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While utmost attention must be paid to the contents of the thesis/ dissertation/ report
(here-in-after called the 'thesis'), which is being submitted in partial fulfillment of the
requirements of the respective degree, it is imperative that a standard format be prescribed.
Write up of the thesis may be prepared either in .!. word or "ate#. $he same format shall
also be followed in preparation of the final soft copies to be submitted to the "ibrary in
$his thesis shall be presented in a number of chapters, starting with %ntroduction and
ending with !ummary and &onclusions. 'ach of the other chapters will have a precise title
reflecting the contents of the chapter. ( chapter can be subdivided into sections, subsections
and subsubsection so as to present the content discretely and with due emphasis.
1.1. Introduction
$he title of C!"t#r 1 shall be %ntroduction. %t shall )ustify and highlight the problem
posed, define the topic and e#plain the aim and scope of the wor* presented in the thesis on
the basis of the literatures cited. %t may also highlight the significant contributions from the
1.$. R#"ort on Pr#%#nt In&#%ti'!tion
$he reporting on the investigation shall be presented in the ne#t chapters with
appropriate chapter titles.
+ue importance shall be given to e#perimental setups, procedures adopted,
techniques developed, methodologies developed and adopted.
While important derivations/formulae should normally be presented in the te#t of
these chapters, e#tensive and long treatments, copious details and tedious
information, detailed results in tabular and graphical forms may be presented in
(ppendices. ,epresentative data in table and figures may, however, be included in
appropriate chapters.
-igures and tables should be presented immediately following their first mention in
the te#t. !hort tables and figures (say, less than half the writing area of the page)
should be presented within the te#t, while large table and figures may be presented on
separate pages.
'quations should form separate lines with appropriate paragraph separation above
and below the equation line, with equation numbers flushed to the right. 'quation
number of all the 'quation should be chapter wise. $he number of 'quations should
follow right alignment.
1.(. R#%u)t% !nd Di%cu%%ion%
$his shall form the penultimate chapter of the thesis and shall include a thorough
evaluation of the investigation carried out and bring out the contributions from the study. $he
discussion shall logically lead to inferences and conclusions as well as scope for possible
further future wor*.
1.*. Su++!r, !nd Conc)u%ion%
$his will be the final chapter of the thesis. ( brief report of the wor* carried out shall
form the first part of the &hapter. &onclusions derived from the logical analysis presented in
the ,esults and +iscussions &hapter shall be presented and clearly enumerated, each point
stated separately. !cope for future wor* should be stated lucidly in the last part of the chapter.
1.-. A""#ndi.
+etailed information, lengthy derivations, raw e#perimental observations etc. are to
be presented in the separate appendices, which shall be numbered in ,oman &apitals (e.g.
.(ppendi# %/0).
1./. Lit#r!tur# Cit#d
$he list of references should appear !t t# #nd o0 #!c c!"t#r with references listed
either alphabetically or sequentially as they appear in the te#t of the thesis. %f pertinent wor*s
have been consulted but not specifically cited, they should be listed as 1ibliography or
2eneral ,eferences. !pacing and font si3e should be consistent inside a single reference, and
there should be double spacing between two different references. $he font si3e and line
spacing of each reference shall follow the format of original write-up. $he reference format
of different category of references are given ne#t page4
R#0#r#nc# For+!t
-or referencing an article in a scientific )ournal and conference proceedings, the
suggested format should contain the following information4 authors, year, (and/ or) title and
name of )ournal, volume number and page numbers.
-or referencing an article published in a boo*, the suggested format should contain
authors, year, the title of the boo*, editors, publisher along with %!15 5o., page number of
the article in the boo* being referred to.
-or referencing a thesis the suggested format should contain, author, submitted or
awarded year, the title of thesis, name of the organi3ation where the thesis was submitted.
( few e#amples of formats of references are given below and the student should be
consistent in following the style.
i. Journals
'#ner, 6. '. (7898), .:hysical and &hemical 5ature of &emented &arbides0, International
Metals Review, v. ;<, pp. 7<8-79=.
'#ner, 6. '. (7898), International Metals Review, v. ;<, pp. 7<8-79=.
ii. Conference Proceedings
-ischmeister, 6. -. (78?;), .+evelopment and :resent !tatus of the !cience and $echnology
of 6ard aterials0, Science of Hard Materials, :lenum :ress, 5ew @or*, 5@, A!(, pp. 7-<B.
-ischmeister, 6. -. (78?;), Science of Hard Materials, :lenum :ress, 5ew @or*, 5@, A!(,
pp. 7-<B.
iii. Books
2erman, ,. . (788C), .:owder %n)ection olding0, Metal Powder Industries Federation,
Princeton, N. J., USA.
iv. Thesis
Dohnson, D. ". (788<), .+ensification, icrostructural 'volution, and $hermal :roperties of
"iquid :hase !intered &omposites0, Ph.. !hesis, the Penns"lvania State Universit",
Universit" Par#, PA, USA.
v. Technical Reports
Eu*as, '. 2., ,ogers, :. !. E. and ,ogers, ,. !. (789F), .'#perimental 'vidence for !pheroid
2rowth echanisms in the "iquid :hase !intered $ungsten 1ased &omposites0, Infor$al
Re%ort& 'os Ala$os Scientific laborator", USA, pp. 7-=B.
vi. Patents
>enning /. and &lar*, %. !. ,. (7887), A. !. :atent 5o. <8??=?F.
vii. Journals in Non-English Language
Weihong ". and Giuren, $. (78??), .$ungsten atri# in &u-W &ontact aterials by
%mpregnation :rocess,0 Powder Metallur(" !echnolo(", v. F, n. ?, pp. 7- < (in &hinese).
Weihong ". and Giuren, $. (78??), Powder Metallur(" !echnolo(", v. F, n. ?, pp. 7- < (in
1.1. Pu2)ic!tion% 2, t# C!ndid!t#
(rticles, technical notes etc. on the topic of the thesis published by the candidate may be
separately listed after the "(!$ &6(:$',. $his may also be included in the contents.
$.1. P!"#r
$.1.1. 3u!)it,
$he thesis shall be printed/ Gero#ed on white bond paper, whiteness 8BH or above,
weight 9C gram or more per square meter.
$.1.$. Si4#
$he si3e of the paper shall be standard ( <I height ;89 mm, width ;7C mm.
$.1.(. T,"# S#ttin'5 T#.t Proc#%%in' !nd Printin'
$he te#t shall be printed employing laser )et or %n*)et printer, the te#t having been
processed using a standard te#t processor. $he standard font shall be Ti+#% N#6 Ro+!n o0
1$ "t% 6it 1.- )in# %"!cin'.
$.1.*. L#0t !nd Ri't M!r'in%
$he candidates shall have to ta*e double sided printing with mirrored left (=? mm)
and right (;B mm) margin.
$.1.-. H#!d#r
$he header must have the &hapter number and !ection number (e.g., &hapter ;,
!ection =) on even numbered page headers and &hapter title or !ection title on the odd
numbered page header.
$.1./. P!r!'r!" 0or+!t
/ertical space between paragraphs shall be about ;.B line spacing. $he first line of
each paragraph should normally be indented by five characters or 7;mm. ( candidate may,
however, choose not to indent if (s)he has provided sufficient paragraph separation.
( paragraph should normally comprise more than one line. ( single line of a
paragraph shall not be left at the top or bottom of a page (i.e., no windows or orphans should
be left).
$.$. C!"t#r !nd S#ction For+!t
$.$.1. C!"t#r
'ach chapter shall begin
>n a fresh odd number page with an additional top margin of about 9Bmm.
&hapter number (in (rabic) and title shall be printed at the center of the line in
Fmm font si3e (7?pt) in bold face using upper case alphabets).
( vertical gap of about ;Bmm shall be left between the &hapter number and
&hapter title lines and between chapter title line and the first paragraph.
$.$.$. S#ction% !nd Su2%#ction%
( chapter can be divided into !ections, !ubsections and !ubsub!ections so as to
present different concepts separately. !ections and subsections can be numbered using
decimal points, e.g. ;.; for the second section in &hapter ; and ;.=.< for the fourth
!ubsection in third !ection of &hapter ;. &hapters, !ections and !ubsections shall be
included in the contents with page numbers flushed to the right. -urther subsections need not
be numbered or included in the contents.
$he !ection and !ub!ection titles along with their numbers in B and <mm (7F and 7<
pt) fonts, respectively, in bold face shall be flushed to the left (not centered) with 7; point
and F point spacing respectively above and below these lines. %n further subdivisions
character si3e of = and =.B with bold face, small caps, all caps and italics may be used for the
titles flushed left or centered. $hese shall not feature in the contents.
$.$.(. T!2)# / Fi'ur# For+!t
(s far as possible tables and figures should be presented in portrait style. !mall si3e
table and figures (less than half of writing area of a page) should be incorporated within the
te#t, while larger ones may be presented on separate pages. $able and figures shall be
numbered chapter wise.
-or e#ample, the fourth figure in chapter B will bear the number -igure B.< or -ig B.<.
$able number and title will be placed above the table while the figure number and caption
will be located below the figure. ,eference for $able and -igures reproduced from elsewhere
shall be cited in the last and separate line in the table and figure caption, e.g. (after
$.$.*. Non7"!"#r M!t#ri!)
+igital or magnetic materials, such as &+s and +/+s may be included in the thesis. $hey
have to be given in a closed poc*et in the bac* cover page of the thesis. %t should be borne in
mind that their formats may become obsolete due to rapid change in technology, ma*ing it
impossible for the &entral "ibrary to guarantee their preservation and use.
(ll the non-paper materials must have a label each indicating the name of the thesis, name of
student and the date of submission.
(. Au.i)i!r, For+!t
(.1. Bindin'
$he evaluation copies of the thesis/dissertation/report may be spiral bound or soft
bound. $he final hard bound copies to be submitted after the viva-voce e#amination. $hey
have to be hard-bounded with the following color specifications4
:h.+. $hesis 1lue
.$ech. +issertation 1lac*
1.$ech./.!c. :ro)ect ,eport 1rown
(.$. Front5 B!c8 !nd Sid# Co&#r%
$he front cover shall contain the following details4
L-ull title of thesis in 7? to ;; point's si3e font (bold) properly centered and positioned at a
distance of ;B cm from the top.
L%nstitute emblem of si3e ;0 height should be placed at the centre of the front cover page.
L 5ame of candidate (in %talic) along with the name of +epartment, %nstitute, MM @ear is
in 7; to 7F-point si3e, bold shall be placed at a distance of ;B cm from the bottom.
$he side cover shall contain the following details4
5ame of degree along with name of thesis and candidates name is to be provided at the
closed side of the bounded boo*.
!ample copies of the ' -ront &over', and N!ide &overO are appended 9S"#ci+#n :A:; !nd
9S"#ci+#n :B:; respectively.
(.$.1. L#tt#rin' in Front Co&#r !nd Sid# Co&#r
(ll lettering shall be embossed in silver.
(.(. B)!n8 S##t%
%n addition to the white sheets (binding requirement) two white sheets shall be put at
the beginning and the end of the thesis.
(.*. Tit)# S##t
$his shall be the first printed page of the thesis and shall contain the submission
statement4 the $hesis/+issertation/pro)ect ,eport submitted in partial fulfillment of the
requirements of the +egree, :h.+. /.$ech./1.$ech./.!c., the name and ,oll 5o. of the
candidate, name(s) of the !upervisor and &o-supervisor (s) (if any), +epartment, %nstitute
and year of submission.
!ample copy of the '$itle !heet' is appended 9S"#ci+#n :C:;.
(.-. D#dic!tion S##t !nd Tou't 9or Id#!; S##t
$he dedication sheet and the thought (or %dea) sheet are au#iliary pages. %f the
candidate so desires (s)he may dedicate his/her thesis, which statement shall follow the title
page. %f included, this shall form the page i of the au#iliary sheets but shall not have a page
number. %f the candidate so desires (s)he may incorporate one thought (or idea) sheet which
follow the dedication sheet.
(./. A""ro&!) S##t
%n the absence of a dedication sheet this will form the first page and in that case shall
not have a page number. >therwise, this will bear the number two in ,oman lower case .ii0
at the center of the footer.
$he top line shall be4
7. T#%i% A""ro&!) for :h.+.
;. Di%%#rt!tion A""ro&!) for .$ech.,
=. R#"ort A""ro&!) for 1.$ech., and .!c. :ro)ects, as the case may be.
T# A""ro&!) S##t% !r# to 2# inc)ud#d on), in t# !rd 2ound co"i#% 6ic !r#
%u2+itt#d !0t#r t# %ucc#%%0u) P.D. &i&! &oc# #.!+in!tion.
( sample copy of the (pproval !heet is appended 9S"#ci+#n <D:;
(.1. D#c)!r!tion o0 Ac!d#+ic Hon#%t, !nd Int#'rit,
( declaration of (cademic honesty and integrity is required to be included along with
every thesis/dissertation/report after the approval sheet. $he format of this declaration is
given in S"#ci+#n <E: attached.
(.=. C#rti0ic!t#
( certificate is obtained from supervisor/supervisor (s) is to be enclosed. $he format
of this certificate is given in %"#ci+#n >F? attached.
(.@. Pr#0!c#5 Ac8no6)#d'#+#nt !nd Curricu)u+ Ait!#
&andidate should include one page preface, one or two pages ac*nowledgement and
one page &urriculum /itae. &urriculum /itae is to be given at the last of the thesis after
(.1B. Cont#nt%
$he contents shall enlist the titles of the chapters, section and subsection using
decimal notation, as in the te#t, with corresponding page number against them, flushed to the
right. $he format of the contents is given in %"#ci+#n >G? attached.
(.11. Li%t o0 Fi'ur#% !nd Li%t o0 T!2)#%
$wo separate lists of -igure captions and $able titles along with their numbers and
corresponding page numbers against them shall follow the &ontents. (fter that the list of
symbols as used in the thesis is to be given.
(.1$. A22r#&i!tion Not!tion !nd No+#nc)!tur#
( complete and comprehensive list of all abbreviations, notations and nomenclature
including 2ree* alphabets with subscripts and superscripts shall be provided after the list of
tables and figures. ((s far as possible, generally accepted symbols and notation should be
(.1(. A2%tr!ct
(n $ech. thesis should contain an abstract not e#ceeding =CC words (about one
page), and a :h.+. thesis should contain an abstract/synopsis not e#ceeding BCC words (about
7 P pages) in double spacing. $he abstract shall highlight the important features of the thesis/
dissertation/report and shall correspond to the electronic version to be submitted to the
"ibrary for inclusion in the website. $he (bstract in the thesis, however, shall have two more
parts, namely, the layout of the thesis giving a brief chapter wise description of the wor* and
the *ey words.
(.1*. Co",ri't Notic#
$he thesis has to contain copyright notice comprising of the followings4
a. $he encircled symbol .&0 Q
b. $he year of the award of the degree
c. $he name of the owner of the copyright
d. $he sentence .(ll ,ights ,eserved0
Q ;C7; (namica +as. (ll rights reserved
(.1-. Unit%
Anits used in the thesis should be !% units.
(.1/. P!'in!tion
(u#iliary page from dedication (if any) to abbreviations shall be numbered using
,oman numerals in lower case.
:age numbers for the body of the thesis should be in (rabic numerals and should be
centered at the bottom of the pages. $he pagination should start with the first page of &hapter
7 and should continue throughout the te#t (including tables, figures, and appendices).