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Video: violence in Jerusalem after Palestinian

teen found dead

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Published on Jul 2, 2014
Clashes break out after Palestinian teen's body found in Jerusalem.
Jerusalem (CNN) -- The discovery of a Palestinian teen's body in Jerusalem early Wednesday
triered clashes bet!een "sraelis and Palestinians# further inflamin tensions that s$iked this
!eek !ith the discovery of the bodies of three "sraeli teens.
"sraeli $olice say they are lookin into !hether the death in Jerusalem !as a retaliation killin
for the West %ank teens.
The body !as discovered an hour after $olice !ere notified that a Palestinian teenaer had been
forced into a car in the %eit &anina neihborhood of Jerusalem.
'We are concentratin on t!o thins#' "sraeli $olice s$okesman (ickey )osenfeld said#
'!hether the t!o incidents are related# and !e're lookin into !hether this is a crime or
"sraeli Prime (inister %en*amin Netanyahu called for a s$eedy investiation to find '!ho is
behind this des$icable murder and the backround to this act#' accordin to a statement from
his office.
'Prime (inister Netanyahu calls on all sides not to take the la! into their o!n hands. "srael is a
country of la! and everyone is ordered to act accordin to the la!.'
'This is a horrible and barbaric act !hich " stronly condemn#' Jerusalem (ayor Nir %arkat
said of the death. 'This is not our !ay and " am fully confident that our security forces !ill
brin the $er$etrators to *ustice. " call on everyone to e+ercise restraint.'
Palestinian ,-sa T. !as less cautious# re$ortin that (ohammad ,bu /hedair# a 01-year-old
from Jerusalem# !as kidna$$ed in Jerusalem by settlers.
The teen's cousin (a*di ,bu /hedair said !hoever carried out the abduction !as drivin a car
that had been used in a $revious attem$ted abduction t!o days ao. 'We blame the "sraeli
$olice for the kidna$$in and killin of ((ohammad) and his burnin#' /hedair said. 'The
"sraeli $olice and "sraeli overnment should do the same as they have done in &ebron2
3emolish and blo! the settler houses !ho have done this crime.'
The "sraeli military destroyed the homes of the t!o sus$ects in the killins of the three "sraeli
,s ne!s of the boy's death s$read# clashes broke out bet!een Palestinian residents and "sraeli
security forces in 4huafat# a Jerusalem neihborhood# !itnesses said.
)esidents thre! stones at "sraeli security forces. The "sraelis res$onded !ith occasional volleys
of stun renades or tear as. , cre! !ith the Palestinian )ed Crescent said more than 56
Palestinians !ere in*ured.
,lso in 4huafat# Palestinian $rotesters attacked t!o Palestinians !hom they mistook for
undercover "sraeli $olice# the Jerusalem Post re$orted.
Tensions in the reion have been at a fever $itch since (onday# !hen the bodies of the "sraeli
teens !ere found in a field in the West %ank. The three !ere abducted on their !ay home from
school more than t!o !eeks earlier.
7n Tuesday# after the teens' funerals# several lare rou$s of men marched around Jerusalem#
chantin '3eath to ,rabs.'
Netanyahu on slain teens2 '(ay 8od avener their blood'
,venin the deaths
The deaths of the three "sraeli teenaers -- 9yal :ifrach# 0;< 8ilad 4haar# 0=< and Naftali
>rankel# a 0=-year-old dual ?.4.-"sraeli citi@en -- have become a symbol of "srael's fiht aainst
The overnment blames &amas# a militant Palestinian "slamic orani@ation# for the killins.
&amas $raised the abductions but denied it !as res$onsible for !hat ha$$ened.
The rou$ !arned that if Netanyahu 'brins a !ar on 8a@a# the ates of hell !ill o$en to him.'
,t the teens' funerals# Netanyahu said the country !ill avene their deaths at 'the hands of evil
', broad moral ulf se$arates us from our enemies#' he said. 'They sanctify death# !e sanctify
life. They sanctify cruelty# and !e mercy and com$assion. That is the secret of our strenth.'
Aater# Netanyahu said hundreds of &amas activists had been arrested# do@ens of institutions in
8a@a had closed# and homes had been demolished.
7n (onday niht# "srael ste$$ed u$ airstrikes on !hat it called terrorist infrastructure in 8a@a
in res$onse to rockets fired into "srael. 7n Tuesday niht# no airstrikes !ere re$orted.
Palestinians killed
Palestinian ,uthority President (ahmoud ,bbas# !ho heads the >atah $arty and is based in the
West %ank# has condemned the abductions# even as the Palestinian Cabinet has critici@ed !hat
it calls '"srael's illeal measures' in res$onse.
The Palestinian Cabinet on Tuesday said 0B Palestinians had been killed since the military
o$eration to find the teens bean on June 0C< it did not identify them by name# nor detail ho!
or !hen they died.
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