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Volume 1, Issue 4 Newsletter Editor: Nancy De Anda FRG Coordinator August, 2014

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I am sure that everyone is going through their last second preparations for this years Annual
Training. All I can say is that I am extremely excited to see our soldiers in action for this 3-week
training exercise. This is our culminating event where we will get to put together all the past training
weekends and learning experiences to the test as we will be evaluated on our proficiency at our jobs.
In my past 12 years in the National Guard, our unit has never put together such a rigorous and
comprehensive training scenario. Looking at the training events and the environment that we will be
training in, everyone should feel very proud of what their soldiers have accomplished this training year
and will accomplish this Annual Training. Overall, this training is setting us up for success the following
year, as we are getting ready to go to NTC.
Even now, while we are preparing for this years Annual Training, the units leadership is now
starting to focus on next years training schedule. As our Battalion Commander stated in last months
BN FRG newsletter, next years NTC training event is the first training event that a National Guard unit
has done since 2001-2002. While the opportunity to go to NTC next year is unique and prestigious, it
will once again require a lot of sacrifice on everyone. Some past family events that we have come
accustomed to in the past will not be scheduled this upcoming year due to the high-training tempo.
While we still have our family picnic scheduled for September, my intent is that the picnic will be at our
new Armory in The Dalles. My goal is to show the families the new facility and use the time to
communicate next years plan to everyone so that we are ready for the next year. In addition, I am
sadden to announce that we will not be conducting our FRG December Family meal, as our unit will be
conducting training at Umatilla, and time will not allow for our unit to be able to do both. I am personally
sorry, as I know that this event in the recent past has been a highlight for the families, however, the
time will be needed to ensure that your soldier is prepared for the rigors of NTC, as this event will be
probably one the most challenging events most of our soldiers have ever faced.
The Armys strength is in our preparation, and the Army has developed a strategy to challenge
its soldiers in training to prepare them for war. While we may be the National Guard, the past ten years
have shown that the National Guard is able to stand up and meet the challenge of defending our
nations freedom. Your support is paramount in our ability to meet this and any challenge. I look
forward to seeing your soldiers for Annual Training and seeing everyone in September.
CPT Jorge De Anda
Adder 6

Commanders Corner:

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American Red
Cross & POC

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Drill Dates,
Family Picnic

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Family Food

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Back To School

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Drill Photos

Volume 1, Issue 4 Newsletter Editor: Nancy De Anda FRG Coordinator August, 2014

Page 2

Hi everyone, with the long awaited Annual Training just around the corner I hope everyone is prepared for the long
3 weeks without our loved one at home. There is still a few days left to get all last minute things taken care of, remember
one of the most important things is to have all of your Soldiers information ready in case of an emergency. Under our FRG
comments, I have placed the American Red Cross information and what you will need to have ready in case of an
emergency. Keep in mind that you only call the American Red Cross if its a Major Emergency that will Require your Soldier
to be Removed from training and Returned Home. If you require these services, please remember to call your FRG
coordinator (ME) before calling the Red Cross. This will help and ensure we get things processed in the correct and proper
way. A list of our Units POC (Point Of Contact) is available for you too, please make sure you save this information (POC)
on your phone or where you can easily find it. I understand how some of you might feel stressed and overwhelmed by
being left behind, but remember You Are an Army Wife, You Are Strong, You Can Do This! Our soldiers wear the uniform
but as spouses, parents, siblings, and kidswe are all in this thing together with them. We are affected, we are involved. If
at any time you feel like you cannot handle what you are dealing with please do not hesitate to call, text, or e-mail me. I
understand what you are dealing with and how you might be feeling, remember we are one Military Family, we are here
for each other. Looking towards after Annual Training, I cannot wait to see you all doing our Family Fun Day Picnic! This
event will be a great opportunity for us to get to know each other, for you to ask questions, and let us know your concerns.
We want to hear from you, we want to know what you think and how we can improve. With your help, we can help our
Families and our Soldiers improve and become part of a successful and great unit.

Mission First Families Always
Nancy De Anda - Aco - FRG Coordinador
(541) 720-0215
Please Save My Number On Your Phone

Point Of Contact (POC)
Commander: CPT- Jorge De Anda

FRG Coordinator: Nancy De Anda

FRG Treasurer: Lara Hunsaker

FRG Point of Contact: SGT Iven

When a military family experiences a crisis, the American Red Cross is there to
help. Red Cross will deliver notification of an emergency such as the death or
serious illness of an immediate family member, as well as the good news of the
birth of a service member's child or grandchild. If something happens to you or your
family while your soldier is at Annual Training, and if you need your soldier to come
homeyou must notify them through the American Red Cross. You can call your
soldiers cell phone and tell them all about it, but they will not be released to come
home until an official Red Cross message is received by the military.

The American Red Cross Emergency Communications Center is available to help 7
days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Call (877) 272-7337 (toll-free)
When calling the Red Cross, be prepared to provide as much of the following
information about your service member as is known:
Full Legal Name - Rank - Branch of Service: Oregon National Guard,
Social Security Number - Date of Birth - Military Unit: Alpha Company The Dalles
Oregon, - Where Is He Located: OCTC Boise, Idaho
Commanders Name: Captain Jorge De Anda, - Nature of Emergency.

Volume 1, Issue 4 Newsletter Editor: Nancy De Anda FRG Coordinator August, 2014

Page 3

Here is a look at the Next few Drill Dates. Please be
advised these dates may be Subject to Change.

Aug. AT Training will be held at the
Orchard Combat Training Center (OCTC) Boise, ID.

The Army is full of acronyms. In order to survive as a spouse, family
member, or friend of an Army soldier, it will help to know some
basic Army acronyms.



To The Following Soldiers!!
Congratulations to these Soldiers for achieving the following
time in service for pay milestones in the month of May:

Please Make A Note, Oct. & Dec. Drill Dates Have Changed
From Last Months FRG Newsletter.

Come join us for our Alpha Company Family
Picnic! Come see where your Soldier meet
once a month and check out our New
Facilities. Mingle with other families and get
acquainted with our New CO & FRG. There
will be food, activities for kids, information
for spouses and significant others and much
much more! We hope to see you
there, September 13th 2014 at
Our New Armory
Fort Dalles Readiness Center in The Dalles.

For more information, visit our
FRG Facebook page

or Email us at

Gunnery Table XII (Table 12)
A Platoon-level qualification involving both the Bradley
vehicles and dismount infantry engaging targets with their
weapons systems simultaneously. This is the first
qualification of its kind attempted by our Company in over a

Aug. 09-30,2014 Boise - AT/OCTC
Sep. 13-14, 2014 Home Station/Family Picnic
Oct. 10-12, 2014 Umatilla- Army Depot (UTC)
Nov. 14-16, 2014 Umatilla- Army Depot (UTC)
Dec. 05-07, 2014 Umatilla- Army Depot (UTC)
Jan. 09-11, 2015 Fort Carson- Colorado.

2LT Halladay - 4 Years
2LT Hunsaker 4 Years

SGT Moyer 6 Years
SGT Karnes 5 Years

SPC Stewart 7 Years
SPC Eggers 3 Years
SPC Gutierrez 3 Years

SSG Thompson 21 Years
SSG Leary 15 Years

It May Not Be A True Acronym But you Will Hear This During AT
Volume 1, Issue 4 Newsletter Editor: Nancy De Anda FRG Coordinator August, 2014

Page 4

What Is a Phone Tree?
A system used to quickly & accurately disseminate information to unit Families,
upcoming FRG events - units status - unit news Helps with RUMOR
CONTROL. Assures Families there is someone to assist during Family
emergencies or someone that they can express their concerns to, someone who
will listen. Helps improve the quality of life and morale of the unit. Our FRG
Volunteers will be making calls Once a Month, It is very important for you to
answer our calls and to keep us updated in case of a number change. You will
have the options of being contacted by: House Call, Cell Phone, Text, Email, and
even Face Book Private Message. Please let us know how and when you would
like to be contacted when you receive your first call. We will need Key Callers
Volunteers, if you would like to Volunteer please let us know.

Here is a perfect kid friendly snack,
Fruit Salad on A Stick or Fruit Kabobs!
Lollipop or Kabob Sticks.
Use any Fresh Fruit you like.
Fruit Ideas:
Grapes, Blue Berries, Oranges, Kiwi,
Mango, Watermelon, Honeydew,
Cantaloupe, Pineapple, Strawberries.

Cut the fruit into bite-sized pieces, you can let
your child cut some pieces using a butter knife
always with parent supervision. Being careful not
to poke yourself with the pointy side of the
wooden skewer assemble the fruit onto the
skewer using whatever patter you like best, you
can always use the Rainbow for a little
inspiration! ;)
Note: Make this ahead of time and store them in
the refrigerator covered in a plate with plastic
wrap or in an air-tight container. Perfect for an
After School Snack or as a Party Treat!
I try NOT to use Apples or Bananas; they turn
brown and dark the longer they are exposed to
the air after being cut. If you do use Apples or
Bananas it is best if you eat the fruit right after
its been assembled on the wooden skewer. You
can also use some canned fruits like Pineapples,
Peaches, Pears & Mandarin Oranges.
If you and your family make this tasty treat,
Share your creations with us by emailing us your
pictures or posting them on our FB page.

The Family Readiness Group (FRG) is
an organization of family members, volunteers, Soldiers, and civilian
employees belonging to a unit/organization who together provide an avenue
of mutual support and assistance and a network of communication among
the members, the chain of command, and community resources. Unit FRGs
consists of all assigned and attached Soldiers (married and single), their
spouses, and children. This membership is automatic, and participation is
voluntary. Extended Families, fiances, boy/girlfriends, retirees, DA civilians,
and even interested community members can be a part of the FRG. The
FRG passes along information to facilitate the flow of information up the
chain for family needs or problems that may require assistance. Our mission
is to assist the Commander in maintaining readiness of Soldiers, Families,
and communities within the Army by promoting self-sufficiency, resiliency,
and stability during peace and war. For spouses and Family members, the
FRG provides a better understanding of military life, the unit and its mission It
provides a way to develop friendships, share important information, obtain
referrals to needed Army resources, and share moral support during unit
deployments. For Soldiers, peace of mindSoldiers can be assured that
their family members will be more self-sufficient and will have reliable and
friendly support while they are deployed. This peace of mind can help
Soldiers focus on their work, perform better, and be safer while training or
real-world mission. Military service requires time apart from families, and you
deserve to know why and for what purpose. Therefore, we welcome you to
The Translation. Our goal is to keep you informed on:
What your soldier is doing Why they are doing it
How you can help them and be involved Upcoming events and
We hope you find this part helpful, and welcome any feedback. Thanks!
The FRG supports families and friends during military trainings,
deployments or in times of need. Simply stated, we are here for you!

Volume 1, Issue 4 Newsletter Editor: Nancy De Anda FRG Coordinator August, 2014

Page 5

EMPOWERED Fitness & Self-Defense has donated a free 2-hour women's self-defense class
for us ladies at the Armory in The Dalles! Learn how to avoid being chosen as a victim, how
to recognize and deal with potential predators, and some physical defense techniques in the
event of an unavoidable confrontation!
See for more information.
Call Michele at 503-764-5013 or e-mail
for questions and to sign up today!

Hope you can join us; this will be a fun event for us to get together and a good opportunity to
learn some Self-Defense techniques! This class is for ages 16 and up.

His Other Love
By Michele More.

My Fella Loves Me But I
Share His Heart, Theres
Another Love When Were
Apart. He Goes To Her And
Spends The Weekend, And
Comes Back Talking About
His Friends. We Speak
Together Upon His Return,
Of Adventures Had And
The Lessons Learned.
Her Name Is not Sue Or
Jess, Or Erica, His Other
Love Is The Unites States
Of America. He Leaves Me
Longing To See His Face,
To Help Make The World A
Better Place. Ill Support
Him Any Way That I Can, I
Am Proud To Be With My
Soldier Man.

By Your Friendly FRG Newsletter
We are currently working on a New Section for our Newsletter.
We will be doing a Mini Bio on one of our Soldiers and His
Family, and we would like Your Help!
This will be a good way of getting to know each other and
learning a little bit more about each Soldier/Family in this Unit.
If you would like to share with us your story of how your Soldier
came to be in the ORNG and how you guys met and became a
family, please E-Mail us your information and pictures.

Did you know? Many businesses offer military
discounts - all you have to do is ask! You can also find
them and add your finds here:
You can also change the area to your Local State of
If you know of any places around your area that give
Military discounts please let us know so we can share this
information with our other Military Families.
Volume 1, Issue 4 Newsletter Editor: Nancy De Anda FRG Coordinator August, 2014

Page 6

Military Events For
Our Children &
Camp: Oregon -2014 State Youth Symposium

Salem, Oregon

Register By:
Tuesday, September 16, 2014 11:45pm (23:45)

Event Contact:
Ms. Amy Conroy

NOTE: Location will be in the Central Oregon Area.
3-days of Fun for Military Connected Youth ages 13-18yesrs. Participants
will have an opportunity to engage with other military youth with high-energy
activities, small group activities, and adventure challenges! All youth
participants will be put on ITOs, covering mileage, per diem on travel days,
hotel costs and all food during the symposium. To ensure the safety of all
participants, a parent will be responsible for driving youth and staying at the
hotel doing the off hours of the symposium work. If you have any questions,
contact Amy Conroy, the Lead Child and Youth Program Coordinator at
We are looking forward to this amazing opportunity for youth to connect with
one another while gaining leadership and personal development skills!

~Oregon National Guard Child and Youth Staff.

For more information please visit:

Youve Got Homework?
Theyve Got Help! for U.S. Military Families
Funded by the DoD MWR Library Program,
Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program, and
Navy General Library Program.
Get homework and studying help from a
professional tutor any time you need it.
FREE for students in Army, Navy, Air Force,
Marines, National Guard and Reserve
families. Expert tutors are online 24/7 and
available to help in more than 16 subjects,
including test prep, proofreading, Math,
Science, English and Social Studies.
For more information please visit:

Registration for Back To School Brigade is filling up fast!
Operation Homefront has many events around the United
States. Below is a link of events near you.
Who is Eligible? Ranks E1-E6 with Children Grades K-12.
Operation Homefront is honored to be able to provide
school supplies to our military families and help in any way
that they can. To register for school supplies, please be
sure to fill out the registration form completely. Supplies are
limited and are on a first come, first serve registration
process. Once your registration is complete, you will
receive a confirmation email. Please note that this program
is for military dependent children only and identification of
all children registered will be required the day of the event.
We have been posting information on this and other events
on our FRG FB page please make sure you check our
page often for updates and new information.

Military OneSource is a confidential Department of
Defense-funded program providing comprehensive
information on every aspect of military life at no cost to
active duty, National Guard, and reserve members, and
their families.
Information includes, but is not limited to, deployment,
reunion, relationships, grief, spouse employment and
education, parenting and childhood services. It is a
virtual extension to installation services.

Visit their web page for more information & recourses.

Volume 1, Issue 4 Newsletter Editor: Nancy De Anda FRG Coordinator August, 2014

Page 7

Operation Homefront's Back-to-School Brigade
Operation Homefront is partnering with Dollar Tree to collect
school supplies for military children as part of their Back-to-School
Brigade. Dollar Tree stores will collect supplies from July 7 to
August 15, 2014 and then Operation Homefront volunteers gather
and distribute them to military children during the back to school
season in August and September. Click here for more information
and to find programs in your area.

Back-to-School Deals for Military Families

As summer camps wind to a close and kids make their final splashes at the pool, parents have one thing on their minds: back-to-school shopping.
But when you add up the cost of all the items on your kids classroom supply lists, backpacks, clothes and shoes, back-to-school is expensive!
The following is a list of discounts to help military families get the kids off to school in style while staying within your budget.
Make sure to visit the Discounts Center for more discounts and articles. And sign up for the Military Deals and Discounts
Newsletter to get even more discounts and information in your inbox on how Military Families can save big.

Tax-Free Shopping Days
For a few days each year, some states offer a sales tax
holiday right around back-to-school time when shoppers can
buy specified items tax-free. This is a great way to save on
back-to-school necessities like clothes, shoes, and other
school supplies. To see if your state participates in the sales
tax holidays, click here.

Wireless Communication
AT&T Wireless, Boost Mobile, ntelos
Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, US
Cellular and Verizon all offer military discounts, so if
youre in the market for new cell phone plans to
keep in touch with your active student, you have a
great variety to choose from. (Some offer military
discounts on devices and accessories as well.)

Clothing and Accessories
By the time summer is over, the kids have either outgrown all their school clothes or worn them ragged from vacation and camp.
Update their wardrobe with new clothes and accessories using military discounts at All American Clothing Co., Banana
Republic, Beyond the Rack, Claires, eBags, Fresh Produce, New York and Company, Old Navy, The Buckle and thredUP.
Does your student need new glasses or contacts? NEX Optical Shops are offering an eyewear special until September 16, 2014
when using a MILITARY STAR Card.And offers a military discount, including 30% off all frames.

No back-to-school wardrobe is complete without new shoes. So
take advantage of the military discounts offered
by Payless, Nike, Foot Locker, Adidas, Rack Room
Shoes,, Stride Rite and Steve Madden.

Classroom Supplies
Most schools now expect parents to help stock classroom
supplies like pencils, crayons, notebooks, folders, scissors,
glue, and binders, as well as necessities like tissues and hand
sanitizer. Find these supplies and use military discounts
as Michaels, Jo-Ann Fabric, CVS and Walgreens.

Backpacks and Lunch Bags
Looking for backpacks and lunch bags? Pottery Barn
Kids has an adorable collection of both, and they offer a 10%
in-store military discount.

Tutoring and Test Prep
Does your child need a little extra help with homework and
studying?, where expert tutors are online 24/7,
offers free tutoring for military families.
Do you have older kids getting ready for college testing?
eKnowledge donates their SAT and ACT College Test
Preparation Programs to service members and their
families. You pay only a minimal price per standard
program to cover the cost of materials, processing,
distribution and customer service. Click here to learn more.

Computers and Electronics
If youre looking to buy a computer or other necessary electronics,
check out the military discounts offered by Dell and Radio Shack.
Need tech support? Geek Squad and My Nerds offer military
discounts as well.

Exchange Price Match Policy
Dont forget that the Navy Exchange (NEX), the Marine
Corps Exchange (MCX) and the Army and Air Force
Exchange (AAFES) all offer price matching. That means if
you see a lower price for the same item at another store,
bring proof to the Exchange and you can buy that item for
the competitors price. Click here for more details.

All this information was found on For more information, discounts and ideas please visit
Volume 1, Issue 4 Newsletter Editor: Nancy De Anda FRG Coordinator August, 2014

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Getting instructions from 1SG Flowers
Dallasport Airport gave our soldiers free drinks & food.
On their
way to
the bird
&an inside

The CO cutting Junes birthday
cake & a picture of the cookies
our birthday soldiers got in honor
of the World Cup!
For more pictures, Please
visit our Facebook page!
Volume 1, Issue 4 Newsletter Editor: Nancy De Anda FRG Coordinator August, 2014

Page 9

Julys Birthday Boys!
SFC Scott Happy To Be The One Cutting The Cake!

Bradley pictures taken by
SGT Smith.

Thank you SGT Smith
for sharing some of
your Amazing
pictures with us.
For more pictures, Please
visit our Facebook page!

Volume 1, Issue 4 Newsletter Editor: Nancy De Anda FRG Coordinator August, 2014

Page 10


If your soldier needs a job or a better job,
please go on to
Build a profile and the zip code will send
you to me to assist you in your job search.

Joint Transition Assistance Program (JTAP)
Stephen Rex Jensen Jr
Reintegration Specialist, Eastern Oregon
Mobile (503) 8840130

This is our first attempt at a FRG
newsletter for our company. Please
let us know your thoughts!
If anyone has any suggestions on
how we can improve the FRG, you
would like to volunteer, you have
any suggestions for the next
newsletter or if you would like to
write an article, you could email us
your ideas, remarks, etc. If you
have anything you would like to
send or to be put in our next
newsletter please email us.

Please remember to share this Newsletter and
our FB pages with your Friends and Family. Share
your pictures, family events or anything you like
with us on FB or Newsletter.


Alpha Company 3/116 CAV ORNG FRG
Or Become our FRIEND
AlphaCompany Cav
You can also find us using our FRG email:

Effective IMMEDIATELY tobacco use is prohibited at all
Oregon Military Department facilities, which includes the
surrounding grounds, buildings, parking areas, and private
vehicles located on the property. Prohibited tobacco
products include, but are not limited to, cigarettes,
cigarillos, cigars, pipe tobacco, loose tobacco, chew, snuff,
electronic cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. Any
questions about this policy can be addressed through your
Chain of Command or the FTUS.

To be part of the FRG!
There are many ways of get involved
with the FRG, we are always looking
for more Volunteers.
Please let us know if you would like to
be a part of this team. Being part of
the FRG is Fun and very Rewarding!