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Civil Services Examination

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General Studies Mains
Mains Exam The turning point of your future which decides the service to
you whether it is IAS, IPS, IFS, Group A or Group B.
The Secret (or) Mantra to get on well in Mains is Smart Work. It how
smart you study and how smart you analyze and how smart you represent the
content while answering a question.
Preparation should be started by thinking in such a way that I Should Score
Good Marks in Mains so that My Name should be in the Final List without
including Interview Marks itself That Means If I Get 0 Marks in
Interview also with my mains marks itself my name should be in final list.
Target 1100+ Marks Out of 1750 in Mains. Writing Skills Play a prominent
role in getting more marks.
For Example we will have 25 questions on an average for each GS paper
which is of 3 hours duration, for that you should spend on an average of 7
minutes for each Question.
Smart Answer (worthy Content) of Just 80 to 100 Words for a question can
get good marks than just writing answer with 300 words and more than that.
While preparing for any topic Revision and writing the important content of
topic within time management is must, for suppose if you are read the Topic
Communism today, then after completion of that topics spend 10 minutes
to write about that topic. (Like Daily Challenge which improves your
Writing Skills)
Getting familiar with all the topics in the syllabus is most important thing
you have to do, so better to have the snap of contents or the file of syllabus
in your Tab or Smartphone so that you can get better idea.
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Maintaining Notes from Newspapers and Magazines (Editorials and Some
Important Topics) will be helping for exam and in some cases there is a
scope of Getting Direct Questions from them itself.
How Do I Manage Time For Mains Preparation?

There is so much to read. So many papers to complete, and so less time. I am
involved in a job, I am doing the study full time but there seems to be no time even
if I am putting more than 8 hrs a day! Does any of these sound familiar? Well I
guess you are in the right place then.
No wonder the UPSC is considered mother of all exams. There is so much to do,
so many challenges and such little time. And it is not just enough if you are good at
one thing, you have to be good at all. You are trying for the role of a generalist
arent you? You have to be good at all. The question definitely is how does one
tackle it and move further?
Familiarize Identify the areas you have to prepare in. Identify the weightage,
marks each area fetches you. For example history might fetch you a little less
compared to polity. Or geography less than your optional. Go through the whole
syllabus, remember it by heart. Make a list, identify all the papers of the previous
years, check the trend. I do agree the exams are about variation but statistically the
variations will not be a great digression. Statistics are still a lot more believable in
many fronts.

Prioritize Of course current affairs is a lot more exciting to read than the
optional. It seems like more fun talking about international affairs and involving
oneself in a debate. In an exam like this, with so many things to focus on, it
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becomes very easy to fixate on one thought and feel that it is the most productive
one. Sometimes being a little objective and looking at it from a distance in a
neutral fashion helps. It may still be a very interesting topic to spend time on, but
that is not what you are here for. The question is what is the probability of that
fetching you the marks or the rank you want. The big question is still that which
would define your priorities.

Organize Once you have identified the areas, the priorities, the next thought is
how much time you are going to allocate for this! Depending on the above two,
slot your day accordingly; keep changing the plan until you reach a comfort zone.
The same plan might not work for two different people. Come up with your own,
check if it works, monitor it constantly and see if it is taking you in the direction of
your bigger goal, which still is securing the highest mark.

Optimize Agreed that you have done the above steps very efficiently but that is
something most of us do. In fact many are stuck at the first three levels and think
job well done. Well a plan is just to set things in order. Knowledge is an amazing
feeling but that alone never gets you results. It is the action! Work on your plan,
keep monitoring yourself and work on the feedback. Identify the times where your
concentration is at its peak and what subject deserves to be there. That defines your
interest level, the productivity and ease of readability.

Improvise The above set of rules sounds very fine but that alone is not going to
take you anywhere. Most smart people know the above and some of them even do
it. But that doesnt give you the edge. This is where your personality comes into
play. A constant improvisation on a daily basis takes you a long way. I dont mean
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to say that increase the number of every day! That is hogwash. In the end you just
have 24 hrs just like everyone else.

But that is the beauty of things, how can you improvise on a daily basis if not in
the form of time. Well that is the secret isnt it? Efficiency! Identify what aids the
process. If not time, what can you improve on? Concentration, writing skills,
retention skills, talking, interview. There is so much more you could do. Identify
how you can improvise on a daily basis, maintain a diary of things of what you did
each day to improvise, maybe you read an interesting article, maybe music that
helped intensify preparation, discussion with a friend, debates, mock answer
papers. Make quantifiable progress and a very regular one. Rome wasnt
built in a day, it was built brick by brick and so will be your
rank and the post

General Studies (Paper-1)

General Studies Paper-1 Broadly Divided as:
i. Indian Heritage and Culture
ii. History (Indian & World)
iii. Geography (Human and Physical )
iv. Society & Few other Topics

As Per Schedule of Group (Teamwork) GS Paper-1 Preparation (or) Coaching
will be done for One Month (on an average of one week will be spent for one topic
as mentioned above.) Here we go with detailed description of contents and how to
approach them step by step,
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I. Indian Culture :
The Contents to be covered in this Topic are Art Forms, Literature and
Architecture from Ancient to Modern.
For this NCERT (History) of VI, VII, VIII and XII (Themes of Indian
History) should be covered.
NIOS on Indian Culture (Understandable Easily Contents Wise)
After completing the above a Book Facets of Indian Culture cover the
maximum syllabus of Indian Culture.

II. Modern Indian History, Freedom Struggle, Post Independence
Consolidation and Reorganization within the Country:

The Different Subtopics from the above contents will be scheduled in precise
manner in Teamwork. The contents will be Divided based on the Books:
Comprehensive History of Modern India Spectrum
Indias Struggle for Independence Bipin Chandra
India After Gandhi Ramachandra Guha

III. History of The World:
Events from 18
Century such as Industrial Revolution, World Wars,
Colonization, Decolonization, Communism, Capitalism etc.,
These will be done according to schedule by Teamwork from the following
History of the World Arjun Dev (NCERT)
Old NCERT History Xth

Civil Services Examination

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IV. Salient Features of Indian Society , Diversity of India, Effects of
Globalization in India:
These topics will be covered from the books:
Indian Society NCERT (XII)
Book on Indian Society by Ram Ahuja
V. Geography (Physical & Human):
For Basics:
NCERT XI (Fundamentals of Physical Geography)
NCERT XII (Human Geography)
NCERT XII (Indian People and Economy)
After this sub-contents will be divided for Preparation in Teamwork from:
VI. Other Topics:
Some Other Important that will be covered in Teamwork Schedule:
Role of Women and Womens Organization
Population and Associated Issues
Poverty, Urbanization and Few Development Issues
Social Empowerment
Communalism, Regionalism & Secularism

The entire Syllabus of GS Paper-1 Will Be Covered in One Month and The
Schedule is Prepared in that Respective Manner. No Single Topic Will Be Missed
from that Schedule and Our Team and you will be in a state that more than 80%
GS Paper-1 Contents will be Covered along with Perfect guidelines with in the
month when we startup with preparation .

Civil Services Examination

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Books that will be Available in Group:
NCERT (VI to XII) History
Old NCERT History (Ancient, Medieval and Modern)
Arjun Dev NCERT
NIOS Indian Culture
Comprehensive History of Modern India Spectrum
Indias Struggle for Independence Bipin Chandra
India After Gandhi Ramachandra Guha
NCERT (VI to XII) Geography
G.C.Leong Geography

We will try to upload:
Indian Society Ram Ahuja

Dont Worry about Schedule and the type of Guidance that we are going to
Give . . . .We will Try our Level Best to Provide Coaching as Like Manner of
Spoon Feeding. Have Faith in you and you are having TEAMWORK with
you, For Sure you will Get Succeed.

All the Best