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Aeons ago, basketball started off as a warm up session during winters. But now, make way for what
is the most happening sport on campus, one which rides high on adrenaline and energy! The sport
which never falls short of speed or excitement, is waiting to enthral the country!

The FIFA World Cup that happened, was a blur of amazing footwork, bursts of speed, brilliant goals,
and bittersweet revenge. Alas! It's over. It's time to relive the World Cup, and be the Messi-ah of B-
School football fanfare!

Table Tennis
This is the sport known for its edge-of-the-seat play and nail biting finishes! Keeps your eyes on the
ball throughout, and with the right amount of perseverance, thou shalt succeed. Battle it out on the
ping pong table!

1 court. 2 teams. 3 touches. 25 points. And 1 winner who will take it all! Coordination and teamwork
at its best, Volleyball is not for the weak-hearted. Step up, brave hearts, and try your hand at this
wonderful sport of Volleyball!

With India showing a lot of promise in this sport, it is imperative that socks are pulled up to put up a
good show! And ensure that your mind and body are ready to face the incessant smashes that are
going to come your way!

Ah! You don't need to be a wizard to compete here! Like they say, 'Chess is the gymnasium of the
mind.' So oil your grey cells, put on your thinking caps and have some cool moves up your sleeve to
show the fraternity what you're made of!

Strong enough to single-handedly stop the ball hurled at you? The correct mix of concentration and
strength is a must to make a mark in this sport. Buck up to win!
Quest Adventura
Nature lover? Can climb trees like a monkey? Not afraid of scaling rocks or coming down from
heights? This is the event for you. A mixed bag of outdoor activities, which we assure you, won't
come easy. The most challenging of physical activities are here to present to you the most fun
memories of a lifetime!

Here are some more words for the FB Cover idea (apart from those discussed in the WhatsApp
group, which were awesome):

Also, if we take up Shreyas' idea and do the FB cover thing with the letter corresponding to the
number, here go some more options.
10 - Triumph
9 - Nirvana/Nostalgia
8 - Ecstasy/ Enthralment
7 - Showdown/Success
6 - Scintillation/Supremacy
5 - Fantasy/Fury
4 - Flamboyance/Fame
3 - Thrill/Teamwork
2 - Transcendence
1 - Opportunity/Omnipotence