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Alissa Trotz: Using and Abusing Desmond Tutu in the cause of Homosexuality and Transgenderism!

Dear Editor,
I refer to the lengthy feature Toward a Different Understanding (SN 15/3/10) by li!!a "rot# and $ould a%%re&iate the
o%%ortunity to rebut' (er arti&le atte)%t! to defend gay right! and a&ti*i!), and to %ro)ote De!)ond "utu in that &au!e'
+eader! !hould note that bu ,a-r ha! already dealt $ith o*er 5./ of li!!a0! %re!entation in hi! elo1uent letter of rebuttal
Homosexuality and its condemnation has nothing at all to do with British hegemonic imperialism (
briti!h5hege)oni&5i)%eriali!)/ )' (i! engaging and !olid rationale, and the ine*itable !le$ of &o))ent! that attended thereto
in SN0! online foru), )a-e! for intere!ting reading6 ,a-r0! fir!t line ad*i!e! SN, &orre&tly !o, that 7A columnist in your
Monday edition persists with the illogical claim that anti-homosexuality legislation ought to be repealed here simply because it
was introduced by the British 7 "rot#, $e !hould note, ha! %ro)i!ed yet another arti&le 7
El!e$here, $e had rebutted "rot#0! fir!t !ub)i!!ion in the !a)e foru) $ith the detailed arti&le The Case Against Cross-
dressing and Transgenderism in Guyana (htt%2//$$$'!&ribd'&o)/do&/389:.33./"he5;a!e5gain!t5;ro!!5Dre!!ing5or5
"ran!gender5i!)5in5<uyana )' "hat rebuttal i! al!o found in !hortened *er!ion online a! Kaieteur ews!"ta#roe$ ews%
A &e#uttal of Alissa Trot' and Antoine Craigwell on Transgenderism and Homosexuality in Guyana'
De!)ond "utu0! &o))ent! in the =a!hington >o!t of ?ar&h 13 &on!tituted, *erbati), @3/ of li!!a0! 35%ager' It i! ea!y to
!ee that the defen&e of hu)an right! and gay right! ha*e %la&ed intra&table !&ale! o*er "utu0! eye!'
=e !hould e4%lain6
"utu rightly offer! that 7 Men have been falsely charged and imprisoned in Senegal, and health services for these men and
their community have suffered 7 but forget! to )ention or &onde)n the !laughter of ;hri!tian inno&ent! in Ari!!a, Nigeria
and the Sudan' =on0t the =a!hington >o!t allo$ "utu &o))entarie! on the!e i!!ue! a! $ellB

"utu rightly offer! that 7Just this month, mobs in Mtwapa Township, enya, attac!ed men they suspected of being gay7 but
forget! to )ention or &onde)n that in 300. gay5)ilitant! terrori#ed ;hri!tian! in the CS in their churches, $hile
camaigning for !roosition ", and be&au!e of their olitical affiliation' Deft to it!elf, a di!order $ill ine*itably atte)%t
to i)%o!e it! )adne!! on a&&o))odating !o&ietie!6
"utu offer! that 7That this pandering to intolerance is being done by politicians loo!ing for scapegoats for their failures is not
surprising''' but forget! to )ention that Cgandan ?ini!ter for Ethi&! and Integrity N!aba ,uturo ha! identified other area! of
i))orality (htt:##$$$%mediacentre%go%ug#details%h&cat'd()*item(++, ) that hi! go*ern)ent i! %re%ared to deal
$ith in a !tringent &a)%aign again!t e)ergent trend! of &ri)e'
"utu offer! that he $ould 7 never worship a homophobic "od 7 but forget! to )ention the ,ibli&al &onde)nation of
ho)o!e4uality' If the r&hbi!ho% i! in effe&t denying <od0! =ord, the ,ible, then $hat doe! <od )ean to hi) the!e day!B
"utu ha! a%%arently forgotten +o)an! 1219533 and other !&ri%ture!' (e al!o )a-e! no di!tin&tion bet$een the %er!on and hi!
a&tion!, e1uating homosexuals $ith homosexuality, and i! ob*iou!ly into the !li%%ery ideologi&al *erbiage that %a!!e! for
do&trine in the gay5)ilitant &o))unity, by in!inuating that <od &an be &on!idered homophobic' "he ,ible )a-e! it &lear
that <od abhor! ho)o!e4uality (%er Dr' Eeffrey Satino*er, ho)o!e4uality i! but one of the )any for)! of F!oul !i&-ne!!0 that
that are innate to our fallen nature!) a! )u&h a! he abhor! any other !in 7 but "utu i! a%%arently reading fro) a different
%layboo- the!e day!6 (a! he in thi! !ingle !tate)ent told u! $here hi! allegian&e! no$ lieB
"utu offer! that 7 Sexual orientation, li!e s!in color, is another feature of our diversity as a human family7' "hi! i!
unfeigned intelle&tual la#ine!! )a!1uerading a! !&holar!hi%, or el!e a fatal delu!ion %er the !&ale! )entioned before' =e ha*e
illu!trated sexual orientation &ata!tro%he! at %age 9 of The Case Against Crossdressing and Transgenderism in
Guyana, $hile addre!!ing the legal i)%ortan&e of i))utability at %age! 353' Di-e &la!!i& gay5right! a&ti*i!t!, "utu
)ention! NA=(E+E the need for treat)ent in attra&tion5 and gender5identity di!order!' (e ha! forgotten <od0! in!tru&tion to
!tudy to !ho$ hi)!elf a%%ro*ed, and no$ i! de%ending on hi! friend! a!!uran&e! on !e4ual5orientation on thi! i!!ue)' =e
!hould refer hi) to the la$ re*ie$ Homosexuality% (nnate and (mmuta#le) by Dean ,yrd G Stony Al!en
203/)42035o%20304203+2036lsen%df )' It $ill &orre&t )any )i!&on&e%tion! in hi! )ind'
"utu offer! 7 does any of us !now the mind of "od so well that we can decide for him who is included, and who is excluded,
from the circle of his love#''' "hi! i! go5no$here theology6 +ather than )a-e u% the rule! for hi)!elf, "utu !hould agree that
$e -no$ the )ind of <od fro) (i! =ord 7 the ,ible ''' $here el!eB rule of thu)b he &an ado%t &an $ell be2 if the ,ible
&onde)n! it, belie*e it !hould be !o &onde)ned6
"utu rightly offer! that 7 The wave of hate must stop 7 but forget! to )ention that hi! o$n di!regard for the e*iden&e and
la&- of !&holar!hi% !hould feature in !u&h a %rogra))e of enlighten)ent' =e !hould refer hi) to the la$ re*ie$ Child
*olestation and the Homosexual *o+ement
(htt:##$$$%mega%nu:"3"3#am#bald$in-edohilia-homosexuality%df 78 by Ste*e ,ald$in /) 9:;:5T U% <%
9:1% 0+, (03307 a! a !olid introdu&tion to $hat fri&a &an e4%e&t if it doe! not treat ho)o!e4uality and tran!genderi!) a!
$hat they really are 7 )ental and %!y&ho!e4ual di!order! that da)age the national etho!'
Dr' >aul ?&(ugh, Di!tingui!hed Ser*i&e >rofe!!or in >!y&hiatry at Eohn! (o%-in! Cni*er!ity, i! for&ed in 3005 to )a-e the
follo$ing &on&lu!ion about the )edi&al a%%roa&h to ho)o!e4uality and tran!genderi!)2 7 $e have wasted scientific and
technical resources and damaged our professional credibility by collaborating with madness rather than trying to study, cure,
and ultimately prevent it7 (Transgenderism is a Gender-(dentity Disorder, Transgenderism is a *ental DisorderH
htt:##$$$%fox%org#Transgenderism-is-gender-identity-disorder%html )'
"utu offer! that 7 my fellow clerics, of all faiths, must stand up for the principles of universal dignity and fellowship''' but
forget! that the )an De!)ond "utu in the offi&e of ;hri!tian r&hbi!ho% i! not &alled by <od to defend the 7 principles of
universal dignity and fellowship% !o )u&h a! the %rin&i%le! of the ,ible'
(e then offer! that 7 &xclusion is never the way forward on our shared paths to freedom and 'ustice''' $hi&h i! an
a!toni!hing ad)i!!ion of naI*etJ0, !in&e gay5)ilitan&y i! e4&luding ;hri!tian! in e*ery a&ti*i!t !tate $here they ha*e gained
inroad!, and $e &an 1uote ?elanie >hilli%! in thi! regard at How Britain is turning Christianity into a Crime
(htt:##$$$%dailymail%co%u=#ne$s#article>)3)3?0#Ho$>@ritain>turning>Ahristianity>crime%html )2 7The
(diversity) agenda, in other words, is a fig-leaf for an attac! on *hristianity%+ This is no accident+ The sacred doctrine of
human rights , which explicitly sets itself up as the religion for a godless age , is the means by which secularism is steadily
attac!ing the *hristian roots of our civilisation, on the basis that religion is inherently unenlightened, pre'udiced and
=e rea&h an ine!&a%able &on&lu!ion2 De!)ond "utu i! being u!ed by li!!a "rot# and other! a! a tool in the de!tru&tion of hi!
o$n faith 7 and heK! hel%ing the) ''' and it0! all in the na)e of hu)an right! 7 !&ale! on hi! eye! not$ith!tanding6
Lour! faithfully,
+oger =illia)!