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Name: Bethany Vance

WGU Task Objective Number: EFT Task 7 602.4.15-33, 35
Lesson Title !ubject"s#: How does you e!! "easue u#$ %ath

To$ic or Unit o% !tu&': %easue"ent
Gra&e(Level: &'nde!aten
Instructional !ettin):
(e.g., group size, learning context, location [classroom, field trip to zoo, etc.], seating arrangement,
bulletin board displays)
(tudents ae seated on a u! )o the 'nstuct'on. Then they !o to ta*+es w'th 6 students each )o
so+,'n! #o*+e"s.
!TAN*AR*! AN* O+,E-TI.E!
/our !tate -ore -urriculum(!tu&ent Ac0ievement !tan&ar&"s#:
To view standards: o to Tas!"tream "tandards #anager under $rograms % &esources. T'en go to
(rowse "tandards ("tandards )izard). "elect your state. "elect standard(s).
&.4.- %ake d'ect co"#a'sons us'n! "easua*+e att'*utes such as +en!th, we'!ht, and ca#ac'ty.
Lesson Objective"s#:
(e.g., w'at students will accomplis' by t'e end of a single lesson* needs to align wit' core
curriculum+student ac'ievement standard)
(tudents w'++ *e a*+e to accuate+y "easue the c'cu")eence, he'!ht, and we'!ht, "eet'n! 5 out o) 6
#at'c'#at'on e.u'e"ents.
Instructional Materials:
#aterials needed for t'e lesson (e.g., textboo!, construction paper, scissors, $ower$oint, guided note
(t'n!, (c'ssos, B+ocks
/onta'nes o) wate
Ba+ance, *+ocks
"upplementary information and+or places w'ere you found information for t'e lesson

!e2uence o% Instructional 1roce&ures(Activities(Events "$rovi&e &escri$tion an&
in&icate a$$ro3imate time %or eac0#:
1. I&enti%ication o% !tu&ent 1rere2uisite !kills Nee&e& %or Lesson:
(e.g., anticipatory set, sc'ema, purpose of lesson for students, connections to previous
learning, definitions of terms reviewed)
How "any #eo#+e ha,e *een on an Easte e!! hunt$
How "any o) you ha,e !otten to h'de the e!!s$
1 want to h'de an e!! 'n a 2a, *ut 1 don3t know ') 't w'++ )'t. How can 1 "easue 't to see ') 't )'ts$
410 "'nutes5
2. 1resentation o% Ne4 In%ormation or Mo&elin):
(e.g., term definitions, concepts, processes and+or approac'es)
0hat sot o) too+s do we need to "easue an e!!$ 6 st'n!, "easue"ent too+
The circum%erence 's the "easue"ent aound the e!!.
45 "'nutes5
3. Gui&e& 1ractice:
(e.g., teac'er directed, scaffolding, c'ec! for student understanding , including any -uestions
to as! or anticipate from students)
7e"onstate how to wa# the st'n! aound the e!!. /ut the st'n! and !+ue to #a#e.
%easue how "any *+ocks +on! 't 's.
%easue the c'cu")eence o) the 2a w'th st'n!. /ut the st'n!, !+ue 't and "easue w'th
*+ocks. /o"#ae the two st'n!s. 1) the e!! st'n! 's s"a++e than the 2a, the e!! w'++ )'t 'ns'de.
-sk students ') thee ae othe ways that we can "easue an e!!. 6 we'!ht and +en!th.
(how students the 8e!!s#+oat'on9 *ook. 7e"onstate how to co"#+ete each #a!e. (how
"easu'n! the +en!th w'th cu*es. 7e"onstate how to use a *a+ance. :se a #+ast'c conta'ne
'n one s'de o) the *a+ance and ha,e students he+# to count how "any wooden *+ocks 't takes to
*a+ance 't out. They w'++ do the sa"e to "easue the we'!ht o) the' e!!s.
415 "'nutes5
4. In&e$en&ent !tu&ent 1ractice:
(e.g., teac'er monitored, c'ec! for student understanding , including any -uestions to as! or
anticipate from students)
Hand out 8e!!s#+oat'on9 *ooks. Ha,e students +ook at each #a!e and shae w'th a c+ass"ate
what to do.
(tudents !o to ta*+es to co"#+ete the' *ooks. ;otate a)te a++ students ha,e co"#+eted each
ste#. -ss'st students w'th each ste# as needed.
420 "'nutes5
5. -ulminatin) or -losin) 1roce&ure(Activit'(Event:
(e.g., review terms, concepts, and+or learning process* establis' connections to t'e next
lesson* c'ec! for student understanding , including any -uestions to as! or anticipate from
(tudents "eet at u! and shae and co"#ae what they d'sco,eed a*out the' e!!s. 0ho had
the +on!est e!!$ The hea,'est$ The *'!!est c'cu")eence$
45 "'nutes5
1e&a)o)ical !trate)' "or !trate)ies#:
(e.g., direct instruction, cooperative learning groups, partner wor!)
7'ect 'nstuct'on, #o*+e" *ased 'nstuct'ona+ +ean'n!.
*i%%erentiate& Instruction:
.escribe accommodations for suc' groups as /nglis' 0anguage 0earners, 'earing impaired, learning
disabled, p'ysically disabled, and+or gifted+accelerated learners.
En!+'sh <an!ua!e <eanes w'++ *e !',en 8e!!s#+oat'on9 *ooks w'th d'ect'ons 'n the' )'st +an!ua!e.
!tu&ent Assessment(Rubrics:
.escribe 'ow you will !now if students 'ave met t'e ob1ective(s) for t'is lesson (include pre2 and
post2assessment plans3formal and+or informal, summative and+or formative, etc.).
1n)o"a+ assess"ent w'++ show whethe students undestand how to "easue the +en!th,
c'cu")eence, and we'!ht o) the' e!!s. The 8e!!s#+oat'on9 *ooks w'++ *e checked )o 100=

Fo"a+ assess"ent w'++ e,a+uate the students3 #at'c'#at'on. 5 out o) the 6 e.u'e"ents "ust *e "et.
>>>> (tudent woked .u'et+y.
>>>> (tudent co"#+eted a++ #a!es 'n the e!!s#+oat'on *ook.
>>>> (tudent shaed "ate'a+s.
>>>> (tudent su##oted and woked we++ w'th c+ass"ates.
>>>> (tudent used "ate'a+s a##o#'ate+y.
>>>> (tudent )o++owed d'ect'ons.