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What makes a nation great?

I think this is
a contentious topic and different people
may have different view. Some may argue
that the indicator of a great is the general
warfare of its entire people, while others
may believe that the indicator should be
the achievements of it rulers, artists, or
scientists. I partially agree to the first

First of all, indicator of a great nation
should include the literacy level, health
care, food, and economic level. Germany
stands out as a typical example. Although,
the European countries stroke in
economy crisis these years, Germany still
has the lowest unemployment rates and
lowest poverty level, undoubtedly, all of
these contribute to the greatness of the
nation. No one will deny that a basic
quality of great nation is to respect and
protect human right, provide all its
people enough food, free from fear of
death, freedom of speech. If a nation
can not archive these, we can hardly
say that nation is a great nation. let's
take North Korea as a example. North
Korea was ruled by Kim's family for
more than 60 years.
People live there do not have enough
food, Thousands of people, include
children and babies, were died from
starvation. Also, people always live
under the fear of the war between north
Korea and South Korea. Even if North
Korea tell their people that they live in
the most happiest country in the world,
Ruled by the Kim's family is their
fortune, it is just a ridicules joke.

Some may note that achievements of its
rulers, artists, or scientists are greater,
compare to the achievements in third
world country. Therefore, they conclude
that we should measure the great nation
by achievement of individuals, not the
general welfare of its entire people.
They have hopelessly confused the
cause and effect. Art and science rich
peoples activities, given these works
cannot bring too much income, without
enough financial support from the public,
these activities cannot continue. How
can we image that Nk will emerge
outstanding artist and breakthrough

In the third place, measure a great
nation merely by the general welfare of
its entire people is not enough. In 1930s,
the whole world was in Great
Depression. In 1933, the number of
jobless in Germany was six million.
Then, Adolf Hitler took power, became
the Chancellor of Germany. He
introduced a couple of measures, such
as large Public Works program, all
materials needed for the Public works
program were bought from German
companies. All these measure
combined to get the Germany out of the
Great Depression. The wages and
working conditions improved steadily.
Thus, we can say the general welfare is
quite good in Germany at that time.
However, if we looked at the hundreds
of concentration camps, thousands of
Jews who were killed in Europe, Millions
of people died in World War II, can we
still say Germany in 1930s is a great

To sum up, the great nation is not only
measure by the general welfare of its
entire people, but also by the contributions they have made to the
world and mankind and by their generosity, how their ideas have benefited the
human race.