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The smart way to make your data come alive Microsoft Business Intelligence Why invest in

The smart way to make your data come alive

Microsoft Business Intelligence

to make your data come alive Microsoft Business Intelligence Why invest in a BI solution? Microsoft

Why invest in a BI solution?

Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) provides a brand new view of corporate data, making your important data relevant, immediate and actionable.

Most corporate data sits in numerous systems from transactions and interactions with customers, staff and partners. But this data often isn’t stored the way you want to report on it. You need the right information at the right time, in the right form to empower confident decision making. That’s what BI does.

Business Intelligence makes your data come alive. It highlights areas of strength and weakness, and shows you what needs immediate attention. BI presents information graphically and attractively, cutting through to the key issues, enabling you to take control of any business situation.

Benefits of Business Intelligence

Microsoft’s BI tools heavily leverage Excel, making it easy to work with familiar business applications, empower end users with self- service analysis and interactive data visualisation.

There are a number of business benefits for considering Microsoft BI:

Ability to easily create custom reports with PowerView

Access to simple, self-service reporting tools

A single, unified view of your aggregated data

Increased productivity from users being able to focus on better customer service

Can be scaled gradually from personal BI solutions to team based collaborative platforms, and finally to Enterprise level solutions

Enterprise solutions formally address Master Data Management and Data Quality improvement with business user focused tools

Integration with both Microsoft and non-Microsoft products

NEC Australia

NEC – at the forefront of BI

NEC Australia is one of the largest and most experienced Microsoft BI providers in Australia. Our expertise spans a variety of best of breed business intelligence technologies, an approach that gives us the ability to confidently advise you on the best-fit solution for your varying needs.

We base our development approach and designs on the proven Kimball Methodology, an independent framework for BI and data warehousing implementations. We use this methodology to identify the appropriate tool and develop the best-fit solution for your business. Our training and certification across these applications and platforms enables us to fully understand real- world strengths and weaknesses, so you can use BI to take action – now.

Microsoft Business Intelligence

Our customer successes

NEC is a leader in building Microsoft BI solutions for our customers within Australia. One such success is our work with Terry Truck Rentals (TTR Hertz).

TTR Hertz recognised it needed to support its business and staff with an advanced, integrated technology platform to monitor and analyse ERP and external data in a unified fashion.

NEC was engaged to deliver an intelligent, integrated solution that could be used by staff at all levels. Microsoft Business Intelligence was included in the scope to provide end-to-end reporting via a simple dashboard interface. Income and expenditure reporting to and from head office and the branches is greatly improved by the new BI functionality. The management team can now build queries and automate elements of TTR Hertz’ reporting requirements which previously had been developed within the manual boundaries of Excel spread sheets.

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