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Services ofered in Retail Sector:

As a part of Trimester -4 End-Term
project in
Service Operations Management
Under the mentorship of:
rof rashant !"pta

S"#mitted #$: !ro"p-%
Amandeep Singh Mehta
Sandeep Ghosh
Nishant Dahiya
Pradeep Kumar
The retail sector is one of the fastest growing in India over the last few
years. . India's strong growth fundamentals ,high saving and investment
rates ,fast growth in labor force and ,increased consumer spending has
made it a very favorable retail destination globally. India's retail sector is on
its way of modernization. Traditional markets are making way for new
formats such as departmental stores, supermarkets and specialty stores.
Westernized malls can be seen fast appearing in metros and tier-II cities,
introducing the Indian consumer to an implausible shopping eperience.
!ervice companies constitute the largest and fastest-growing segment of
the economies of most developed countries and many developing
countries. Issues of operating efficiency and competitiveness are becoming
critical for success in service industries. It has become increasingly
important for managers to understand how to effectively organize work,
analyze and improve operating practices, optimally allocate resources and
adopt new delivery technologies.
"ustomer service is the #sum of acts and elements that allow consumers to
receive what they need or desire from your retail establishment.# It is
important for a sales associate to greet the customer and make himself
available to help the customer find whatever he needs. When a customer
enters the store, it is important that the sales associate do everything in his
power to make the customer feel welcomed, important, and make sure he
leaves the store satisfied. $iving the customer full, undivided attention and
helping him find what he is looking for will contribute to the customer's
satisfaction. %or retail storeowners, it is etremely important to train
yourself and your staff to provide ecellent customer service skills. &y
providing ecellent customer service, you build a good relationship with the
customer and eventually will attract more customers that are new and turn
them into regular customers. 'ooking at long-term perspectives, ecellent
customer skills give your retail business a good ongoing reputation and
competitive advantage.
Rational for taking the project:
There has been a considerable drop in the sales of computer segment in
the T(T( ")*+(, $reater ,oida. +any factors can be responsible for this
dip in sales such as unavailability of products, unsatisfactory after sales
service, cash counter infleibility, sales staff knowledge and motivation, in
store factors and many more.
*ur main motivation is to find out services which Tata "roma offers to its
customers and compare the services which various other retail industries
offers to their customers and to analyze the etent to which the services
are responsible for the dip in the computer segment.
Objective of the study:
To study the various services offered by T(T( ")*+( and their impact on
customer satisfaction level.
Scope of the study:
!urvey conducted to collect customer feedback about the services
offered by Tata "roma will be via online channel
Time -uration is limited
'imited sample size
'imited resources because we cannot get feedback forms which are
filled by customers in Tata "roma during transaction at cash counter
Expected outcome:
"ustomers are satisfied with the services provided by Tata "roma
roject schedule: