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Task 1


Crown Records Management

Crown Records Managements is one of the divisions of the Crown Worldwide Group,
which was established in 1965, operating over 250 Management Centers across 50
countries. In 1983, Crown conceived that there was a strong need for an organization to
help manage the explosion of electronic and physical business information. Therefore,
the company used its experience in secure storage, on-time delivery and tracking
technology to begin offering traditional records management services including storage,
indexing and destruction of records. With the strong growth of clients, Crown expanded
its service and technologies to meet their needs. Today, the company is providing
services ranging from storage of hard copies and electronic business information to
scanning, imaging, data conversion, data hosting, escrow and destruction services for
small and large corporations, governments, diplomats and private customers around the


Fast Track Document Imaging Center Ltd

Fast Track Document Imaging Center Ltd. is a well-established document specialist

company, which has the office locations in HongKong, Singapore and in association with
PC Printing Company Ltd. in London (UK). The company supports customers in
managing important business information in electric format as well as physical copies.
They provide large volume Document Scanning and Indexing Services, Document
Management System (DMS), Document Storage/Warehouse, and Professional Scanners
for those clients who are International Banking Organizations, Universities, Insurance,
and Accounting companies.


Active e-Solution Limited

Active e-Solution Limited is the leading solution provider of Business Process and Office
Automation with the headquarters located in HongKong. Beginning to deliver the best
services and scalable leading IT solutions since 1993, their customers are major
corporations and government departments in HongKong and China. Especially, 50% of
HK top 500 companies are provided by their services. Active has specialities in
developing, marketing products and services in the areas of Business Process
Management (BPM/Workflow), Document Management Solution (DMS), Customer
Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Fax Server, and CTI: IVRs & Call Center.
Besides, they create value to customers by providing a complete suite of services to
formulate a one stop-professional solution, like system planning & design, infrastructure
implementation, system integration and migration, IT consultancy & training, services &
support. They are committed to enable organizations to ride on a new wave of
information technology, and maximize flexibility to meet all your current and future


Master Concept

Master Concept has specialities in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions,

which is a professional and innovative consulting firm. With headquarter established in
HongKong in 2003, their goal was dedicated to service the content management needs of
the small to midsize business segment. As the size of their business is growing, they have
entered into partnerships with many vendors and corporations such as Kofax scanning
solution, Infographic Universal viewers solution and Progress Software, especially
Google. In 2006, Master Concept became the top reseller of content management solution
in EMC. Years later, the annual revenue of the company boosted up to $24 million in
2008 compared with $10 million in 2006, and their clients are coming from different
countries, including oil and gas, defence force and Logistic area.



The Crown Fast Track Active e-Solution Master Concept

companies Records Document Limited
Management Imaging
Center Ltd.
Products CrownInteract Document Business Process DocSheild Lite
Management Management (BPM)
RMi System WorkFlow DocShield
(DMS) Professional Document
Management Solution DocShiel
(DMS) Enterprise

Customer Relationship
Management CRM

Computer Telephone
Services Storage of On-site IT consultancy & Consulting
Cartons, Scanning Training
Document & Fesibility
Electronic Off-site System Planning & Study / POC
Media Scanning Design
Retrievals, Training and Infrastructure Virtualization
Cataloging, Support Implementation
Indexing & IT Infrastructure
File Insertion Consultation System Integration and
on Workflow Migration
Imaging, Data Secure
Conversion & Document
Hosting Warehouse



Consultancy &

Marketing Press Releases Websites Webinar Sponsor

Newspapers Seminar Seminar

Partners Large and PC Printing Microsoft Fuji Xerox

small Company
Corporations Canon Google
IBM Dell

GoldMine Fujitsu

Ultimus Kofax

LiveLink ECM Oracle

Target Governments International Banking/Finance Government
Clients Banking
Diplomats Organizations Consumer and Retail Manufacturing

Private Universities Logistic/Transport Banking/Finance

Accounting Hospital Media
Corporations companies
Manufacturing/Trading HealthCare
Property Transportation

Task 2

Table of workload

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6

Do Research
 Find out
information of the
regional suppliers
 Examine at their
ways of marketing
products and
 Make a summary of
each supplier

Organizational Chart
 Look into the
current issues of the
 Set up a milestone
table for workload
 Regrade specific
objectives and
introduce new job
 Create a chart of
structure for

 Demonstrate
reasons why
al structure
 Indicate
would have
in this
 Clarify why
can bring
good into
working of
 Put up the
of the

Analysis report
 Point out the major
 Recommend ideas
for issues
 Recommend
solutions of failing
in execution
Internal Memo
 Clarify the need of
 Identify the benefits
of delivering
 List the detailed
 Produce the memo

Report of Expenses
 Brainstorm ways of
 Forecast potential
overspend of
 Make clear of
controlling ways to
marketing activities

Do research
Find out the information of the regional suppliers in order to get whole viewpoint about
competitor and the demand of customer. In doing research, carefully look into ways of
marketing activities that those companies have approached their clients. Finally, briefly
summarize the information, which is investigated.

Organization Chart
Point out statement and main traits that image the needs of organization. Allocating staff
into appropriate positions that is based on curriculum vitae and working experience in the
past. Besides, hold a meeting in which each person is interviewed few questions to get
the best out of them. After allocating the positions, inform all of the members in
marketing department about each other’s position, and workload that each one of them

The new organizational structure has been put up for driving through the company out of
current issues. Therefore, restate and explain the reasons that draw up this system are the
most important steps. Thus, the whole company and individual members of Marketing
Department could take in easily for implementation and be movitated. Produce a
presentation and present for the company decisions that has been made for this structure.

Analysis report
After informing the new organization structure to the staff, list the major challenges that
are likely confronting to successfully manage changes in the first three months of the new
structure. In this report, recommendations should be suggested dealing with the above
specific issues. On the same way, make solutions for these challenges if the consequences
end up failing.

Internal memo
Produce a list of six actions should be undertaken by all members in order to connect
their general awareness about their colleagues. In an effective way, six actions should be
based on features and attributes of all members so that it can be implemented naturally.
Explaining the bond between work and effective communication for the staff, so all
members can absolutely recognize the benefit gained by them.

Report of expenses
Brainstorm the ideas that the cost of activities of marketing department can be monitored.
Spotting any of area the expenditure is concerned, how potentially it will become
overspend in the most case. Organize the marketing ways that any of approach can be
measured to see the effectiveness of the various approaches.