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Reducing Rail Diesel

Exhaust Emission
Presentation and Discussion of the
International Rail Diesel Study

UIC, Paris
16, rue J ean Rey, F 75015 Paris

March 2006
10.00 17.00

Aim of the workshop

As cornerstone of the UIC Diesel Action Plan a one-year Rail Diesel Study, co-
funded by the European Commission, was performed in 2005. Partners of the UIC for
this study have been the Community of European Railways (CER), the Union of
European Railway Industries (UNIFE), the European Association of Internal
Combustion Engine Manufacturers (Euromot) and AEA Technology as external
After having finalised the study the results will be presented in the workshop
Reducing Rail Diesel Exhaust Emission. The objective is to show the status of
possible emission reduction measures in terms of costs and benefits and to
discuss possible emission reduction measures. The output of the workshop will
help railways to establish strategies to reduce diesel exhaust emission.
Furthermore it will deliver input to the review process of the Non Road Mobile
Machinery Directive.

Who should participate?

Transport and environment representatives from Member States and the
European Commission and Parliament
Rail diesel engine experts and environmental co-ordinators from rail operators
The railway associations
Vehicle, engine and aftertreatment technology manufacturer
Consultants and academia

Content of the workshop

First ideas of program items:
Welcome (UIC, CER)
Policy framework (EC - DG TREN)
Panel presentation of main study results
o Status and future development of European diesel fleet (WP 1)
o Technical and operational possibilities for emission reductions (WP 2)
o The contribution of rail diesel exhaust emissions to local air quality (WP 3)
o Strategies and Scenarios (WP 4)
Poster presentations of detailed results in Work Packages, e.g. graphs
characterising diesel fleet (WP 1), description of case studies for operational
measures (WP 2), contour plots of NO
and PM concentrations (WP 3), cost-
benefits of different strategies (WP 4)
Afternoon Workshops
Conclusions (with representatives from EC, UIC, CER, UNIFE, Euromot)
Next steps for UIC Diesel Action Plan

Languages: English, French, German (simultaneous)