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Moving Towards Sustainable Development of the Nation

India stands second to China in the list of most populated countries. The 1.2 billion people constitute
about 16% share of the total world population. We have a huge demand for natural resources. Due to
overconsumption, well be soon facing a huge shortage of natural resources. We are moving towards
ecological destruction at a rapid pace. The best way to avoid improper utilization of resources is moving
towards sustainability, which means to be in equilibrium with the basic ecological support system.
India, due to its humungous population needs to devote its attention to environment sustainability.
Environment sustainability means optimum usage of resources so that future generation can also have
its fill of resources. Our resources are on the shore of depletion, which is a cause of alarm.
What is Sustainable Development?
It is impossible to separate the well-being of human beings from the well-being of earth. Achieving a
sustainable way of life will help the earth to continue supporting human life. We need sustainable
development to pursue our goals of economic development. It will help us saving our resources for our
future generation. It is the development, which will let us meet the present needs without
compromising the share of future generations.
Sustainable development is a balanced approach to achieve a better quality of life. For the same, we
need to reorganize our living conditions like building eco-villages, eco-municipalities and sustainable
cities and reappraise economic sectors like, green building, sustainable agriculture, use science to
develop green technologies, renewable energy and sustainable fission and fusion power and make
adjustments in individual lifestyles that conserve natural resources.
Ecological Concerns
Our main ecological concerns are as follows
Environmental pollution due to consumption of fossil fuels
Water pollution caused by release of toxic, which causes extinction of some fish species
Damage to agricultural land from unsustainable farming activities and over consumption of
resources, etc.
The government is collaborating with the corporate sector to address ecological concerns and is moving
together in the direction of overall development in terms of India being a sustainable nation. They have
come up with various incentives of corporate responsibility like 3Rs, namely reduce, reuse and recycle,
produce new renewable energy forms, use green technology, use renewable energy in manufacturing
products and transportation, reduce usage of carbon in industries, manufacture energy saving devices
like CFL and LED, provide waste management services and adopt waste management hierarchy.
Children should be made aware of the ways to avoid degrading the ecosystem any further as we are still
quite far from achieving a sustainable development pattern. We are entitled to a healthy and productive
life only if we live in harmony with nature. We need to permanently improve the living conditions in a
sustainable manner. The focus should be to provide social and economic development in such manner
that it employs sustainability.
Active participation and an overall change in attitude will help us in sustainable development. India is
slowly moving towards that awareness; including everyone in the sustainable future of our country and
future generations will ensure we are able to attain that.
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