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This is such a long ride Hank said.

O stop it we have been in here for twenty minutes Natalie said.

She had been his assistant for five years coming. This was their newest case out of the
hundreds they had solved so far.
! can"t believe you convinced me to come out here to talk to her anyway Natalie said.
#ell Nancy $artin is the best suspect we have had since we started Hank said.
Okay but still why couldn"t she come and see us Natalie said.
%ecause she is in a wheel chair and can"t drive Hank said.
#hy couldn"t someone go drive her here said Natalie.
&rom what ! have heard from around here she is 'uite stubborn Hank said.
They had (ust pulled of the road into the driveway the old rusty mailbo) which was barely
standing had a very faded number *+*.
! guess this is it then *+* Swift,Tree drive Hank said.
#ell then lets go in Natalie said.
They entered onto the driveway and drove about a mile until they finally reached a round,a,
bout type driveway. The house was so secluded they could see nothing but trees and weeds. #hen they
got out of the car the walkway cement was all cracked and had overgrown weeds and grass in the
cracks. -s they walked up the steps to the porch that overgrowth on it they heard a sound of to the
right side of the house. -nd with Hank every little sound made him (ump and start being suspicious.
The stairs creaked as they walked toward the door. #hen they knocked they waited about five seconds
when they heard nothing they knocked again. Still nothing they (ust finally tried the door when they
found it open Natalie poked her head in and called out $s $artin. They heard no response so they
crept in a little more and called again. -fter that they walked into the kitchen and found the
.efrigerator on the ground tipped over on its side with Nancy $artin underneath. /ead.
O my gosh Natalie shrieked.
! better call the captain Hank said.
Natalie sat down on a chair by the wall trying not to think about $s $artin or look at her poor old frail
#ell so much for her being our top suspect Hank said.
-re you kidding me she"s dead and all you are thinking about is the suspect for the robbery Natalie
said temper raising hands shaking.
3ust as she said that the captain drove up. 4aptain"s here Hank said. -s they both walked
outside to meet him. They also had the usual medical team to deal with the body.
Thanks for coming cap Hank said.
5ou kidding me its a dead body 4aptain said.
4an you give me the rundown said 4aptain.
5eah usually its someone else that finds the body not us Hank said.
6s Said 4aptain.
O hey Natalie how are you doing 4aptain said.
!t"s a murder how do you think ! am doing7 said Natalie.
8ood to see you too said 4aptain.
3ohnson9 said 4aptain.
5es her name is Nancy $artin 4aucasian si)ty,si) Hank said.
So you thinking (ust with this sloping floor and chair here is that she was reaching in the fridge for
something and it fell on her said 4aptain.
No it was not that Said Hank
Then what was it7 There is 4hicken tenders on the floor said 4aptain.
She was probably reaching for it cause she was hungry and it slid back when she fell said 4aptain.
$urder said Hank.
3ust because you have :aranoia doesn"t mean every dead person has been murdered said 4aptain.
!t was murder. The killer would have wanted it to look like it fell on her said Hank.
5ou sure said 4aptain.
Of course !"m sure Have ! ever been wrong7 said Hank.
No ! guess you haven"t...#ell who do you think did it said 4aptain.
%esides wasn"t there a cigar at the robbery site7 said Hank.
5es but that doesn"t mean they are connected. said 4aptain.
#ell they were Stradivarius which are very rare and e)pensive said Hank
Okay you got me congrats $r 8enius who did it7 said 4aptain.
#ell with how close the robbery site is and this murder is ! think they are connected somehow said
5ou don"t happen to know how do you7 The 4aptain said rude,fully.
Not yet said Hank.
Okay lets get back to base said 4aptain.
-t Head 'uarters Hank looked over both cases the $urder and .obbery. #ell somehow ! know
these connect he thought. ! wonder if the two cigars connect them somehow.
On the way back they stopped at the bank and talked to the %ank commuter who was there and noticed
the bank had been robbed.
So your saying you were asleep and woke up to the sound of tires s'uealing you think said Hank
5es sleeping waiting for someone to commute said %rian.
#hen were you hired7 said Hank.
-bout three weeks ago. said %rian.
-nd how did you get the (ob7 said Hank
! (ust came to this bank and asked for a (ob said %rian
-s a Hank said
4ommuter said %rian
Okay you can leave thank you Hank said
Okay lets go Hank said to Natalie.
To base ! need to talk to 4aptain.
Okay we need gas though said Natalie.
They were five minutes from the :olice office when they stopped of at the gas station.
!"ll get it Said Hank
No you won"t said Natalie.
5our right ! won"t said Hank.
There is a guy at the other pump that looks 'uestionable said Hank.
!"ll be right back don"t worry. said Natalie
! know said Hank.
Since his wife and daughter died five years ago he had only one person he could trust fully.
Natalie 4onway. #hen His #ife and five year old /aughter had died in a car crash he had had
:aranoia since. #hen she got back into the car five minutes later she tried to start the car but it would
not start. O my gosh that is the second time today said Natalie. ! am going to ask that guy over there
for a (ump said Natalie.
No you aren"t said Hank.
5es ! am Natalie said.
No your not said Hank.
O yeah watch me Natalie.
Natalie please that guy may try to kidnap you said Hank.
;idnap me really said Natalie.
Hey people today are cra<y said Hank
Not everyone is as bad as you think they are said Natalie.
5es they are said Hank
No they aren"t said Natalie
Okay !"m going do you want to come or not Natalie said
!"ll (ust stay here go ahead Hank said.
5ou are so selfish you are the man you should be doing this said Natalie
! know ! am the man said Hank.
!t"s your car said Hank.
5ou never cease to ama<e me said Natalie.
She slammed the door shut. Hey my car won"t start can you give me a (ump please. Natalie
said O yeah sure. -s they came over to the car Hank noticed him as %rian 8arcia from the bank.
Hey you"re the cop that asked me 'uestions from the bank said %rian. 5eah ! am very good at
catching robbers and $urderers said Hank. #ith that saying %rian looked kinda nervous and got
serious. -lright ! got the cables hooked up Natalie said.
Okay !"ll rev up my 1ngine then said %rian.
Okay Natalie said.
-fter three times of trying the car started. Thank you so much for helping me. Said Natalie.
5ep my :leasure ma"am. Said %rian with that he hastily got into his car and drove away.
He"s the guy said Hank.
#hat guy said Natalie
The murderer Natalie raised her voice slightly.
%oth The robber and the ;iller. /id you see how Serious he got after ! told him ! was good at
catching murderers said Hank.
No %ut ! am sure you did. Said Natalie.
! am a detective. Said Hank.
#ell =ets go tell captain to throw that sun,of,a,gun who likes to kill old people said Natalie.
-nd rob said Natalie
Sun,of,a,8un said Hank
#ell you don"t like me cussing or ! would have called him something a lot worse said Natalie.
! am sure you would have said Hank.
#hen they arrived at police office Homicide /ivision they walked directly to the captain. !
take it you have something to tell me said 4aptain. 5es sir said Hank
Two words %rian 8arcia said Hank.
#hat7 the bank commuter said 4aptain
&or what case said 4aptain.
%oth said Hank.
-nd you know this how7 said 4aptain.
#ell for starters there were 4igars in his pocket at the bank.
There was also half of one at Nancy $artin"s house.
-nd directly before we came ! saw him at the 8as station he was very nervous when ! was good at
catching killers. said Hank.
!s that so7 said 4aptain.
5es sir said Hank.
#ell did you know that $S $artin"s Son,!n,=aw was in town this week said 4aptain O.
No sir ! didn"t said Hank.
Okay they had a grudge for five years said 4aptain O>%rien.
Hated one another like no other said the 4aptain.
#ell lets check him out then said Hank.
Okay you come with me said the 4aptain.
3ohnson9 ?uit looking around for people that could hurt you these are cops here no one is gonna hurt
you9 said 4aptain.
#hen they got to the car Hank and the =ieutenant started fighting about who sat in the
front.=ook ! always sit in front said Hank #ell not today said the =ieutenant =ieutenant 3ones get
your butt in the back seat NO#9 said 4aptain. #hy7 ! should get the front seat9 said 3ones. 8et
your butt in the car or ! will fire you dang,it said 4aptain. &ine9said 3ones he got in and slammed
the door. Once they were all seated and had seat belted up. 4aptain started the car.
$an Hank has a serious problem 3ones whispered to Natalie.
5ou think. Natalie said.
! know said 3ones.
! can hear what you are whispering said Hank.
=1T !T 8O 3OHNSON9 said captain.
$y gosh you guys drive me !NS-N19 said 4aptain.
%ang %ang %ang %ang8et /own94aptain 5elled %ang %ang %ang %ang. The shooter
drove away and screeched his tires.
O !"m ugh catch that Son,of,asaid 4aptain.
4aptain said Hank.
8un 4aptain said.
The captain then s'uealed his tires and the car chase was on. The masked figure in his car
turned right and blew a stop light and headed out of town. The 4aptain slammed a hard right. The
masked figure turned right again while the captain turned left. #hat are you doing7 said Hank.
Shortcut9...! think. said 4aptain. 6p ahead the 4aptain turned .ight and went down an alley way.
Then took another right onto Santa &e ST. Then went up a few blocks and they were right back where
they started.
#ow you (ust lost him 4ap said =ieutenant 3ones.
Shut it .andy said 4aptain.
5es sir Sorry sir. said 3ones.
Shall we check on that !n,=aw now7 -nd see if he drives up in a black car with a mask. said 4aptain.
#e should probably go get another car the windshields been shot out.said 3ones.
#ell 5eah after we get another 4arsaid 4aptain.
#hen they got back to the office and got another car they took off again to see the in,law.
How far away is it. -sked Hank.
-bout ten minutes said 4aptain.
They were on the road and it was small or no talk when they pulled off into a modest town si<ed
apartment Hank said !t took eleven minutes. -lright $. :unctuality@:erfect@:aranoia !s it gonna
kill you7 $aybe Hank spat. 5ou know ! am getting sick of you said 4aptain Same here only !
am .1-==5 .1-==5 sick of you999. They e)ited the car and walked to the door -nd knocked after
two knocks the door was answered. Hello $. uh 1llis. 5es. said The man. ! am 4aptain Stewart
O>%rien this is =ieutenant .andy 3ones Hank 3ohnson and Natalie 4onway $ay we come in7 6hh
sure (ust ignore the mess. said $r 1llis.
-s they walked in there was a bathroom in the right corner with the kitchen off to the left. There
was some take out food on the counter with some left,over pi<<a on a plate. The bed was right in the
back left with a suitcase sticking out underneath it. There was an old style tv in front of the bed. There
were clothes lying around on the floor.
Thank you. said 4aptain.
$ake your self at home. said $r 1llis.
No thank you. /id you kill a lady with a .efridgerator7 -sked Hank
O you like to get right to the point don"t you 3ohnson. said 4aptain.
He has :aranoia everyone freaks him out said Natalie.
! don"t think ! killed anyone said $r 1llis (okingly.
#ell we know you have held a grudge with your $other,!n,=aw for 'uite some time. said Hank.
5eah well we made up last year you could say. $r 1llis said.
5ou could say7 said Hank.
5eah she was in a car crash. The car was hanging over a cliff and ! pulled her out. -fter that we have
been like this. He crossed his fingers.
So after that we"ve kept in touch and been good friends. said $r 1llis.
!s that rightsaid 3ones.
5es sir said 1llis.
#here is your wife currently7 said Hank.
She is in town doing some charity event. said 1llis.
5our lyingsaid Hank.
She"s staying in a hotel cause you guys had a fight didn"t you. said Hank.
No she"s in town said 1llis.
5ou had a fight didn"t you said Hank.
How did you know7 said 1llis.
%ecause there is take out food all over and only one suitcase. said Hank.
#ow your good said 1llis.
!t will work out though don"t worry said Hank.
How do you know7 said 1llis.
%ecause ! know said Hank.
#ell thank you for letting us in and ask some 'uestions said O"%rien.
4an ! have a piece of pi<<a7 said 3ones.
-re you serious 3ones7 said 4aptain.
Sure be my guest. said 1llis.
5ou never cease to ama<e me .andy9 said 4aptain.
! know said .andy.
#hen they left they walked to the car 4aptain said #ell that was a bust. #hat should we do
now7 asked .andy.
#e are going home said Hank.
5ou can"t tell me what to do said Natalie.
5es ! can said Hank.
No you can"t said Natalie.
Okay you two lets get along now said 4aptain.
=ets go please said .andy.
Okay don"t get your panties in a wad .andy. said 4aptain.
#hen they arrived at police head'uarters Hank and Natalie went home. #hen they arrived at
Hank"s house Natalie said See you tomorrow9. Okay see you tomorrow. Said Hank.
%ye $. 3ohnson said Natalie.
-fter Hank walked in he checked and locked his door and the five locks on it. -fter that he re,
checked it. That ought to keep them out. He mumbled under his breath to him self. Then he went and
checked all his windows and made sure they were all locked. #hen he finally went to bed he kissed a
picture of his wife and daughter. -s he had done every night for five years. %oy ! really wish you guys
were here Hank said sadly.
The ne)t morning when Hank woke up he called Natalie and had her come pick him up when
she got there she said 5ou know you should pay me e)tra. No ! shouldn"t said Hank.
#ait what did you say7 said Hank. 5ou should pay me e)tra said Natalie.
That"s it you are a genius said Hank.
Thank you99 said Natalie.
=ets go see the 4aptain right now said Hank.
Okay said Natalie.
#hen they got to the car and went to police head'uarters they went to the 4aptains office Hank
said Here"s what happened9 1)citedly.
#hat7 said 4aptain.
!t"s the bank 4ommuter. He was the one who robbed the %ank and while he was doing so Nancy
$artin must have seen him and at first he Offered her money at the time she said yes so her gave her
money. -lthough she didn"t know that he never trusted her. So he went and killed $S $artin and after
that he put her there and pushed the .efridgerator onto her to make it look like an accident. -nd after
that he tried to start a fire which e)plains the 4igar. said Hank.
How do you know7 asked 4aptain.
%ecause there is no such thing as a bank commuter9 said Hank.
How did he get the (ob then7 said 4aptain.
He must have told the bank manager that around here everyone had a commuter and the $anager
must have believed him said Hank.
-nother thing is the 4igars no one ! have seen around here uses them but $. %rian said Hank.
#ell lets go nail him ! know where he lives since he is a suspect said 4aptain.
=ets go then said Hank.
#hen they arrived they went and knocked on the door %rian answered the door and said 4an !
help you.
5es How much money did you pay to keep Nancy martin 'uiet for a little while before you killed
her7 said Hank.
#hat are you talking about7 said %rian.
5ou know e)actly what we are talking about. said 4aptain.
Okay how can you prove it7 said %rian.
#e found a 4igar in $S $artin"s house and there is no such thing as a %ank 4ommuter is there7
said Hank.
No there is not. %ut please don"t take me my mom needs me and the money ! took please said %rian.
Sorry but that is not a very good e)cuse. said 4aptain.
.ead him his rights said 4aptain.
3ones said 5ou have the right to remain silent any thing you say or do can and will be used
against you in the court of law #hile cuffing him.
#hen they took him to the police car he got in without resistance.
-nother (ob well done $. 3ohnson said Natalie.
5ep said Hank.
4an we get some food now :=1-S1 said Natalie.
5eah but your buying said Hank.
No !"m not said Natalie.
5es you are or it"s coming out of your paycheck said Hank.
Okay whatever said Natalie.