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Quiz- Prelims

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1.What is value of the expression (3^6) + (a^~a) ? if a is declared as int and
has garbage.
a) 3 b) c)6 d) ! ans:d) 4
". int fn(int v)
if(v$$1 %% v$$&)
return 1'
return fn(v)")+"'
return fn(v*1)+3'
a) 1& b)11 c)1 d) none ans:b)11
3. ,ain()
int a21&3'
a) " b)! c)error d)garbage ans:b)4
!. ,ain()
char 5p$4hai friends405p1'
6hile(5p7$8.&8) ++5p++'
printf(4(s (s40p0p1)'

a)hai friends b) s c)ib97gs9foet d)null ans: c)ibj!gsjfoet
int a23$#10"0060:01&+
int 5b$;a2!3'
a) co,pilation error b): c) d)" ans<d) "

! =orting is not possible b> using 6hich of the follo6ing ,ethods?
(a) ?nsertion
(b) =election
(c) @xchange
(d) Aeletion ans: d)"eletion!
1. Bo6 ,an> different trees are possible 6ith 1& nodes ?
a)1&"! b)1&1! c)1&& d):& ans<b)1&1!
C. Df the follo6ing tree structure0 6hich is0 efficient considering space and ti,e
(a) ?nco,plete Einar> Free
(b) Go,plete Einar> Free
(c) Hull Einar> Free
(d) Ione
Jns< (b) Go,plete Einar> Free.
:. ?f >ou are using G language to i,ple,ent the heterogeneous linKed list0 6hat pointer
t>pe 6ill >ou use?
a) ordinar> pointer
b) this pointer
c) void pointer
d) arra> of ordinar> pointers
ans< c)void pointer
1&. ?n tree construction 6hich is the suitable efficient data structure?
(a) Jrra> (b) LinKed list (c) =tacK (d) Mueue
ans< (b) LinKed list
11. Which is the subset of =ML co,,ands used to ,anipulate Dracle Aatabase
structures0 including tables?
a) =AL
b) ANL
c) AAL
d) OAL
Jns< c) AAL
1". Which of the follo6ing can be referenced b> this variable?
a.Fhe instance variables of a class onl>
b.Fhe ,ethods of a class onl>
c.Fhe instance variables and ,ethods of a class
Jns< c.
13. When ,a> a constructor be called 6ithout specif>ing argu,ents?
a. When the default constructor is not called
b. When the na,e of the constructor differs fro, that of the class
c. When there are no constructors for the class
d. none
Jns< c.
1!. Which of the follo6ing is true?
1) 6ait()0notif>()0notif>all() are defined as final ; can be called onl> fro, 6ith in a
s>nchroniPed ,ethod
") J,ong 6ait()0notif>()0notif>all() the 6ait() ,ethod onl> thro6s ?D@xception
3) 6ait()0notif>()0notif>all() ; sleep() are ,ethods of ob9ect class
d.1 ; "
e. 10" ; 3
Jns < d
1.Which of the follo6ing is not a 6rapper class?
d. Gharacter
Jns < a.
16. Which of the follo6ing are true about the @rror and @xception classes?
a.Eoth classes extend Fhro6able.
b.Fhe @rror class is final and the @xception class is not.
c.Fhe @xception class is final and the @rror is not.
d.Eoth classes i,ple,ent Fhro6able.
Jns < a.
11. What is the preferred 6a> to handle an ob9ectQs events in Rava "?
Dverride the ob9ectQs handle@vent( ) ,ethod.
Jdd one or ,ore event listeners to handle the events.
Bave the ob9ect override its process@vent( ) ,ethods.
Bave the ob9ect override its dispatch@vent( ) ,ethods.
Jns < b.
1C) ?n D=? I)6 architecture0 the dialogue control and toKen ,anage,ent are
responsibilities of...
b) =ession
c) Jpplication
d) AataLinK
#N$%&' : b) =ession La>er.
1:. What is the effect of co,piling and (if possible) running this class<
public class Galc #
public static void ,ain (=tring args 23) #
int total $ &'
for (int i $ &0 9 $ 1&' total S 3&' ++i0 **9) #
=>ste,.out.println(4 i $ 4 + i + 4 < 9 $ 4 + 9)'
total +$ (i + 9)'
=>ste,.out.println(4Fotal 4 + total)'
1) Troduce a runti,e error
") Troduce a co,pile ti,e error
3) Trint out 4Fotal &4
!) Uenerate the follo6ing as output<
i $ & < 9 $ 1&
i $ 1 < 9 $ :
i $ " < 9 $ C
Fotal 3&
Jns6er < 3
"&.Which of the follo6ing state,ents are true?
a) VFH characters are all C*bits.
b) VFH characters are all 16*bits.
c) VFH characters are all "!*bits.
d) Vnicode characters are all 16*bits.
Jns < d.
"1. @UT is (@xterior Uate6a> Trotocol)?
a) used 6ithin an autono,ous s>ste,.
b) used to identif> the set of net6orKs
c) used to advertise the set of net6orKs
d) used in the start of a Felnet session.
Jns< b
"". W?T(Routing Information Protocol) is used ?
a) for trans,ission of ?T datagra,s across a serial line.
b) to exchange routing infor,ation bet6een ?nternet core routers.
c) to exchange infor,ation bet6een the routers.
d) to advertise the set of net6orKs
ans< c
"3. What is data structure used in WAEN=?

a) Uraph
b) Jrra>
c) Free
d) Ione
Jns< b
"!. Nodif>ing existing standards to better ,atch the need of a pro9ect or environ,ent is
a. Aefinition
b.=tandard for a standard
Jns< c
". Neasures designed to ,ini,iPe the probabilit> of ,odification0 destruction0 or
inabilit> to retrieve soft6are or data is
a.Treventive securit>
b.Gorrective securit>
c.Trotective securit>
d.Ione of the above
Jns< a
"6. Fhe activit> 6hich includes confir,ing understanding0 brainstor,ing and
testing ideas is a
a.Gode 6alKthrough
d.=tructured 6alKthrough
Jns< c
"1. Fhe basis upon 6hich adherence to policies is ,easured is
c.@xpected result
Jns< a
"C. =>ste, Fest Tlan 6ill not include
b.Tass)Hail criteria
d.=uspension and Wesu,ption criteria

Jns< c
":. Fhe ter, -bench,arKing/ ,eans
a.Go,paring 6ith past data fro, >our organiPation
b.Go,paring 6ith the results of a ,arKet surve>
c.Go,paring 6ith the results of a custo,er surve>
d.Ione of the above
Jns< d
3&. Fhe follo6ing are t>pes of listening are<
a.Aescriptive listening
b.Go,pensation listening
c.Jpprehensive listening
d.Jll of the above
Jns< c
31. YincludeZstdio.hS
char s123$4Wa,co4'
char s"23$4=>ste,s4'

a) Wa,co b)=>ste,s c)Go,pilation error d)none
Jns< c
3". int f()
void ,ain()
f(int i0int 90int K)
printf(4(d (d (d40i090K)'
What are the nu,ber of s>ntax errors in the above?
a b.3 c.! d.none
Jns< d. Ione.
33. What is the effect of adding the sixth ele,ent to a vector created in the follo6ing
ne6 Oector(0 1&)'
1) Jn ?ndexDutDfEounds exception is raised.
") Fhe vector gro6s in siPe to a capacit> of 1& ele,ents
3) Fhe vector gro6s in siPe to a capacit> of 1 ele,ents
!) Iothing0 the vector 6ill have gro6n 6hen the fifth ele,ent 6as added
Jns6er < 3
3!. Which of the follo6ing0 are valid return t>pes0 for listener ,ethods<
1) boolean
") the t>pe of event handled
3) void
!) Go,ponent
Jns6er < 3

3. Hunction points provide an ob9ective ,easure of the application s>ste,
*************that can be used to co,pare different Kinds of application s>ste,s.
a. =iPe
b. Go,plexit>
c. Terfor,ance
d. Dperation ease
Jns< a
36. ?n toKen Wing 0 hub is called
a) Nultistation Jccess Vnit(NJV).
b) Logical Vnit
c) Nultiselection Vnit
d) Gentral Vnit
Jns< a