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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747


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Internship Report


Vivo Hydro
Pure water for pure life

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

Submitted by

Name: imran hassan

ID: mc06033489

Session: Fall 2008.

Submission Date: 30/01/09

North south university.

I dedicate my project to my Parents, to

my Teachers and to my Friends.
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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747


All praises to ALLAH Almighty, who guides us when we find no direction and light in
the trackless desert of life. I am grateful to Almighty ALLAH, the beneficent and the
merciful for His kindness to me in every sphere of life and who blessed me with the
opportunity, courage and determination to accomplish this humble contribution towards

I faced a lot of difficulties during the development of internship report. But ALLAH gave
me a lot of patience and due to the continuous encouragement of my friends and other
people concerned; I was able to complete this task.

Only the Almighty ALLAH knows how much difficulties and hardships I have faced
during my degree program. But I am confident and I had a very firm belief in ALLAH
that the Almighty can never waste my hard work.

I wish to express my gratitude to my instructors who generously helped me to complete

this Internship report.

I am highly thankful to the valuable suggestions, comments and skilful thoughts given by
the concerned authorities of VHT for the achievement of our goal. It is not possible to
express my appreciation of the help and guideline afforded me by the management of
VHT. This is only due to their guidance and encouragement that I have been able to
complete my internship. Their advice and suggestions helped me to improve the quality
of my report.

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

Executive Summary

Internship was my first step in practical life, through which I learnt a lot and it has aided
me in being well equipped with valuable experience that would help me once I enter the
professional life almost after the completion of my studies. (In the last semester of
MBA) from 15th of the November 2008 to 10th of the January 2009.I worked in Vivo
Hydro Technologies as an internee. My association with this company was being a part
of the Information Technology Department. It was a great experience for me and it
helped me in realizing where my potential lies. What I learnt at VHT over the weeks was
how to get along with the people that I have to work with everyday, building
relationships with people, building confidence and improving my
communication skills. This internship has also prepared me for my future career in
Information Technology so this internship has helped me a great deal. The experience
has taught me responsibility, teamwork and how to handle people in tough social
situations. Even though the nature of work was quite basic as an internee but I learnt a
lot for my upcoming professional life and find the internship in the best benefit of
myself. I got training in the IT department and develop an IS first time in my life so that
was the maiden attempt towards my future in IT.

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

Internship Certificate

The Internship Certificate has been sent to Instructor MISI619

via postal mail on 13th of the January.

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

Evaluation Form

The Evaluation Form has been sent to Instructor MISI619 via

postal mail on 13th of the January.

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

Table of Contents

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Sr. # Topic. Page. #

1. Introduction ofReport
Internship the sector.
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2. Overview of the organization. 18

2.1 Brief history of the organization. 18

2.2 Nature of the organization. 21

2.3 Business volume. 26

2.4 Product lines. 28

2.5 Competitors. 54

3. Organizational structure. 55

3.1 Organizational hierarchy chart. 56

3.2 Number of employees. 57

3.3 Main offices. 57

3.4 Introduction of all departments. 58

3.5 Comments on the organizational structure. 61

4. Plan of internship program. 63

4.1 Brief introduction of the branch. 63

4.2 Starting and ending dates of internship. 64

4.3 Description of the department in which I worked. 68

5. Training program. 70

6. Structure of the MIS/IT department. 72

6.1 Department hierarchy. 72

6.2 MIS/IT department. 73

6.3 MIS/IT operations. 73

7. Functions of the MIS/IT department. 74
7.1 Major functions. Page 8 of 114 74

7.2 Support to other departments. 86

Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

1. Introduction of the sector

The sector introduction phase of my report constitutes the fact sheet of water in
Pakistan. It includes how we the people spoil it. How our factories contaminates it. How
our leather tanneries adds toxins to it. The organization in which I do my internship is
related to the water sector of Pakistan. The second phase of introduction is about the

Fresh water is fundamental to the survival of humans and most other land-based life
forms. Ninety seven per cent of the earth's water is the salt water of oceans and seas.
Most of the remaining 3 per cent is in polar ice caps, glaciers, the atmosphere or
underground and hard to reach. Only 0.4 per cent is available for use. This water supply
is maintained by water evaporating from oceans and lakes and then falling to the earth as
rain in a process called the ‘water cycle’ created by the Almighty ALLAH. However,
growing population, increased economic activity and industrialization has resulted in an
increased demand for fresh water. In addition, rapid urbanization is changing patterns of
consumption. This has caused a severe misuse of water resources. Discharging untreated
sewage and chemical wastes directly into rivers, lakes and drains has become a
traditional habit. Water bodies can no longer cope with the increasing pollution load. In

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

Pakistan, water is mainly used for industrial, agricultural and domestic purposes.

The following table shows percentage of water consumption for every use.

Purpose Percentage

Agriculture 69%

Industry 23%

Domestic 8%

Since most water is being used by the agricultural sector, irrigation can cause water
logging and salinity. This happens when the water table rises close to the surface of the
soil. If plants do not use this water, it evaporates, leaving salts behind. Even in
uncultivated, barren lands, a water table within 2 meters of the surface can cause salinity
in the soil. If irrigation water containing high levels of contaminants evaporates, it can
result in damage to the soil. The Punjab province draws its major share of drinking water
from the natural ground water aquifer. Ground water becomes contaminated when
chemicals from surface water seep into soil and come in contact with the flowing
groundwater. The movement of groundwater is through open spaces in soil and rock
layers, which is usually very slow, indicating a very low dilution of contaminants.
According to WHO, groundwater of Lahore up to 700-ft deep has been seriously

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

contaminated and should not be used for human consumption. In 1989, pollution was
found to a depth of 300-ft, and to 500-ft in 1992.

The ground water pollution:

Municipal Sewage:

Municipal sewage is a major source of pollution. About 2 million wet tones of human
excreta are annually produced in the urban sector of which around 50% go into water
bodies to pollute them. National Conservation Strategy (NCS) states that almost 40% of
deaths are related to water borne diseases. Domestic wastewater collects on the streets
and in low-lying areas. The situation is further aggravated by the addition of untreated
wastes from small-scale industries. In Pakistan, drinking water supply lines and open
sewage drains in the streets are laid side by side. As a result, water is frequently
contaminated when pipes erode. Most main sewers are between 30-50ft below ground
level and are made of 10ft cement sections linked without proper safety seals. Poor
connections combined with deteriorating low quality sewer pipes cause a lot of leakage.
This outflow from sewer mixes with the water table and the contamination is carried to
deeper levels. Hence the ground water which is considered safe becomes adulterated
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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

with everything from PCBs, lead, cyanides, mercury, solvents, hydrocarbon compounds,
hospital and pharmaceutical industry waste. Ravi teems with toxic industrial effluent and
untreated domestic sewage as soon as it enters Pakistan. This has made it literally a large
open sewer.


Industrial wastewater contains toxic chemicals. It is alarming that most industries have
been started without proper planning and waste treatment plants. They just dispose of
untreated toxic waste into nearby drains, canals or rivers. Lahore, Faisalabad, Karachi,
Sialkot contribute major pollution loads into their water bodies.
According to an EPD source, 9000 million gallons of wastewater having 20,000 tons of
BOD5 loading are daily discharged into water bodies from the industrial sector.
[Proceedings of International Symposium by CEWR in 1993, Paper by M.A. Saleem].
Automobile service stations are another major contributor to surface water pollution.
Untreated oil, grease and dirt find its way into nearby canals and rivers where it damages
the ecosystem.

The uncontrolled discharge of untreated effluent from tanneries is a growing problem in

Pakistan's leather industry. With exports of tanned leather increasing as a consequence of
more stringent environmental controls curtailing the process in Western countries, severe
environmental degradation is occurring as untreated effluent is released into nearby
water reservoirs and the sea. With scarce land resources, pollution also affects large
numbers of people who live close to the tanneries. The effluent contaminates the sea as
well as the inland water supply, and pollution of the water supply in turn affects the food
supply for the population. Moreover, much of the country is subjected to the air
pollution caused by burning tannery residuals into the atmosphere. All these forms of
pollution have detrimental effects on the health of the Pakistan population. Leather
tanneries in Pakistan produce three categories of waste: wastewater, solid waste and air

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

emissions, of which wastewater is by far the most important environmental challenge.

Although the exact quantity varies widely between tanneries, a normal requirement of
around 50-60 liters of water per kilogram of hide is suggested. Some tanneries in
Pakistan consume as much as three times this amount of water. The current practice is to
discharge the water into the local environment without any treatment.

Landfills & Leaching:

Leaching is the process where chemicals from a material dissolve into water while it is
being filtered through that material. The resulting mixture is called leach ate consisting
of residues from decomposed organic matter and metals. Major contributors to leach ate
are municipal solid waste, hospital waste, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, stagnant
ponds, toxic industrial waste, and sewage. Rusting cans, discarded batteries and
appliances, paints, pesticides, cleaning fluids, newspaper inks, and other chemicals may
also add to the toxic mixture of leach ate.


Excessive and uncontrolled use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides promotes

contaminated agricultural run off. This not only pollutes the surface drains but the water
trickling down to lower layers of soil causes a severe contamination of the natural
aquifer. Over abstraction of groundwater prompts recharge from the surface water
drains, which themselves are severely contaminated.

Water pollution and the humans:

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

The WHO reports that 25-30% of all hospital admissions are connected to water borne
bacterial and parasitic conditions, with 60% of infant deaths caused by water infections.
The long-term effects on human health of pesticides and other pollutants include colon
and bladder cancer, miscarriage, birth defects, deformation of bones, and sterility.
Contamination of fresh water with radionuclide, which can result from mining, testing,
disposal and manufacturing of radioactive material, as well as transportation accidents,
has led to increased incidences of cancer, developmental abnormalities and death.
Cesspools of stagnant dirty water, both in rural and urban areas, account for a large
number of deaths caused by potentially fatal diseases like cholera, malaria, dysentery
and typhoid. Nitrate concentration in water above 45mg/l makes it unfit for drinking by
infants. The nitrates are reduced in body to nitrites and cause a serious blood condition
called the "Blue Baby Syndrome". Higher concentrations of nitrate cause gastric cancer.
Untreated and highly toxic industrial sewage is also used for irrigation near major cities.
This can contaminate crops and consequently affect consumers.

Water pollution and our environment:

Karachi’s untreated wastewater from domestic sewage and industrial estates is

discharged into the Layari and Malir rivers, which fall into the Arabian Sea. This waste
has begun to pose a serious threat to the marine environment, as the channel water is
contaminated not only with bacteria but also with toxic chemicals. Water pollution also
extends a savage threat to wildlife of Pakistan. Animals drink water out of polluted water
bodies, ailing ponds, rivers and streams. This sickens the animals and some may even
die. Oil spills kill thousands of fish in oceans. Extreme pollution of river Ravi has
destroyed the once existing 42 species of fish and the bird life around the river has
migrated to other areas. Survival of small invertebrates, micro fauna and flora is also

WHO’s point of view:

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

WHO has focused its attention on the issues of urban and industrial pollution? It
provides assistance to the industrial sector in reducing polluted discharges into air, water
and soil. The world health organization enhances capacity of industrial sector so that
they can implement environmental solutions. In this regard, training workshops have
been organized on the subjects of industrial waste management and waste minimization
technology. To promote environmental awareness of water pollution issues, a water
pollution monitoring kit (mobile laboratory) was developed by WHO and launched in
the four provinces of Pakistan. The kit is easy to use and is fabricated using cost
effective material. It is capable of monitoring 14 pollutants.

Kasur Tanneries Pollution Control Project:

The Kasur Tanneries Pollution Control Project is helping to reduce the environmental
damage caused by tannery waste. It also aims to improve tanners' technical and
managerial skills and promote environmental awareness among the population to ensure
the long-term sustainability of the industry. In Kasur waste discharge from tanneries
pollutes the air, soil, surface water and underground water, causing serious health
problems because they lie within and around residential areas. Respiratory disorders,
diarrhea, dysentery and typhoid. Are the most serious illnesses among the community?
The presence of toxic compounds especially compounds of chromium, represents real
danger to the health of the population nearby. The World Health Organization (WHO)
sets the standard permitted toxic level in drinking water at 0.05 parts per million or ppm.
In Kasur, the level was found to be over 2 ppm, representing a serious health risk to the
local community. Water in the local river consists of domestic sewage and wastewater
from the tanning industry, which farmers use for irrigation, watering the buffaloes and
washing clothes. In order to save the environment, prevent the spread of diseases and
remove the stench, industrial waste from 230 tanneries in the city is now being treated.

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

2. Overview of the organization

2.1 History of the Water Treatment Industry and VHT:

History of Water treatment industry in Pakistan:

The history of water treatment industry in Pakistan is not so old. It was

introduced in almost 1998. The European Union and W.H.O’s (World
Health Organization) Restrictions on Pakistani leather industry, Sports
industry and surgical industry gave birth to this industry in northern
Punjab. The northern Punjab includes Sialkot, Lahore, Kasur, Narowal etc.
In this particular scenario the European Union only allowed those industries
to export their finished goods to Europe who have waste water treatment
units. Before this nobody knew about the water treatment industry. So at the
end of 1997 the water treatment industry was introduced in Pakistan.
But it started its operations in 1998.The name of the company was So Safe.
Since 1998 many water treatment industries were born. At present there are
almost 125 registered companies in Pakistan operating at different
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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

levels. Now at present time there is also a great awareness of drinking pure
and clean water in general public.

From 1998-2008. The water treatment industry has gained its importance
across the country. But the problem is still there that currently Pakistan is
not able to produce Water Filtration systems such as reverse osmosis,
ultraviolet rays etc. These advance instruments are imported from different
countries of the world such as Japan, Malaysia, Germany, U.S.A, England,
and France. Thus it is too expensive. So the cottage industry in Punjab
(Sialkot, Gujranwala, Kasur, Faisalabad etc.) is not able to purchase it. The
Government of Pakistan has taken many steps to reduce the cost of filtration
system such as by removing import duties on Filtration and Treatment

Pakistan's leather industry is one of the major foreign exchange earners for
the country. About 90% of its products are exported in finished form.
During 1996-97, the production of leather was about 14.3 million m 2 and
export earning amounted to US$ 642 million. There are some 600
tanneries in the formal sector and an equally large number of tanneries
in the informal sector. The chrome tanning method is the most widely used
process in Pakistan's leather sector. However, the vegetable tanning method
and a combination of chrome and vegetable tanning is also applied. The
process includes a number of different steps during which large quantities of
water and chemicals are applied to the skins. About 130 different chemicals
are used in leather processing, depending on the type of raw material used
and finished product. These may be divided into four major classes:
pretanning chemicals, tanning chemicals, wet finishing chemicals and
finishing chemicals. Groundwater is used as the major source of water in
Pakistan's leather industry.

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

Leather tanneries in Pakistan produce all three categories of waste:

wastewater, solid waste and air emissions. However, wastewater is by far
the most important environmental challenge being faced by Pakistan's
tanneries. Wastewater: Although the exact quantity varies widely between
tanneries, a normal requirement of around 50-60 liters of water per
kilogram of hide is suggested. ETPI's sample audits of tanneries in
Pakistan show that in some cases the consumption of water is as high as
three times the suggested requirement. The overall water discharge also
demonstrates a high degree of seasonal and daily fluctuation. For most part,
the current practice is to discharge this water into the local environment
without any treatment. Tannery wastewater is highly polluted and the
contamination observed is many times beyond the limits.

Another which also produces contaminated water is surgical sector of

Silakot which also produces a great amount of untreated waste water. In
surgical sector the most dangerous chemicals which are used during
processing are Triclone, H 2 SO 4 (Sulphuric Acid) etc. But the surgical
sector remains unaffected from the European Union restrictions. It is the
need of the hour that Government of Pakistan pays attention towards this
sector also. As there is a lot of coverage in media about tanneries but the
surgical factories are still unveiled.

So to treat this is very expensive. At present there is good news for the
leather sector that China has also introduced its water filtration system
which works equally to all other filtration equipments but its cost is very
cheep. The difference is about 1.8 million rupees. Price of water treatment
system imported from Germany is about Rs.4500, 000. And the price of
water filtration system imported from China is about Rs.1800, 000. This is

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

The Major companies which are operating in Pakistan that provide

services for water treatment at various levels are So Safe, Vivo Hydro
Technologies, Aqua Safe, Pearl Water Treatments, Pure it, Water
World, PureInc. (Origin U.S.A) Igloo Water Treatment. Arctica Pure
water (Origin Newzee Land), Fluid Technologies international.

At present the water treatment industry in Pakistan is about 2.9 billion


Karachi the biggest industrial city of Pakistan has also the same problems as
in Punjab. The drinking water problems are more severe in Sindh rather than
Punjab. But the good news is that now our government in Pakistan
considered this problem a major problem of Pakistan and different
organizations of Pakistan are now working with the Government to make the
situation better. The Government of Peoples Republic of China also helped
a lot Pakistan to mitigate this problem. Now the public, industries and many
other organizations related to water are more aware about this problem.

We can also make an assessment that from 1997 to 2008 we have more than
a hundred companies working in this field. And we can say that if we the
people, the private sector and the Government will continue to work in this
Area one day we will be in a position to tell the world that our leather
industries produces treated water and we are a responsible nation.

2.2 VHT and the Nature of VHT:

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

Vivo Hydro Technologies was founded in 2005 with the motto of “Pure
Water for Pure Life”. By nature it is a private services providing
company founded by Mr. Moazzam Elahi (CEO) of the company. The
company is based on water engineering.

Vivo Hydro Technologies carries a wide variety of point of entry filter units ranging
from Water softeners, carbon filtration, and iron removal filters as well as point of use
drinking water systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications. This
includes the best selling residential Reverse Osmosis units. The company caters to the
water aware consumers who have the need for pure clean water. Our professional staff
will help you match your needs to our high quality and competitively priced products.
The company uses different brands for installation such as Phillips, L.G. Etc. A complete
list is given below.

The Company has three divisions.

 Domestic.

 Commercial.

 Industrial.

The Domestic division is responsible for home filtration systems such as

drinking water filtration system, and RO (Reverse Osmosis) systems for
swimming pools. The systems installed in this category provide 30 GPD to
1000 GPD. Of water.
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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

The Commercial division is responsible for larger filtration systems and

these are installed in Hotels, Schools, Colleges and Factories etc. The filters
at commercial level have capacity of 1500 GPD to 3000 GPD.

And finally the industrial division is responsible for the installation of

waste water treatments. This includes waste water treatment in industries.
Industries produces thousands of gallons during production process so for
this area industrial water treatments are installed which have a capacity of
5000 GPD to 100,000 GPD.

Industrial water treatment is the major area of business for the company.

Vivo Hydro Technologies has three branches and a head office.

A list of branches is given below.

Vivo Hydro Technologies Kasur Branch.

Vivo Hydro Technologies Sialkot Branch.

Vivo Hydro Technologies Lahore Branch.

Vivo Hydro technologies Narowal Branch.

The Head office of the company is located in Sialkot where I completed my

internship. Kasur branch installs water treat plants in industries and the
other three branches are responsible for Domestic and Commercial as well
as industrial treatment systems.

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

Corporate Strategy of the company:

We at Vivo Hydro Technologies provide different types of water treatment services

consistently with high quality, according to the demanding requirements of the water
treatment industry. Our strategy is to be competitive in the market through quality and
efficient operations. As a responsible member of the community, we are committed to
serve the interest of all our stakeholders and contribute towards the prosperity of the

Mission Statement of the company:

Our mission is to offer advanced, convenient, and money saving equipment for water
filtration operations with the implementation of distinctive ideas and expertise. Our
foundation of survival is based on providing valued clients a convenient and affordable
source for water filtration equipment. Products provided by us consumers a way to
eliminate impurities from water with convenience and to improve the taste of drinking

Vision Statement of the company:

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

To enhance the value for our customers, and strengthen our name while providing the
finest and most advanced water treatment technology available is principal in our
vision. In addition, we aim to support a corporate environment that is innovative,
respectful, and fun. For our employees to believe in the quality of our products and
services and enjoy their work environment are fundamental in order to promote a
healthy company that seeks to be a highly profitable and foster our longevity.

Commitment to Total Quality Management (TQM)

We are committed to provide excellence services to our customers and never

compromise on quality.


Moazzam Elahi (Chief Executive):

We value shared decision-making, teamwork and partnerships and seek opportunities to

build relationships that will create greater value across functions, businesses and

Rizwan Akram (Research Executive):

Continuous Learning and Improvement we believe that improvement is a continuous

process. We are always open to change in order to discover new and creative ways to

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

meet the changing needs of our customers.

Samir Hussain (Sales Executive):

Respect for Individuals we value each individual in the company, suppliers and service
providers for their contribution and respect our relationship with them.

Usman Qadir (General Manager):

The Vivo Hydro Technologies offers me the ability to expand my horizons in the business
world. Each day we have different tasks with the opportunity to learn from it. I enjoy the
fact that we never need to pretend who we are not. We can still be ourselves, be helpful,
and still assist clients in a proper and appropriate manner. I believe that in order for
people to do a job well one must like what they do and VHT gives me that chance.

2.3 Business Volume:

VHT was founded in 2005. So it is a newly entered company in the

corporate world. But its sale figures are out standing. The company has
sales of over 37.5 million Pakistani rupees in the financial year 2007-2008.

The overall sales volume is generated from three areas domestic,

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

commercial, and Industrial. The prices of the products of the company

ranges from Rs. 30,000(Domestic Systems) to Rs. 3.5 million (Industrial
Reverse Osmoses Plants.)

The Major portion of the revenue of VHT is Industrial Water Treatment

Plants. This costs rupees 1200,000 to 3500,000.

The partition of sales to total sales graph is given below.

According to the figures companies 75% sales are from Industrial Sector.
7% and 18% are from Domestic and Commercial Sector respectively.

Although VHT was founded in 2005 but it remained successful in getting its
share in the market in a very short time (2005-2008) and through its loyal,

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

devoted, professional and hardworking management it is expected that the

company will expand its sales to about 40 million during 2008-2009.

Beside that company has also earn an impressive goodwill in the market
through its quality services.

2.4 Products and services offered by VHT:

Basically VHT is a services providing company but it has its own assembly
line where different equipments are assembled. As most of the parts used by
VHT are not available in Pakistan so these are imported from different
multinational companies. These materials include Membranes, Ultraviolet
Rays generator, High quality Carbon, Laser Pins, and many other

Preferred Brands:

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

VHT is a services providing company. It uses different international brand’s

equipment to provide its services. Some of the most preferred brands, their
brief description is given below.

A brief Introduction of Brands used by Vivo Hydro Technologies:

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747


Philips is a global leader in healthcare, lighting and consumer lifestyle, delivering

people-centric, innovative products, services and solutions through our brand promise of
“sense and simplicity.” We employ approximately 128,100 employees in more than 60
countries worldwide. With sales of 34 billion USD in 2006, we are a market leader in
medical diagnostic imaging and patient monitoring systems, energy efficient lighting
solutions, as well as lifestyle solutions for personal wellbeing.

Philips has four product divisions: Consumer Electronics; Domestic Appliances &
Personal Care; Lighting and Medical Systems. Each operates independently, yet
coordinates closely in sharing technologies and in developing products for the consumer
and business-to-business marketplaces. Under the leadership of the Corporate Center in
Amsterdam, this collaboration is required to unlock the full potential of the Philips

Philips Consumer Electronics

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

Philips Consumer Electronics is the third largest consumer electronics company in the
world and a leader in the development of digital television systems and compact disc

Philips Domestic Appliances & Personal Care

Philips Domestic Appliances & Personal Care (DAP) includes the Male Shaving and
Grooming, Body & Beauty, Food & Beverage, Home Environment Care and Oral
Healthcare lines of business. The division manufactures and markets shavers, electric
toothbrushes, women's beauty and health care products, as well as domestic appliances
around the world.

Philips Lighting Company

Philips Lighting Company is the world’s largest lighting producer, manufacturer and
marketer of products for industrial, commercial and consumer markets.

Philips Medical Systems

Philips Medical Systems, a global leader in the growing medical device and diagnostic
industry, is committed to providing innovative technology and services that enable
health care providers to achieve clinical excellence.

Other Businesses

Philips has several specialty businesses including Assemble on Americas, Advanced

Metrology Systems, and Philips' Center for Industrial Technology. All work
synergistically, sharing innovations and developing products and solutions for the

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

consumer and business-to-business marketplaces

Weston & Sampson

Weston & Sampson has been providing quality engineering services for water supply
development, treatment, and distribution projects. Our founders achieved a number of
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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

"firsts" for a water treatment company, including one of the first rapid sand filtration
plants in the United States. They also pioneered chemical treatment to prevent the
corrosion of water distribution systems. Working with different water sources and
qualities, Weston & Sampson has gained valuable experience in the design and operation
of various types of water treatment plants. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated
by our award-winning designs. Weston & Sampson also provides a wide range of
services in the areas of water supply development, pumping, storage, and distribution.
Our engineers have extensive expertise with:

Water resource studies

Pilot plant studies

Water system planning, design, construction, and operation

Water system improvements

Hydraulic analysis and master plans

Water storage tank design and construction

Additionally, our staff provides cost estimating, assists with regulatory permitting issues
and in obtaining state and federal funding, performs construction oversight, and provides
reliable and competent advice to our clients.

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

LG Electronics:

LG Electronics, Inc.(LG) is a global leader and technology innovator in consumer

electronics, home appliances and mobile communications, employing more than 82,000
people working in 114 operations including 82 subsidiaries around the world. With
annual worldwide revenues exceeding $40 billion, LG Electronics comprises five
business units: Home Entertainment, Home Appliance, Air Conditioning, Business
Solutions and Mobile Communications. LG is one of the world's leading producers of
mobile handsets, flat panel TVs, air conditioners, front-loading washing machines,
optical storage products, DVD players and home theater systems.

LG's efforts continue to enhance the global presence of the LG brand and to maximize
profitable growth. In particular, LG Electronics will focus on achieving profitable and
sustainable growth in the mobile communications and digital display sectors to
strengthen its leadership in the IT industry, while at the same time increasing its market
share in the home appliance and digital media sectors.

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LG Electronics is pursuing its 21st century vision of becoming a true global digital
leader that can make its customers happy throughout the world by means of its
innovative digital products and services.

LG Electronics has set a new mid-term and long-term vision, aiming to achieve a
position as one of the top three electronics, information, and telecommunication firms in
the world by 2010.

As such, they are embracing the philosophy of "Great Company, Great People," whereby
only great people can create a great company, and pursuing two growth strategies
involving "fast innovation" and "fast growth." Likewise, they seek to secure three core
capabilities: product leadership, market leadership, and people-centered leadership.


LG is a global leader in the home appliance industry, dedicated to creating total home
solutions through advanced products.

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GE's divisions include GE Capital (including GE Commercial Finance and GE Money

and GE Consumer Finance), GE Technology Infrastructure (including GE Aviation, the
former Smiths Aerospace and GE Healthcare), GE Energy Infrastructure, and NBC
Universal, an entertainment company. Through these businesses, GE participates in a
wide variety of markets including the generation, transmission and distribution of
electricity (eg. Nuclear gas and solar), lighting, industrial automation, medical imaging
equipment, motors, railway locomotives, aircraft jet engines, and aviation services. It
was co-founded and is 80% owner (with Vivendi) of NBC Universal, the National
Broadcasting Company. Through GE Commercial Finance, GE Consumer Finance, GE
Equipment Services, and GE Insurance it offers a range of financial services as well. It
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has a presence in over 100 countries. General Electric gauges to control a railway
locomotive since over half of GE's revenue is derived from financial services, it is
arguably a financial company with a manufacturing arm. It is also one of the largest
lenders in countries other than the United States, such as Japan. Even though the first
wave of conglomerates (such as ITT, Ling-Temco-Vought, Tenneco, etc) fell by the
wayside by the mid-1980s, in the late 1990s, another wave (consisting of Westinghouse,
Tyco, and others) tried and failed to emulate GE's success. It was announced in May
2008 that General Electric would auction off its appliances business for an expected sale
of $5-8 billion.


Pure Water was formed to provide state of the art filtration equipment to Pakistan. With
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our Joint Venture partner, the Global Water Group of Dallas, Texas, USA, we are in the
process of setting up a most modern plant for the manufacturing and assembly of
Global's proprietary water filtration equipment. We can supply a wide range of top
quality equipment that can cover the entire spectrum of water filtration requirements
Raw sewage enters the unit through the influent line and passes through a bar screen,
which keeps out any large solids. A diffuser system introduces air into the aeration
chamber. The air bubbles that are generated provide the oxygen necessary to sustain the
bacteria and also provide the agitation necessary to reduce solids to small particles. After
a suitable retention time, the solution is displaced from the aeration chamber to the
clarifier chamber. There the remaining solids settle to the bottom in the form of
activated sludge. The sludge is returned to the aeration chamber to maintain a high
active bacteria count. The clear liquid at the top of the clarifier chamber flows into the
LS3 wastewater purification system to kill any disease-carrying bacteria that remain.
The effluent is then purified into polished quality drinking water. Aqua Wastewater' s
proprietary extended aeration systems are applicable for flows of a few hundred gallons
to tens of millions of gallons per day (or from one house to a city).They are applicable
for municipalities, villages, condominiums, schools, restaurants, motels, hotels, mobile
home parks, processing plants, industrial plants, animal farms, oilfield platform rigs,
oilfield jack-up rigs, oilfield posted and inland drilling barges, fixed structures offshore
or anywhere sewage collection is required. These models can be constructed of
standard configurations or engineered for custom designed special configurations.

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Atlantic Ultraviolet

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation was established as a New York Corporation on

November 22, 1963 to assume operation of a predecessor company following the death
of its owner/operator. The business started in Long Island City as a manufacturer of
germicidal ultraviolet fixtures and equipment utilizing germicidal ultraviolet lamps to
destroy bacteria, mold and virus in air and on surfaces. In 1970 the company began
production of its own line of germicidal lamps in competition with Westinghouse and
General Electric, who were the primary producers at the time. The Ster-L-Ray™
germicidal lamp brand produced by Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation are short wave low
pressure mercury vapor tubes that produce ultraviolet wavelengths that are lethal to
micro-organisms. Approximately 95% of the ultraviolet energy emitted is at the mercury
resonance line of 254 nanometers. This wavelength is in the region of maximum
germicidal effectiveness and is highly lethal to virus, bacteria and mold spores. Ster-L-
Ray™ germicidal lamps are produced in Slim line, Cold Cathode or Preheat type, with

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either Ozone-Producing or Non Ozone-Producing capabilities. In 1973 the company

released the Sanitron® Ultraviolet Water Purifier product line, a unique and rapid
method of water disinfection without the use of heat or chemicals. Since this time,
Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation has introduced other brands of water disinfection
equipment, under the trademark names Mighty-Pure®, Minipure®, Megatron®, and
Magnum™. In addition the air and surface sanitizer lines expanded to include the
Sanitaire®, Hygeaire®, Nutripure™, SaniLight®, SaniRay®, Aerologic®, and
Sanidyne®, and have enjoyed increased sales since introduction. In 1975 Atlantic Ultra
violet’s corporate offices and manufacturing facilities moved to a new location in Bay
Shore, New York. The new 5,000 square foot facility was constructed and soon
expanded to 8,000 square feet in 1980. Continuing research and development maintains
Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation's leadership in applied ultraviolet technology. Exacting
procedures and stringent quality control measures insure products of consistently high
quality. Engineering studies of product design and materials are conducted with an eye
to enhancing product usefulness and value. Existing and potential new products are
subjected to rigorous test protocols in order to insure the highest standards of
performance and reliability. Atlantic Ultra violet’s staff continues to grow to include
ultraviolet application specialists and an engineering department with vast knowledge of
ultraviolet technologies. The staff assists customers in the selection of germicidal lamps
and ultraviolet equipment to suit specific applications. Atlantic Ultraviolet continues to
formulate effective and cost-conscious ultraviolet solutions.
By 1994 another move was necessary to house the ever growing corporate offices,
manufacturing facilities and expanding inventory. The move takes Atlantic Ultraviolet
Corporation to its current location in Hauppauge, New York to a 25,000 square foot
building which was quickly expanded to 37,500 square feet in 1997. Atlantic Ultraviolet
Corporation continues to strive for growth with extensive work in Research and
Development. The company's conservative management philosophy has resulted in
steadily increasing financial strength, profitability and growth of market share. With the
internet transforming the way business is done, Atlantic Ultraviolet knows the
importance of presenting a clear, easy to use, content rich website. As 2008 proceeds our
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focus is on providing more product information, customer support and services for both
domestic and international customers alike. Atlantic's goals are to continue developing
strong business to business and business to consumer relationships and continuing its
leadership in applied ultraviolet technology, with the development of new product lines
to be released shortly.

Mr. Water

Mr. Water Professional Water Treatment is a local water conditioning company

specializing in the maintenance and repair of Residential, Commercial, and Industrial
Ultraviolet (germicidal) Lights in Maryland and the surrounding Tri-State area. We
service Sterilight, ATS, Ideal Horizons/Wedeco, Aquafine, Trojan, Atlantic, and PURA
ultraviolet lights - just to name a few. For our residential customers, we are an
authorized Sterilight Distributor and carry parts and supplies in stock or can get the
bulbs, quartz sleeves, ballasts and other U.V. components for your light in a reasonable
time. We adhere to the strict installation requirements for germicidal lights – unlike most

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of our competitors. Not installing your new U.V. light in the proper manner will only
void the manufacturers warranty; it will eventually render it ineffective against the
bacteria and viruses for which it was originally installed. All manufacturers of ultraviolet
lights have similar influent water quality requirements that must be met at the time of
installation and maintained throughout the service life of the unit.


Here is a brief list of Products.

Domestic Products
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Domestic Jumbo RO System

Domestic Light RO System

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

Ultraviolet Membrane used embedded in RO’s to provide 100% pure


Water Softeners

Simple Filter

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

Commercial Filtration System:

Commercial RO System

Ultra Pure RO system

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

Light RO System

Mineral Water RO

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

Industrial Water treatment Plant

Nano Filtration:

The newest and most leading edge technology in water treatment is NANO filtration
which has been added in the catalogue of VHT currently for its customers.

Nano Filtration System

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Terminologies and Explanations of Some Technical

terms about Water treatment Systems:

Ultraviolet rays and their Functions:

This kind of UV (Ultraviolet) Technology is used in most of the purification system. We

can inactivate the bacteria viruses by passing the ultra violet (UV) rays towards the water
flow. The bacteria viruses in the water goes into comma stage, but those inactivated
bacteria viruses will be in the water we get from the output. The inactivation is only for
the period of 8 hours and again the bacteria viruses get activated. The membrane is made
of thin film composite material and the size of the membrane is 0.0001 micron. This
membrane is used to separate the unwanted impurities such as bacteria, viruses, excess of
salt, excess of iron content, excess of calcium from the input water. It works like a
sugarcane juice machine. There are two rollers in the machine, if sugarcane is inserted
into that roller the juice comes through one way and the rest in other way. The same
procedure is applied in this stage. When the water is forced towards the membrane
through the pressure of the pump, the pure water foes to the next stage as steam and the
rejected water comes outside the machine. The rejected water can be used for other
purpose like washing clothes, cleaning purposes, etc.

The RO System:

In RO system water pressure is used to force water molecules through a very fine
membrane leaving the contaminants behind. Purified water is collected from the "clean"
or “permeate” side of the membrane, and water containing the concentrated contaminants
is flushed down the drain from the "contaminated" or “concentrate” side. The average RO
system is a unit consisting of a sediment/chlorine pre filter, the reverse-osmosis
membrane, a storage tank, and an activated-carbon post filter. Reverse osmosis removes

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salt and most other inorganic material present in the water, and for that reason, RO lends
itself to use in places where the drinking water is brackish (salty), contains nitrates or
other dissolved minerals which are difficult to remove by other methods. Using a quality
carbon filter to remove any organic materials and chemicals that get through the sediment
pre-filter, the purity of the treated water approaches that produced by distillation.
Microscopic parasites (including viruses) are usually removed by RO units, but any
defect or micro-tear in the membrane will allow these organisms to pass into the ‘clean”
water. This is why RO systems are not rated to remove microorganisms except when an
Ultraviolet Light filter is incorporated into the system, such as in the case of the Tap
Master UV and the Tap Master ULTRA. Though slower than a water filter, RO systems
can typically purify more water per day than distillers. Also, they do not use electricity,
but RO systems do waste water. Four or more gallons of concentrate wastewater are
flushed down the drain for each gallon of filtered water produced. Zero waste RO units
are available, however problematic, as they can re-inject the concentrate wastewater back
into the water feeding the RO thus forcing the RO to work harder and shortening its
service life. Other types of Zero Water RO units will inject the wastewater into the hot
water line where it is dispensed out of the kitchen faucet on your hands or dishes. A
better option for reducing reverse osmosis system water waste is to fit it with a permeate
pump, which will reduce water waste by up to 80%. Two common types of household
RO membranes are the Thin Film Composite (TFC or TFM) membrane and the Cellulose
Triacetate (CTA) membrane. The main differences between the two types are filtration
ability and chlorine tolerance. The CTA membrane is chlorine tolerant, but is more
susceptible to fouling from bacteria, and it only rejects 93% of standard contaminants.
The TFC/TFM membranes reject 98% of standard contaminants on average, are less
susceptible to organic fouling, but it can only treat chlorine free water. Carbon pre-
treatment must be used with a TFC/TFM membrane when purifying chlorinated
municipal water supplies. These contains High quality activated carbon filter cartridges
are available in many size and socket type will fit most standard filter housings.
Cartridges are individually shrunk wrapped and labeled. Purimate sediment filters have
the micron rating embossed on the side of every cartridge for easy identification.
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Domestic RO filters:

This RO system is designed under the guidance of experts and provides a completely
bacteria free safe water. This system can be installed in offices, homes, food corners,
educational institutes and hospitals with great ease. This is ideal for installation under
kitchen counter with the focus mounted on sink. Perfect for water coolers too. The RO
system is not only superior in quality and durable but can easily be customized

Technical Details
1. Capable of 15 Liters / hr. purified water production
2. Duty cycle of 75 Liters /day.
3. Liters RO water storage capacity in hydro-pneumatic tank
4. Dimension: 480 * 210 * 540 mm

Domestic RO Cartridges
1. Removes 99% of chlorine and 96% of lead.
2. Used with residential RO systems
3. High quality activated coconut shell carbon significantly improves the taste and
smell of water by adsorbing chlorine and other chemical contaminants.
4. Made of FDA approved materials
5. Coconut shell carbon has larger number of active adsorption centers thus reducing
its nominal weight.
6. Cartridge has sediment cartridge insert protecting carbon granulate.

Commercial RO systems:

Commercial / industrial RO Series commercial reverse osmosis systems are available from
3,000 to 15,000 gallons per day. All reverse osmosis (RO) is manufactured in the USA
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located in Vista, California. Each have as standard features a stainless steel frame, multi-
stage centrifugal pump, large area pre-filter, two pre-treatment pressure gauges, an operating
pressure gauge, panel mounted drain and re-circulation valves, panel mounted drain and
permeate flow meters, adjustable low pressure safety switch, four unit status lights, low
voltage control system for safety and a permeate check valve for element protection.

Popular Reverse Osmosis options include water quality measurement instruments, high
pressure safety switch, silent running water cooled pump, multiple tank switches for re-
pressure pump low water control, pre or post treatment ultraviolet light, pre-treatment
interlock, PLC Controller, alarms, stainless steel element vessels and electronic pump motor
controls for economical running. Not all commercial reverse osmosis systems or water
chemistry are the same. Our reverse osmosis water filters are computer designed utilizing
the latest up-dated element data from all major membrane manufacturers. This insures
maximum recovery and optimum water quality while minimizing capital and operating
costs. We provide expected water quality information along with pump operating cost and
projections on future production and water quality. In addition we provide custom built pre-
treatment as required to provide the most economical and environmentally friendly
operation of the entire reverse osmosis system.

Light Commercial RO Systems:

Light commercial DRO Series reverse osmosis systems start at 150gpd up to 1000gpd.The
DRO-150, 350, 500, & 1,000 are built on open stainless steel frames with horizontally
mounted elements. These reverse osmosis systems utilize a rotary vane pump with ball
bearing pump motor, two pre-filter stages, two pre-treatment pressure gauges, an operating
pressure gauge, adjustable drain and re-circulation valves with color coded and lockable
settings, low pressure safety switch and durable brass high pressure fittings.
The DRO-500SS reverse osmosis system is enclosed in a Polished Stainless Steel Cabinet
which is designed for use in harsh environments, food service applications, or in areas where

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tampering is a possibility. Commercial and industrial reverse osmosis and water treatment
systems are computer designed utilizing the latest up-dated element data from all major
membrane manufacturers. This insures maximum recovery and optimum water quality while
minimizing capital and operating costs. We provide expected water quality information
along with pump operating cost and projections on future production and water quality. In
addition we provide custom built pre-treatment as required to provide the most economical
and environmentally friendly operation of the entire reverse osmosis system.

Nano Filtration:

The newest and most leading edge technology in water treatment is now available for
practical use in your home, business or manufacturing facility.
Nano filtration is a pressure driven separation process. The filtration process takes place on a
selective separation layer formed by an organic semi permeable membrane. The driving
force of the separation process is the pressure difference between the feed (retentive) and the
filtrate (permeate) side at the separation layer of the membrane. However, because of its
selectivity, one or several components of a dissolved mixture are retained by the membrane
despite the driving force, while water and substances with a molecular weight < 200 D are
able to permeate the semi permeable separation layer. Because Nan filtration membranes
also have selectivity for the charge of the dissolved components, monovalent ions will pass
the membrane and divalent and multivalent ions will be rejected.

Water Softening Process:

The Water Softening process is primarily designed to remove calcium ions from the water.
The calcium hardness of the water causes scale in heaters and pipes develop soap scum and
create unwanted precipitates in many water - based products. However, because the action
resin that is used for this process is not selective to calcium, the resin will also remove
magnesium, ferrous (clear as drawn) iron, and traces of metals such as copper, aluminum,
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zinc and radium. During the removal process the above listed ions are replaced or exchanged
for sodium if sodium chloride is used as a regenerating chemical or potassium if potassium
chloride is used. By their nature, neither sodium nor potassium will cause scale, interfere
with soap or normallycreate precipitates. When a water softener is regenerated we normally
emply the steps of backwash, brine draw, slow rinse and rapid rinse. The backwash
discharge is chemically the same as the raw water, the brine draw and slow rinse waters
contain the ions removed during the softening process plus some sodium or potassium and
are high in chlorides. The rapid rinse water is softened water. Full knowledge of the
chemistry of the water to be softened as well as the application of the softened water
(laundry, boiler feed, process water, condensate polishing, etc..) enables us to fine tune the
design for maximum salt use efficiency, minimum pressure drop, minimum regeneration
waste water discharge.

Waste water treatment Plant:

The first unit operation encountered in wastewater-treatment plants is screening. A screen

is a device with openings, generally of uniform size that is used to retain the coarse
solids found in wastewater. The screening element may consist of parallel bars, rods or
wires, grating, wire mesh, or perforated plate, and the openings may be of any shape but
generally are circular or rectangular slots. A screen composed of parallel bars or rods is
called a rack. Although a rack is a screening device, the term “screen” should be limited to
the type with wire cloth or perforated plate. However, the function performed by a rack is
called screening and the materials removed by it are known as screening or raking. Bar racks
normally have clear openings between bars of 15mm.

Oil Separation:

In this unit the oil particles are separated from the water.

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Sedimentation is the separation from water, by gravitational settling, of

suspended particles that are heavier than water. It is one of the most widely
used unit operations in wastewater treatment. The terms sedimentation and
settling are used interchangeably. A sedimentation basin may also be
referred to as a sedimentation tank, settling basin, or settling tank.


And finally the filtration takes place where water is purified and recycled for

again use .

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2.5 Competitors:

The Major Competitors which are Competing in Pakistan that provide

services for water treatment at various levels are So Safe, Aqua Safe,
Pearl Water Treatments, Pure it, Water World, Igloo Water Treatment.
Fluid Technologies International.

These are the main competitors of Vivo Hydro Technologies in Sialkot,

Kasur and Lahore.

The competition in Pakistani water treatment industry is at its peak

despite that the hardworking management of the VHT had decided to
open its offices also in Karachi to provide its services to people and the
industry of Karachi.

The VHT also had a competitive advantage over all these companies i.e.
the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sialkot.

The management of VHT had also decided to launch a media campaign

in Pakistan in the collaboration of Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Sialkot to create awareness of water treatment in the society.
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3. Organizational structure

3.1 Organizational Hierarchy chart:

The management Hierarchy at VHT is an excellent one because here in VHT

the policy making and decision making is decentralized. The selected
members from each department participate in the meetings conducted in
VHT. The management Hierarchy Chart of VHT Sialkot (Head Office) is
given below.

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Accounts General Manager

IT dept. Purchase dept. Chemical Sales dept.


Receiving Technicians and other


Assembly Line Team


Checking Team

Installation Team
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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

3.2 Number of employees:

VHT currently employees are 279 in all branches besides 2 biologists who
are employed on contract.

3.3 Main offices:

Head Office is located in Sialkot.

Office: 458/3/2, Nasir Road, Sialkot - 51310 Pakistan.

Ph: + 92 52 4567800

Fax: + 92 52 4567700


There are three branches of VHT operating in Kasur, Narowal, and Lahore

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

mentioned above in the introduction portion of my report. I did my

internship at Head Office Sialkot.

3.4 Introduction of all departments:

There are various departments working in VHT. A brief introduction of all departments is
given below:

Administration Department:

An administration department basically has the control of all departments. General

Manager GM controls all the departments and transfers this information to C.E.O. This
department has the authority to hire or fire any employee. GM controls all the issues
related to Purchase dept., IT dept., Finance dept. etc. GM takes every necessary action
which is for the betterment of the company and assure able to C.E.O.

Marketing executive:

Marketing executive communicate with the customer and send satisfactory answers after
getting the confirmations from the relevant departments. Main purposes of the marketing
department are:

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1. Correspondence using communicational ways.

2. To keep in-touch with different departments.
3. Deals with the company’s customers.
4. Market the company’s products
5. Keep an up-to-date record of all products.
6. Making strategies to promote company’s products.
7. Make strategies to turn its customers as regular buyers.
8. Maintains team work spirit and collaboration with other departments.
9. Keep a complete record of all exhibitions.

The Engineer:

The chemical engineer at VHT is the head of a very advance water test laboratory at
VHT. The engineer issues necessary instructions to assembly unit for the preparation of
the plants or RO systems. Mainly he is responsible for all water related functions.

Sales Department:

Sales department keeps a complete record of invoices and pack lists. After receiving the
order, it enters the order in the layout and checks the codes, description, prices and then
confirms the order. After that it issues planning to the Assembly department for further
issuance of the product to the supplier. After completing all the required steps the product
is issued to the customer within the time limit.

Purchase Department:
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Depending upon the planning issued by the Sales department, the purchasing manager
issues the orders to the vendors to fulfill the customer’s need and to maintain the stock.
Purchase department keeps a complete check and balance of incoming and outgoing
items. It keeps the record of purchasing new items or raw material for making items.

The Assembly Unit:

VHT uses equipment of different types from various international brands so whenever
any item is received, Assembly unit in charge transfer this stock to the material field store
keeper for counting and milling. The equipment thus assembled as per requirements.

Checking Department:

The checking department checks the different instruments that whether the instruments
are according to the certified standards or not, whether those items are according to the
drawing and the specifications or not. Checking Staff checks the quality of the material
used. In final inspection if any item is not up to the nark then it is rejected by the
Checking department. If any complaints are raised by the customer after the installation
of equipment then checking staff investigates the complaint and takes necessary action
against the complaint.

Installation Team:

After the approval of checking department the installation team fit out the plants or RO’s
at customer place. The installation team consists of skilled workers and technicians
whose are responsible for quality fitting. The installation team works under the engineer
at VHT because of complications involved in the systems. The IT department has also
got role in the Installation team. The main purpose of IT department here is to guide the
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technicians to operate the modern computerized systems.

The IT Department:

The IT department at VHT started its services in March 2007 for the purpose of giving
assistance to all the departments at VHT such as finance department, marketing
department etc.

1. The main functions of IT department at VHT are:

2. To maintain the HRIS of VHT
3. To maintain the website of the company.
4. To provide training to the technicians to operate computerized plants.
5. To provide its assistance to the finance department.
6. The IT department also holds the payroll system at VHT in collaboration of
finance department.
7. The IT department at VHT head office also maintains the records of attendance of
employees working at different branches of VHT working in different cities.
8. The IT department also provides 24/7 help desk for technical support about the
devices to the customers.

The IT department was established 2 years later after the establishment of the company.

Future Projects of IT Department:

In near future the IT department at VHT is going to launch its online shopping web portal
for the customers of VHT. So that people can buy portable home filtration appliances
through internet.
The IT department will also start data base sharing for other branches of the company in
different cities.

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3.5 Comments on the organizational structure:

VHT is basically a team based structure. Its head office is situated in Silakot and the main
assembling unit is situated in Kasur, Pakistan. VHT’s main segment market is in Kasur
that is why the major concentration of C.E.O is in Kasur. G.M has the full control over
the Assembling unit. Company works on matrix structure. GM assigns specialists from
different functional departments like Assembling, Sales, Installation, etc. the quality
checking staff and biologists to work on projects by the project managers. GM ensures
that organization has the right number and right kind of people in the right places. It is
thus possible that the capable employees perform their duties within the prescribed time
with full efficiency and accuracy.
Organization fully supports their workers and labor by all means. There is a labor union
which represents the workers and protects their labor interests.
Management decisions are regulated by the terms of collective agreements depending
upon the influence of rules and regulations to ensure equal employment opportunities.
Such actions taken by the GM and C.E.O ensure that decisions and practices enhance the
employment, upgrading the system and protecting one’s interests.

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4. The Internship Program

4.1 Introduction of the branch:

VHT is a Services providing and consultancy company of all kinds of water treatments,
filtration systems, Reverse Osmosis systems and other ultraviolet systems. I do my
internship at the head office. It is situated at Nasir Road Sialkot. The head office is
mainly controlled by the General Manager Mr. Usman Qadir. Who is a very passionate
and a dedicated and devoted person. Mr. Usman as most senior officer after the CEO in
the head office not only provide me a chance for the internship but he also directed the IT
department to provide me comprehensive training in the department. The IT department

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

at Sialkot operates under the IT manager Mr. Qaiser Imtiaz. Mr.Qaiser Imtiaz helped me
a lot on my project of database development of inventory of VHT at head office.

VHT is a private service providing company has now expanded in a modern 15000
square ft. The assembly line at Sialkot had employed 30 technicians beside other staff
members. The company developed its business by the commitment to customer
satisfaction by strenuous efforts and striving hard to achieve a best, with a view to
establish out mutual business relationship with the customer on a permanent basis. They
provide the instruments by precise supervision of manufacturing processes into finish
shape in easily working condition in the hands of end users. Success of VHT is also due
to the satisfaction of the customers. The major part of the success comes from being able
to quickly complete most orders from their huge stock holding of finished instruments.
The skilled administration team is trained to quickly handle any customer order and to
ensure that every order is completed and delivered with minimum delay. Modern
communication systems ensure that VHT is in constant touch with its precious customers
and is able to respond immediately to any market change. VHT is also very proud of its
highly skilled workforce.

The company uses guaranteed instruments provided by internationally

renowned companies such as Philips and LG. VHT is an accredited and
approved by different institutions of Pakistan such as Chamber of Commerce
and Industry Sialkot, The Leather Association of Sialkot, and the Surgical
Association of Sialkot.

The head office located at Sialkot is continuously involved in creating

awareness of water treatment in the society. As the nature of industry in
Sialkot is export type. The city of Sialkot has proven its quality in surgical
instruments and leather wears all over the world. The CEO Mr. Moazzam
Elahi often visits international exhibitions on surgical instruments and

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

leather wears to convey to the westerns that Pakistanis are well aware of
their environment and they are now treat their water wastes in the well being
of environment. The head office of VHT in Sialkot also plays a vital role in
marketing of the company. I must say here that the main branch of VHT
consists of very well mannered staff and all of them helped me a lot during
my project. It is because of hardwork of the employees that a services
providing company has a sale figure of 37.5 million during 2007-08.

4.2 Starting and ending dates of internship:

The internship program (15/11/08-10/01/09):

I started my internship in the head office of Vivo Hydro Technologies on

15 t h November 2008. The head office is basically responsible for Record
Keeping, Marketing of the company and Strategy Formulation. The
Performance of all branches is also evaluated here.

I worked in IT department of Vivo hydro technologies where I worked under

the supervision of Mr. Qaiser Imtiaz. Under his supervision I worked on the
data base of a company first time in my life. It was amazing experience of
mine. I completed my internship on 10/01/09.

Environment at Vivo Hydro Technologies:

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

I was assigned to work in the IT department of Vivo where my immediate

supervisor was Mr. Qaiser Imtiaz (IT Manager). I had a very good learning
experience in Vivo which would be of enormous help to me in the future.
The staff was very helpful and friendly, which made the working
environment adaptive and pleasant. The people there make Vivo a great
company and an exciting place to work with a shared desire to learn leading
edge skills and stretch beyond their limits.

I took a deep interest in observing how employees in the company work

together to overcome challenging situations. The environment in the
company is so welcoming that it forces people to join hands together to
work as a team.

About integrity, mutual respect, teamwork, creativity and empowerment.

Sometimes my supervisors enabled me to make my own decisions with
responsibility which motivated and encouraged me.

The Information Technology department of Vivo is a source of good

inspiration. It is very dedicated, committed and hard working. Just by
observing the team gave me a sense of responsibility and it gave me
confidence that I am a part of this strong team. Working in Vivo Hydro
Technologies is an experience that I will always cherish.

Objective of the Study:

Internship is a part of our M.B.A program and it is mandatory. Internship is a

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

source of good learning and it is a basic element of a student’s career which

applies the theoretical knowledge into practical work. Internships are a
great way to learn about an occupation and get work experience at the same
time. Internship enables a person to develop his skills and abilities that are
directly applicable to his career. Internships give an insight from a student’s
career to a professional career. I wanted to see for myself whether my
academic progress relates to official work or not, and so it lead me to Vivo
hydro Technologies.

Because it is a dynamic organization with a powerful culture that allows

people to make the most of their skills, personality and Bareer. I developed
such knowledge and skills which directed to my career. The internship
program at Vivo is designed in such a way that it ensures maximum learning
in ones chosen career area and provides the person with an insight into the
company, work and people.


During my academic years in the MBA program I got exposed to many terms which are
applicable in a professional career. From the beginning of my degree I was taught about
the organizational structures, organizational hierarchy (chain of command) etc. At VHT
I got a chance to experience my studious learning in relation to practical work. I became
a part of the organizational hierarchy as I had to report to my supervisors and
they had to report to their supervisors. A chain of command followed from the
Manager through the Executives to the Internees.

I studied Management Information System that is all about providing information and
connects the departments in order to work properly, Automation and retrieving of
data. At Vivo I observed the data in companies manipulate and what is its
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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

importance. I also learnt different automated processes. There at VHT I apply

different techniques which I studied during my semesters. When I look at the
database of VHT I was surprised because in our course CS-403(Data Base
Management System) I studied only examples carrying maximum record of 4
or 5 entities but when I worked at VHT’s database under the supervision of
IT manager I feel great while adding records to existing database and then
manipulating them.

My field is IT related and I studied different courses in which I studied about record
keeping through an Information System. There is a profile of each and every employee
in a database which can be easily accessed when needed. This database is known as
Human Resource Information System (HRIS). In VHT I was trained to use Microsoft
SQL server which was of great advantage as this software is essential in
everyday office use.

4.3 Detailed Description of the department in which I


I worked in the IT department of the Vivo Hydro Technologies. The IT

department of Vivo Hydro Technologies was established in 2007 according
to the needs of the company. This department now maintains the payroll
system of Vivo Hydro Technologies along with the record maintenance of

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

employees. The IT department at Vivo Hydro Technologies is also

responsible for the development and maintenance of the website of the
company. In collaboration with the quality checking department it also
convey the feedback of the customers of the company to the other

The IT department also helps the other departments of the company. It helps
the Accounts department in maintenance of payroll system of Vivo Hydro
Technology. The second function of IT department is to provide training to
the assembling unit of the company as in assembling of HI-Tech automated
devices. The IT department of the company also issues user manuals for
different filtration systems to the help the end users in operating the systems
installed at their places.

The department also have a 24/7 help desk for technical support about the
products for the customers of the company.

In IT department a special team of two software designers is dedicated to

develop softwares for different offices of the company.

I worked for two months in the IT department of the VHT. What I find is
that it is a newly established department which started its services only one
year back so I think it takes two or three years to develop it as an
professional IT department. At present the functions of IT department are
not so much but still it is very useful for the company. The IT department
runs the SQL server to main the records of the company.

Future Projects of the IT department:

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

The IT department of the company will going to launch a web portal for the
company from which the customers will got the facility to do shopping
online through credit cards or by using other sources such as online payment
transfer. On website different home and commercial appliances will be
placed for online customers.

5. Training program

During the two months of internship at VHT I also performed many duties
apart from the IT department. Which added to my experience and learning.
All the tasks that I executed gave me a sense of responsibility. Sometimes
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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

there was too much responsibility on me, too much burden was there. At
times things were slow, yet I wanted to work more because I had blurred
the lines between work and fun. Along with the task I have been given to
develop I also perform some extra duties which I want to put here.

My premier task was to develop a smart database for the inventory room of
the company. So besides developing the project I also do the following jobs.
The detailed description of my project is given in the “Critical analysis”
portion of the report.

As I mentioned earlier that in VHT a database exists at Head office which

contains the record of all theVHT employees in different cities. The IT
Department daily receives applications, medical reimbursement
forms, expense claims and other documents of all the VHT employees.
Throughout my internship at VHT I maintained the database by
putting all those documents in their desired files.

VHT is a services providing organization and I worked in head office in

which every decision has to go through. So a lot of letters, applications and
recommendations were dispatched daily throughout many cities such as
Lahore branch, Kasur branch, etc. These are the branches of VHT. My
supervisor only mentioned the city and it was my job to write the postal
address of VHT office on an envelope containing the document and deliver
it at the reception to be dispatched.

One another extra duty was to manage the visitors. Many people came to
visit the Head office of the organization for business purpose. The mangers
could only attend one person at a time and the rest of the people had to wait.
It was my responsibility to set the priority of meetings. If a person had to
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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

wait for a long period of time, I used to make him sit in the cafeteria.
Many other people also visited the head office for different purposes.

Office work was also the extra duty on me. Its all about papers and
documents. My supervisor always required arranging and rearranging
documents. I helped them in their work by stapling and unclipping
documents. I also make many photocopies of documents. Sometimes
secret documents were to be shredded after they have been used. I
shredded the documents using a Paper Shredder Machine. I also faxed
papers and documents all other branches and sometimes outside the country.
Scanning was also an everyday job for me, I used to scan documents and
papers and sometimes those documents were to be faxed to other offices of

During my internship at VHT I faced a lot of problem as a massive work

load was put on me during two months. So I want to say here that “I

like the Job but the work spoils it.”

6. Structure of the MIS/IT


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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

6.1 Department hierarchy:

Mr. Qaiser Imtiaz

Manager IT

Aabid Ali Asfand Ali Contractor

Software Designer Software Designer

Omer Baig Abdul Qadoos

Assistant Assistant

Ms. Ayesha Faheem Nawaz

Data entry Help desk

6.2 Number of employees working in the MIS


There are total 6 employees are working in IT department plus one contractor software

6.3 MIS/IT operations:

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

The IT department at VHT maintains the payroll system of Vivo Hydro

Technologies along with the record maintenance of employees in
collaboration with the accounts department. The IT department at Vivo
Hydro Technologies is also responsible for the development and maintenance
of the website of the company. In collaboration with the quality checking
department it also convey the feedback of the customers of the company to
the other departments. The IT department also helps the other departments of
the company. It helps the Accounts department in maintenance of payroll
system of Vivo Hydro Technology. The second function of IT department is
to provide training to the assembling unit of the company as in assembling of
HI-Tech automated devices. The IT department of the company also issues
user manuals for different filtration systems to the help the end users in
operating the systems installed at their places. The department also have a
24/7 help desk for technical support about the products for the customers of
the company. In IT department a special team of two software designers is
dedicated to develop soft wares for different offices of the company.

7. Functions of the MIS Department

7.1 Major functions:

Today information systems are a foundation for conducting business. In many industries
the survival and even existence is difficult without extensive use of information systems.
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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

Now organizations are trying to become more competitive and efficient by transforming
themselves in to the digital firms.Dr. Greenspan in his article “The revolution in
information technology” has discussed the responsibilities and roles of modern day’s
MIS/IT department as.

The purpose to add this article in the report is to analyze the modern day functions of
MIS/IT departments in different organizations. A comparative study has also been made
below to compare the modern day MIS/IT department functions with the department in
which I got training.
(The source has also been added in the references portion of the Report)

Application Development Management Team: This Team is made up of the IT Manager,

Assistant Managers and the Technical staff. Their responsibilities include:

 Provide the strategic direction for the MIS/IT /IT department

 Manage IS resources and assignments
 Establish and evaluate MIS/IT development policies, methodologies, and
 Review Project Workbooks.

Customer: The Customer is the person or department requesting work from MIS/IT .
The Customer’s responsibilities will vary throughout the project phases. Their primary
responsibilities will include:

 Partner with the MIS/IT Practice Manager to create the Project Workbook
 Partner with the MIS/IT Practice Manager to manage the project including the
timeline, work plan, testing, resources, training and documentation of procedures
 Work with the Practice and Program Manager to identify the technical approach
to be used and the deliverables to be furnished at the completion of the project

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

 Provide a clear definition of the business need

 Sign-off on project deliverables
 Take ownership of the developed process and software.

Customer Feedback Evaluation Team: The Customer Feedback Evaluation Team

consists of various members of the MIS/IT department. Their responsibilities include:

 Review the completed Project Performance Evaluation Forms

 Highlight ratings below “satisfied” so the MIS/IT Practice Manager can contact
the customer for additional details
 Forward copies of all forms to the MIS/IT Director and the MIS/IT Practice
Manager for review and/or follow-up
 Follow-up with MIS/IT Practice Manager on resolution of those being reviewed
with the customers
 Track the results of the forms for general trends and areas to improve.

Design Review Team: The Design Review Team will consist of the Technical Architect,
the Program Manager for Infrastructure and the Program Manager for Development.
Their responsibilities include:

 Review and approve all Design Overview Documents

 Review, prior to the meeting, design packages to be presented and be prepared
with questions and comments
 Perform audit reviews on tested packages.
 Be available to provide consultative support to any developer or development
team on questions of standards, procedures, techniques, etc.

Executive Sponsor: The Executive Sponsor is typically a high-level executive who acts
as the project advocate from University Administration. Their primary responsibilities
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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747


 Champion the project, project manager and project team

 Manage the project scope and change requests
 Approve the Project schedule
 Communicate project goals to all management levels
 Provide appropriate and timely resources for efficient and effective project
 Ensure sustained adherence to schedule commitments
 Provide on-going guidance and direction to the project team
 Provide regular feedback to the project team on performance vs. expectations
 Follow up to ensure project benefits defined in the Project Workbook are realized
 Escalate issues and project scope changes
 Act as the final decision maker on unresolved project issues.

Functional Resources: The Functional Resources represent the business areas for which
work is being performed and are usually members of that business area. The primary
project activities of the Functional Resources include:

 Share their in-depth understanding of the business and system processes and their
knowledge of federal regulations
 Provide business expertise on the system functionality related to their job
 Participate actively in all phases of the project including planning and analysis,
design, development, testing and implementation, related to their area of expertise
 Be available for the indicated percentage of their time allotted for the project.

Functional Lead: The Functional Lead represents the customer’s business area for which

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

work is being preformed. The Functional Leads responsibilities include:

 Provide expertise on the overall business processes around which the project is
focused and provide needed business expertise in those areas
 Provide direction to the functional resources on managing day-to-day activities
and adhering to project deliverable due dates
 Participate actively in the development of the Project Workbook (in conjunction
with the Program Manager and Practice Manager) including why the project was
requested, as well as the project requirements and scope including the risk, time,
and cost
 Participate actively in all phases of the project including planning and analysis,
design, development, testing and implementation, related to their area of expertise
 Help identify change barriers within the business areas
 Provide two way communication between the affected business area and the
Project Team
 Be available for the indicated percentage of their time allotted for the project.

Help Desk & End User Computing Group: The Help Desk and End User Computing
Group provide training and support during the implementation and production support
phases of the project. This team is led and managed by the Systems Manager responsible
for End User Computing Activities. The Help Desk and End User Computing Group
responsibilities include:

 Provide team and end user training during implementation

 Provide help desk support after implementation
 Assist in the distribution and configuration of workstations for the Vanderbilt
 Provide support for network problems, firewall problems, security problems, and
access issues.
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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

Maintenance and Enhancement Group: The Maintenance and Enhancement Group

provides on-going support for systems after implementation occurs. There are two M &
E Groups currently defined: Business Operations and Student Systems. The M & E
Groups are led and managed by the Systems Manager responsible for either Business
Operation activities or Student System activities. Primarily, the M & E Groups
responsibilities include:

 Provide day-to-day technical support in maintaining the information system,

including responsibility for ensuring processes and outputs are complete and
 Develop an in-depth understanding of the business processes supported by the
 Consult with customers (independently or in partnership with other members of
MIS/IT ) to evaluate, design, test and install requested enhancements to the new
 Run production-level programs to obtain output when necessary
 Identify, analyze, and resolve problems with production applications
independently or in partnership with other MIS/IT teams and/or functional
 Develop and maintain technical documentation and operational procedures on the
new information system
 Provide support for the legacy systems
 Manage the System Enhancement Request Form process.

MIS/IT Functional Consultant: The MIS/IT Functional Consultant is a support role to

the MIS/IT Practice Managers and Project Implementation Team during a project
implementation. Their responsibilities include:

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

 Make written and oral presentations to project teams and groups outside the
 Evaluate, establish and maintain MIS/IT development policies, methodologies,
and procedures
 Plan, schedule, and coordinate activities related to system development projects
 Contact department heads and various levels of staff in user departments to
provide functional support in documenting, designing, and implementing
 Assist with customer service and communication
 Perform some planning/scheduling/prioritizing/coordination of project-related
activities for project team members.

Operations group: The Operations Group monitors the operations of all administrative
information systems. The Operations Group is led and managed by the Systems Manager
responsible for Operations. Their responsibilities include:

 Monitor and oversee the daily, weekly and monthly operations of all
administrative information systems
 Ensure deadlines are met
 Endure the processing and printing of forms, reports and checks and the
processing of other interfaces, during and after business hours.
 Perform daily scheduled tasks, such as EDI and other batch processing

Assistant Manager: The Practice Manager is a liaison between MIS/IT and the
customer. The Practice Manager performs a variety of functions that include:

 Provide leadership and management to MIS/IT development teams and projects

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

 Consult with customers (independently or in partnership with MIS/IT Consultant,

MIS/IT Senior Consultant and/or Program Manager) to understand and analyze
operational procedures and information generation or utilization needs, including
why the project was requested, as well as the project requirements and scope
including the risk, time, and cost
 Oversee and actively participate in the development of the Project Workbook (in
conjunction with the Program Manager and Customer)
 Develop the project plan including the resource, skill and skill level requirements
 Develop procedures for changing scope and project acceptance procedures
 Develop review schedules and acceptance criteria at each phase of the project
 Work with the Program Manager and Customer to identify the technical approach
to be used and the deliverables to be furnished at the completion of the project,
including the development of a strategic plan, systems analysis, technical design,
coding, testing, and turnover to production of the application
 Oversee and direct, in conjunction with a Program Manager, the strategic IS plan,
development of business requirements, development of functional and program
specifications, relational database design, programming, testing, implementation
and documentation for applications
 Develop the project management approach including training needed for the
project team, reporting structure of the project, frequency of interaction between
managers and resources, the number and frequency of team meetings, and the
need for and the extent of involvement of external project stakeholders
 Outline the responsibilities of different parties including customers, management,
project team, vendors, and other stakeholders
 Work with customers and project teams to integrate new systems into the end-user

Program Manager: The Program Manager provides leadership and management of

MIS/IT development teams and projects. Program Managers perform a variety of
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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

functions that include:

 Oversee and direct, in conjunction with a Practice Manager, the strategic IS plan,
development of business requirements, development of functional and program
specifications, relational database design, programming, testing, implementation
and documentation for applications
 Oversee and actively develop the Project Workbook (in conjunction with the
Practice Manager and Customer) including why the project was requested, as well
as the project requirements and scope including the risk, time, and cost
 Work with Practice Manager and Customer to identify the technical approach to
be used and the deliverables to be furnished at the completion of the project
 Schedule and assign resources to ensure that applications satisfy users’ needs and
are completed within agreed upon time parameters
 Monitor the status of the technical resources and tasks using tools such as the
MIS/IT Work Database
 Work with the Practice Manager to manage and oversee the system development
process including systems analysis, technical design, coding, testing, and turnover
to production of the application
 Develop and maintain technical documentation on computer-based information
systems; compile documentation for design changes or creation criteria.

Technical Architect: The Technical Architect is a member of the MIS/IT department

who manages the overall technical architecture of the department. Their responsibilities

 Continually research the information technology marketplace for new and

innovative technologies and application development practices. Proactively
propose these new technologies as solutions to business problems.

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

 Review proposed projects to ensure that they adhere to MIS/IT strategic

technology vision
 Review on-going and proposed projects to identify opportunities for reuse,
process improvement
 Serve as a resource to all teams in evaluating and proposing technical alternatives
for resolving project issue
Technical Lead: The Technical Lead provides leadership to the technical resources and
works in conjunction with the Program Manager and Practice Manager to ensure that
project milestones are met. The Technical Lead performs a variety of functions that

 Provide technical leadership to technical resources and customers to meet project

deadlines and ensure project objective are met
 Plan, schedule, and coordinate activities related to system development projects
 Consult and mentor technical resources concerning methods, procedures, and
standards to be used during design, development, and unit testing phases of
system development projects
 Provide system or technical development expertise to the technical resource team
 Communicate issues and status information to the Program Manager and Practice
Manager concerning system development activities.

Technical Resources: Technical Resources may be either Vanderbilt employees or

external consultants specifically hired to do development work. The Technical Resources
responsibilities include:

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

 Consult with members of the project team to analyze operational procedures and
information generation or utilization needs, which may include analyze, design,
test, and implement enhancements to complex production information systems
 Provide consultation on business process design, database administration
functions for project implementation teams, maintenance and enhancement teams,
and training teams
 Design computer programs, forms, reports, and interfaces
 Create innovative software applications from scratch using state-of-the-art
languages, protocols, and software methodologies
 Perform unit testing on computer programs, forms, reports, and interfaces
 Create and maintain technical documentation on computer-based information
systems; compiling documentation for design changes or creation criteria
 Update systems data and prepare conversion requirements
 Provide assistance to users with software-related issues or problems.

Technical Infrastructure Team: The Technical Infrastructure Team is the group

responsible for supporting the hardware and software components required by a system
implementation. This includes the servers, network printers, operating system, databases,
user security, and network connectivity. The primary responsibilities of this team

 Ensure the application software/hardware is consistent with the technical

environment and standards
 Provide technical system and database support for:
 Capacity and planning
 Space management
 Backup and recovery
 Performance tuning and monitoring
 Provide application software change control across the different environments
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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

 Install and upgrade server and application software

 Assist technical resources with database design
 Provide database administration support for systems development and upgrades.

While working at VHT it was my first experience to work in the IT department of an

organization and here for the first time I analyze the importance of MIS/IT department in
the organization. And I feel that today you cannot operate your organization with just a
computer department and some data entry personals. Now the world has changed where
technology is transforming the ways of doing business.

During my internship program I find that this internship helps me to better understand the
working environment of the organization by finding the relationship between what is
written in the books and what is actually going on in fields. The theory written in the
books in cases is not implemented as it is. In some cases theory is implemented with a
little modification but in other cases theory has nothing to do with practice.

To me, Theory gives you the direction to understand the processes and the terminologies
going across the World using best business practices in a broader view covering each and
every aspect of possible business scenarios. On the contrary practical life is specific,
enclosed in a jar. In practical professionalism and firm’s environment is each and every
thing. Professional life only builds on the knowledge based on books even though it may
only use 1% of the theoretical knowledge. During my internship I also analyze that the
concepts in books are written on ideology basis where every thing works fit and fine but
in practical life it is not necessary that every thing works like as you think.

Now here is comprehensive list of almost all the functions that the IT department of
VHT performs.

1. Provide end-user support in a friendly, comforting and prompt manner

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

2. Explore and recommend alternatives to current implementations and


3. Documentation of the records.

4. Develop usage instructions for end-users of products.

5. Testing and acquiring new technology for getting an edge over competitors.

6. Installation of software in computers of other departments.

7. Provide trouble-shooting / consultation in any case of problem.

8. Maintaining the data network

9. Implementation of new technology standards in the instruments.

10. Perform server maintenance / backups

11. Ensuring compliance of equipment usage with company’s guidelines.

12. Setting up IT resources for new and current employees

13. Contribute to the company’s technical-support knowledge database

14. Placing orders for new software or updates if necessary.

15. Inventory tracking and record-maintenance

16. 24/7 technical support help desk for customers.

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

7.2 Support to other departments:

The IT department at VHT currently provides support to the marketing

department such as the development of broacher’s maintenance of the
website etc. secondly it provides its services to the assembly department in
dealing with hi tech instruments such as ultraviolet rays generator systems
etc. Thirdly it provides user manual guides of filtration systems for the
customers of the VHT. The IT department also helps the account department
in maintaining the records of the company.

The IT department is like a main hub for the company as this department
connects different departments of the VHT with each other.

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

8. Critical Analysis

8.1 Requirement Analysis

Introduction and Scope:

The growing popularity of Database and Information system introduced new terms of
record keeping such as IIS (Inventory Information System). It might be possible that in
near future there would be no need of many clerks in an office for the purpose of record
keeping. Only a single data entry person can do the work of many people at a time. The
data thus recorded in the database would serve equally all the departments of the
organization. The concept of information system defines a system where all records of
the organization are collected and they can be assessed by any related department of the
organization. This project is intended to give both stock room and other departments the
ability to do their jobs effectively and efficiently without even leaving their places. The
project is simply described as modeling a real world object (i.e. Database system for the
stock room of VHT) into computer world. As in the real life we can see that there are
many clerks working in an office and maintaining records of inventory.

When I investigate the current IIS project that I choose for my self I observe that it can

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

be grouped mainly in two Phases. In the first phase the project is designed to work on
small LAN where the head office has a complete record of all the components in its
stock room. The second phase of project is designed to work through Internet that allows
it to be used more commonly.

For my internship I chose the first phase because the second phase needs many more
technical skills and a good command on modern computer languages such as ASP.NET,
VISUAL BASIC etc. As a student currently I can only design a simple SQL database
for just LAN operating inside the head office.


My objective here in VHT is to design a simple but a very helpful information system
for the Inventory room of the VHT.

Actually the IT department at VHT had got the facility of HRIS but there is no record
holding of the inventory system. They were just relaying on the old paper work where
they much of their time in finding the required parts of the instruments.

As I have mentioned in my reports that VHT is a services providing company it has its
own assembly line where the different parts of a treatment unit RO system or a simple
filter are assembled as per order requirement. It is estimated that company uses almost
600 different parts in assembly units while a assembling different products for their

The existing System:

The existing system at VHT is:

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

 The purchase made purchases throughout the year as per the orders of the
engineer and various other technicians.

 Some of the material purchased (or parts purchased) are being consumed by the
assembly line instantly but the remaining of them were goes to the storeroom.

 The problem with the store room is that there is no proper record system for the
store room.

 Now on this basis the purchase department, the sales department, the General
Manager, the assembly line does not have any information about their stock
although they have had a comprehensive and a very big store room.

 Now problem is that in VHT to assemble each category filter or a treatment unit
requires a dedicated list of parts during assembling.

 The company has a large range of products so ultimately the range for parts used
in these products will also have a comprehensive list or number.

 So there is an emergency need of an information system which can help them to

overcome the problem.

To overcome this problem I was assigned a task to prepare an information system which
is capable of helping the assembly line, the purchase department, the finance department,
and also the sales department. Because if these departments can got better knowledge
then it would help them to solve many problems.

The New system and its contributions:

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

 The new system which is going to develop for the company is the database of the
storeroom. This can help the different departments at VHT in different ways.
Such that.

 The purchase department and assembly now by using the system can now do
better capacity planning.

 The finance department can use the system for better forecasting of the financial

 Another advantage that this system will provide to the company is that company
can maintain a large stock of spare parts in the storeroom so that he problem of
immediate increase in the prices of different parts in the international market can
be solved.

 In existing system when sales department get an order for a treatment plant it
informs about the order to other departments of the company such as purchase
department (to purchase raw materials) and to the assembly line to be prepared for
the assembling of the plant.

 It takes two to three weeks to reach the raw equipment or unassembled parts to
assembly line from different countries.

 Each treatment unit takes more than 45 parts to be assembled and the assembly
line works on a patron where they assemble the plant step by step.

 Now think if they got every thing in their store room related to the plant but only
one part is missing and they do not have any knowledge of that so at the middle of
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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

the assembling process they have to stop their work for two to three weeks so that
the related missing part can be purchased.

The above written problems encouraged me to develop a system for the inventory system
of the VHT. The IT department of the company had already started the data collection
process for that system. After I got internship at VHT the manager of IT department
asked me to attend that task. So as an internee I started working on that project.

People who helped me at various levels:

As I was a new comer in that information System Field so ultimately I need some
encouragements and some practical training of the database. During my studies I was also
studying my database development course CS-403 and the information systems CS-507
and another very helpful course named as Software Project management.

But along with the book knowledge I also need some practical and professional
knowledge about all these courses. So the IT department helped me in that regard.

The manager IT Mr. Qaiser Imtiaz taught me SQL at practical level and I got practical
training of SQL server 2005 enterprise edition at HRIS of the VHT.

After getting training at SQL server now I was in a position to develop a system for the
company. But still I need assistance so my supervisor asked me to work under the
software designer and developer of the company.

I started work on the project at 10-12-2008 and I completed the task I have been given on
05-01-2009 under the supervision of IT department.

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

Project Requirements:

Project requirements are:

 A Computer System

 Microsoft SQL server.

 Microsoft Project.

Users of the new system:

 Finance Department

 IT department

 Purchase Department

 And the Assembly line

Collaboration of the department with my project:

 The IT department.

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

 The Purchase department.

 The assembly line.

8.2 Data Gathering

After doing a careful analysis of my project requirements I was in need of the data so I
developed a questionnaire for the purpose of data collection which is included in the
Annexes portion of my report.

The data I need to develop the system was that.

 The name of the part.

 ID of the part.

 The name of the plant.

 ID of the plant.

 Category of the plant.

 And finally the quantity of the parts.

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747


At VHT each part4.0 Request

has got an id and each plant has also got an id so this will do a lot of
help to me. TheAsking Finance
other data members such as category of the plant Dept. the category
for money
on numerical values such as dlro01 tells us thatapproved
“domestic light reverse osmosis system
01” similarly the explanation of some plant names and plant id’s and also the parts name
and parts id’s Approval
of some parts are given at the end of my report in the annexes portion.
After the development of the questionnaire it was given to the assembly
1.0 department to fill
it. The questionnaire was also given to the purchase departmentPurchasin
and the store keeper for
Purchase g
the verification of the information provided by the assembly line. Parts
After three days I got
the filled questionnaire back I Receiving
started myEquipment.
work on SQL under the supervision of Mr.
Qaiser Imtiaz.
Pur. Req. Parts
Receiving request
3. System design (The DFD for the System)
Sending Instruments

Int. Brands

Sending request and payment Requesting

Receiving Parts
Inventory House
Assembly Unit
for raw parts

Sending Request for Parts

Parts Database Sending &
adding info.
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Receiving yes or no.

Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747


The Entity Relationship

ID. Diagram for store room database system:


Quantity rt_St Store

_ Name
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ID. Parts for plants

Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

The Tabular representation of the database

Table name Store

Part ID Part Name Plant ID Plant Name Quantity Room
GAC001 Granular activated AA47 Domestic RO 4 R6
. . . . . .
. . . . . .
. . . . . .
. . . . . .

Separation of the Table :

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

The separation of the above table has been done in three parts to remove redundancies from
the data base.

Table name Store 2

Part ID Plant ID Part Name
GAC001 AA47 Granular activated carbon
. . .

Table name Parts

Part ID Part Name
GAC001 Granular activated carbon
. .

Table name Plants

Plant ID Plant Name
AA47 Domestic RO
. .

Table name Quantity

Part ID Quantity Room Part name
GAC001 4 R6 Granular activated

The tables just shows the formation and style of the data base system

8.4. Implementation

The data thus obtained was transformed to logical schema so that the implementation
phase can be completed successfully. The data was collected in the form of questionnaire
from different departments was entered in to our database. The different plant names
plant ID’s part names and part ID’s were and also all the related information was
enterewd into the data base.

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The data entry phase was a difficult and time consuming work. So the assistant managers
also provide some help in this regard. The data was entered in the forms in SQL server.

Form was created through form wizard. The IT manager also provide his valuable
suggestions in this process. After the successful entery of records the data of store room
was accessed successfully.

The relational representation of the Database:

Store2(PartID, Plant ID, PartName)

Plant(PlantID, PlantName)

Part(PartID, PartName) The keys were mentioned as underlined.

The SQL Server 2005 enterprise edition was used for the database design and I use
different queries in the database which not only helps me in my studies but I have also
got experience in SQL.

About SQL Server:

The code base for MS SQL Server (prior to version 7.0) originated in Sybase SQL
Server, and was Microsoft's entry to the enterprise-level database market, competing
against Oracle, IBM, and, later, Sybase itself. Microsoft, Sybase and Ashton-Tate
originally teamed up to create and market the first version named SQL Server 1.0 for
OS/2 (about 1989) which was essentially the same as Sybase SQL Server 3.0 on Unix,
VMS, etc. Microsoft SQL Server 4.2 was shipped around 1992 (available bundled with
Microsoft OS/2 version 1.3). Later Microsoft SQL Server 4.21 for Windows NT was
released at the same time as Windows NT 3.1. Microsoft SQL Server v6.0 was the first
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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

version designed for NT, and did not include any direction from Sybase’s Server 2005,
released in October 2005, is the successor to SQL Server 2000. It included native support
for managing XML data, in addition to relational data. For this purpose, it defined an xml
data type that could be used either as a data type in database columns or as literals in
queries. XML columns can be associated with XSD schemas; XML data being stored is
verified against the schema. XML is converted to an internal binary data type before
being stored in the database.

9. SWOT Analysis


 The Company’s Industrial unit or branch is situated in district Kasur. This location is
rich with the market for water treatment plants that is required by the leather
tanneries for the purpose of treating the contaminated water.

 VHT is growing with a very high speed and the strategy they follow is that they set

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goals for every year. They expand their sales volume to Rs. 35.7 million in just 3.5
years which is a great achievement in a sector where people have no awareness of
drinking pure water.

 The information system of VHT is very extensive and helps them a lot in managing
their customer needs.

 The Company uses best and most trusted brand’s equipment in its plants which is
imported from different advanced countries of the world. The company uses
guarantees of world’s most trusted brands.

 The Company has currently imported special instruments for its advanced water test
laboratory. This is a great achievement for the company as their competitors do not
have this facility.

 In Pakistan there are just a few companies which have the technology of installation
and development of large scale industrial water treatment plants.

 It also has developed a place in the market by being the only company which
provides the fabrication facility for water tanks in Pakistan.

 VHT is one of the pioneers of water treatment industry in Pakistan which has got a
very honorable place in the water treatment market in just 4 years.

 VHT also got strength of diversified equipment used in water treatment units. The
company uses Hi-Tech water treatment instruments both cheap (imported from
China) and expensive (imported from USA and Germany etc.) so that the company
can negotiate to almost all kinds of customers.

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

 The price of treatment units at VHT is high in the market as compared to its
competitors because VHT preferably uses expensive and trusted parts in its filtration
units so people trusted them.

 The company uses water treatment systems of internationally recognized brands such
as Philips; LG. etc. So VHT also take advantage of names of international brands as
their competitors use cheap quality and low priced Chinese equipment.

 Different institutions such as banks, Schools, and domestic people trust the name of

 The company is going to get ISO 9001 certification from TUV which will also help
them to get advantage making it a reliable service provider company. This will help
them to do marketing more reliably.

 VHT along with its one competitor has got the collaboration with SCCI which
provides them a lot of facilities in doing their business.

 Vivo Hydro Technologies compensates its employees, better than all the other

 The basic salary of the company employees is higher than even the salary package
offered in the industry.


 The location where the VHT head office is located is outside the industrial estate in

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Silakot which in my views not good for the company because it will be the priority of
services providing companies to open their offices in the industrial estates.

 The VHT also faces problems in hiring good quality of employees due to non
availability of HRM department despite that they offers best salaries.

 The company also has one chemical engineer for its all branches. In my views if the
engineer leaves the job for any reason than there is a possibility that company will
face problems.

 The company did not use non branded materials for their filtration systems which
causes in purchase of expensive materials from different countries thus ultimately
increasing its costs for devices in the market as compared to its rivals.

 The company also bears the freight charges as most of the cases they import material
directly from other countries hampering the profitability of the company. And also
the price of its devices increases. Hence Vivo Hydro Technologies is extraordinarily
sensitive to the changes in the price of materials.

 The location of the company limits the ability of the company to distribute its
services all over Pakistan.

 The main assembly lines and stores are situated in Sialkot so to deliver the equipment
to other branches is a difficult work.

 This problem has affected both the local and country wide sales of the company.

 Vivo Hydro Technologies is short of in transportation facility to distribute their

product in markets.

 Karachi is a very big market for them but far a way from Sialkot also creats

 The company has borrowed heavy loans from the Banks, further increasing the debt
burden over the company.
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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747


 At present the WHO has imposed some allegations on the leather industry of Pakistan
so that will ultimately a chance for VHT to expand its business more.

 If the WHO and European Union restricts their imports from Pakistan on a condition
of environmental guarantee than that will prove gold fore the company.

 The company is going to get ISO 9001 certification from TUV which will also help
them to get advantage making it a reliable service provider company. This will help
them to do marketing more reliably.

 VHT can take benefit from its ISO 9001 certification as there are only a few ISO
9001 certified companies in Pakistan.

 The demand of water treatment units has been increasing rapidly providing VHT a
good chance to expand in the new markets.

 VHT is going to launch online shopping for water treatment solutions so this will also
an opportunity to grow in the market using IT.

 VHT along with its one competitor has got the collaboration with SCCI which
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provides them a lot of facilities in doing their business in near future.


 The company is highly vulnerable to price competition since it faces higher cost of
production as a result of increased cost of imported parts.

 The rocketing increase in prices of electricity, Gas, and other equipments has been
affecting badly to company’s profitability.

 Pakistani overall Industry is facing a horrible situation as in sense of electricity load

shedding and increase in the prices of electricity causes the industries to close so
ultimately affecting all services providing companies.

 The day after day terrorist attacks and the suicidal bombing have caused the unrest in
the whole Pakistan thus creating challenges for Pakistanis to get business.

 Intimation of the government of Pakistan to increase the duty on electronic devices

(including devices used in treatment units) in the budget 2008-2009 can also create
problems for the VHT to maintain its production costs.

10. Conclusion & Recommendations

Suggestions and Recommendations:

VHT just had one chemical engineer for all branches which is strange so I recommend at
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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

least 5 chemical engineers for the company.The salary package should be revised for the
employees .It would not only raise the efficiency of the employees but also decrease the
turnover rate of the valued employees.
By minimizing the inconsistency in the policies, consistency must be improved in the
policies to reap long-term benefits of the policies.
Activities of the labor union must be banned with immediate effect Apart from the
political pressure; the unionism is the main cause of the deterioration of industry.
The staff must be trained and skilled properly. Secondly, the right person should be put to
the right job so that the customer may be satisfied with the conduct and modus operandi
of the staff.
Performance base reward system must be introduced. It is the best way to decide about
the efficiency of the employees.
Favoritism and union pressures about the hiring, promotion and reward system should be
minimized rather eliminated as injustice discourages every qualified, hardworking and
conscientious employee. Every eligible employee should be rewarded according to his
The VHT already has better schemes for buyers. But there is a need to launch some more
and attractive schemes for the people in order to facilitate them.
There is a need for continuous advertisement to aware the people about the company in
order to attract the customers towards it.
The reception/counter of the company is considered as the alpha and omega of industrial
business. Customer satisfied with the counter service proves an asset to the organization.
Therefore, utmost care should be taken while dealing with the customers at the counter.
The staff at the counter must be highly skilled and trained according to the changing
trends of the world.
Due to ponderous and long judiciary procedure, the defaulters always manage a happy
escape. To overcome this problem, positive changes in the Recovery Act should be made
so that the company may recover the amount from the sale proceeds of the
pledge/mortgaged property without seeking permission from the court. This task should
be accomplished within six months.
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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747


During my internship training at VHT I have learned a lot and my vision and practical
exposure has broadened very much from my two months internship. In the industrial
sector, VHT is contributing a lot in the water treatment industry of Pakistan Moreover the
use of IT has opened new horizons for the Treatment industry and has changed the
business scenario to a large extant.
Further, I also concluded that 100 percent concentration, full care, analytical, descriptive
and communication skills are the key prerequisites for working in an industry. Any how,
precisely speaking this internship of two months is memorable period for me during
which I availed the opportunity to flourish my communication skills, polish my
capabilities and abilities, upgrade my knowledge about industrial sector and broaden my
vision and exposure towards practical life.

11. References

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

Reference material used for compiling this report is gathered from these
Management Information Systems (Managing the digital firm) by Kenneth C. Laudon &
Jane P. Laudon. Tenth edition.
The database management systems by RamaKrishanan and Gehrke. International
Software Project Management by E.M. Bennaton Second Edition.
About SQL Server
Hell for leather –Pakistan (Article)
National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS) Pakistan. The encyclopedia
The information about brands used was taken from the companies’ official website

12. Annexes

Questionnaire used for Data

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747


Department Name:


Department ID:


Employee Name:


Employee ID:


Employee Designation:







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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747





Write down the List of Devices/Parts/Instruments used by the company

(Fill in the box given below)

Please follow the following pattern while filling in the Box:

 The name of the part.

 ID of the part.

 The name of the plant.

 ID of the plant.

 Category of the plant.

 Quantity of the parts available currently.

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

--The End—

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

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Internship Report [Husnain Afzal] mc060401747

Husnain Afzal
M.B.A (VU)
Sialkot, Pakistan.
Ph: 052-8116425
Cell: 0333-8691306

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