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1. Corporate mission, vision and strategies:
To achieve a competitive edge, and to retain customers; organizations should be innovative to
fulfill the ever changing needs of their customers. Being innovative would leads towards
customer satisfaction which in turn strengthens the financial position of the organization.
Therefore, organizations should develop sound strategies to maintain strong financial positions.
Strategies may be very well drawn and presented, but the problem is that strategy is not very
well communicated to people involved in the execution process. Although strategy execution is
everyone's business in the organization, the final result is poor strategy execution in many
organizations. Top management formulates strategy, but the execution is a bottom up process.
To place it as a progressive & customer friendly bank providing financial and other related
To cater to various segments of society using advanced technology.
To be committed to excellence in corporate values.
To provide excellent professional services & improve its position as a leader in the field of
financial related services.
To build & maintain a team of motivated and committed workforce with high work ethos.
To use the latest technology aimed at customer satisfaction & act as an effective catalyst for
socio-economic developments.

2. Outline the company value chain activities:



Professionals Profile Management
Department heads
Teams management
Board of directors
Recruitment and selection support
Post Selection Administrative Support
Recruitment and selection support / shortlist candidates / interview / Conduct Group
Identification of Internal and External Resource Person and Training Teams
Conducting Training Programs and Measuring Training Effectiveness
EBL introduced Cash Deposit Kiosk for the first time in Nepal through which the Customers
can deposit Cash conveniently.
Catering to more than 6lakhs satisfied customers.
Arrangement and Assistant for Internship
Various Job Opportunities (Permanent, Temporary, Part Time, Shift etc...)

3. Identify the strategically required organizational outcomes
Catering to more than 6.5lakhs customers.
Bank has been one of the leading banks of the country and has been catering its services to
various segments of the society.

4. Identify the required workforce behaviors

Become liaison for any banking problems.
Always smile and Provide necessary information and assistance to customers holding and
attending Seminars.

5. Identify the strategically relevant HR system policies and activities

Adding some of the best banking talent in the industry to team.
Customer can avail the facility of banking at his/her own convenient time.
Income from staff loans is accounted for on cash basis.
Launching seminars.

6. Design the HR scorecard measurement system

More applicants are come to join banks.
Increment more accountholders transaction through EBL.
Getting more awards such as the bank has been conferred with the
"Best Managed Commercial Bank" by ASIAN PAINT NEWBIZ Award 2013.

7. Periodically reevaluate the measurement system

Evaluation based on annual report.
Based in ranking of bank among other banks.
Demanding of job placement.
Measurement through financial report.