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Launch (SETUP), proceed with the (License Agreement) and click on (Set Up Lic
ensing). Do not enter or change any paths (leave them as is) click Next. (Licens
e File Needed) will popup (just click OK). Next, proceed with the installation o
f the (Cadence Licence Manager -> click NEXT, then with the (Installation Summar
y) -> Click NEXT. After the License Manager setup DO NOT CONTINUE with the (Inst
all Products) install process for now (click NO). Steup Complete -> click FINISH
2. Now copy the contents of license_manager from SHooTERS folder to installed di
rectory of C:\OrCAD\license_manager. Overwrite the 2 files.
3. Go into the installed folder on the hard drive (C:\OrCAD\license_manager) and
Open (orcad16.lic) in a text editor (notepad) and (in the first line of the fil
e) replace the word (this_host) (without the brackets) with the name of the Comp
uter being installed on, and save the file. You will need the exact name of the
computer - verify -> go to system properties -> (under the tab) Computer Name -
will find "Full Computer Name:"
4. Launch the same (SETUP), proceed with the (License Agreement) and click on (S
et Up Licensing), Now change (Specify the license file you received,then click N
ext.) Click on browse to enter the path of the license file C:\OrCAD\license_man
ager\orcad16.lic and click Next. Ignore the (Failure to load License File) error
that popped up by clicking on OK and then press Cancel. The (Exit Setup) will a
sk are you sure? click yes.
5. Launch the same (SETUP), proceed with the (License Agreement) and click on (I
nstall Products). (Release Orcad 16.0 Setup) will advise to turn off anti virus
blah balh balh... - click OK.
6. (License Manager Communication) enter (Port Number) 5280 and (Host Name) as t
he name of your Computer that it will be installed on (same as step 3) and click
Next. (Control File Location) leave it blank and click Next. (Select Products)
you can select all the apps you want to install and then click Next. (Working Di
rectory) - click Next. (Footprint Viewer) you can choose whatever you need or le
ave it at None - click Next. (Select Program Folder) - click Next. (installation
Summary) - Click Next.
(Product File Extension Registration) will appear - you can choose Yes if you ne
ed it or No to leave it alone. (Text Editor File Extension Registration) will ap
pear - you can choose Yes if you need it or No to leave it alone. Setup is compl
eted - click Finish.
7. After the installation is completed, go to Start->Programs->Cadence License M
anager->License Manager Tools in the Config Services tab. change "Path to the li
cense file" (it would be some license.dat initially) change it (by using browse)
to C:\OrCAD\license_manager\orcad16.lic and after click on "save Service" then
YES. Don't close LMTOOLS yet.
8. Next Go to the tab (Start/Stop/Reread) and click on (Start Server) button (se
e status bar at bottom Server Start Successful). Next click on (Reread License F
ile). Wait for the reread operation to be completed (see status bar at bottom Re
read Server License Completed). Now you can exit.
9. Now check if the Cadence License Manager service is running in the Control Pa
nel->Administrator Tools->Services.
10. Copy orcad_16.0_patcher.exe to the installed folder C:\OrCad and then run it
- click on (Update). After it completes the (update patch), it will open a log
file to notify which files were patched and skipped (if any).
11. Done
***For my install of the patch, I received 2 files that were skipped:
bin\a2dxf.exe -> Original file not existed, it has been skipped.
bin\dxf2a.exe -> Original file not existed, it has been skipped.