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A Bi-monthry of philippinecarmet
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CanonicalErestionof thc GencralCommissariat

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Reflcctionon thc Feastof CDur

Ladyof ilount Carmel
By Fr. Bernard Roosendaal, O.Carm.

Th" SpanishJesuit Fr. Joaquin Menacho says in his With the official take over of St. Anthony of padua
I booklet "Can HeavenWait?":"Tell me the type of Parish of Tobosoin March 1958,the Order of Carmel
heavenyou hope fo4,and I will tell you what sort of started its Fitpino journey in the midst of the people;
World you are building". the "minores",the small people, thosewho work in the
sugar fields from 5 am till 6 p^, the oppressed and
I would like to paraphrase this beautiful expres- exploited sugar factory workers, the small tenant
sion asfollows: "Tell me whattype of Carmel you hope farmers in the mountain areasof Tobosoand Escalante
for, and I will tell you what sort of Independent who are fighting to survive in the logged-over areas
Philippine Carmelite General Commissariat,or and the thousands of small fisher folks along the
Province,you are building." seashorealready fearful, observing signs on the
horizon, thatthe abundantfuh, their livelihood, would
Anintriguing statementwhichmay involve us in a be stolen from them by the big fishing boat-owners.
seriesof reflections to respond to it, but nevertheless
challengesus today on the Feastday of Our Lady of Thanks to the providential vision of Bishop Surban
Mount Carmel when the Philippine Carmelite Provin- who directed us to the North, to the most neglected
cial Commissariat is officially elevated to a General and suffering people.The slavesof the big and wealthy
Commissariat, a final step towards an independent landlords, t}lresacadas,
the slavesof the sugar industry.
Philippine Carmel Province. Thanks indeed to the good bishop who offered us the
privilege to be from the very beginning immersed
It all started 47 yearsago when Fr. Richard Vissers, among them; the small people.
an old-timer in Carmel mission in the Diocese of
Malang, Indonesia and Fr. Brocardus Meyer, Prior From the very beginning of Carmel Philippines we
Provincial of the Dutch Carmelite Province, boarded were drawn in our pastoral concernsby the anxieties
the car in Dumaguete City and went North of Negros and hopes of those on the margins of society.Our
Island. Bishop Epifanio Surban of the Diocese of constifutionssay "in our pastoral ministry uneare
Dumaguete invited the Carmelites to his dioceseand abooe all guiileil by attentioe listening to the Word,
during the early morning breakfast had the following haoing regard also for its interpretation from the
messagefor the two Dutch Carmelites: "Look around. perspectioeof the poor," Hearing the good news that
Youcan takeall parishesfrom heretill thefar north of the God is good and just, we placeourselveson the sideof
diocese exceptfor Baisand Tanjay." the poor. We participate in their struggle, direct our re-
sourcesto their liberation from oppressivestructures.
Upon arriving in the end of the diocese,the Vicari- As we integrateswith them, we take on this issueslike
ate of Toboso with parishes in Old Escalante and justwages, respectforwomen, child labor,and the right
Toboso,and a chaplaincy in the Danao Sugar Central, to education and food security for all.
the two were convinced that if Carmel was to be of
serviceto the dioceseof Dumaguete,it would be in this In hindsight, we may say that we slowly became
depressed,poor and oppressivepartof sugarlandiawlth awarewhat St.Augustine so nicely s aid:" uthenthe deed
thousands of exploited sugar workers. That was the is adileil to the zaord, the sacrament appears". St.
challenge for Carmel and the decision was made by Augustine really meant that the sacramentpoints to
the two: "CarmelPhilippineswill start here". salvation, liberation, a just salary,human rights for all
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etc. and does something to realize it, to perform salva- horizon. No Carmel will be alive withoutbeing aware
tion, to bti^g about liberation and redemption. Indeed of what Carmel we are hoping for. What is significant
we experienced a growing awarenessthat the church is is not only the fact of believing inCarmel,but alsohow
called to evangelize much more in deed than in word. to believe in it.

As a result of this growing awarenesswe became Today, on the feast day of Our Lady of Mount
deeply involved in socio-eco activities, establishing Carmel, our patroness,we call to mind the words of
credit cooperatives,organizing labor, organizing sitios the Constitutions: "in our aariousapostolatewe shall be
and barrios (villages) or any other natural clusters of inspiredbyMary". Whatever type of devotion to Mary
people into BasicChristian Communities, responding we may express/the biblical Mury shows one impor-
to the call of VaticanII, to work towards the " other zuay tant feature to all of us and that is her spontaneous
of being Church". The concerns of the Philippine attitude of service.Servicein line with the will of God
indigenous peoples were embraced and some took for her, service in line with the needs of the people
responsibilitywithin the network of NGO's and politi- around her, her family and the disciples, service in the
cal organizationsduring the period of the dictatorship. heroic support for |esus during his short ministry and
torturous way to his and her Calvary.
Evangelizing much more in deed than in word. We
too have encountered the rejection and the cross of the We are very thankfirl to the Dutch Carmelite Prov-
Founder.Bro. IsaganiValle was killed during an expo- ince whidr has opted to bring Carmel to the Philippines
sure- immersion program among his own roots as part Nrdfor 47 yearshasbeengenerousinits fratemal,moral
of his pre-novitiate program. Fr. Hein van Vilsteren was and material support and promised to continue to keep
killed while on his way to transportwounded people to the new GeneralCommissariatcloseto its heart.
the hospital. Fr. Simon Westendorp and Sister Nanette
Berenbenwere drowned in the rough waters off the coast We are thankful that in a providential way, so many
of Agusan del Norte on their way to a Justiceand Peace people, especially the poor sugar workers, the tenant
meeting in Cebu City in 1983.Many of us, together with farmers, the indigenous peoples, the workers have
our co-workers, while &ti^g more importance to the constantly guided us in living out the basic liberative
liberative activities than the performanceof cultacts were option as expressedby Jesusin his inaugural speechat
accused of being communists and had our various the Synagogue in Nazareth: "to bring good news in
apostolic missions viewed as questionable. parish apostolate,especiallyin theformation of basic
Christian communities;in justice and peaceinaolaement,
In all honesty, we painfully reabzed, that we our- in educationalministry, in our initial and ongoing
selveswere wounded by our deep involvement in the formation programs,in the researchwork and oarious
peoples struggle, which had in one way or another, actiuitiesof the mediaprogramand the growing inaolae-
paralyzed the possibility to dream within us because ment and interestin the Centerfor Spirituality's research
of a falseidea of "realism". Overwhelmed by the many ztsork
on indigenousAsian spiritualities."
pressingproblemsof ourcountry and communities,we,
and many among us, forgot to leave a place in our lives It is a challengefor all of us, Carmelites.The older
for dreams,for hopes, of a future Carmel. ones among us and the enthusiasticgrowing younger
brood, the associateCarmelites, the Third Order Lay
Several made the painful decision to leave the members,co-workers and friends to dream about. What
Order and we miss them. type of Carmel are we hoping for at the start of the last
definitive step towards becoming an independent
In this whole process of growing deeper into the Philippine Carmel Province? For sure it will be the
midst of the people, aware of our woundedness and privilege of the next generation to translate our hopes
searchfor identity, we retumed in the 90's to our own into the existing Carmel then.
sourcesand started the processof re-discovering our
vitality, our creativity, our capacity to be happy and to Thankful and great$ challenged,we may repeat the
enjoy life, beyond immediate needs and consumer words the evangelistLuke placed in Mary's mouth while
satisfactionor being trapped in a false utopia. answering the call of Service: "my soul proclaimsthe
greatuessof the Lord, My spirit rejoicesin Godmy Sauiour
No one is really alive without walking towards a for hehnsloolcedwith faaoron his lowluserunnt."Amen.

ne hundred forty eight participants coming from hr her paper "The Spiituality of Managemcnt in a
different religious congregations,academicinsti- GlobalizingWorld," she emphasized dre invitation of
tutions and development organizations joined the becoming "prophets in a profit-oriented world".
Fourth Spirituality Forum last Aug 3-5,2004,in IFRS
Audio Visual Room, TeresaBuilding, New Manila, Phil- On the dimension of "Spirifrulity irr the Media
ippines. The participants, with the resourcespeakers Agr,'Dr. Maria ConsolataMandin& PSP,directressof
and panel of reactorsinteractively reflect on this year's Paulines Communication Center, highlights the
theme "Spirituality Faceto Facewith Global ization.,, postmodern media cultue as the characterization of
our age. A worldview that challerrge people to know
The Center for Spirituality-Manila (CSM), a the media's language and to evaluate and analyze it in
research-basedinstitute in the scientific study of spiri- the light of a Christian faitlu
tuality, organized this Forum as a contribution to the
on-going efforts to uncover and understand the inter- Drs. EsmeraldoReforeal"O.CamLa Carmelite friar
play between the dynamics of spirituality and the based in Melbourne, Australi,a, preented a paper on
phenomenon of globalization. the "Loob in a Global Villege-. He shared the insight
that the Filipino "Ioob" (inEifiitv) nust refuse any
The Forum was packed with six portraits: Prof. Dr. fabrication and caricatureof anv preordained design.
Kees Waaijman, O. Carm, the director of the Titus It is through this that he/shebecoures the new type of
Brandsma Institute in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, sets the empowered Filipino.
the stagefor the dynamic encounter between spiritu-
ality and Globalizatiorl. [r his paper entitled, "spiittt- A new awakening, a rersnred worldview, a new
alifu in the Context of Globalization," he points out enlightenment- this is thevislnof Dr. Mina Ramirez,
his task of opening up the spacefor questioning, doubt- president of the Asian Social Instihrte (ASI), in her
ing, refusing, and denying guidedby diakrisis (knowl- paper "Spirituality and Total Human Development."
edgewith discernment) that accompany us in our spiri- She sees the light that sparks in fte very core of the
tual joumey (mystagogy) that begins with our primor- human being that is certainlv differsrt from the enlight-
dial spirituality. enment in the modern age of materialistic science.
A vision with a wider horizon that allon s us to be con-
Dr. JosHuls, O. Carm., Coordinator of the Spiritu- cemed with the whole, whidr bti.F trs closer to the
ality International and Spirituality Network for Holy who avows to give meaning to our suffering
Education (SPINE-SPIRIN)seesthe possibility of an in- humanity and healing to ourwounded environanent.
terplay between "Spirifiralifu in the Worlil Technol-
ogy" as captured nicely in the title of his paper. He Somemembers of the International Board (Prof. Dr.
presentsSPINE (Spirituality Network for Education), Kees Waaijman, O. Carm., Prof. Dr.-Eliseo Mercado,
a project of Titus Brandsma Institute, that breaks the O.M.I., and Prof. Dr. FrancisVineeth,C.M.I) deepened
barriers of leaming lirhited only to classrooms,librar- the Forum discussion by grving their respective reac-
ies,schools,etc.elevating the academicto a worldwide tions after every presentation and a floor discussion
scenario: a network. Spirituality is contextualized ensued.
within the framework of SPINE through an interna-
tional digital learning community. It is in this fruitful and meaningful event that the
Center for Spirituality-Manild, established by the
Dr. Flor PaulineDuran, Carm.O.L., president of the Order of Carmelites in 1999, once again proves its
SoutheastAsia Interdisciplinary Development hrstitute commitment and dedication in contributing to the
(SAIDD presents the tension in balancing spirituality scientific and systematic study of Spirituality in the
and in managing an organization in a globalized world. Philippines and in Asia.

CaruorurcAlEnEcrrorvOr THr GENEnnrCovrMrssARrAT

Joseph, of the Not to be forgottenaretheLayAssociates
who havemadea
private commitment.Financialprovision for the future
VirginMaryofMountCnrmel Commisariat is stableandsufficient.

To aking into accountall the informationreceived,the

I historicaldevelopment of theCommisariat, theviewsof
Mathias, of theproaince
PriorProuincial oftheNetherlands the membersof the Provinceof the Netherlandsand the
Commissariat of thePhilippinesand articlen. 181,g 1 of the
And Constitutionsit seemsto the Prior Generaland his Council
thattheconditionslaid downin theaforesaid articlehavebeen
of theCommissariat met and thereforein sessionn. 130on May 28,2004,they
of thePhilippines deliberateda

in theLordandBlessings
to theHolySpirit Dscnnn oF CANoNTcALERECTToN
Gntrnar ConnnalseRlAT
provinceof the
f n 1957the Prior Provincialof the
INetherlands,Fr.BrocardMeyertraveledto thephilippines
Thu GeneralCommisariat will comeinto existence on 16
lookingfor opporturitiesto established the Order in these I luly 2004and Antoniode la Cruz is herebynamedthe
islands.Eventually,theprovinceaccepted an invitationfrom first GeneralCommissaryof the Commisariatof the philip-
theBishopof Dumagueteto takeresponsibility for thenorth- pinesandhe will hold officeuntil 14February2005,together
ern part of the dioceseon NegrosIsland.FathersRichard with the CommissaryProvincialCouncilors,Christian
WirenfredViestersandTheodulphVrakkingfoturded Buenafe,ReynoldCaigoyand RobertoNoel Rosasand all
theCarmleitepresence in thePhilippineson March16,I?Sg: otherCommissary officials.On 14February 2005all thosewith
a right to attendand voteareherebysummonedto theFirst
Ordermaderapidprogress in theseislandsandby19b5 Chapterqf theGeneralCommisariaito beheld in Manila.
I a seminaryhad beenestablished in Escalante and in the
late1960sfriarswereworking alsoin thedioceseof Surigao,
Th. Prior Generaland his Councilcommendall the
ManilaandIligan. I membersof thenew Commisariatto AlrnightyGodand
his Son]esusCfuist,throughthe intercession of tireBlessed
lthoughthe 1970smarkeda difficultperiod in the VirginMaryof MountCarmelandof Blessed
I TitusBrandsma
.-Lhistory of the islands,the Carmelites continuedto be to whoseprotectionand patronagethe Commisariatis
activenot only in parishministry,but rr schools,
colleges and entrusted.
tniversities,aswell asin socialactiongroupsand workers,
programmes. The 1980switnesseda greatincreasein the Givenat theGeneralCuriaHousein Rome,
numberof laypeopleassociated with the Order and
provisionswasmadefor themin Manilawith theopeningof On 16lulv 2004
theTitusBrandsmaCentre.By the 1990sthemaingbaloflhe
Commisariatwas to work towardsindependence from the
homeprovinceanda seriesof strategies wasput in placeto By,{r*+4 CA*.et*"^ O.C^r,^
consolidate andsystematize existingstructures. ]osephChalmersO.Carm.
Provinceof theNetherlands formally applied for the
I erection of a GeneralCommisariat at theendof 2003.The l/ ntr
Commisariathas five canonicallyhouses,32 solemnly Andbv: 11,*; S. /J{,b* 0. Q,*
professed brothers,14 simply professedand 2 novices. Kevin|. AlbanO.Carm
Theprospectsfor the future arebright : thereare some5 (Secretary General)
postulants,22 men studyingphilosophyand another32
aspirantswhowishtojoin a Carmeliteformationprogramme. Prot753/2004

B^/h^,*. B^/b^*. E^hb**. Balba,* c B^/ia^*. B^/iF^""

(a rrrrpino
word for sharingnews)

focusedon the Spiritual preparation for that event and used

the "Joyful Moment" from the working document asa guide
The fiesta celebrationonluly 16inhonor of Our L- dy of to deepenthe reflection on this matter. The July 23 Recollec-
Mt. Carmel was meaningful and joyful including Novena tion and the July 24 Community meeting in Dumaguete of
masses/a Variety show on July 14 by the TalambanTheater the membersof EscalanteCarmel were additional gather-
Group and Cultural Ensemble,processiorykiddie dancecon- ings to look into the deeperdimension of that said eventtak-
test and the raffle draw. The highlight was the celebrationof ing into accountthe context of Carmel in Negros Island. The
the Holy Eucharistwith Fr. Paul Medina, O.Carm presiding. members of EscalanteCarmel, then, joined the celebration
Fr. Medina also read the official document of our decreeon of the Carmelite Family Day in Dumaguete on July 25,2004.
independenceafter communion. The Carmelitesand guests While the Friars were out from the parish of EscalanteCity,
shared the fiesta meal and the program on the search for Fr. Esmeraldo Reforeal,in wrnter break from his doctoral
"Mutya ng Carmelo 2004" ended the day's program. studies in Australia, was taking care of the parish.
The mid-term exuunsof our collegeseminarianshavejust TOCFORA{ATION
finished with their performance satisfactory.Sr. ]ocelinda The National Council Officers of the Third Order
Agnes Cacas,Carm. O.L., the seminary Guidance Counse- Carmelites (T.O.C.),Sis. NinJa Tangcuangcoand Bro. ]oe
lor has also started her conferencesand sessionswith our Generoso,came on ]uly 15,200{for an official visit to the
seminarians first. Every first Saturday of the month, our Local Community of the TOC of Ls(alante.Bro. JoeMabasa,
seminariansgo to Carmen town to till the land. Farming ex- the Prior of the T.O.C. of Roxa-.Cih-, came with another
perienceis integrated into the seminary aspart of nurturing member to attend the T.O.C. Formation. Fr. Paul Medina
Earth Spirituality. facilitated the formation on |ulr- 1l rshich reflected on the
three levels of T.O. C. life and rr-itnesst,asedon the charism
and tradition of the Order in the context of the present
Philippine situation.
OnJune 16-18,2004agathering of the representativesof
the indigenous peoplesand the leadersof the diocesanser-
vices committeesconnectedwith the apostolatefor the in- TheCarmeliteCommunihesof Teresaof Avila andSpring
digenous peopleswas held at Mount Carmel Parish Pasto- of Carmel gathered together at the Titus Brandsma Center
ral Centerof EscalanteCity. Fr.Wilson "Embong" Mendoza, and joyfully celebratedthe feastdar- of Our Lady of Mount
the chairman for the Indigenous PeoplesApostolate of the Carmel. The day became *oi" meaningful being the
Dioceseof SanCarlos facilitated the encounter.The facilita- official day of the canonical"*'"n
erecbonof the Philippine Carmel
tors from the National Office and Regional Indigenous as a General Commissariat.Thus, a double big celebration
PeoplesApostolate were acconunodatedat the Parish Con- was really called for.
vent. Bishop ]ose Advinctla,lr.,who is the EpiscopalChair- The day began with some sports actir-ities(basketball,
man of Indigenous Peoplesof the CBCP,was grateful that table iennis, and dart) among student friars, novices,
an activity like this was held in the Dioceseof SanCarlos. co-workers,and someof the friars.Fr. Tonv dela Cruz was the
OURLADYOF MOUNTCARMEL PARISH FIESTA main celebrantduring the late aftemoon masswith Fr. Ber-
The Novena Massesto Our Lady of Mount Carmel was nard Roosendaal,the homilist. The massbeganwith Fr. Toto
taken cared of by Fr. Rey Caigoy and Fr. Rico Ponce,now on Jaranilla, the prior of Teresaof Avila community, reading the
a summerbreakfrom his doctoralstudiesin the Netherlands, official decreefrom the GeneralCuria in Rome on the canoni-
while FathersChristopher,Boy and Paul were attending the cal erectionof Philippine Carmel as a GeneralCommissariat.
First National Congressof the clergy in Manila. The main The ingenuity of Bro. EugeneHorca's art was onceagain
celebrantfor the FiestaMass on Ju,ly16,2004is Bishop Jose showcasedwith his own masterpieceof (Mother and Child)
Advincula Jr,DD. During the celebratioryit was announced the image of the Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Added to it
that the Carmelite Commissariateof the Philippines is now was Bro. Amold Alindayu's complimentary talent in the art
independent from the Mother Province,Carmelite Province of preparing, designing, and decorating the venue for the
of the Netherlands,and is now officially installed asGeneral celebration- Crispin Hall.
Commissariate. A good number of friends, relatives, guests,co-workers
THEGATHERINGS and their family members,and religious from various con-
To prepare themselvesfor the independenceof Carmel gregations attended the celebration of the mass and the
Philippines, EscalanteCarmel had the CB meeting of July 2l sumptuous dinner that was served.

Bro. Alaindelon Balasabasentertained everyone as the EXODUSstarted in 1988with a few modules six found-
host of the eveningprogram with his standout comedy-style ing congregations:Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of
with all his instantaneouspunch lines bringing amusement Consolation (OSA), FranciscanSistersof the Immaculate
to all. The presentatioru (songs,dances,etc.) from the nov_ Conception (SFIC),Dominican Sisters of Our Lady of
ices,the student friars, the co-workers,and the guestsadded Remedies(OP), the Redemptorists(CSsR),Missionaries of
even more color to the already colorful celebration. the Sacred Heart (MSC) and the Carmelites (O.Carm.).
The end of the evening program was the start of the During those years the number of novices ranged between
instant mini concertby the Redemptorist and the Carmelite as many as 70 novices to around 30 novices.
student friars where they rendered selectedpieces from The modules touch the very core of the life of novices.
country and folk songs, reggae,R&B, pinoy rock, rap, and This year's module consist of: Orientatiory Theater Arts 2,
makabayansongsamong others.Day was finished with each Introduction to Prayer, Scripture and prayer, Enneagram,
and every Carmelitemarking anothersignificant day in their Human Sexuality 2, Vows in Context, and a ten-duy
lives as membersof the Philippine Carmel. "*po-
sure to different sectorsof society.This exposure program
startswith an orientation and endswith group and individual
processing.The months of November and Decemberare for
August was a busy month for the student friars. As In'fanuary and February the modules are: History of
membersof the Inter-CongregationalTheologicalCenter,the Religious Life and Spirituality and a presentation of tt.
studentsjoined activities in celebratingthe Feastday of the charism of the participating congregations;Missiology and
Our Lady of the Angels Seminary.One of the activities was Inculturation; and WomenIssues.The final activity is u it,r"e_
the Inter-FransciscanLeague where some of the student day evaluation and integration towards the end of February.
friars togetherwith other studentsfrom ICTCjoined the ICTC The vision of Exodus reads: ,,The Exod.usVision is
team and came out as champion in volleyball and table expressedin a kind of formation which believesthat all
tennis respectively.The three week long ielebration was people can, as the Scripture says,,,Act justly, love tenderly
culminated with a Eucharistic celebration which was and walk humbly with God,,.(Mi.6:g)
presided by Bishop Antonio Tobias. Therefore it aims for a holistic, integrated and
In the Spirituality Forum IV last Augu st3,4,5, 2004,the contextualized formation that is rooted in |esus Christ, in
student friars took a lead role in the preparatior! during and the Gospel, in the tradition of the Church and her mission,
after the forum making the atmosphereof the activity ricep_ in religious life, in the charism of the respectivecongrega_
tive to the delegatesinvolving themselvesin the secietariit, tions, and in the signs of the times, towards a realization of
registration and in the documentation. They led the com_ the reign of God.'
munity for the culminating prayer of the forum. Theprogramof Exodusisbasedontheoperatingprinciples
To deepenthe spiritual life of the student friars, the first of co-education,contextualization,community Luilding,
recollection for the school year 2004-2005was held last and a pooling of resources.Fr. Anton Hooghnl,
August 13,2004.During this recollection,the studentswere {4ogu"
O.Carm.servesasthe Coordinatorof ExodusBatchXVII.
helped in sharing their deepestemotions with the brothers.
Fr. Rico Sabanal,O.Carm, solemnly facilitated the activity.
The-secondday of the recollectiory the student friars pro-
ceededto Batis ng Makiling in Laguna last August 1,4,i004 Frs. Modesto Malandac, O.Carm., of Our Lady of
as the continuation of the recollection activity to help the RosaryParishand GabrielDolotina,O.Carm.,of SacredFieart
students in contextualizetheir spiritual experiencewith the of JesusParish in Agusan del Sur left for the Netherlands
scenicand refreshing ambianceof the resort. This was also lastAugust 29,2004.Bothfriars will attend the International
intended to soothethem after many busy days. Pastors'Congressof Carmelite Parishesin Sassone,Italy set
on SeptemberT-13,2004. Von voyageBrothers.
The postulants had an insightful exchangewith Weng
Ladaga on Lay Spirituality on July 1.4-15,2004.As part oI
THEEXODUS PROGRAAN their program, they left on August 1 for a one-month
This year's novices started their Exodus program last immersion with the indigenous peoples (Banwaons and
July 1,,2004belonging to Batch XVIL This means that Manobos) of SanLuis, Agusan Sur.
EXODUShas been in existencefor already 1Z years.It is an Bro. BenedictZaragozais enjoying his new assignment
inter-norritiate program of male and female cbngregations as in-charge in the development of the farm in pisaan, San
to provide formative modules for participating novicis. The Francisco.With Fr. Eddie Albino and the rest of the Carmelite
word EXODUSstandsfor: ExchangeOf Dreamsin a Unified community 's assistance,he's learning a lot in developing
Struggle for relevant formation. an Eco-Spirituality Center.


Studsntfriarsat the closing

liturgy of the SF4


fitus BrandsmaMedia ProgramStaff

in a special film viewing of the
controversial documentary "lmelda"

'p*& 9*i,ts!

Board ofTiustees of
in the Philippines:
Mrs. Arlene Moreno,
CPd Fr.Gabriel
Dolotina, 5r. Flor
Fr.Reynold Caigoy

Media and SpiritualityScminar

with the faculty and staff of
Sta. Monica Academy of

In Luzon:Our Ladyof Mt. CarmelShrine,euezon City

25,2004, Sunday, marked another important the program with donated prizes at stake for the
event in the history of the Carmelite Family in the winners of the different categories. Bro. Gerald
Philippines being our L2thCarmelite Family Day again. Guttierrez, O.Carm. and Sr.Nina, CSHT animated the
This year was a memorable year becauseit fell on the entire celebration.
sameday as that the first Carmelite Family day,which
was celebratedin 1992at the Titus Brandsma Center. Bro. Alaindelon Balasabas,O.Carm. one of the
Carmelite Family Co-Chailpersons expressedhis words
Early morning of the day, you could seepeople in of thanks onbehalf of the Carmelite FamilyCore group
brown but with different styles walking along the isle to all who in one way or another,helped in the success
of the community centerof Our Lady of Mount Carmel of the celebration and looking forward to being gath-
Shrine Parish on Broadway, Quezon City registering ered again for the 13th Carmelite Family Day. This
themselvesfor the important event. The very theme of gathering of the Carmelite Family was only for the
this year was "A Day of Prayer and Creation with the Carmelite Family in Metro Manila and Luzon.
Lord and Family."
This year Carmelite Family consiststhe following:
The day started with the celebration of the Holy O.Carm. and OCD friars, Carmelite Missionaries
Eucharist at the Parish Church with Fr. Joel Borreo, (CM),CarmeliteSistersof Our Lady (Carm.O.L.),
OCD the provincial of the Discalced Carmelites Carmelite Missionary Sistersof St.Thereseof the Child
presiding over the eucharistic celebration,Father Jesus(CMSSTCD,Carmelite Sistersof the Holy Trinity
introduced the two branches, affiliate congregations (CSHT),Orderof DiscalcedCarmelitesSecular(OCDS),
and lay groups during the mass.Fr. Christian Buenafe, Third Order Carmelites (TOC), Congregation of Our
O.Carm. the preachersharedhis inspiring words with Lady of MountCarmel (O.Carm.),Institutode Nuestra
the Carmelite family. Serioradel Carmelo (O.Carm.),CarmelitasMissioneras
Teresianas(CMT), Donum, Dei Missionary Family,and
After the Eucharistic celebration, everyone was the different Carmelite Youth communities.
welcomedby the superior of the Monastery,Fr.Amold
Boehme, OCD and an inspirational message by The Carmelite Core Group, which meets every
Sr. Racquel Sanchez,CMT set the mood before going month, is composedof representativesof the different
on next activity which was sports. Carmelite sisters, communities.It is chairedby two Co-Chairpersonsrep-
youth and childrery missionary mothers of the Donum resenting the two branches; Bro. Alaindelon R.
Dei played volleyball while the Carmelite friars and Balasabas,O.Carm and Bro. Neil Maravilloso, OCD
Carmel youths played basketball.At the sametime, the have been elected as chairpersons, while Bro. Allan
on-the-spot-postermaking contestwas held with seven Hagoriles, O.Carm. and Sr.Nenette Kialkial, Carm. OL
youngr artistic and creativemembers of Carmel youth as secretaries.The Carmelite Family issued its second
coming from the different communities and chapters. issue of UGNAYANG KARMELITA, its official publi-
There were also souvenirs to purchase in the cation, where one can find news, updates, reflections,
"tiyangehan" by the different groups,afterwhidr, there and literary piecesof the Carmelite Family.
was a "salu-salu" (agape)pot-luck style.
For the coming yea4,the elected chairpersonsare,
After lunch, the sharing of talents and abilities Sr.Sally,T.O.Carm.and Sr.Maricor, OCDS.Bros.Allan
followed through a cultural program. Childreru youth, Hagoriles, Junel Ryan Denolo and Alain Balasabas,
the sistersand thebrothersparticipated through dance, O.Carm. are members of the Carmelite Family Core
poem/ music and most of all the most awaited, parlor Group in Metro Manila.
games. The awarding of prizes was also included in

In Negros:st. Josephseminary,
CarmeliteFamilyGathering in Negrosthis yearcanbe Fr.Exalawas"BubukasangKarmel,papasok
Th. angAssociates...
I comparedto a traditionalreunionof a Filipino Familv angsayasaya",
whereineachmembers familyshares how big theygrew,what If afamilyhasoldieswith wisdorn,andanenergetic middle
weretheirjoysandshadows, whatis keepingthembusynow, age/we alsohad the vibrantCarmelyouth of Escalante
andwhethertheyarestill interested tojoin in theregulargath_ Sibulan.CarmelYouthof Escalante tackledtheworkshopques-
eringof thefamily. tioru by puttingtheminto question-and-answer portions-ofa
In a creativeformof sharingthroughstorytelling,dancing, pageant. Whenaskedwhy do you wantto join the Carmelite
r.-gTg, drama,andpoetry,theytold of theirbeginnings and Family,"to bea Flowerof Carmel!"wastheanswer.
that thecarmeliteConfraternity in Zamboangitistarteiback TheCarmelYouthof Sibulandid wondersfor theCarmel
n1920with thepioneering members all goneto heavenwith_ FamilyGathering2004.Theydecorated the venuewith an
outleavinga storybehindabouttheconfraternity. Thereis also atmosphere of Mt. Carmeldramatizedtheir sharingof their
aConfratemityin LaLibertad,NegrosOrientalthit wasfourded beginningsand their status.
Theyouthmadethe ftot gucha_
in 1986with theencouragement of Fr.JesusCorteswherethey rist lively andholy by their singingin thechoir,
have"BungtodsaBirhensaCarmen,,, whichcouldbea sitefor Fr.Exalawelcomedthefamily,Fr.Caigoysynthesized the
a CarmeliteTow of Negros.Thesetwo groupsarrivedin fully creativesharing,Sr.BaybethMarieAndaya,Caim.O.L.asthe
loadedjeepneys andbuses. A fewcamefroma confraternitv in emceesustainedthe attentionand livelinessof the prograr;
Sibularu whichis undertheguidance of thecloisterednunJ. Fr.Exalawasthemaincelebran!andthemessage of graitude
TheTOCsof CathedralDumaguete, of Sibulan,and of wasfromBro.FransKl. Koerkamp, aO.Carm..
Escalante performedin their own creativeways.TheTOC Theenthusiasmto seethebrothers andsisters in aCarmelite
CathedralDumaguetetold their storieswith smilesttuough Gathering could
larruly be seen by the early arrival of the
singing,huggingandkissingtheaudience andno onepaidaiy Escalantetpeople the night before.'Sr.Baybethtook careto
attentionto their gray hair,eyebagsand skinfolds.Their accommodate thematStellaMarisReheatHousefor theirnight
problemis: the difficulty of athactingyoungrecruitswhose rest.TheToCsCathedral
questionis "kapilamanmo mag-ampo sausaka adlaw,,and from Escalante would not misssupperandbreakfast. On the
yet,theypray only 3 timesa day.TheTOCSibulanpresented day of the gathering,
eachclustercameon time with their
theirstorycomprehensively andapologized for notbeingwell "baon". The CarmeliteSisters,O.L.werethereearly for the
preparedbecause of aninternalproblembeforethegathering, regishation.
Theenergetic TOCEscalante told theirstoriesin a very orgi_ Thecoregroupin Dumaguete prepareda catered lunchfor
nizedwaythrunanationof theirbeginnings, dancingthechaiha theEscalante brothersandsistersbutthelattermissedtheinte-
to tell their joys,dramatizingtheir sorrows,singingtheir grationwith otherbrothers
dreams... aahsaludosila. eatingunderthehees.Fr.Exalawouldhavelikedto pickimore
TheCarmelite Sisters- O.CarmandO.L.sharedtheiriden_ "imbaos"
fromtheO.CarmSisters andto goaroundthegroups,
tity in interprativedance,singingin beautifulvoicesblending baon;butttherewill
alwaysbea nextgathering... ONENESS in
andnarratingin well-pronounced Englishby theiryoungsisl everythingmuchthankshoweverfor thecareandconcern.
ters.Theyusedthesamelanguage suchas:religiousiwomen of Therewere187Carmelite brothersandsistersin thegath-
comptemplative prayer,community,devotionto Marv,sfaith eringfrom 12clusters.Wemissed
thecloistered nunsduring
andsimplicity,womenof prayerandof missioru contemplation thegatheringbecause theyarenotallowedto leavethemonasl
amidstapostolic demands andpresence of people,accompany_ tery.TheChineseCarmeliteSisters,,sistersof thelittle flower,,
ing othersinbuildingtheKingdomof God. workingin Holy CrossSchoolwerenot ableto ioin for reason
Fr. ChristopherExalaled the Escalante communityof unknown.
FriarsandAssociates in presenting thehistoryof thecarmllte A core$oup composed of representatives from thediffer_
Fathers comingto theDiocese of Dumaguete in 1957andwhose ent clusterswill preparethenextCarmeliteFamilyGathering.
first missionareawasEscalante. Includedin thestorywasthe Thegatheringwasftrn,no onefell asleep,andttrefamilies
involvementin schools, dii_
parishes, expansion of missionareas, persedjoyfullyandarelookingforwardto nextyear,sgather-
formation,justiceandpeace,associateship, andFilipinization. ing.Whylookingforward?"Because wewanttobelongto each
with Fr.ReynoldCaigoyastheguitaristled thegroup otherin spirit,dreamsand
fr. lxafa hopes!",,Because it,sour destinyto
in theintroductionto "Kungalammo langMary,tfrtatafl fa be Carmelites, we belongto theCarmeliteFamily!,,,,Beciuse
NaNamingMinamahal". Forsignificantperiodthey,urrgi ,ong we want to becomeFlowers
of Carmel!,,,,ToGatherloadsof
associated with thatperiodandoneof thesongsinhoducedby CharmingFruits!""For]esusandMary!,,

Mcdia: the Salt and light of the World radio through RadioVeritasAsia and learning film
dialogue in the processof watching films through
The 40th year of Inter-Mirifica renewed the in- Titus Brandsma Media Program.
spiration of media practitioners in the service of
the Church through a seminar-workshop themed, Output from the workshop was shared and
"Media: the Salt and Light of the World, A New presented in the concluding Holy Mass by Rev.
Approach in Communication." Fr. Carlos Lariosa, SVD.

This whole-day activity was set JuIy 31.,2004 MindanaoJoumey

at St. Paul University, Quezon Cify. The Philippine
Church Communicators' Network (PCCNET), The increasing efforts of Titus Brandsma
organizer of the activity, felt the need to concretely Media Program in giving seminars on media
draw the line between aestheticsand moral law as awarenessare constantly payingoff. A successful
stated in Inter-Mirifica. The primary goal was to trip to Mindanao started the full swing of the
instill media awareness and make moral law, media program. Media and Evangelization semi-
ethics and aestheticsapplicable to everyday liv- nars were given to three Carmelite parishes in
i.g. Mindanao - St. Vincent Parish in Patin-ay, Our
Lady of RosaryParishin Rosarioand SacredHeart
The keynote addresswas given by Fr. Eli Cruz, of ]esusin SanFrancisco.Aone-day BasicJournal-
SDB whose priestly ministry is dedicated to ism Seminar was also given to the editorial staff
understanding, and educating the youth through of Mount Carmel College school paper.
media literacy. He stressed bringing back the
respect for principle and law and cultivating Assumption College of Davao and the Ateneo
critical thinking for proper discernment of media de Davao University were the beneficiariesof the
content. "Media and Spiritualify thru Film Dialogue" semi-
nar-workshop. Both seminar serieswere attended
The panel of discussantswho contributed to by students, faculfy and non-teachingpersonnel.
the discussion of ethics and moral law were: Atty.
Delia Tantuico,Prof. Luis V. Teodoroand Mr. Jose TBCMPgoes Southern Tagalog
Torres, jr. Current ethical issues on Philippine
Media, press and online journalism were the Sr. Natalyn Agustin, OSA, principal of Sta.
focus of the discussants.In the interaction with Monica Academy (SMA) in Baao,Camarines Sur
students,the discussantsemphasizedthe need for invited TBCMP to give the seminar-workshop on
grounded ethical values in today's media indus- Campus journalism Course: Focus on Media
try no matter how the condition of media practi- Analysis and Critique and Media and Spirituality
tionersworsens.Critical thinkingwas alsopointed through Film Dialogue.
out as a needed skill since most suffered from
information overload. The ]ournalism Coursewas given to the school
paper staff of Monican Jr.,the elementarypublica-
Workshops in the afternoon were an introduc- tion and Monican Herald, the high school paper
tion to alternative ways concepts for disceming both of SMA. Some students of La Consolacion
media content:writing articles,feafuresfor Union College of Iriga City also attended the seminar.It
Catholic Asian News (UCAN), interacting with was held last Augus t 12-13,2004.Studentsand the
moderatorsof bothpublications were satisfiedand tinian sisters invited TBCMP again for another
happy with the'seminar. Joy, the associateeditor round of Seminarsin Septemberfor SMA and La
of Monican Herald, said "the best seminar in ConsolacionCollege in Iriga City.
CampusJournalism" ever.
Next stretch are to the cities of Cebu and
Fr. Christian Buenafe,O.Carm,Ms. Jofti Villena Dumaguete fromAugust 25-September4. Partner
and Ms. Maria Rowena Ladaga facilitated the schools and groups were St. Teresa'sCollege,
courseon Mediaand Spirituality thru FiIm Dialogue Rogationist Seminary, San Alberto Carmelite
to faculty and non-teachingpersonnelof SMA last Formation Center,Carmelite MissionariesSecular
August 14,2004. andYouth, Dioceseof Dumaguete Commission on
Mass Media and Social Communication.
Highly satisfied with the results, the Augus-

Carmclitcsattcnd the FirstNational

Congrcssof thc Clergy
rs. Tony dela Cruz, Christian Buenafe,pedro Priesthood:
Gift and Mystery,PaschalMysteryand
Manilag,ChristopherExala,EduardoAlbino, thePriesthood,
Prayerand Priesthood, Poor prieits
PerfectoAdeva, Dionisio Ramos,Rico Sabanal
for the Poor, Victimhoodand Sauifice,Priestly
and Paul Medina attended the First National Communion,The Spiritualityand Lifestyleof the
Congressof the Clergy held on luly S-9,2004at Filipino Clergy,The EarthenVessels Spirituality:
the World Trade Center,Manila. Around 4,150 Reflectionfor Healing and Growth in priestly
bishops,priestsand deaconsgatheredfor thefirst Ministry and Life,PastoralCarefor theClergy,The
time in Philippine ChurchHistory for the retreat Filipino Clergy in the Stateof Mission,among
and congress.Theparticipantsreflectedtogether others.The congresswas capped with the
onjohn 19:37: "Andthry shalllookathimuthom Renewal of Commitment to the Filipino People
thq haoe pierced." The congressbound them- led by His EminenceRicardo Cardinal Vidal of
selvesto becomeA RENEWED CLERGY A Cebu.
Speakersdeepenedthe fellow-
ship of the clergy and rein-
vigorated the priestly life
shared by all in the Lord Jesus
Christ. There were talks,
reflections, workshops, cul-
tural programs, reunions and
get-togethers of the different
seminary batches,meetings of
commissions and inter-dioc-
esan coordinating bodies,
liturgies and eucharistic cel-
ebrations. It was a time of joy
and bonding among the Fili-
pino clergy and foreign mis-
sionaries serving the Philip-
pine Church. The topics were:
Scminaron Congratulations!!!
SpiritualDircstion Solemn Professionof Donum Dei Sisters:

T ast June 24 and 25, a workshop on SR.VIRGIN|ABAYLOSF
| ,Spiritual Direction was held at Spring
of Carmel.It was facilitatedby Sr.Iluminada
'(Lumen) August22,2004
Calolot, ACI. who-is involved in
- St. PeterParish
retreat and spiritual-direction. It was
Quirino Extensiort
intended for the Carmelites who are Paco,Manila
involved in this kind of work. Eight
O.Carm. friars coming from the communi- Officiatedby: Fr. SireneoJaranilla,O.Carm.
ties in Metro Manila and San Francisco,
Agusan del Sur, participated including
three sisterswho attended.
Sr. Lumen used a pradtical approach,
consisting of praxis and theory. It was a
LiEauUiuc Restaurant
workshop in which she gave the basic
. . . A place to discoverand experience.A perfect
principles of Spiritual Direction, the venue formeetings, seminarsand family celebrations.
differencebefweenpastoral counselingand Try and savor the exquisite French delicacies in the
spiritual direction, and some do's and ambianceof peace and serenity.
UEau Vive (the Living Water) is being run by
The participants were huppy with the the Missionary Workers of the Immaculate of
way she conducted the workshop. She "Donum-Dei", locatedat 7499Paz Mendoza Guazon
covered a lot of ground in just two days. fua, (formerly Otis) Paco,Manila since1981.

The Missonaries operate the restaurant as one

means of their apostolate and to generatefunds to
finance their various religious and social works.

When you come to L'Eau Vive you don't just eat

but HELP the leastof our brothers,giving them love,
hope and joy.

UEau Vive can offer you a place for meetings and

seminarsfor a group of 10-80participants with ameni-
ties: sound system,white board, screen,projectoq,etc.

For wedding and baptism receptions,the patio with

its 2 dining rooms can accorrrnodate a maximum of
250 guests.

Spaciousparking is also available.

Fr.Toto Jaranillals welcomedby thc Teresastaff after his
3-month ASSISTProgram For Reseraation
Tel.No.:563-85-58. 563-85-59
The Young Carmel Philippine Foundation will hold the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Raffle on Septemb g,2004.
We wish to thank our suPporters and benefactors for this activity. Thank you and -o." pooi"r.
Names of winners in the raffle draw will be published in the neit Carm"iN"*s issue.


ruzoN 1.6 Julieta Gaspar,TOC vtSAyAs

2 Danilo Uy Helen Marquez, TOC 11 Victoria Polayapoy
4 Lilia Eustaquio 20 Belen Tlan 12 Daisy Tejares
Fe Gayla Arthur Pascua RebeccaMagdadaro
Zenaida Enalbes TeopistaDipaling 18 Ricardo Mayormita
6 Virginia Guingon TOC 22 Kristiana RafaeleAldara 21 Rolando Aquino
SocorroPedrosa RebeccaGrande 28 ChecheLynda Bongo
8 MarkAnthony Reyes 24 MercedesSantillan
9 CarmenDomingo Carol Moraleda MINDA}IAO
David Consejo 27 Roberto Tipones 5 Teodolfo Sereno
12 Shirley Pantilag 29 fason Rea 7 Panfilo Basco
13 Lolita Buot 30 Lourdes Sevalla 11 Rodelo Cadelina
RosalieA. Castro Lucita Thbaranga RemediosApao
15 Elbert Umila fr. 17 Estelita Espino

tuzoN 15 IsabelleElarureAladana TeresitaMata
1 Angelita Gonzales 1.6 Florentina Mangila 6 Paul Ducay
2 Gloria Apostol, TOC 17 Jet Bueno 8 Razel suazo
J Anita Tecson,TOC 19 Heman Ilagan 11 JOEPACS
5 Carl JosephPalad 20 Paz Macam, TOC 12 Wilfredo Galagala
Lou Paglinawan Dra. Noreen Thngcuangco 1.4 Virgie Reyes
8 Evelyn Dela Cruz Bro. JoeGeneroso,TOC 1.6 Nina Amodia
9 RosarioAdriano 21. Elizabeth Balbin, TOC 23 Samue Anan
10 William Agustin 22 Sally Ulanday OsitAbsioma
Mina Mendiola Dolores Miranda 30 CharlynAmodia
11 RosarioCandido Carmelo Joaquin Cancio
Noli Patrick Rogando 23 Lilibeth Bonagua MINDA}{AO
12 Rolina Capitan 27 Juliana Encarnacion 1 Francisco Comandante
13 Isabel CaleoryTOC 5 Josefina resimo
Sr. Chato Bueno, TOC YISAYAS 20 Fe-ThnCebrian
L4 Elizabeth Manga Cancio Cordova