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Objectives of Inventory Management

Customer Service
In inventory management, the term is used to describe the availability of items when needed and is a
measure of inventory management effectiveness. The customer can be a purchaser , a distributor,
another plant in the organization, or the workstation where the next operation is to be performed.

The Consideration of Inventories within Industries
Becausefirms compete in different ways, and have different production processes, their inventories are
concentrated in different areas. In some industries, the inventories areprimarily in raw materials;
inothers they are in finished goods; and for others they are concerned in in work-in-process

The phases of a major inventory or production study

This chapter contains literatures that relates to the evaluation of the inventory control system of the
said business. Also, it includes the synthesis of the related literature.
There are numerous reasons why inventory management is essential to businesses like in distributing
companies. An inventory management keeps one updated with how many products do they still have in
stock and let a business know their capacity to sell. Also, it notifies the business whenever they are
running out of stock or when there is a need to re-order. Sales will be affected for the reason that they
will not know which items have already sold or lost due to pilferage when there is improper inventory
management. An effective inventory management keeps the business on track of their sales and sold
items. Owners of the business will know which product gains profit and which one is not through
inventory management. With this, owners can create a new plan for their inventory so that they can add
more items that will sell better, (Tracey, n.d.).
Another study of Tracey (n.d.), states that business today focuses on their inventory to keep track of
their stocks and supplies and reports all the aspects of the inventory. The activities involve physically
writing down the inventory and manually computing for the reports. One can just check on the data and
print out the reports needed by the owner of the business. This type of system makes operations fast,
easy and efficient.

The related study discusses the importance of the physical control and the record control of the
inventories as a key to efficient handling of inventoruies. The study recommends that each function
should be centralized under the management of one person in order to avoid miscommunication and
delays. Without these barriers, efficiency in the operation will be achieved, there, optimum control is
possible. This leads to efficient management and control over the operations. The researchers
established a Document Control Center under the Materials Control Center supervised under one
coordinator and redefined duties and responsibilities of the document control personnel, in accordance
with the proposed operation the assigned coordinator to identify possible ciomplications that mey
beencountered in the operation and refinement of the operations. S

The researchers would like to acknowledge and thank the following people who made this research
study into completion.
First of all, to our Almighty God
To the Balboa Restaurant family for al;lowing us to conduct the study and providing us with the
information needed to address the objectives of the study. Also, for the cooperation and support
through participating in the interviwew and attending the thesis defense.
To our research adviser, Mr. Rona Sarah Fernandez, for lending her valuable time in spite of her hectic
schedule, advises, and support in thye making of this styudy
To our Management Research professor, Dr. Jose Teody Cabantug, for patiently correcting our papers
and guiding us through class discussions and consultations.
To our beloved parents
To our dear friends and colleagues
Finally, to all the people who have helped inpone wayor another.

In chapter 4

(Existing Inventory procedures of Balboa Restaurant)iInclude figures regarding:
Purchasing of orders
Reseiving of stocks
Issuing of stocks to outlets
Preparation of stocks
Storage maintenance
Inventory checking
Person incharge of the inventory (paragraph)

In chapter 5:
Make a proposed additional inventory policies of Balboa Restaurant
Purchase orders
Inspect and count the goods received
Blind purchase order
Issuance of receipts
Stock rotation
Segregate damaged stocks/those that are subject for disposal
Restrict access to stokckrooms

Make a proposed general inventory procedure of Balboa restaurant
1.the secreatery will blahblahblah..
2. the store manager will blablabnla..

Make a proposed inventory procedure flowchart

propsed inventory controlmethods
Abc analysis
Reorder point