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Ttd CARMEL NEWS A Bi-monthly Publication of Philippine Carmel


fter the CanonicalErectionof the GeneralCommissariat
of Philippine Carmel on |uly 16,2004,came the First
Chapter of the General Commissariat held on February 15
to1.8,2005at the Titus BrandsmaCenter,QuezonCity with
25 Gremiales (Chapter delegatesfrom the Philippines and
the GeneralCuria),2 guestsfrom the Dutch province and 21
observer-participantswith passivevoice.
The first day was convened as the "Day with theLord". A
talk was sharedby Fr.Domingo Moraleda, CMF, the director
of the Institute of ConsecratedLife in Asia (ICLA) on "The
Chnllenges of ConsecratedLife in Asia Today."Later that day, a Signingof the Joint AgreementbetweenDutchCarmel
Liturgy of Silenceon Icons was collectively observedby and PhilippineCarmel
Chapter members.
The electedmembersof the Chapter SteeringCommittee 4) Carmelite Youth Ministry, 5) Center for Spirituality -
were: Frs. Christian Buenafe, Artemio Jusayan, Sirenio Manila,6) Media and Communication, T) fustice, Peaceand
Jaranilla and Bro. Carlito Ranoco. Integrity of Creation, 8) Earth Spirituality through Land
On the second day, the Prior General, Fr. Joseph Development, 9) Mission in Asia, 10) Administration and
Chalmers,O.Carm presided at the opening eucharistic Finance,11) On-going Formation and 12) Young Carmel
celebrationwhile Fr. Anthony Scerri, O.Carm. preached on Philippines Foundation (YCPF)
the "Parableof theSower." On the first day of the Chapter proper/ the first major
Fr.JosephChalmers,O.Carm formally opened,presided concern discussedand deliberated on was The Mission
and addressed the Chapter through his messageentitled Statement of the Philippine General Commissariat. The
"Carmelite-A light in the Darkness".A report on the State of second concern was the proposals on Vocation Animation
the Commissariat was presented by the outgOing and Initial Formation.
Commissary General, Fr. Antonio dela Cruz, O.Carm. After dinner, a cultural program was celebrated to
Afterwards, the Prior of the Chapter, Fr. Sirenio jaranilla, conclude the first day. The Chapter participants were the
O.Carm welcomed everyone and presented the 3-day flow performers in the program with a night of singing, dancing
of schedule,someinstructionsand introduced the secretariat. and sharing of brotherhood and sisterhood.
Fr. Tjeu Timmermans, O.Carm, the Dutch Prior The third day of the Chapter was a busy day as the
Provincial, gave his messageto the Chapter in behalf of the participants discussedthe eight major concerns:Carmelite
brothers and sistersin the Netherlands. The historic signing turn to n€xt page!s
of the joint "Agreementbetweenthe Dutch Prouinceof Carmel
and the Philippine GeneralCommissariatof the SameOrder,"
followed next. Fr. Tjeu Timmermans, O.Carm signed on
behalf of the Dutch Province and Fr. Antonio dela Cruz,
O.Carm for the Philippine General Commissariat.
There were L2 major concerns of the General
Commissariat that had been discussedwhich divided the 3-
day Chapter proper: 1) Vocation Anirnation and Initial
Formatiory 2) Carmelite Parish Ministry1,3) SchoolMinistry,

January 2005wasa goodstartfor TitusBrandsma Center-Media andSprituality ttuoughFiln Dalogue. Around120participated in thewhole
Program. (TBCMP). TheAushalian Embassyin Manila,theUniversity
ofthe daycourse.WethankSr.AndreaCasuso, FMMtheSchoolDirecress and
Philippines FilrnInstituteandtheTBCMP onJantary24-28 , 2005
sponsored Mr.Francis Buac,theCollege Deanfor theinvitation.
CineAushalia. TBCMP tluoughitspelikula@titusbrandsma spearheaded the MetroManila Seminars
Cinema AushaliaFilmFestival, a weeklongcelebration of Austalia's
best OnJanuary 22,2N[ TBCMP wasalsoinvitedto givea seminar on
filrnsto honorits greatest filmmakers, TheAushalianfilmsscreened were Parentingin theMultimedia AgeatSt.Therese of theChildJesus andof the
thelnpnnese Story,HeDiedwithaFelat'el inHn Hand,TheIntertirw,The
YenrMy Holy FaceSchoolin VillamorAirbase, PasayCity.Around200parents
Voice BroktnndtheInstWaae.The openingceremony wasparticipated by attended thecourse whichinitiated byourCarmelite Missionary Sistersof
Australian government officials,film andTV directors andenthusiasts, St.Therese of theChildJesus.
academics andstudents andtheCarmelites. Fr.CfuistianB.
Buenafe,O.Carm On January 29,20A5, TBCMPpresented a courseon Mediaand
underlined theimportance of theprogramin hismessage. Spiritualiiyto200CreditCooperative members andyouthof Dasmarinas,
Cavite,a missionareaof the theAugustinian Sistersof Our Ladyof
Formation of ReligiousLife
TBCMPas a memberof thePhilippineChurchCommunicators
Network(PCCNet), attended a planningmeetingfor theAssociation of
lvlajorReligiousSuperiors (AMRSP) together withtheotherChurchworkers
in media.Present in thediscussion were:Fr.James Reuters,
MandingFSP(Paulines),lvks.Zenaida Rotea (CBCPWomm's Desk- Cinemn),
Fr.FranzJosef-Eilers, SVDandMr,AnthonyRoman(FABC-Ot't'ice of Social
Cnmmunication), andIMs.DeliaHernandez (Philippine
Thisplanningmeetingwas aseminar workshop thatcouldpotentially
helpreligious superiors betterurderstand thenewcommunication culfure
and stemmingfrom that understanding, the formationof a more
communicative attitude.Rather thanreactagainst thenewculturethatthey
Fr.ChristianBuenafeas he facilitateda film-dialogue
mightseeitsrelevance for today, TBCMP wasoneof theinvitedguests for
coursein a missionareaof the AugustinianSistersof
Our lady of Consolation. the planning session to help in organizing the seminar.
Theseminar-workshop is tentatively themed as"Religious Lifein a
of Communication andInter-faithDialogue NewCommunication Culture,"andwill beheldin August,2005.
On February25,2005, TBCMPfacilitated a courseon Mediaand Experiencing Poetry
through FilmDialogue to200college students (Christians
and Bro.AmoldAlindayu,O. Carmattended a nightof poetryreading
Muslims)at theMindanaoStateUniversityin MarawiCity with our andmusicat theFudge Barin Espafla, Manila.Thepoehyreading session
parhrers;theCollege of SocialSciences andHumanities, BlessedVirmgin wasorganized by Fullhouse- Schoolof Performance andCreative Arts
MaryChaplaincy andMSUEnglishDepartment. event.TBCMP screened (Fullhouse-SPCA) lastFebruary 25.It wasaminorfundraisingactivityfor
anIranianfitn ChildrenofHeaaen, andalltheparticipants sharedviewson Fullhouse to helpin thebuildingof theMulti-MediaLibraryandLeaming
theruriversalvalueof love,careandperseverance. Thefacultymembers Center(MMLRC).
andstudents evaluated thecoursepositively. TBCMP is a member of theFullhouse Boardof Trustees.
TheTitusBrandsma Center-Media Program with its localparhrerthe
BlessedVirginlvlaryChaplaincy of Mindanao StateUniversityof lvlarawi
City(MSU)organized ahalf-dayseminar composed ofbothaChristian and
Musiimaudience whoareintointerfaithdialogue for thepasttlueedecades.
A moduleontheImportance ofMedianndCommunication in Interfaith
waspresented. Theforumwasheldon February 26,2W5at theOVCRE
Conference Roomandwasco-organized bytheMSU-kstitute forPeaceand
Development in Mindanao andtheRanao MuslimCtuistianMovement for
DalogueandPeace. Anopenforumfollowedafterthelechueandconcems
wereraisedanddiscussed openlyonhowtomaximize mediaandhowtobe
partrersin effective
communica[on in thecollectiveeffortsof dialogue.
TBCMP inOroquieta City
On February 24,2005, TBCPpresented two courses to theschool
personnel andstudents ofStellaMarisCollege in Oroquieta City,Misamis The pelikula@titusbrandsmacore group and friends during the
Occidental.Thecourses were:Teaching in a Multi-MediaAgeandMedia opening of CinemaAustralia

Seminary broughthertheHolyViaticurn andwiththeCommunity prayed

l1{itEftioRyoF theRecornmendationof theSoul.Finally,theygaveherthePapalblessing
with plenaryindulgence in "articulomortis"(properof ourCarmelite
Mo.Ma.Leticia served thecommunity asInfirmarianformorethan
GIRON,O.CARlfl. 9 yearc,asSisterIn-charge ofVestments andastumkeeper. Shestarted
to holdofficeasPrioress in theyear1995. Shewaselectedto thesame
officethesecondtimein the2001andwasre-elected for anotherterm
St.Therese of Liseaux,in herdeathbed IastJune17,2004.1t's noteasyto takeon thedutyof administering a
remarked, "l amnotdying,I amentering into community withherphysical conditionbutit wastypicalof her,in the
life."Fortheblessed, deathis onlya starting spiritof service,
not to refuseanyofficeassigned to herby God.She
pointandnotanend,thuswecallit "birthday" continued hermission up to thelastdaysofherlife.
intoeternity.Such,toowastheshiningwiftress Mo.Ma Leticia,with alwaysa smileon herface,wasa humble
of Mo.Ma.Leticiadela CruzGiron,Prioress persory unassuming andkind-whetherasPrioress or asanordinary
of Carmelof theHoly Family,a cloistered nwr.Thelastyearof hersickness madehersimplicity, magnanimity,
community of nuns.tn1999,hersickness wasdiagnosed asbreast fortitude,gentlenessandmotherly caremorepronounced.
cancer,shebowed herheadandgentlyresponded, "Thywillbedone." Friends andbenefactors whoconfided to hertheirownproblems
Shewasreadybecause lifeis nottakenaway,it isjust
shebelieved: andsufferings drewlightandstrengthfromher composure andexamples.
changed. Whenfearof death.lurks in today'sgeneratioryMo.Ma.Leticia's
At therequest of thecommunity,sheunderwent severalsessions readiness to die wihresses to thatgreattrust,unwavering hopeand
of chemotheraphy andcobaltheatment. FromApril of thatyearher everlastinglovefortheresurrected Christin whomshelived,shemoved
cancer spreadto thelunp, ribsandbones. On February 27,2005 at andhadherbeing.
2:37dawn,at theageof 54,shediedwith herwholecommunity "l wanttoseethefaceofGod,,." shewouldtellus,thenandagain.
gathered aroundhersingingandprayingin theinfirmaryof the Thiswaswhatshewanted withallhersoul,thussheabandoned herself
monastery. Twopriestsfromtheadjacent Immaculate Conception beyondallmeasure.

SPEECH... frompage7 a PhilippineandAsiansetting,wein

independant FilipinoCarmelwasthecrisissituationat theendof the a Dutchand Europeancontext.For
last cenfury.It was a difficult periodon the financiallevel,on the sure, I hope that the ties of
levelof communitybuilding,on thelevelof the leadershipandon brotherhood andsisterhood, theties
thepersonallevel.A lot of individualCarmelites werein a personal of friendshipand solidaritywill
crisii.Nevertheless, it wasa fruitful periodbecause it strenghtened remainstrong.As an expression of
thewill to surviveandto gow into a PhilippineCarmel.It brought thesetiesof friendship, brotherhood
to theforeof theCommissariat theimportance of initialandongoing and solidaritythe DutchProvince
personaland Carmeliteformation.It becameclearthat prayerlife offerstheFilipinoCarmel,aslongas
and comrnunitylife haveto be thebaseof our Carmelitevocation theDutchProvinceis ableto do so.
andthebeginningof our solidaritywork with andfor theChurchof the possibilityof everyonethe
thePoor.Thefinancialstabilitybecame Fr.TjeuTimmermans' loving
animportantissue.TheCenter Councilwill sentto theNetherlands prcsenc€
to his brothersin
for Spirifualityhasstartedin Manilaas research institutefor Asia. for a MastersDegreeor a Doctorate the Philippines will always
FurtherstudiesandCarmelitespiritualityis givenattention. in Spirituality,a freescholarship at be appreciated,
Thetimehascomenow to standon yourown,I amhappywith theTitusBrandsma Instituteandthe
it andalsovery thankful.I like to remember in a momentof silence RadboudUniversityof Nijmegen.
all thebrothersandsisterswho werepart of your historvandwho ThePatronof PhilippineGeneralCommissariat is Blessed Titus
havegiventheir lives,theirtalents,their couiageand theirpainful Brandsma. May he be reallya modelfor you concemingCarmelite
andlonesome momentsfor theFilipiniCarmelandfor thefutureof charism,in the aspectof scientificwork, of a simplelifestyle,in the
theFilipinoPeople... aspectregardinga prayerfulcommunity, in theaspectof solidarity
TheDutchProvince will supportyour futureasanindependent with whoarein needandin theaspectof thecourage to speakagainst
PhilippinoCarmelbyhandingoveranindependence fund.Thisfund oppression. May heguideyou into a florishingfuture,into theland
is broughttogetherby thehardwork of all themembers of theDutch of Carmelwith its charmingfruits.
Province. It is asignof oursolidaritywith theindependent Philippine Let us sign now officiallythe agreement betweenthe Dutch
Carmel.I hopeit givesyou a stablefinancialbaseandalsothetime Provinceof CarmelandthePhilippineGeneralCommissariat of the
andopportunityto find yourown financialresources. sameOrder.Thankyou for yourattention.Godblessyou all.
Wecansaybeautifulwordsand we canexpresslovelywishes
with regardsto therelationship betweentheDutchCarmelandthe Tjeu Timmermans O.Carm.
PhilippineCarmel.Forsure,beautifulwishesandwordsarenice.At PriorProaincial
the sametime,I am convincedthe FilipinoCarmeland the Dutch AuezonCity
Carmelhaveto befreeto find theirownwaysinto thefuture.Youin Februaru