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On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week we invited parents and relatives to school to enjoy this years

Summer Show, Alice in Wonderland. All 75 children had a part to play in the show and we even had four
different Alices. Each Year Group was given a specific part to play and some children from each class were given
lines to learn and say.

Nursery Class children were the
flowers in the play. They stood in the
soil with their lovely flowery costumes
and confused Alice as she entered
Wonderland. They all sang a song about
flowers and they all did a sterling job
with their lines and strong singing

They really enjoyed getting involved
with the play and, considering this was
their very first production, we think they
were fantastic. It takes a lot of guts to
stand up in front of all the adults and
perform a song, so for that,
congratulations to you all in Nursery

Reception Class were the deck of
cards in the show. They were
responsible for painting the white
roses red and, ultimately, taking
Alice away to court. They had a
march about the deck of cards as
soldiers and they also did a great
job with the projection of their
voices. Some children in Reception
Class had lines and we were very
proud with how they delivered
them. Others played the kazoo to
good effect. Like the Nursery Class
children, some of our Reception
Class children have never been
involved in a play before, making it
admirable that they showed such
Year 1 were the animals for the
Caucus Race and they wore some
spectacular outfits that their parents
had lovingly made to really put them
in the mood! Children in Year 1 also
had a song to learn, lines to remember
and say loudly, and they introduced
many of the scenes throughout the
whole play. The children made best use
of the track in the playground to run
in the race where everyone was a
winner! Also two of the Alices were
from Year 1 and they were marvellous!

Year 2/3 being the oldest children in the school, had the main parts of the play. They
were the Mad Hatters, Caterpillar, two Alices, the White Rabbit, the King and Queen of
Hearts, the Cheshire Cat, Alices Parents, the Narrator and many other parts. As well as
all the younger children, every Year 2/3 child did really well adding humour and
dynamics to their roles. The Mad Hatters Tea Party scene was unforgettable with their
intricate Mexican wave-style cup scene and the crazy drumming. Im sure the children
wont forget this in a hurry!

Well done to all the children
at Rosemary Works School.
You were all fantastic!

Thank you to the staff for
all their hard work and an
extra special thanks to
David and Paul for writing,
directing and performing
the play. It was a huge
success and thats down to

Go to the blog to see the
video of the show and a
slide show of the photos

This week the children who received certificates mainly did so for their contribution to
our sell-out, and hugely successful, Summer Show - Alice in Wonderland. Also sporting
prowess and general kindness and friendliness bagged these children a prize and the
clouds stopped raining on us for the photo!

Next week is the final week of the school year, so there won't be a Celebration
Assembly as such, but we'll find a time to celebrate those children whose birthdays it
is over the summer and a chance to say goodbye to our leavers.

The Artist of the Week went to Cosmo
in Year 2. His close observation of the
Disney character drawing and
attention to detail has impressed us
greatly. He thought about his use of
colour and created a realistic skin
tone which really made his picture
stand out. Well done!

Nursery Class .......... Lila
Reception Class ...... Milo
Year 1 ........................ Ava
Year 2/3 ................... Zaia

Nursery Class

Olivia has been fantastic in our Summer Show this week. She put a lot of effort into learning
the song words and actions and had a fantastically loud singing voice for all the songs! Olivia
also never needs to be told how to behave in class. She always sits beautifully, listens well and
always follows the classroom rules!

Verity has been an absolute star this week in our Summer Show. She puts an incredible
amount of effort into singing the songs and remembered the words even better than some of
the adults! Verity has also been trying really hard with her phonics and has been doing some
fantastic writing as well!

Reception Class

Yvie for singing with so much enthusiasm for our part in the Summer Show this week! You
were brilliant, well done Yvie!

Year 1

Sage - Your recent efforts during PE lessons have really impressed me! Your ball skills and
hand/eye coordination are really improving and you are a great team player. Your ability to
dribble, pass, move in to space and score points is amazing! Also your contribution to our
school summer show has been excellent! Well done you!

Year 2/3

Gowan is our Star this week. He put in 100% effort into all three of our Summer Shows. He
was a fantastic Cheshire Cat and remembered all the songs which he sang extremely well.
Thanks for your hard work Gowan. Well done!

Week 1 Dish of the Day
Dessert Tea
Monday Margarita Pizza
Dairy Free Veg
Seasonal variety
Hummus with pitta
and crudities &
fresh fruit
Salmon Steaks with Egg
Fried Rice
Egg Fried Rice
Green Vegetables
Cheese wraps &
sponge cake
Jacket Potato with choice
of: cheese, beans, tuna,
cauliflower cheese or chilli
Guacamole or
Tomato Pasta &
fresh fruit
Thursday Veggie Lasagne
Pasta/Plain pasta
with cheese
Garlic bread
Beans on toast &
Bean Burgers
Sliced Cheese
Chipped potatoes
& peas
Egg Mayo
sandwiches &
seasonal fruit cake
For Your Diary

Mapping out the rest of the academic year so you can book time off to not miss a thing!

July .............................................................................................. Last Day of Term (Picnic in the Park)
July .............................................................................................. Teacher INSET + Play Scheme + Nursery OPEN

Picnic in the Park 17
July at Noon
Last year we celebrated the end of the school year by heading off to Rosemary Gardens for a
12pm picnic. You are all welcome to come along. If you wish for your child to have a school
packed lunch, please let Alannah know, but you are equally welcome to bring along a picnic and
relax in the park with us. Therell be music, games and a celebration of the staff that are leaving.
All children are welcome, so if you have other children or cousins, bring them along!
Summer Fete
Its tomorrow!

Please come along
and regardless of the
weather, its going to
be a great fun day
for all the family.
Bring your relatives
and friends and
support the school.