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Family traits

We have been learning about traits
at school. Inherited traits are physical
characteristics that can be passed down
from parent to child. This family activity can
help your child learn to identify inherited and
d traits.


Describing people; have got

1.-We use have got talk about possession.

I've got a new house
Has she got a car?

2.-We use have got to talk about relationships.

Have you got a girlfriend?
He's got three brothers

3.- We use have got to talk about illnesses.

I've got a bad cold

4.- We use have got to talk about characteristics.

Her office has got a nice view
Why has he got a tattoo?


He has a beard and a mustache.
She has pierced ears.
He has a shaved head. He's bald.
She wears braces.
She has long fingernails.
He wears his hair in a ponytail.
She's got freckles on her nose.
She wears her hair in cornrows.
She wears glasses.
He's very muscular.
She wears braids.
He's got spiked hair.


The following can be used to identify people or things.

A phrase beginning with a present participle.
Shes the woman standing by the table.

A preposition after the noun.
Shes the woman with the long hair.

The pronoun one or ones followed by the preposition or a present participle.
Shes the one with the long hair.
Hes the one standing next to the window.


Phrases with verb + ing
A present participle can describe what someone is doing or wearing
Hes the man standing by the table / talking to the woman.
Shes the one wearing a T-shirt.

Location prepositions indicate where someone is.
Hes the guy by the table / next to the window.

Physical Appearance
With with a physical trait describes appearance.
The woman with the glasses / short hair is my cousin.

In or with with a clothing word describes what someone is wearing.
The guy in the yellow pants looks familiar.
Shes the one with the green sweater.

Trying to remember words

Notice how Lori uses expressions like these when she can't remember a name or a
word. Find examples in the conversation.
What's his / her name?
What do you call it / them?
What do you call that..../ those?
Strategy plus
You mean...
You can say you mean...
or ask do you mean...?
to check what someone is talking about, or to suggest a word or name.