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The Institution training is an important part of the course curriculum.

Summer internships are usually eight to twelve weeks long and can be full or part
time. More students do internships during the summer than during any other time of
the year. These short term experiences provide a real insight into what its actually
like working in a particular job or career field. Theres ample time to get into a regular
work routine and gain valuable knowledge and skills. Summer internships can be
completed for credit but they dont have to be. etting credit during the summer can
be helpful since it can lighten a students course load during fall or spring semester
but the downside is that most colleges re!uire tuition in order for student to receive
credit. "heck with your college since there are some colleges that permit students to
roll the credit from the summer internship into the fall semester# thus re!uiring no
additional tuition.
$sually students doing a summer internship for credit are re!uired to
pay college tuition which could leave them incurring some debt over the course of
summer break if their internship is unpaid. %ach student is different and I recommend
that students totally evaluate their individual circumstance prior to making a decision.
If a student does not need the credit to add to their college transcript# my
recommendation would be to not do the internship for credit and perhaps wait and do
one for credit during the fall or spring semester.
%ven without receiving credit# the internship will still provide an
opportunity to gain the relevant knowledge and skills re!uired in the field as well as
add an important element to the resume. aining relevant experience through
internships# co ops# service learning# or externships and making professional contacts
while there are two of the best things a student can do to prepare themselves for
getting a job in their field after college.
$nfortunately# students often graduate from university and have
trouble finding employment. The reason for this is because students are not given any
practical training# making them less favorable for immediate hire. "ompanies want to
employ prospects that can be productive immediately following their hiring#
especially if they have the choice between a student that is only wet behind the ears#
or a graduate with real world experience. %xperience is chiefly important for students
that are studying in IT related fields.
Today# computer colleges can offer hands on training# preparing
students for work in the real world. 'ne of the greatest attributes of these colleges is
that they offer stages# or internships that are geared towards providing all of their
students with actual experience working in their intended fields of expertise. (hether
it is IT training# or web design courses# most institutions have agreements with
selected companies to ensure that all students benefit from actual experience before
they are awarded their diploma. This program helps to ensure the placement of
graduates# greatly increasing the chances of successful employment.
)esides experience# internships also teach students how to act in a
work environment. It teaches them a level of professionalism# while educating them in
the areas of time management# communication and self*discipline. (hile many
people naturally possess these skills# some do not. The internship helps to bring all
students to the same level +naturally some will excel in some areas that others do
not,-.this is simply a result of personality traits as opposed to employee skill/#
preparing them for all aspects of working for a company once their studies are
In a tech field# students are expected to possess an extremely high level
of skill. IT training can teach students the latest software and programs# and educate
them on how to be adaptable to change in the technological industry. The same goes
for careers in web or graphic design# computer colleges can prep students for the real
world by teaching them not only practical experience# but also the theoretical
knowledge needed to succeed in the world of ever evolving technology. 0or instance#
web design courses teach students how to use all of the most recent software while
simultaneously encouraging the more creative side of the students. This allows
students to find their comfort 1ones and strengths before graduation# making them
more likely to succeed in the very real and competitive working world.
(hen considering enrollment at any career college# ask about their
stage*internship program# especially if you are considering a job in the IT field.
%nsure that the college offers practical training# in additional to their theory classes.
3sk about the flexibility of the program# and see if the program suits your schedule#
and if not# ask if there is any way to make it work.
Advantages of Training
There are many advantages in conducting training# They are4
5igher 6erformance.
$niformity of 6rocedures and increased
Man 6ower 7evelopment.
%conomy of Materials and %!uipment.
8esults in less supervision.
5igh Morale.
There is a lack of Information about the financial details.
3s the entire employees and employers are very busy with their activities
so it was difficult to gather sufficient Information.
Transport expenses will be high because "ompany located at outer of the
To know about the various function of department like purchase#
6roduction# 5uman 8esource# Marketing and financial 7epartment.
To gather practical knowledge about the company.
To know about the company day to day activities.
Sco!e of Training
The trainees learn on the actual e!uipments in use and in the true
environment of the job.
The trainees learn rules and regulations# procedures by observing their
day to day operations in the company.
This type of training can increase knowledge with skill in short
The 6olymer Sector comprises four discrete processing areas4 6lastics
6rocessing# 8ubber 6rocessing# 6olymer "omposite 6rocessing and Sign Making. ;ust
fewer than &:#<<< companies operate within the sector employing some 2=>#<<<
employees. This figure rises to approximately :<<#<<< employees when companies
who process polymers as a secondary operation to their main business# are taken into
consideration. The industry is extremely dynamic being subject to many changes and
opportunities arising from technological change# development of new materials and
processing technology and not least# the development of new products and changes in
consumer re!uirements.
The industries re!uire innovators# technologists# designers and highly
skilled processing technicians to remain at the forefront of developments and changes
in the worlds demand for more versatile# lightweight# low cost and energy saving
products and applications.
6roducts and component parts developed using polymers# are used in
many applications and each year the demand steadily grows.
3erospace# 3utomotive# Marine# 7efense# Medical# %lectrical# 6lastic
%lectronics# "onstruction# Transportation# "onsumer ? 7omestic 6roducts# @eisure#
Toys# 6ackaging.
%ngineers and designers are on an ever increasing scale becoming
aware of the important position polymers play across a wide band of engineering
applications. 3dvances in electronic and automotive engineering depend heavily on
polymers. The aerospace industry would grind to a halt without advanced plastic and
polymer composites. The automotive industry and its need to reduce carbon emissions
re!uire the use of lighter materials that can be formed into complex shapes to assist
with this process.
The ability of polymers to be moulded to very complex shapes gives
the designer the opportunity to design for assembly# to reduce overall cost and
produce a more efficient end product. 0or the future# composites look set to play an
even greater role. )oth thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics reinforced with glass#
carbon and aramid fibers have already made their mark on products from racing cars
to tennis rackets. In industry# advanced polymers and composites are everywhere
replacing metal components in processes from food production to nuclear processing.
6olymers have revolutioni1ed the sports goods# household appliance and electronic
industries# and tissue compatible plastics# have made an enormous impact on the
design of medical e!uipment and prostheses.
8ubber processing is also as e!ually diversified in its application as
plastics and composites. 6roviding sealing rings to the space shuttle and notably tyre
manufacture. If you watch 0ormula & rand 6rix 8acing you would know that tyre
selection based on design# construction and texture plays a significant part in winning
a race.
In the overnments latest report on Skills for rowth +)uilding
)ritains 0uture/ the "omposites area is singled out as a strategic area for growth#
"ogent are working with The 7epartment for )usiness Innovation ? Skills to ensure
we have a skilled workforce at the relevant levels for the 6olymer "omposites
It has been often said that BIf it wasnt for the Sign Making industry
you wouldnt know who or what we were. 6lastics in the form of 3crylic is used
extensively within the industry for both illuminated and non*illuminated displays. The
design of the signage can inform an individual about many things# including the
perceived importance of an organi1ation. "ompanies involved within this sector are
often micro companies employing only one or two individuals but can rise
significantly with national franchised organi1ations.
0irst takes were made from 6oly Ciny "hlorides +6C"/ in ermany in
The first 6C" pipes were manufactured +ermany in &D9A 6C" pipe lines
began/ to be entailed for residential drinking water distribution and
wastage pipe lines in &D9>.
Initial use of 6C" pipe in Eorth 3merican in &D:D.
The first 6C" distribution pipes paid in &DAA
The original publication of the 3STM' &F=A stand and specification for
6C" company plastic pipes schedules in &D><.
The publication of the first national standard for 6C" pipes pressure rated
of water commercial standard in &D>9.
The 3((3 +3merican (ater (orks 3ssociation/ appointed a committee
to study and report and the adoptability of plastic pipe for use in the water
industry in &D>>.
The "anadian Stands 3ssociation +"S3/ put lines the first edition of in
&2F< pipe for present application.
The $EI bill makes to 7allas in &DF> the original publication of 3((3
standard for 6C".
In &DDF in fabricated fitting added to 3((3
6C" in the largest value of plastic pipe material in Eorth 3merica with
annual sales in excess of >.= bills.
378 polymer was started in &DDD. The expansion of 378 polymer is
3.7urai 8aj. It is located at plot no4 &A< SI7"' +Small Industry 7evelopment
"orporation/ in Gappalur . It is situated next to Thirunagar. This firm was started by
Mr. ;eya singh. 5e is a sole proprietor. The company invested their initial investment
8s.Acrore# 2crore is own money and another 8s.9crore is borrowed from Tamilnadu
Industrial Investment "orporation of India. This company is producing and selling
their products from H.inch pipes to F.inch pipes. It is one of the )%ST Traders in
pipe distribution Iauthori1ed dealerJ
378 pipe is the most important for all type of purposes. 378 pipe
was user for all pipeline works. 378 pipe was usually taken )est pipe 7ealer. It is
supplying the pipes at cheapest rate.
%very workers should work for a hours per day. 'vertime is also given
for male workers. The female workers are not allowed to have overtime working.
Shift Morning D.<< to >.9<
shift Eight F.9< to A.<<
shift Morning D.<< to >.9<
To earn more profit
To get good will
To motivate the company employees
378 6olymers believes in sustainability as the bridge connecting
value creation and limitation of global warming issues. 3 responsible and efficient use
of the natural resources and transformation processes will be the basis of all the
378s developments.
378 creates and serves markets for high*!uality new polymers and
smart formulations to fulfill industrial re!uirements in a sustainable way. 378
intends to be leading company in the creation and valori1ation of non*edible
biomasses and bio waste through an applied 8?7 approach.
S%OT ana+,sis:
ood !ualification of existing personnel
Smaller wages compared to similar companies in the %$
6ermanent tendency of creating new companies with foreign capital that can
compete successfully on markets
7eveloping market connected to future investments in industries that need
plastic parts
Most e!uipment is physically and morally obsolete# which limits the capacity
of the sector to apply new technologies and to obtain high technical products
in conditions of productivity and low costs
The former great state enterprises have been privati1ed through the M%)'
method and are still receiving limited financing for investments. Most of the
e!uipment is old# with medium productivity and !uality performance. 'nly
some companies invested in new e!uipment with competitive performance.
The polymer price fluctuation is strongly connected to the price of crude oil.
@ow preoccupation for regaining past active traditional markets
5igh production costs in companies created from the former great state
enterprises with too many personnel# partially used production capacity#
reduced productivity# high energy consumption# and others.
Insufficient marketing on foreign markets
0inancial blockage
Increase of investments through national capital participation and by attracting
foreign companies to set up new companies in the country# or to cooperate
with existing companies
7evelopment of company activities in management# marketing# !uality#
research and branding
orienting SM%s to accept contracts for complex products manufacturing meant
for large and multinational companies
important investments projects in infrastructure development
The existence of a speciali1ed educational system capable of insuring well
trained personnel and perfecting existing personnel
increase in domestic market demand of products for constructions and
0inancial instability because of more credits.
More competitors in the market.
0armers are showing more interest in organic manure.
overnment is giving more subsidies on organic manures to farmers.


Managing 7irector

eneral Manager
@abor officer
(orker (orker (orker (orker (orker
The effective management of the purchasing activity and functions related to
material +inventory level# reducing scrap etc/ it is a key of effective business
3 purchase department exists to supply the needs of production department in
the company. 6rofit is the primary objective of all organi1ation. 6urchase department
aims are reducing the cost of production# and to maximi1ing its profit.
6urchase of raw materials and disposing of scrap materials are the main
function of this department.
6urchase is based on good !uality# available !uantity and reasonable price# the
company purchases raw material in term of tones. The company maintains the stock
on the 0I0' basis method.
S.Eo 8aw Materials 6lace 6urchase
&. Satiric acid
2. 6araffin wax
9. Titanium die Koxide
:. 6igment
A. "alcium
>. %poxy oil
Since polymer Industries needs a lot of raw materials for its production
activities it has a good purchase department to look after this purpose. The purchase
department of this company has a purchase manager.
The general procedure followed by the company is providing the order
is call for the !uotation of different suppliers of the raw materials and check the
!uality of raw materials offered by the suppliers.
It select the suppliers who supply the raw materials at a competitive
price# with good !uality and also promptly. Sometimes the company purchase it raw
material from local suppliers also.
&. 63LM%ET '0 68'"%7$8%
2. 68'"%SS '0 6$8"53S%.
./ Pa,0ent of !rocedure:
The company follows a payment procedure where is it gets a credit
facility for making its payment to its suppliers. Eormally the company gets a credit
facility for >< days. )ut there are some suppliers who extent a credit facility for about
&2< days for the company.
1/ Process of !urc2ase:
The purchase department gets the !uality of raw materials to be
purchased from the store. Then it places the orders to its suppliers. 3s soon as the
company places an order the purchase department issues a M8E +Materials 8eceipt
Eote/ through a computer. This is known as interim M8E and when the company
makes the payments to its suppliers# a final M8E is issued which keeps a record of
the materials purchased.
The whole system of purchase of raw materials has been computeri1ed#
which has simplified that whole process.
F+o3 c2art:
The concern using various machines for their production process. The
6roduction 7epartment having nine processes and the operations are followed one by
To produce the &<<M !uality product.
To reduce the loss of material and
8educe production cost and produce higher output.
Production !rocess:
Production !rocess:
6I6% %NT8$7%8
ES%8T 8$))%8
T3G% '00 $EIT
"$TTIE 3E7
"'$6@IE $EIT
(%I5T M3"5IE%
In the dispatching process only necessary and needed pipes must be collected
from the waste scrap pipes. (hite and cement color pipes should be collected in
separately and as the same manner blue pipes must be collected in separately.
In the dispatching process should be seen in carefully# they are as block of
stones# soils and threads are not mixed with the selected pipes. )ecause through the
unclean pipes the output of lumps may be decreased in the lumps extruder. 3nd have
more chance to whole may be made on the pipes and pipe may be turned in the pipe
extruder. So it is very important primary process of the pipe production.
The dispatched materials are brought to the grinder into May small pieces.
In the top of the grinder there is a small opening door through it the materials
are feed. The grinder in mounted on a bed and the bed is bolted in floor inside of the
grinder. Totally F blades are mounted# the four blades Ieach side 2bladesJ are mounted
in the side frame of the grinder and three blades are mounted in the center rotating
shaft. )oth side of the center rotating shaft# ball bearing is fixed and covered using
bolts. 3 round pulley is connected with one and of the center rotating shaft. In the
back side of the grinder# there is an 3O" motor is mounted and bolted on the bed. The
motor pulley is connected with the center shaft pulley using belts.
4/ MI5ER:
The grinder material is brought to the mixer. Inside of the mixer there is a
center rotating shaft and : blades are mounted on it. Two blades are mounted in top
and the other 2blades are in bottom. %ach blade is in opposite direction at &=< degree
angle. It was fully covered grindrically. In the top of the mixer# there is a small
opening hole through it the material are feed.
'ne 3O" motor is mounted in the side frame in the bed. It is bolted in vertical
direction. The motor pulley connected with the center rotating shaft wiring belts.
(hen the motor is switching on the center rotating shaft is rotated with blades in
vertical direction .
A<kg of material is feed through the top hole of the mixer. The chemicals are
added with it as follow
Satiric acid *2kg#
6araffin wax *&<kg#
@ead separate *2<kg#
Titanium dies *oxide *&<kg#
"alcium * &:kg#
%poxy oil*><<ml.
3fter feeding materials and chemicals# the materials are mixed to &A
minutes after good mixing .The material comes out through a small hole at the bottom
of the mixer. Then it is brought to the lumps.
In the back side of the extruder machine# 2A56 motor is mounted on
the bed. The motor pulley is connected with the gear box through belts. Then the gear
box flange is connected housing flange. 'ne end of the screw is free to rotates .'ver
the screw and barrel .The other end of the barrel is bolted on the bed.
3 hopper is mounted on the barrel for feeding the material. Eear the hopper#
there is a hopper unit is situated to cool the barrel. Six heaters volts are as follows.
0irst two*FA<w
Third two*&<<<w
3 die head is hanging with the barrel. 3 breaker plate is placed
between the barrel and the die head. The die head is locked with the barrel using :nos
of & P bolts in front of the die head# 3 mould drilling plate is bolted with it. 3 cutting
wheel is connected with the mould drilling plate to cut the material into the pellets
)efore starting the machine# the barrel and screw the heated to 2hours.
5eading the motor is switched on when the motor rotatesQ the gear box flange is
rotated with the housing flange. 3s the housing flange rotated# the screw rotates inside
the barrel freely.


The mixed material is feed into the hopper and that send to the screw. Those materials
comes out with highly melting point at 2<<c towards the mould drilling plate
through the breaker plate and die head as the screw rotates continuously .In front
of the breaker plates. 3 screen pack in placed to fitter the dusts and stones from the
material. The cutting wheel is rotated by using 7" motor. 3s the cutting motor
rotates continuously the materials are changed into pellets form.
This unit pulls the pipe from the machine and sends out to cutting section.
This unit is having two long rubber belts to pull the pipe griply. These two belts are
rotated in a same direction by 7" motor mounted on a bed.
The motor pulley is connected with a small gear box pulley. (hen the motor
pulley rotates the gear box pulley rotates using belts. 3s the gear box pulley rotates#
the rubber roller rotates through worm gears.
The 5eight of the two rubber roller can be adjusted to the re!uired shape of
pipe +from R. * F./ by using rod.
The weight of the pipe is controlled by adjusting the 7" motor speed.
In cutting unit# the pipe is cut by manually# after crossing the pipe. 3 blade is
fixed on a blummer block shaft. 3t the end of the shaft a pulley is connected. This
pulley connected the motor pulley through using the belt. (hen the motor rotates# the
blade rotates in a clock wise direction.
These blade and motor are mounted on a wheel based bed and placed in a
stand and moves on a rail in the stand.
'ne 2< feet. Tray is connected with the cutting machine bed. 3t the end of the
tray a stopper is situated to stop the pipe. (hen the pipe reaches 2< feet. 'n the tray#
the stopper stops the pipe and tray moves on the stand with the cutting machine. The
cutting machine moves on a rail. Then the pipe is cut by manually and reset for the
next pipes arrival. Then the pipe has been take to the coupling section.
3fter cutting the pipes# there must be coupled in one side of the pipe by the
coupler unit compressor also used in. 'ne pipe can be joint with another pipe by this
3fter the coupling process# each and every pipe has been weighted by the
machine in correct weight.
F+o3 c2art:
The term market refers to a place were buyers and seller interact# the
aggregate demand for a commodity# the forces +or/condition with in which buyers and
sellers make decision# transfer of tittle to good s and services.
It is a path treated in the direct +or/ indirect transfer of tittle to
products. The 378 6olymer has more agents to distribution their products. The
Marketing area are Madurai# Theni# 8amnad# and "oimbatore.
0ore man
This company is advertised this product through the calendar only.
In this "ompany have transport the goods through the lorry and Tata
3ce# Minivan# %tcS
Price strateg,:
The price has to fix by all person. The product is sold to only whole
Mode of trans!ort:
The transport of goods is all over tamilnadu. The goods transport
through rail and road ways. The transport of the city is mini auto and 'mni.
"e+iver, 0et2od:
The delivery of goods is not the free delivery. The amount charged
depends upon the distance travelled.
The 3de!uate skill# Technology# %ducation and desire among men so as to make
the nature resources useful to man is termed as human resources.
In this company recruitment is the process of searching for prospective candidates
and stimulating them to apply for the job for the organi1ation.
The 378 polymers company has selects their employees on the basis of age and
experience. The employees are selected in right time at right place.
The 378 6olymers "ompany has given the training to new employee and they
also given the opportunity of observe and performing the production process for the
purpose of development of the company. The company has given one month training
programe for new employees.
The company provides the salary for worker on monthly basic
"esignation Sa+ar,
;in Rs< %ages
; in Rs<
Manger &=#<<<
Supervisor &2#<<<
Machine operator &<#<<<
'ffice Staff =#<<<
(orker >#<<<+)ata A</
(atch man >#<<<
The total number of workers *=<
Male workers are * AA
0emale workers are K 2A
%mployee benefit means the benefit which are provider to the 378 6olymers.
%mployees provident fund is provided at the rate of &2M of the basic wage payment
contributed by both employer and the %mployee.
The )onus will be given at a time of 7iwali# and 6ongal %tcS In 378 6olymers
has given the two month salary to the employee for the same.
The company has provided the separate rest room facility for men and women

In 378 6olymer "ompany have separate latrine facility for Men and (oman.
In 378 providing to purify water to their workers in the concern.
In 378 6olymer provided the mask to all workers# than the cleaning department
doing their in regularly.
E/ S/ I ;E0!+o,ee State Insurance<
The "ompany provides %mployee Statue Insurance "orporation contributes to the

The finance department is considered to the backbone of any business
or organi1ation. 3ny money transaction has been done under the control of finance
department. This department is taking care of payments for all purchases workers
wages and staff salary to give the 58 manager
The investment of the factory is initial investment is : crore only and current
investment is &< crore.
The sources of the initial investment is own capital only.
The factory has borrowed 9 crore from T.I.I." +Tamilnadu Industrial
Investment "orporation/ at the rate of interest is D.FAM
The factory maintained the register for employees attendance for
workers in the factory.

They maintain accounts manually and also in the computer system.
They flow double entry system of book keeping. They maintain by day book to record
all the transaction if the department is dealing with case the transactions are first
recorded manually and then entered in the system. The case book transactions are
general expenses travelling expenses# daily expenses are manually entered in the day
book. The computer automatically the entries and account balance sheet etc and also
all purchases and sales journal respectively. In the industry keeps the following book
of accounts.
'ffice is the place where the control Mechanism of an enterprise is
@ocated where records are initiated for production. The office is the administrative
centre of business.
The following file are maintained by the
&. 8aw material purchase file.
2. 0inance file.
9. Marketing file.
The office e!uipments are
Telephone :
Minivans 2
Table :
"omputer 2
6rinter 2
The new model computers are used by the 7.T.6 workers#
clerk# accountant# cashiers# %tc... The record and day*to*day transaction and other
details of the company are computeri1ed.
3n ink*jet printer is used in the company to take important copy of records and
bill vouchers.
3n intercom is provided to the department to have a "ommunication with all the
The "ompany provide calculator to the 0inance# production and 6urchase
The office management department is maintained in various in various register.
"A$ (OO&:
3 day book is maintained regularly and recording of all the petty expense and
daily report.
T The workers are felt that the company working time is more.
T @ack of advertisement of the company.
T There is a no uniform facility to the workers.
T 0re!uent power cut is another problem. 7ue to the power cut production is
affect at large level.
8educe the working hours of employees.
To Increase level of 3dvertisement.
They should be provided uniform facility to the worker.
8egular supply of electric power should be made available without any
fluctuation. So as to facilitate the continuous flow of production in the
This summer training reports is one of the Important and use full
reports of the institution. This is only the firsts step# which can teach all sorts of
difficulties that experienced during the corporate services.
Summer training provides golden opportunities to each working
environment in various departments# to achieve the procedure and practical
knowledge on really informative and educative. The trainee came to know about son
many things related to pharmaceutical company.
(oo> Na0e Aut2or
Marketing Management 6hilip kotler
5uman 8esource Management Ghanka