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Snapshots from RAW (Research & analysis wing)

At the core of our strength lies the RAW and the business policies are based on its
recommendations. We research as well as implement it in parallel.
RAW Project: Consumer Psychology & Branding
First Phase :
Experiments conducted
1> Herd Behavior
2> Pricing and value perception
3> impact of advertisement modes on brand perception
4> EPS & consumer perception

Methology 1> Manual observation at field level

Methodology 2> Recoding the telephonic conversation
Methodology 3> customer feedback and emails.

After analysis, the database for the particular customer is updated.

General details taken into consideration
1. time of ordering
2. gender versus eating habits(quality,quantity,variety,hygiene)
3. mood swings
4. professional background
5. price sensitivity
6. brand perception and affinity for herd behavior
Day /night

Snapshots of some experiments:

Herd Behavior Experiment

Aim : analyse affinity to herd behavior versus educational and financial background.

We took a sample location (Wipro M2 office).
Stimulus used : We used to send empty tiffin boxes along with the regular filled
Tiffins sent

Empty tiffin boxes

Actual customers

The customers increased abruptly, then the vacation came and then numbers came
down drastically. Later the stimulus was applied again. Also differentiation was
induced into the consumer psyche. This took them out of the herd.
Similar trends were observed at Honeywell,Symbiosis location.

Application : The recommendations are used when we want to start our services at
new locations.

Experiment: Price Sensitivity versus value perception

a>relation of value association trends with the price(never let customer relate value
with price)
b> price sensitivity versus profitability
c> customer reaction to stimuli such as quality,quantity and variety
d> value perception versus branding

We started with a low price and high quality product offering. After building a
customer base around this price point for around 75 days , we increased the prices
and maintained same levels of quality of food. In this duration, we gradually added
many aspects affecting the quantity, variety, QoS and extended customization
options to the customer.
When the prices were increased, we interacted with the old customer base and
recorded their reactions. The negotiations with the old price- sensitive customers
enriched our research a lot.

MINI Meal : SP, CP, Profit before and after price rise

Veg Meal : SP, CP, Profit before and after price rise

Application: The products were redesigned to maximize profitability.

After price revision 42% of the old customers switched to Mini ML. And the overall
profits increased by
(42*17.5+58*14.5)/ (23*11.5+77*8.5) = 1.71 times over the existing customer