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Sand Filtration Units

Airpac Bukoms rental fleet of 5,000psig, 10,000psig and

15,000psig sand filtration units improve well analysis
during testing operations through the effective removal of
sand and other solids from the well effluent.
The sand filter consists of two vertical vessels, each vessel
holding one inner filter assembly. The two filtration pods are
controlled individually allowing for either single or dual pot
operation. Normally, one vessel is in use, in order to
facilitate cleaning of the other.
The unit is skid mounted and complete with inlet and outlet
manifolding, double gate valves on the downstream side and
connections to register differential pressure across
filters. Each sand filter is supplied with an extensive spares
package and fully equipped tool box.
Features and Benefits
> Modular and rugged filter design
> Standard 200 micron filter cartridge supplied
> Annular flow and sand storage
> Safe & quick cleaning features
> Vertically positioned gate valves (to avoid gate
> Fitted with back up valves
> No post-frac clean up required, production starts
immediately through the facilities
> A range of micron screen sizes are available on
5,000psig - 15,000psig 1
5,000psig - 15,000psig
Filtration System
The stainless steel mesh filter consists of one element,
which is mounted concentrically. Opposite to the laser cut
screen, the mesh screen filter has more slots. The filter
assembly element can be altered in an early manufacturing
stage, if required by the application.
> Minimum mesh size 50 Micron
> Filter collapse pressure <100barg
> Maximum OD 14 inch
> Gas flow capacity
5,000psig up to 20 MM scf/d
10,000psig up to 35 MM scf/d
15,000psig up to 50 MM scf/d
> Liquid flow capacity up to 5,000 Bpd
Flow capacity is dependant on filter element mesh size,
viscosity and the amount of pollution. The inner filter
elements are designed to stop sand/debris transport,
without obstructing liquid and or gas flow through the unit.
Gas velocities across the filter elements are greatly reduced,
minimising actual filter wear and increasing its life span.
The 5,000psig and 10,000psig units have a series of high
pressure water injection nozzles positioned on the outer
vessel diameter, to facilitate sand removal between vessel
and filter element. The sand/water mixture exits the vessel
through 2" flow points, positioned on the bottom side of the
vessel. Cleaning time per vessel approx. 15 minutes.
On the 15,000psig units cleaning is effected by using the
" manual choke to remove the sediment out of the
vessel. The filters are emptied by removing the screens out
of the top of the vessels, utilising the air operated hoist and
after which the sand can be removed and the screen
Filter element removal is not required during operations.
If at a point the filter element requires inspection or
replacement due to physical wear, the entire element can be
retrieved from the outer vessel top-end.
Containerised Tool Box
Transportation of Sand Filter 2
Technical Specifications
Sand Filtration Units (5,000psig, 10,000psig & 15,000psig)
*Sand Filtration Unit 5,000psig 10,000psig 15,000psig
Overall Length (Operational) 2680mm 2500mm
Overall Width (Operational) 2400mm 2500mm
Overall Height (Operational)
(with lifting beams extended max. 7500mm)
(with lifting beams extended max. 7500mm)
Weight 9500kgs
**Tool Box Caged Containerised DNV 2.7-1
Dimensions 2310 x 1300 x 1470mm 1829 x 1524 x 2438mm
Weight 5000kgs 6000kgs
Weights & Dimensions
Model 5,000psig 10,000psig 15,000psig
Working Pressure 5,000psig 10,000psig 15,000psig
Flow-line connections 3
" Flange 3
" Flange 3
" Flange
Gas Flow capacity 20 MM scf/d 35 MM scf/d 50MM scf/d
Liquid flow capacity 5,000 Bpd 5,000 Bpd 5,000 Bpd
Holding capacity per vessel 180 effect litres 180 effect litres 100 litres
Vessel O.D Up to 14 - 16" Up to 14" 14
Filter Element O.D 4 4 6
Filter Mesh Sizes (wire screen) 50 - 800 Microns
Differential Pressure Across the Filter Element 1 barg (clean and empty) in use advised max. 25 barg
Filter Collapse Pressure <100barg 180barg
Inlet Connection 3 1502 Weco Union 4 2202 Weco Union
Flush Line Inlet 2 1502 Weco Union 2 1502 Weco Union n/a
Flush Line Outlet 2 1502 Weco Union (x2) 2 1502 Weco Union (x2) 2 2202 Weco Union (x1)
Temperature class Standard up to 250F
Design Code
Certification Authority Det Norske Veritas
Sour (H
S) service, Per NACE MR-01-75 latest rev.
* Sand Filtration Units must be transported horizontally. Transportation dimensions for 5K & 10K (L) 4200mm x (W) 2400mm x (H) 2680mm
Transportation dimensions for 15K (L) 4300mm x (W) 2500mm x (H) 2500mm
** Tool Box - weights and dimensions of the Sand Filter Tool Box will be provided on application.
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