+ DA('
2.+c. ;/o!puter +cience< =e& =ole degree > P? /ollege ;5s!ania
-.P./ ;-aths" Ph%sics > /he!istr%< =e& 7ittle Blo&er ,unior /ollege C Pre
+.+./ ;+econdar% +chool /ertificate< 4dharsha .id%a da%ini high school C -etric 199:
'mployment #istory
e-lu. Solutions" ;,Durg" +outh 4frica<
-a%2005Etill 8ate
/ris0lobal" ;2angalore" 'ndia<
8ec200# E 4prilE2005
*(S" ;Fol(ata" 'ndia<
-a%E200A E =ovE200#
S%ill Set:
"an0ua0es 1a!a2345 6M"7345 6S" 7345 6S"( 7345 *5 *++5 *+B+"5 8B934
:eb (echnolo0ies
#(M"5 D#(M"5 1a!a ; Applets5 S<in0s5 1a!aScript5 Ser!lets23=5
1SP2345 ASP2345 Struts 737>732
Ser!ers :eblo0ic ?345 @375 1Boss 4345 :ebsphere 43A>A34325Apache (omcat437>A343
RM&5 '1B234 >=345 &BM M, Series A3=51MS
+racle Bi>7405 MySCl A34
&D'>G)& (ools
'clipse=345>=375 :SAD 434>A34>A375 :SAD &' A37375(oad @3A5etBeans 437
+peratin0 Systems
:in B@>BA>(>2444>6P5 )&65 "&)6
8ersion *ontrol
*oncurrent 8ersions System D*8SE5 Sub!ersion DS8E3
SP'*&-&* :+R$ '6P'R&'*'
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e-lu. Solutions:
ProFect ame: Sync4F
Position: 1a!a De!eloper
*lient: 8odacom
Duration: 1uly 2449 G Au0 2449
(echnolo0ies: Sync4F5 Sync M" 5'clipse =375 1Boss 4345 MySCl A345 1SP 5Struts
7323B5 1MS5 Sub!ersion
ProFect +bFecti!e:
't is a ac(up and restores procedure that ac(s up users !oile data to a re!ote server.
1he data consist of contacts" events" to do lists" notes and other !oile infor!ation. 1he
user can add" edit or delete the data in his !oile and then s%nchroniGe the !oile &ith
server to get all updated data
e-lu. Solutions:
Position: 1a!a De!eloper
*lient: 8ir0in Mobile
Duration: April 2449 G 1une 2449
(echnolo0ies: 1a!a5 1SP 2345 struts 7323B5 Ser!lets 2345 '1B =345 'clipse =375 1Boss
4345 MySCl A3435 :indo<s 6P
ProFect +bFecti!e:
.irgin -oile introduced their !oile services first ti!e in +outh 4frica through their
corporate &esite &&&.virgin! 1his &esite provides !an% features li(e
getting !oile connection" choosing !oiles" selecting tariffs" vie& and pa%s !oile ills
online" update !oile infor!ation changing the settings and !an% other additional features.
e-lu. Solutions:
Position: 1a!a De!eloper
*lient: Departemtnal 'n!ironment Affairs and (ourism
Duration: May 244A G March 2449
(echnolo0ies: Ser!lets5 1SP5 S:&G5 8elocity5 (omcat &ith 'clipse '8E5
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-ormatta -orms5 -ormatta 1a!a AP& and +racle 7403
ProFect +bFecti!e:
-ormatta -orms Delectronic forms5 the first of its %ind in South Africa and a proprietar%
product of @+ C ased co!pan% ;&&&.for!!<< have een used to deal &ith the
fishin0 ri0hts allocation process of Marine *oastal Mana0ement DM*ME5 a di!ision of
Department of 'n!ironmental Affairs and (ourism5 Republic of South Africa. 1he
4pplication processes the electronic for!s su!itted to the depart!ent % the prospective
fishing rights holders and stores the applicantsD data in a dataase. 1he data is conse*uentl%
used to allocate the rights to the applicants.
Position: 1a!a De!eloper
*lient: Re0ister 432 for /ris0lobal
Duration: Dec 2444 G April 244A
(echnolo0ies: 1a!a5 1SP5 1DB*5 Struts 7325 '1B51MS5 6M"5 :eblo0ic @375
+racle 740 AS5 :indo<s 6P
ProFect +bFecti!e:
1o release a 8rug Product in the !ar(et" the drug !anufacturing co!pan% !ust register the
8rug Product &ith the drug approval authorit%. Each countr% across the gloe has its o&n
drug approval regulations. 't !ust !andator% for the drug !anufacturing co!pan% to
co!pl% &ith the regulation procedures of that countr% to !ar(et its 8rug Product there.
Hegister #.2 is a &e application that enales a drug !anufacturing co!pan% to trac( and
control the registration activities.
You can: +tore and !anage the drug registration data collected fro! !ultiple sources
through a &e ro&ser. 1rac( and !onitor the status of the 8rug Product during planning"
application" approval" !ar(et launch and rene&al .'ncluding '=8 phase and =84 phase of
the 8rug Product. 1rac( and !onitor the 8rug Product" countr% and co!pan% specific
registration data and the gloal level and the local level. Heduce atch &or(. ?enerate
specific !anage!ent reports re*uired % the drug !anufacturing co!pan% for internal
usage such as trac(ing" anal%Ging" stud%ing trends" decisionE!a(ing and !onitoring the
registration statuses of the 8rug Product. -ultilingual support and localiGation features are
also provided % the application.
Position: 1unior 1a!a De!eloper
*lient: Global #ealth &nformation (echnolo0y
Duration: May 244= G April 2444
(echnolo0ies: 1a!a5 Ser!lets5 1SP5 '1B5 1DB*5 +racle Bi5 :eblo0ic5 Desi0n
Patterns5 :indo<s 6P3
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ProFect +bFecti!e:
1his intranet s%ste! expected to develop an operational environ!ent in &hich each service
provider can drive hi!self to the pea( level of capailit%" li!ited onl% % the individual
(no&ledge" experience in their application. 0ere the needs and the expectations of a patient
visiting the hospital drive the s%ste!. 1he patient in focus pro!pts ever% action or event in
the hospital. 1he !ain trigger for actions is the interaction et&een a patient and the
consulting doctor. 't &ould e a paperless environ!ent for all users &hen the s%ste! is on
full% developed state. 'n short" the design and develop!ent efforts eing put in should all
ai! to achieve the Patient care nearer to point of perfection.
Position: 1a!a De!eloper
*lient: 1unior 1a!a De!eloper
Duration: May 2444 G o! 2444
(echnolo0ies: :SAD A375 :ebsphere5 Struts 7375 '1B5 1SP5 se!lets5 +racle Bi
ProFect +bFecti!e:
8elte(" 'nc. @+ released" /ostpoint" a full% integrated" /lient9+erver solution for leading
sophisticated pro)ectEased usiness in 199#. 1he pro)ect involves !igrating 8elte(
/ostpoint fro! its current client9server architecture to ne& AEtier &e ased architecture on
,2EE standards. 4lso includes restructuring of 'nfor!ation for etter usailit%. 3e are
responsile for the Heserve Engineering ;deco!pilation<"
/ostpoint product offers 1#70I functionalities in pro)ect and Binancial 4ccounting" People
4d!inistration" -aterials -anage!ent" Heporting" External interfaces.

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