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July 6, 2014
Faithbuilders (E. Hall)
OK Corral (N. Room)

9:00 Sanctuary Worship
Childrens Classes (Info in Room 11)
Youth Classes: (N. Forum)
Salt, Adult Class (N. Room)

10:30 Watermark Worship
Childrens Classes (Info in Room 11)
Pathnders, Adult Class (N. Room)
High Flight, Adult Class (E. Hall)
*CoreFit & More Tu & Th, 4:30 p ............
Mens Bible Study Wednesday, 6:30 a ..........
*Womens Bible Study Wednesday, 7:00 p ....
*Adult Choir Wednesday, 7:00 p ...................
Womens Bible Study Thursday, 6:45 a .....
*Mens Bible Study Thursday, 7:00 a ........
Roots (Young Adults) Thursday, 7:00 p ....
*Womens Bible Study Friday, 9:30 a ...
KP Prayer Group Saturday, 6:30 a ...........
CrossFit ...........................
Chain Gang (Craft) 2
Monday 10 a .......
Reap What You Sew 2
& 4
Wed. 9 a .....
* on break
Come, Thou Fount

Praise Songs


Morning Prayer

Word in Song
Calmer of My Troubled Heart
Matt Vlahovich

Frank Shirvinski
Nick Stavlund
The Story: Standing Tall,
Falling Hard
1 Samuel 1-15

Closing Song
How Marvelous

Closing Prayer
Nick Stavlund
Executive Pastor
Frank Shirvinski
Lead Pastor
Katy Statler
Ministry Director: Youth
Nicole Moran
Preschool Director
Jenny Statler
Interim Worship Leader: Sanctuary
Matt Vlahovich
Worship Leader: Watermark
Sharon Hostetler
Ministry Director:
Connections & Events
Stacy Shirvinski
Executive Director: Community
Impact, Families and Children
Sara Perrine
Minister, Missional Groups
Mary Cartwright
Minister, Pastoral Care
Regularly Scheduled Programs
Helpful Info
Communion/Lords Supper
All followers of Christ are welcome to
participate in our Service of
Communion. If you have prepared
yourself for this very special moment
with our Savior, you are invited to His
table. (1 Corinthians 11:23-30) Please
take the emblems as they are passed
and partake when you are ready.
Some prefer to take it before passing
it along.

In all of our services, a special time
for giving is set aside. Participation is
an act of worship and voluntary.

We have a friendly, well-sta!ed and
impeccably clean nursery located on
the north side of the narthex. Please
see an usher for directions.
Prayer: Olan Atchison, Fraser Brown,
Irv Ekelund, Herzer Family 6451 E. Shea

7/6 6:00 p Sr. High Pool Party O#site ....... .. ......
7/7-11 9:00 a VBS Campus . .. ...........................
7/12-16 Sr High Camp UCYC ............ ..............
7/20 9:00 a Youth attend service Sanct. ..... .. ....
7/23 Sunsplash Youth O#site ..... ............ ..........
We'll have the
Senior High pool
party at the
Burkhart residence (See Katy for
address). We will meet from
6-7:30 p.m. for a fun time of swimming
and hanging out. Bring a friend and
snacks/beverages to share, along with
modest swim suits.
Wednesday, 7/23 - SunSplash,
CHANGE IN TIME! We'll leave Church
around 2:30 and get back around 7:30.
Cost is $20 plus money for food/drink/
massive ice cream. RSVP by 7/20/14.
Join us
Saturdays at 10:00 a.m.
and Tuesday evenings at 6:30
in the North Forum.
First class is free!
VBS Setup Today
2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
We need lots of help!
Sign up your kids and
grandkids for an amazing
week! Cost is $30 for the rst
child with discounts for
additional children from the
same family!
Summer Fun

Fourth of July!
Copies of The Story are
available for purchase
following service. See Sara

Footnotes Small Groups will
resume NEXT week, beginning the
week of July 14. Currently we have
groups meeting on Monday,
Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
Pick up an information sheet and/or
sign up in the Narthex or contact
Sara Perrine at
Backpack Project
A huge thank you to all who donated
to the Arizona Reservation
Ministries' Backpack Project! Many
students will be thrilled to have a
new backpack and school supplies
for the beginning of the school year.
Frank mentioned Family Promise as one
way Chaparral can become involved with
assisting displaced families in our
community. We will join with other
volunteers from faith communities across
the greater Phoenix area by hosting four
families for a week, several times a year. In
order to accomplish this, we will need
multiple volunteers to assist with set up,
providing hot evening meals, donating
supplies for breakfast and lunches, being an
overnight host, laundry and dismantling
following a week's stay.
For more information on Family Promise
pick up a brochure in the Narthex. To
volunteer, please contact Mary Blakeman
( or Sara
Perrine (