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UCF Instructional Design and Technology Program

eLearning and Educational Technology Track

EME6940 Practicum/Internship Proposal and Contract
TRACK 2 !ummer
Internship Site:
"lorida #irtual !chool Contacts:
2$4% Metro Center &'#() *erem+ ,at-a
!uite 200 Inno.ations Mana/er
0rlando1 "' 2232% 4044666999
!usan !tone
*erem+ ,at-a1 Inno.ations Mana/er at "lorida #irtual !chool has a/reed to 9e an internship
coordinator 7or EME6940)
"lorida #irtual !chool is located in 0rlando1 "lorida) It is a pu9lic school and ser.ices all
counties in "lorida) It o77ers education 7or Kinder/arten $2 /rade in a .irtual settin/)
The inno.ations department is responsi9le 7or the plannin/1 desi/n1 de.elopment1 testin/ and
:ualit+ assurance) It;s the department<s 9usiness and product de.elopment processes) The
Product (e.elopment Mana/er maintains timelines1 monitors 9ud/et1 and o9tains/monitors
resources to enhance product lines) The department ;or8s ;ith .endors1 partners1 sales
mana/ers1 mar8etin/ specialists1 su95ect matter e=perts1 and desi/n specialists in the production
and implementation o7 products1 and consults 7or other "'#! departments to de.elop pilots and
ne; 9usiness opportunities) The department ;rites indepth 9usiness plans1 initiati.e;s1
7inancial reports1 and postimplementation;s to mo.e pro5ects throu/h the phases o7 the
de.elopment li7ec+cle1 and uses emer/in/ communication methods to mar8et inno.ations ;ithin
and outside o7 "'#!) The department consists o7 the mana/er1 desi/ner and three specialists 9ut
also ;or8 ;ith the entire Inno.ation !choolhouse and the curriculum department) The mission is
to a hi/h :ualit+1 technolo/+9ased education that pro.ides the s8ills and 8no;led/e
students need 7or success)
The "'#! Inno.ations (epartment re:uests an Instructional (esi/n Intern to assist ;ith the
research and implementation o7 applica9le chan/es to applications 7or the Ad.ance Placement
tests) The department ;ill 9e doin/ an anal+sis o7 chan/es made 9+ the Ad.ancement &oard and
recommend chan/es to the application to 9ecome compliant) The Inno.ations (epartment has a
.ariet+ o7 pro/rams 7or the interns to ;or8 on throu/hout the summer)
Learning oals and !"#ecti$es
Research chan/es made to the Ad.anced Placement test)
"acilitate chan/es to the applications 7or Apple and Android de.ices)
!upport the Inno.ations (epartment throu/h a /ap anal+sis o7 a tutorin/ pro/ram 7or
Conduct a cost anal+sis 7or an outside tutorin/ pro/ram)
%esponsi"ilities and Tasks
E.aluate chan/es to curriculum and ho; student learnin/ is a77ected
Create anal+sis 7or usa/e o7 each application and anal+sis 7or Apple and android de.ices
Conduct a needs anal+sis o7 an outside tutorin/ pro/ram
!elect materials needed 7or the Ad.anced Placement app)
!upport the Inno.ations (epartment ;ith numerous 5o9s and enterprises)
!upport the curriculum department as re:uired 9+ the internship coordinator)
M+ emphasis 7or this internship ;ill 9e research and desi/n o7 t;o pro5ects) I ;ill 9e ;or8in/ on
technolo/+ 7or students that can 9e do;nloaded on Apple phones1 Apple de.ices1 Android
phones1 and Android de.ices) The applications ;ill 9e used 7or mo9ile education) I ;ill 9e
7ocusin/ on desi/nin/ and anal+-in/ characteristics associated ;ith learnin/ and per7ormance o7
the Ad.anced Placement tests and incorporatin/ chan/es that ali/n ;ith student standards set
7orth 9+ the "lorida (epartment o7 Education) I ;ill 9e conductin/ a conte=t anal+sis to
determine ;hich course applications are used the most and anal+-e speci7ic learnin/
and determine i7 the+ ;ill 9e met 9+ application) M+ other 7ocus ;ill 9e research on an outside
tutorin/ pro/ram and the cost o7 implantation 7or "lorida #irtual !chool) The tutorin/ pro/ram is
in its initial research phase) M+ /oal in this pro5ect is to determine i7 there is a need 7or outside
in7luence and i7 so ho; ;ould it 9e implemented into "'#!) M+ internship hours ;ill 9e
completed 9+ ;or8in/ .irtuall+ ;ith the Inno.ations (epartment Mana/er1 the Inno.ations
!choolhouse Instructional 'eader and the curriculum department)
To demonstrate the success7ul completion o7 m+ o95ecti.es1 I ;ill pro.ide 7or m+ internship
(ocumentation o7 research o7 applications 7or
AP Al/e9ra
AP 'it
AP Ps+ch
AP Micro
A do;nload o7 the Application and the containers
Anal+sis o7 outside tutorin/ pro/ram
2$0 pa/e paper re7lection
Schedule and &ilestones
?e ;ill 9e doin/ an a/ile de.elopment
?e ;ill 9e ;or8in/ in sprints o7 t;o to three ;ee8s
22 ;ee8 timelines to retool and read5ust
$60 hours @ research and additions to mo9ile app and tutorin/ pro/ram
Pro#ected Timeline
?ee8s $2 A?ee8 o7 Ma+ $2 *une $B
Meet ;ith the *erem+ ,at-a and discuss pro5ects
,ain access to applications Mstud+in/ 2)0
&e/in;in/ re:uirements 7or the application
&e/in;in/ chan/es to the Ad.anced Placement E=am
?ee8s 4% A*une 2*une $%B
Compare and Contrast E=istin/ In7ormation ;ith Ad.anced Placement chan/es
?rite /uidelines 7or chan/es needed
Meet ;ith curriculum to determine in7ormation needed)
?ee8s 64 A*une$6 *une 29B
&e/in cost anal+sis o7 tutorin/ pro/ram
Continue ree.aluation curriculum 7or applications
?ee8s 39 A*une 20 *ul+ 9B
Propose chan/es to M+!tud+ 2)0 7or all courses)
Present cost anal+sis and possi9le implementation methods o7 tutorin/ pro/ram 9+
outside pro.ider)
?ee8s $0$2 A*ul+ $0 *ul+ $6B
!u9mit 7inal chan/es and recommended re.isions to M+!tud+ 2)0
?rite 2$0 pa/e re7lection and su9mit to (r) ,unter
!u9mit research and applications to (r) ,unter
Ca.e ad.isor ;rite an assessment and su9mit to (r) ,unter
D0TE> !i/natures o7 all parties ;ill 9e added at the end o7 the semester to con7irm $60 hours)
This document ;ill 9e scanned and uploaded ;ith port7olio)
Intern> EPrint DameF (ate
0nsite !uper.isor> EPrint DameF (ate
"acult+ Ad.isor> ,lenda ,unter1 Ph)() (ate