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Florian Blume

Educational Background
Politecnico di Torino / Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble / cole
Polytechnic Fdrale de Lausanne / University of California, Berkeley
Major: Electronic engineering, Micro and Nanotechnologies
Politecnico di Torino BSc
Major: Physics engineering

Practical Background
! CDI Mission: Econocom, Group Funding direction and Strategic
development - Smart line direction
Topic: KPIs, Refinancing, Strategic development Smart line projects
! University of California, Berkeley. Internship and master thesis
Topic: Micro electro-mechanical systems for studying neuronal activity in
insect sensory organs

Fields of interests
! Innovation, start-up, strategy, administration, public policy, sustainability
! Politics, phylosophy, science, travels, swimming, soccer, cinema, music

Curriculum Vitae

Via Gabotto 42b
12042 Bra(CN)

Mobil: +39 333 6502658
Skype: idzvan

27.09.2012 APCI Germany 13
Ivan Aimo
Jochen Altenberend
Educational Background
! Karlsruhe Institut of Technology (KIT), Dipl. Physik
Major: Nuclear Engineering
! Grenoble INP, Phelma, Dipl. Ing. Physik
Major: Nuclear Engineering
Practical Background
! CDI Mission: Air Liquide, R&D
Project: Study the possibility of Air Liquide to participate to the European
Projet Horizon 2020
! PhD: SIMaP Laboratory (CNRS/Grenoble INP) and CEA Ines
Topic: Studies on the plasma refining process for solar silicon
! Areva NP, Internship
Topic; Studies on acoustic waves in a nuclear power plant
Fields of interests
! R&D, Energy, Entrepreneurship
! Skiing, Cycling, Salsa
Curriculum Vitae

7 Rue Maurice Rouvier
75014 Paris

Mobil: +33 683 80 50 10
Skype: altenjo

Nicolas Back
Educational Background
Technical University of Munich, Dipl.-Ing.
Energy and process technology

Practical Background
TATA Motors Ltd., Pune
Process of new product introduction
Mission: EDF Smart grids

Fields of interests
Renewable energies
Free time: Basketball, football, jogging, traveling, reading

Curriculum Vitae

11 rue Michel Engels
L-1465 Luxembourg

Skype: nicolasback
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! Politecnico di Torino, Turin, Italy.
MSc. Mechanical Engineering.
! Chalmers University of Technology, Goteborg, Sweden.
Erasmus Project + Thesis , 12 months

Practical Background

! SKF Italy, Application Engineering for Italy MO

Fields of interests
! Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Strategy, Mechanical
industries, Automotive, Motorsport, Renewable energy.
! Free time: Traveling, swimming, Riding
Curriculum Vitae

Via Guarini 20
10078 Turin

Mobil: +39 3493232830
Skype: fabio.baldo2

Fabio Baldo
Marius Bauer
Educational Background
! TU Mnchen, Dipl.-Ing. Elektro- und Informationstechnik
Focus: RF engineering, electrochemical energy storage, battery
! Universidad Tcnica Fderico Santa Mara (Valparaso, Chile)

Practical Background
! CDI Mission: Daimler, R&D, Safety concepts for electrochemical energy
storage devices
! MTU Aero engines, Production Rotor & Stator
! Siemens Health Care Sector, R&D, Division Angiography/X-Ray

Fields of interests
! Renewable energies, business models in the energy sector
! Outdoor activities

Curriculum Vitae

Goldener Winkel 4
67434 Neustadt

Mobil: +49 151 112 66 860
skype: erfritter
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! Universit degli Studi di Padova, Masters of Science
Major: Engineering and Management, Focus: SCM & Logistics

! University of Michigan-Dearborn Exchange Working Student
Focus: SCM & Logistics

! Danish Technical University (DTU) LLP Erasmus
Focus: Transportation & Logistics

! Universit degli Studi di Padova, Bachelors Degree
Major: Industrial Engineering

Practical Background
! CDI Mission: Magneti Marelli
Practice: SCM & Business Development

! Magneti Marelli Aftermarket N.A. Offered by MOPAR
Industries: Automotive

Fields of interests
! Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Logistics, SCM

Curriculum Vitae

Hasenstrae 23,
Stuttgart, DE

Mobil: +39-349-3247224

Skype: il_rugge
24.10.2013 APCI Italy 3
Ruggero Beltrami
Amina Benmachou
EducationaI Background
! AgroParisTech, post-graduate engineering school for agricultural,
environmental and life sciences _ Major: Biomolecules engineering
! University of Groningen _ Major: Biotechnology and Molecular Biology
PracticaI Background
! CD Mission - GDF Suez - Talents Development department
! Cellectis Therapeutics (Paris, France) - R&D department, Project: T cell
engineering for leukemia immunotherapy
! NSERM (Montpellier, France) - Oncology department, Project: Study of
early stages of malignant transformation (mammary epithelial cells)
FieIds of interests
! Strategies of Development and nnovation
! Cultural activities, dance, music
Curriculum Vitae
11B rue Victor SchoeIcher
75014 Paris
MobiI: +33666372739
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! University of Florence
Major: Automation and Control Engineering
! University of Florence
Bachelor: Electronic Engineering

Practical Background
! GE Transportation Systems.
Automatic Train Operation control system development (R&D)
! SSE Startup and commissioning FSE (Field Service Engineer)
! Mission: EDISON SpA
Fields of interests
! High-Tech Innovation, Startup companies, Food & Wine industry
! Free time: Traveling, Tennis and all kind of winter sports

Curriculum Vitae

Via S. Cristofano 6,
Impruneta, Florence

Mobile: +39 347 6963356
Skype: cosimo.bettini

Cosimo Bettini
David Beyer
Educational Background
! University of Stuttgart, Germany
Major: Aeronautical Engineering Engineering,
Focus: Aircraft Engine Performance, Thermodynamics
Practical Background
! CDI Mission: Air Liquide (Paris, France), Research & Development
Project Focus: Methodology Development of Financial Metrics for the
R&D Project Portfolio
! MTU Aero Engines GmbH (Munich), Diploma Thesis, Focus:
Development of a Pattern Recognition Algorithm for Aircraft Engine
Monitoring for Faster Engine Damage Detection.
Fields of interests
Entrepreneurship, Finance, Venture Capital, Innovation Management
Rock Climbing, Martial Arts
Curriculum Vitae

Wehlauer Str. 77
76139 Karlsruhe

Mobil: +49 176 63760784
Mobil: +33 785 158687
Skype: dpbeyer

Pit Bingen
Educational Background
! Imperial College London, MSci Physics with Year in Europe
! Heidelberg University (Germany), PhD (Dr. rer. nat) in Physics,
NanoBioPhotonics Thesis title: Parallelised STED nanoscopy

Practical Background
! CDI mission: TBD
! Schlumberger (Clamart, France), Industrial research internship in oilfield
service industry.

Fields of interests
! Politics, Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking, Science, Sustainability
! Lacrosse, Running, Languages
Curriculum Vitae

618, Fondation Biermans,
9A, Boulevard Jourdan
75014 Paris

Mobil: +33787982668
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, M.Sc.
Major: Renewable energies and power electronics
! University of Western Australia
Bachelor thesis: optical coherence tomography

Practical Background
! Siemens Manufacturing and Engineering Centre in Shanghai.
Business development unit in the Energy sector
! Solarit Brisbane Australia. Development of solar controller.
! Mission: BMW purchasing of hybrid automatic transmission
Fields of interests
! E-mobility, Business Development, R&D
! Free time: Traveling, Tennis and all kind of winter sport

Curriculum Vitae

Bachstrae 6
64291 Darmstadt

Mobil: +49 176 21 51 82 46
Skype: florian.blume

Mathias Bsl
Educational Background
! Universitt Regensburg, M.Sc.
Major: Physics (Theoretical Steady-State Physics)
! University of Technology Sydney
Semester abroad

Practical Background
! Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Freiburg)
Silicium Photovoltaics
! The Boston Consulting Group (Munich)
Fundraising-strategy for a foundation in the social sector
! Mission: Daimler, fuell cells
Fields of interests
! Renewable energies, optimization, self-employment, politics
! Leisure time: Sports, music, traveling

Curriculum Vitae

Dltsch 48
92665 Kirchendemenreuth

Mobil: +49 151 19 49 31 99
Skype: boesl_mathias
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! Technical University of Munich, Dipl. Ing.
Major: Fluid & Flight Physics; Energy Systems

Practical Background
! Siemens Energy Inc. HQ in Orlando, FL.
Project Management Americas for Gas Turbine Power Plants
! Mission: Strategic projects for the Linde Engineering managing director
Fields of interests
! Energy Systems, Project Management & Leadership
! Free time: Sailing, Traveling & Rum

Curriculum Vitae

Farinellistr. 2
80796 Mnchen

Mobil: +49 170 9300214
Skype: j_brunel

Julien Brunel
Johannes Bckle
Educational Background
! Technical University Munich, Dipl-Ing.
Focus: Numerical Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering
! Ecole Polytechnique Montral, Master of Science
Major: Renewable Energies
Practical Background
! CDI Mission: Behr GmbH, Strategy
Project: Market introduction of a new product
! Sommelier Priv GmbH, Start-Up, Chief Marketing Officer
! Daimler Trucks North America, Internship
Focus: Strategic reorientation of procurement
! Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd., Internship
Focus: Whole engine mechanics
Fields of interests
! Professional: Entrepreneurship, New Business Development
! Personal: Running, Electronic Music, Politics, Dining
Curriculum Vitae


Mobil: +49 160 9796 5169
Skype: chuckomo44
Mark Busch
Educational Background
! Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Dipl. Chem.
Major: Organic Chemistry, Focus: Catalyst Design
Practical Background
! Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Project Leader, Feasibility Study
of Young Scientists (FYS)
! Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Laboratory Assistant, Focus:
Carbohydrate Chemistry
! Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Tutor
! Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Laboratory Assistant, Focus:
Asymmetric Catalysis
! Royal Dutch Shell, internship
Fields of interests
! M&A, Supply Chain Management, New Business Development,
! Squash, Kickboxing, Water Sport
Curriculum Vitae

Zietenstr. 4
76185 Karlsruhe

Mobil: +49 177 2522128
Skype: marcardi

Daniele Cappelli
Educational Background
! Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Collge des Ingnieurs
Paris (France)

! Double Master's Degree in Aeronautical Engineering
cole nationale suprieure de l'aronautique et de l'espace SUPAERO
Toulouse (France)
Politecnico di Milano,
Milan (Italy)

Practical Background
! CDI Mission: lectricit de France - R&D Department
Energetic solutions for industries
! NASA Ames Research Center
Master's thesis in computational fluid dynamics
Publication of a paper; 31st AIAA conference
Fields of interests
Sport:footbal, gym, swimming. Hobbies:Travelling, theatre, cinema, music

Curriculum Vitae

Mobil: +33619872638
Skype: danielec87

Anne-Laure Cbile
Educational Background
- ENS Paris : M.Sc in Statistical Physics

Practical Background
- SNECMA : statistical optimisation of airplanes maintenance
- Thales Air Systems : statistical study of wake vortex decrease time

Fields of interests
- Energy, Project Management
- Free time : travelling, ballet.

Curriculum Vitae

Mobil: +33 6 32 07 18 15
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! Business and Management at Il Sole24Ore Business School M.A.
! Universit Politecnica delle Marche, Italy M.Sc.
Major: Civil Engineering Thesis: Earthquake Engineering
! Universit Politecnica delle Marche, Italy B.Eng.
Major: Civil Engineering Thesis: Geotechnical Engineering

Practical Background
! Mission: Pirelli, supply chain BU, involved in innovation project in LATAM
! Kon S.p.A: strategy consultant, experience in companies evaluation in
M&A operation and corporate business plans.
! Price Waterhouse Coopers: strategy consultant in the Strategy Team of
Pwc Advisory
Fields of interests
! Entrepreneurship, Finance, Business Development, Venture Capital
! Free time: Traveling, Football, Ski, Cooking, Wine, Motorbike

Curriculum Vitae

Mobil: +39 329 7723733
Skype: pietro_cerboni

26.10.2013 APCI Italy 12
Pietro Cerboni
Guillaume Chevaleyre
EducationaI Background
! Ecole Normale Suprieure (ENS Ulm).
Major: Social sciences.
! Paris School of Economics, Master of Science.
Focus on Microeconomics (Game theory, O) and Herding behaviors.
! Sciences Po, Master of Public affairs.
! University of Oxford - Merton College (Exchange Student).
PracticaI Background
! BNP Paribas CB, Economic Research Department, Country risk
analysis (intern.)
! CDC Climate Research, Research fellow on Energy and Carbon markets
FieIds of interests
! Environmental economics, Finance, Management
! Social History (working conditions of workers in France and Germany,
and XX
century), Football.
Curriculum Vitae
2, rue de I'appeI du 18 juin
92800 Puteaux
MobiI: +33 671 17 11 65
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! Polytechnic of Turin,
MSc in Industrial and Management Engineering
! Polytechnic of Turin
BSc in Industrial and Management Engineering

Practical Background
! Santander Group:
risk models definition, development and implementation of credit scoring
models, budgeting, forecasting, capital planning, capital requirement,
derivatives, fair value hedging, cash flow hedging, interest rate risk
management, liquidity risk management, profitability analysis.
! Nash Business Energy: start-up business plan developer.
! Mission: F.G.A. Capital; financial planning and overall business analysis
for top
Fields of interests
! Finance, high-tech, entrepreneurship, politics
! Free time: traveling, football, judo, dancing

Curriculum Vitae

Via Ticineto, 5
10136 - Turin

Mobil: +39 3889220253
Skype: francesco.cicoria

27.10.2013 APCI Italy 6
Carmine Cicoria
Etienne Dalla Costa
Educational Background
! Ecole Polytechnique Fdrale de Lausanne, Switzerland
Mechanical Engineering
! Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
Erasmus master 1

Practical Background
! Services Industriels de Genve. Conception of the turbines of a dam.
! Audemars Piguet. Optimization of the stock.
! Mission: EDF. Implementation of the Certificats dEconomie dEnergie.

Fields of interests
! Renewable energy, watch industry
! Free time: sport (handball, ski, squash, running), traveling

Curriculum Vitae

3 rue Lakanal
75 015 PARIS

Mobile: +33 6 75 95 79 54
Skype: etienne10151
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! ESPCI ParisTech. Graduate engineering school of physics, chemistry
and biology, belonging. Advanced Master in Sciences and Technology.
! Prep classes. University-level preparation in mathematics, physics,
chemistry for nationwide competitive admission exams.
Practical Background
! UMR 7083 CNRS/ESPCI. Behavior study of micro droplets propeled by
chemical reaction
! Saint-Gobain Northboro USA. Innovative Materials. Fixed Diamond Wire
Development. Microfluidic theory of micro-particles driving force on a
! MIT. Micromechanical Modeling of Concrete
Fields of interests
! E-technologies, Sciences, RD
! Free time: Running, Cycling, Hiking, Traveling
Curriculum Vitae


Mobil: +336 16 97 06 61
Skype: crespo.fabien

Fabien Crespo
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! Ecole Normale Suprieure de Cachan, Universidad Complutense de
Madrid, M.Sc. (Erasmus Mondus)
Major: Nano- and bio- photonics for telecommunications and
! Licence degree in electrical engineering, Ecole Normale Suprieure de

Practical Background
! Commissariat lEnergie Atomique, Saclay. PEM fuel cells
! LPQM, Cachan. Microresonators for biosensing applications
! Mission: GDF SUEZ. Energy prices, consumption and demand forecasts
Fields of interests
! Energy Industry, Corporate finance, Strategy
! Free time: Football, History and Geopolitics of energy

Curriculum Vitae

13 rue du Loing, 75014,

Mobil: +33 6 03 78 90 66
Skype: remicristo

Rmi Cristo
Aurlien Debacq
Educational Background
! Ecole Polytechnique, Engineers Degree
Major: Physics and Mechanics

! Georgia Institute of Technology, Master of Science
Major: Aerospace Engineering

Practical Background
! Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory
Graduate Research Assistant

! Thales Alenia Space - Intern in the Science and Observation Business
! Renault Sports F1 - Intern in the engine development center
! Paris Fire Brigade - Lead Paramedic

Fields of interests
! Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Operations, Transportation Problems
! Free time: traveling, diving, motorcycling, hiking, soccer, running
Curriculum Vitae

3 rue de Lagny
75020 Paris

Mobile: +33 695055921
Skype: aureldeb4

Florian Blume
Educational Background
! Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Dipl. Ing.
Major: Combustibles, Renewables, Thermal Cutting Processes

Practical Background
! Management Assistant at Przisions-Entwicklung Denz GmbH
! Mission: Strategic Procurement at Evonik Industries AG

Fields of interests
! Leadership, Strategic Thinking, Teamwork
! Free time: Mountain biking, Traveling

Curriculum Vitae

Alemannenweg 3
86633 Neuburg/Do

Mobil: +49 176 10 16 17 68
Skype: tobias.denz

Tobias Denz
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! Universidad Politcnica de Madrid
Aeronautical Engineer: air navigation and avionics specialization

Practical Background

! SII: technical support of avionics advanced systems for Airbus
! Institut Clment Aider, Supaero university
internship: Oblique impact on helicopters composite blades
Fields of interests
! Aeronautic, Innovation, Management, Business Development
! Free time: Traveling, acrobatics, cinema and literature

Curriculum Vitae

College dEspagne
7E Boulevard Jourdan
75014 Paris

Mobil: +33 761 94 06 80

David Encinas
Mirja Enders
Educational Background
! University of Bonn & Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Dipl. Chem.
Major: Organic Chemistry, Focus: Metallorganic Chemistry

Practical Background
! Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), PhD since 2011
Major: Organic Chemistry, Focus: Metallorganic Chemistry
! BASF, Internship, Focus: Lead Structure Optimization, Heterocyclic
Chemistry, Crop Science
! University of Bonn, Laboratory Assistant and Tutor, Focus: Inorganic
! University of Heidelberg, Internship, Focus: Anatomy and Cell Biology

Fields of interests
! Consulting, Supply Chain Management
! Zumba, Tennis, Cooking

Curriculum Vitae

Scheffelstrae 12
76135 Karlsruhe

Mobil: +49 171 42 33 502
Skype: mirja2387
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! Ecole Centrale Paris
General Engineering
! Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm
Major: Industrial Engineering and Management, Financial Mathematics

Practical Background
! LVMH Mot Hennessy, Paris
Project management in the Treasury and Financing Department
! Senova, Business Development.
! Mission: Air Liquide, Budget & Cost control
Fields of interests
! Business Development, Strategic Branding, Risk Management
! Free time: Gymnastics, Running and Travelling

Curriculum Vitae

75 ter rue de Paris
92100 Boulogne

Mobil: +336 20 35 20 46
Skype: tiphaine.enjalbert

Tiphaine Enjalbert
Tobias Erath
EducationaI Background
! Karlsruhe nstitute of Technology, Dipl. ng.
Major: Mechanical Engineering, Focus: production science
! Technion (Haifa, srael), Visiting Student
Faculty: ndustrial Engineering and Management
PracticaI Background
! Festool, internship, bureau of plant management, Focus: Lean-
Production, Toyota-Kata
! Berthold Technologies, student assistant
FieIds of interests
! Lean, Toyota Kata, behavioral economics
! Rock climbing, winter sport
Curriculum Vitae
Alexandre Faucon
Educational Background
! Lyce Sainte Genevive (preparatory class)
! Ecole des Ponts ParisTech
Department of applied Mathematics and Computer sciences

Practical Background
! EADS Innovation Works at Hamburg
Development of methods helping the stochastic simulation/ physical light
rendering of smoke

Fields of interests
! Energy Industry, Aeronautic Industry, Project Management
! Free time: Fencing, Handball, Music (Viola)

Curriculum Vitae

270 rue saint Jacques appt
75005 Paris

Mobil: +33 (0) 686 73 23 04
Antonia Fels
Educational Background
RWTH Aachen University/ cole Centrale Paris:
Industrial Engineering (B.Sc.) with the major in Energy Engineering
Mechanical Engineering (M.Sc.) with the major in structural mechanics and
computational fluid dynamics
Practical Background
Internship at Volkswagen AG in the Department for Research and
Development of Interior
Student Jobs at the Institute of Vehicle Technology; Institute of
Aerodynamics (RWTH Aachen)
Mission: Webasto, Cost reduction of heating devices/ generic model for
cost identification for different sourcing models
Fields of interests
Automotive: Research and Development, Project Engineer
Consumers goods: marketing and segmentation

Curriculum Vitae

Theresienstrae 120
80333 Mnchen


Victor Fleischer
Educational Background
! TU Mnchen, Dipl.-Ing., Mechanical Engineering:
Sustainable Energy Systems, Fundamentals in Engineering Sciences

Practical Background
! CDI Mission: Lufthansa Technik
Project: Reorganization of a business unit
! BMW Group, Research and Technology
Working Student: BMW Turbosteamer
! Linde Engineering (Dalian) Co., Ltd, China
Internship: Set-up of a new production line for process components
! Linde Engineering, Germany, Division Planning and Project Management
Working Student: Calculation and construction of process components

Fields of interests
Mountaineering, Running, Skiing, Travelling, Music
Curriculum Vitae

Burgunderstrae 11
80804 Mnchen

Mobil: +49 177 70 59 042
Florian Flick
Educational Background
! M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
Friedrich Alexander Universitt Erlangen-Nrnberg
! Master Thesis at Brose in Quertaro, Mexico on the Maintenance of
Production Facilities for Electric Drives
Practical Background
! Internship at EADS Eurocopter in Munich on External Helicopter Lighting
! Working Student for Accenture, Erlangen on the Topic of Product
Software Engineering in the Medical Equipment Technology Industry
! Mission: BMW Optimizing of US Customer Satisfaction Zero Defect
! Development Aid Project in Peru (Solar Ovens)
Fields of interests
! Business Development, Start-Ups, Technical Sales
! Free time: Traveling, Sports, Outdoor Activities

Curriculum Vitae

91052 Erlangen

Mobil: +491792361290
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! University of Stuttgart, Dipl.-Ing.
Major: Design Engineering, Metal Forming

Practical Background
! Internship Regent Engineering (UK), Simulation and Design
! Degree Dissertation Porsche, Advanced Development Car Body
! Mission: Schuler AG, Corporate Strategy
Fields of interests
! Strategy, M&A, Technology Benchmarking
! Free time: Traveling, Tennis, Golf generally keen on sports

Curriculum Vitae

Kalenderweg 59
96450 Coburg

Mobil: +49 163 23 38 31 6
Skype: alexanderfortanier

Alexander Fortanier
Pierre Garrot
Educational Background
! Ecole des Ponts ParisTech : MSc in Economics.
Major: Project and Corporate Finance
! Ecole Polytechnique ParisTech
Economics and Energy

Practical Background
! Sia Partners, Paris
Business study on the potential of Electricity Storage in the Electric Grid.
! University College Dublin.
Research on wave impact on offshore wind turbines
! Mission: RFF negociation and financial analysis on project GSM-Rail
Fields of interests
! Network industries, State regulation, Energy transition
! Free time: Handball, Music, Traveling.

Curriculum Vitae

3 passage du Gnie
75012 PARIS

Mobil: +33 6 31 85 95 08
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! Politecnico di Torino, M.Sc.
Major: Electronic Engineering, Focus: Computer Science
! Tlcom ParisTech, M.Sc.
Major: Electronic Engineering
! Institut Eurcom, diploma
Major: Real-time and Embedded Systems

Practical Background
! CDI Mission: Sanofi S.A.
Practice: Project Management
! Accenture Consulting
Industries: Automotive, Aerospace & Defense and Consumer Goods

Fields of interests
! Arts, Entrepreneurship, Innovative Technologies and Politics

Curriculum Vitae

Via Papa Giovanni XXIII,
17031 Albenga (SV)

Mobil: +39 3202318614
Skype: manuel.digiuseppe

27.09.2012 APCI Germany 18
Manuel Di Guiseppe
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! Technische Universitt Mnchen, Dipl.-Ing.
Major: Automotive Engineering and Combustion Engine Technology

Practical Background

! Tesla Motors Inc., Palo Alto, California, USA
Engineering internship in the Quality and Testing Department
! TUfast e.V., Formula SAE Team of the TU Munich
Development and project management in a student project building race
cars for worldwide competitions
! Mission: BMW, Mnuchen
project and innovation management for electric mobility projects

Fields of interests
! Automotive, E-mobility, Entrepreneurship, Motorsports
! Free time: Skiing, Soccer, Motorsports, Politics, Theatre, Vintage Cars,

Curriculum Vitae

Adalbertstr. 38
80799 Mnchen

Mobil: +49 173 74 333 98
Skype: gf.graf

Georg-Friedrich Graf
Christoph Heller
Educational Background
TU Mnchen, Queensland University of Technology, University Bayreuth
Diploma in Physics
Renewable Energy, Polymer Physics, Nanostructured Soft Matter
Thesis: Organic solar cells

Practical Background
! BMW: battery development
! Almeco-TiNOX:, selective absorber layers for solar thermal devices
! Mission: Infineon, Industrial Power Control

Fields of interests
Energiewende, sustainable growth, behavioural change in society
Free time: surfing, soccer and all kind of sports

Curriculum Vitae

Hofmarkstr. 44
82152 Planegg

Mobil: +49 160 4252763
Skype: curly.heller
Georg Dietrich Hrning
Educational Background
! RWTH Aachen University, Dipl.-Ing.
Major: Electrical Engineering, Focus: Energy Market
! Polytcnica de Madrid, Erasmus Exchange,
Focus: Business and Project Management

Practical Background
! E.ON Hydro, Internship, Focus: Project prioritization and portfolio
! 50Hertz Transmission GmbH, Internship, Focus: Analysis of the
Renewable Energies Act Management
! Institute for High Voltage Technology at the RWTH Aachen University,
Student Assistant, Focus: Electro mobility (Vehicle-to-Grid)
Fields of interests
Entrepreneurship, sailing, hunting, soccer, tennis

Curriculum Vitae

Torstrae 1
31860 Emmerthal

Mobil: +49 176 63389994
Skype: georg.hoerning
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! Politecnico di Torino, Turin, Italy.
MSc. Communications engineering.
! Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia.
BSc. In Electronics engineering.

Practical Background
! HeliconiaTech. Co-Founder, Product development, business
development, CTO.
! STMicroelectronics. R&D consultant.

Fields of interests
! Entrepreneurship, Business Development, strategy, web innovation,
internet of things, smart-cities, E-health and assisted living, domotics.
! Free time: Traveling, Writing, blogging.

Curriculum Vitae

Via Spezia 22
20142 Milan

Mobil: +39 331 221 4678
Skype: juanes.hurtado

24.10.2013 APCI Italy 5
Juanes Hurtado
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! Politecnico di Torino, Italy and Istanbul Technical University, Turkey- MSc
Major: Strategy and Finance
! University of Western Australia
Major: Logistic and Production Engineering

Practical Background
! Martini & Rossi Bacardi Group
Bottling lines optimization through Arena Simulation Software
Fields of interests
! Strategy, Business Development, Crowd founding
! Free time: Playing the guitar and all kind of sports, particularly swimming.
Enjoy writing and reading. Love to travel and experience different

Curriculum Vitae
Valeria Ingrosso
Via Sardegna 21, Cavallino
(Le), 73020 Italy

Mobil: +39 328 33 21 764
Skype: valeria ingrosso

27.09.2012 APCI Germany 2
Valeria Ingrosso
Ruijie Jiao
Educational Background
! Ecole Suprieur dElectricit, M.Sc.
Major: Electrical Engineering
! Columbia University in the City of New York, M.Sc
Major: Earth and Environmental Engineering
Research field: Shock wave engine

Practical Background
! ORMAZABAL Co., Spain.
Search for OEM partner of EV fast charger
! Mission: Air Liquide ALMA program

Fields of interests
! Renewable Energy, Entrepreneurship, Emerging Market
! Free time: Swimming, Traveling, Badminton

Curriculum Vitae

8 Rue Philibert-Lucot,
Paris, 75013 cedex

Mobile:+33 06 48 58 26 87

Educational Background
! Ecole Centrale Paris, M.Eng.
Major: Math, Energy, Management
! ETH Zurich, M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering
Major: Aeronautics, Renewable energies and Biomedical flows
Master thesis: modelling the respiratory flows within the lung

Practical Background
! Air Liquide R&D Center in Paris. Research in the Healthcare field
! Junior Centrale Etudes. Treasurer and project manager of ECP Junior
! Safran Paris. Development of planes engines at Snecma
! Mission: Designing a transition offer from nuclear reactors operations to

Fields of interests
! Energy management, Business development, Healthcare and High-
! Free time: Traveling, Reading, Tennis, Rowing and Running
Curriculum Vitae

Impasse Roger Leroy
78700 Conflans-Ste-Honorine

Mobile: +33 6 35 12 66 01
Skype: pauledouard.juan

Paul-Edouard Juan
Cornelius Koch
Educational Background
! ETH Zrich (Switzerland), Master of Science
Major: Physics, Focus: Chaos theory and artificial intelligence
! Lund University (Sweden), Exchange
! Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain), Visiting researcher,
Topic: Robot motion optimization

Practical Background
! Global Solar Energy GmbH, Internship technology department
Topic: Development of a solar cell performance measurement system
! ETH Zrich, Teaching assistant, Focus: Numerical methods

Fields of interests
! Artificial intelligence, Renewable energies, Entrepreneurship
! Hockey, skiing

Curriculum Vitae

Sohrhof 8a
22607 Hamburg

Mobil: +49 1573 688 38 17
Frederick Koch
Educational Background
! TU Mnchen, Dipl.-Ing.
Major: Industrial Engineering, Focus: production systems &
environmentally sustainable energy systems
! Politecnico di Milano (Italy), Master of Science
Major: Industrial Engineering, Focus: Mechanical Design
Practical Background
! GE, Master Thesis, Topic: Non-Destructive Testing on Solar Modules
! Manz AG, Intern, Focus: Product Development and Optimization of Next
Generation Production Line
! Sd-Chemie AG, working student, Focus: Support Roll-Out Project SAP
! MIMED, research assistant, Product Design and Rapid Prototyping
Fields of interests
! Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Renewables, Lean Production
! Mountainbiking, Basketball, Travelling
Curriculum Vitae

Asamstrae 25
81541 Mnchen

Mobil: +49 176 96 347 348
Skype: freddy2120

Cornelius Krebs
Educational Background
! TU Mnchen, Dipl.-Ing.
Majors: sustainable energy systems, engineering sciences
! DTU Copenhagen, exchange semester
! KTH Stockholm, diplomas thesis
Practical Background
! CDI Mission: Daimler AG
Project: Production planning of Li-ion batteries
! BMW Group, student trainee
Department: strategic drive train development
! Eta Energieberatung, student trainee
Focus: consulting projects in the energy field
! Institute for energy systems at TUM, student assistent
Research group: Organic Rankine Cycle systems
Fields of interests
Classical music, French horn, Scandinavian culture, soccer, biking, cars,
Curriculum Vitae

Hglberg 5
84028 Landshut

Mobil: +49 176 65 70 89 70
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! Technical University of Munich, Dipl.-Ing.
Major: Aircraft and aerospace engineering
! University of Agder Kristiansand, Norway

Practical Background
! BMW Group, Munich Aerodynamics
Validation of 1:1 measurements in two windtunnels
! EADS Astrium, Munich
Modeling of a hybrid rocket combustion chamber.
! Mission: Lufthansa Technik, Hamburg
Risk management of engines
Fields of interests
! Risk management, Aerospace, Renewable Energies
! Free time: Traveling, Sailing and all kind of winter sport

Curriculum Vitae

Brmannstrae 34
81245 Mnchen

Mobil: +49 1717969739

Katharina Kreitz
Christofer Kronschnabl
Educational Background:
! Technische Universitt Mnchen
B.Sc.: Environmental Engineering
M.Sc. Civil Engineering
M.Sc.: Energy-Efficient & Sustainable Building (ongoing)
Practical Background
! WWA-Wm (Regional Water Authority)
! BMW Group
! Alpha Energy & Environment GmbH
! Drees & Sommer - Advanced Building Technologies
! Mission: Evonik Oil Additives
Fields of interests
! Strategy, Management, HR, Leadership
! Traveling (Backpacking), International Cultures, Skiing, Swimming
! Akademischer Segler-Verein i. M. e.V.

Curriculum Vitae

Mayrhofer Ring 6
D-82229 Seefeld

+49 163 173 85 09
Jasmin Maria Laake
Educational Background
! Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Dipl. Ing.
Mechanical Engineering
! Arts et Mtiers ParisTech (ENSAM)
Double Degree Program

Practical Background
! Porsche : Adhesive bonding of aluminium and carbon composites
! Siemens: Simulation of short-circuits on high-voltage powerlines
! Mission: Airbus Ressources and competence strategy

Fields of interests
! Business strategy, Innovation management
! Free time: Chess, Piano, Swimming, Salsa dancing

Curriculum Vitae

22589 Hamburg

Mobil: +49 17670703430
Skype: jasmin.laake.
Christian Legler
Educational Background
! Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Dipl.-Ing.
Major: Mechanical Engineering, Focus: Energy Technology,

Practical Background
! CDI Mission: Lufthansa Technik, Hamburg
! Dow Chemical AG, Salvador (Brazil), Internship
! Ministery of Education, Science and Technology, Salvador (Brazil)
Internship in combination with Student Research Project
! Engineers without borders KIT, Project: Installation of a solar power plant
in Gonasika, Odisha State (India)
Fields of interests
Energy Technology, Mechatronics, Enterpreneurship, Politics,
Skiing, Tennis
Curriculum Vitae

Scheffelstr. 18
69120 Heidelberg

Mobil: +49 171 85 98 822
Skype: chrislegler50

Florian Blume
Educational Background
! Master degree in Electrical Engineering, major in Control Theory, and
Signal and Image processing, in Ecole Normale Suprieure de Cachan
affiliated to Supelec
! Student exchange program in Control Theory in the System department,
in the Federal University of Santa Catarina

Practical Background
! Safran Sagem: Development of a SLAM algorithm in the Image
Processing department
! Robotics laboratory of University of Santa Catarina: Cinematic and
dynamic Modeling of a biped humanoid robot
! Mission: EDF, Enterprise Architecture
Fields of interests
! Energy Industry, Corporate finance, Strategy
! Free time: Football, Literature and Music
Curriculum Vitae

13 rue du Loing,
75014, Paris

Mobil: +33 6 95 75 80 70

Matthieu Limbert
Guillaume Macherey
Educational Background
! Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, USA) : Master of Science
Major : Electrical and Computer Engineering.
! Ecole Suprieure dElectricit (Paris, France) : Master of Science
Major : Robotics, Signal Processing.

Practical Background
! CDI Mission : SNCF (Paris, France), Revenue Management Operational
! Raid Peak (Aix-en-Provence, France), E-Commerce Based Venture.
! CGGVeritas (Paris, France), Department of Depth Processing, Image
! Areva T&D (Stafford, UK), Department of System Design, Rating and
tuning key equipments associated with HVDC schemes.
! Eurocopter (Marseille, France), Department of Electrical Systems,
Summer Internship.
Fields of interests
Entrepreneurship, Finance, Signal Processing, Sports.
Curriculum Vitae

11 Lot. la Trvaresse,
13540 Puyricard, France

Mobile: +33 7 86 52 00 32
Skype: macherey.guillaume

Hugues Marchal
Educational Background
! Ecole Nationale des Ponts ParisTech
Major: Economics and Finance

Practical Background
! HSBC Continental Europe ALCM Analyst
! PMP Conseil Strategy Consultant
! Mission: Bouygues Construction Standardisation and industrialisation
Fields of interests
! Project Management, Economics, Energy, Transports
! Free time: Football, Tennis, Choir

Curriculum Vitae

38 rue du plateau
92 500 Rueil Malmaison

Mobil: +33 6 81 03 74 15
Grgoire Seizilles de Mazancourt
Educational Background
Universit Paris Diderot Paris 7, PhD
Equilibrium shape of rivers
Ecole Normale Suprieure de Paris, Master of Physics
Fluid mechanics, statistical physics

! Practical Background
! Siniat International
Digital strategist
Renault F1 team

Fields of interests

Curriculum Vitae

42 rue de Garches

Mobil: +33 6 98 38 49 51
Skype: gregle8
Sarah de Mazancourt
Curriculum Vitae

7 rue Paul Lelong
75002 Paris

Mobil: +33 6 60 52 92 60
Educational Background
! Corps des Ingnieurs des Ponts des Eaux et des Forts (IPEF)
cole Nationale des Ponts et Chausses (ENPC)
Major : Environment
! cole Polytechnique
Major : Chemistry

Practical Background
! Mission: RTE, creation of a subsidiary
! University of Cologne, Department of organic chemistry, Germany
Synthesis of peptide mimetics
! SARP Industries (Veolia Environment) headquarter, France
Proposals for improvement of the criteria of eligibility for incineration

Fields of interests
! Energy, Aviation, Transports, Land settlement
! Free time: Synchronized swimming, History, Skydiving

Marius Meyer
Educational Background
! RWTH Aachen University, M. Sc.
Major: Mechanical engineering and material science

! I.F.M.A. Clermont-Ferrand, France: Erasmus term

Practical Background
! SGL ACF Munich. Master thesis: Improvement of high volume CFRP
! ZF Getriebe Saarbrcken. Development of curing technologies
! Mission: Linde AG Gases devision

Fields of interests
! R&D management, business strategy
! Guitar and trombone playing, soft-skill teaching, jogging, traveling

Curriculum Vitae

Im Sonnengarten 8
66679 Losheim am See

Mobil: +4917696002249
Skype: marmey219
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! Universit Carlo Cattaneo LIUC. Master of Science
Major: Industrial Engineering. Focus: Lean Manufacturing

! Glasgow Caledonia University LLP Erasmus
Focus: Finance and Marketing

! Universit Carlo Cattaneo LIUC. Bachelor Degree
Major: Management Engineering

Practical Background
! CDI Mission: The Boston Consulting Group
Practice: Consumer goods / Travel and Tourism

! KPMG Advisory SPA
Industries: Fast moving consumer goods, Automotive

Fields of interests
! Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Marketing, Lean Manufacturing
! Free time: Traveling, Sports, Arts

Curriculum Vitae

via G. Marconi 170,
37050, Isola Rizza, VR

Mobil: +39 340 7940364

23.10.2013 APCI Italy 16
Massimiliano Meneghello
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! Politecnico di Torino and Politecnico di Milano, M.Sc.
Biomedical Engineer
! Politecnico di Torino, B.Sc.
Thesis on a health technology management experience at Ospedale
Evangelico Valdese of Turin

Practical Background
! Research activities related to hadrontherapy and medical physics
activities (TERA Foundation, CERN, Geneva)
! Clinical engineering internship for the acquirement, maintenance and
management of health technologies
! Mission: TBD
Fields of interests
! Design of innovative technology. Medical devices. Management of health
! Free time: Tennis, skiing and going to the cinema

Curriculum Vitae

Via Baisa 24/1
10060 Frossasco (TO)

Mobil: +39 338 611 28 64
Skype: alessandra.lomoro

27.09.2012 APCI Italy 9
Alessandra Lo Moro
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! Politecnico di Milano, Master of Science in Management Engineering
Focus: Finance

! Politecnico di Milano, Bachelor Degree in Management Engineering
Focus: Corporate Organization

Practical Background
! CDI Mission: The Boston Consulting Group
Practice: Financial Services

! Deloitte Consulting
Industries: Media&Entertainment, Publishing, Energy&Utilities

Fields of interests
! Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Marketing
! Free time: Traveling, Volleyball and Soccer

Curriculum Vitae

Via Nicola Piccinni 5/c
20131 - Milano

Mobil: +39 3335268031
Skype: chia.motta

25.10.2013 APCI Italy 10
Chiara Motta
Thomas Nicoleit
Educational Background
! Karlsruhe Institute of Technology [KIT], Dipl. Ing.
Major: mechanical engineering
Focus: product development, mechanical process engineering
Practical Background
! Duale Hochschule Baden-Wrttemberg [DHBW]:
lecturer for integrated product development
! Lurgi GmbH, internship: pyrolysis of biomass as decentralized process
step previous to a centralized gasification and synthesis to fuel
! Formation of studentec, engineering consultancy: initiator and chairman
! Institute of Material Science, student assistant: execution and analysis
of thermo mechanical experiments on alloys
Fields of interests
Entrepreneurship, creativity, project management, energy of biomass,
cycling, table tennis, piano, singing
Curriculum Vitae

Kelterstrae 21/1
D-75334 Straubenhardt

Mobil: +49 176 6408 4541
Skype: tomminator85

Florian Blume
Educational Background
! M.Sc. Industrial Engineering
! Technical University Berlin / Universidade de Sao Paulo

Practical Background
! eBay: Technical project management. Algorithm-learning.
! BMW: Multiproject management. Predevelopment powertrain.
! Alstom: Project management. European Train Control System.
! Mission: Henkel. Cleaners & Lubricants Strategy.
Fields of interests
! Projects, Strategy, M&A, Motorsports
! Free time: Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Running, Skiing, Biking, Team
sports, Traveling

Curriculum Vitae

Kampstr. 36
40591 Dsseldorf

Mobil: +49 172 217 44 66
Skype: Stoyan.Nikolow

Stoyan Nikolow
Federico Nitidi
Educational Background
! Politecnico di Torino, BEng (Hons), Civil Engineering (2008)
! Politecnico di Torino and Imperial College London, MSc (Hons) Structural
Engineering (2010)
! Alta Scuola Politecnica, Innovation and Management program (2011)
Practical Background
! Mission: The Boston Consulting Group, Management Consulting (2013)
! Ove Arup and Partners, London Headquarters, Graduate Consultant
Working as a consultant to the engineering of several infrastructure
projects based in UK and Middle East.
! ASP Research project PureWings (2008-2010)
Team leader for a 2-year research focusing on the technical,
environmental and strategic feasibility of future air transport based on
Fields of interests
Entrepreneurship and value creation, strategy, operations management,
technology, winter sports, travelling.

Curriculum Vitae

Via Arrigo Craveia 34
13818 Tollegno - Italy

Mobile: +39 346 2362726
+44 787 9343527
Skype: federico.nitidi
Curriculum Vitae
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! Politecnico di Torino
M.Sc Aeronautics and Space Engineering
! ISAE Formation ENSICA Toulouse (France)
M.Sc Aeronautics and Space Engineering
! Politecnico di Milano Alta Scuola Politecnica

Practical Background
! CNES French Space Agency Toulouse (France)
Assembly, Integration and Test plan of SEIS, a seismometer for InSight - Mars
exploration mission.
! Aviospace Turin (Italy)
Space debris capture satellite - system interface requirements definition
! Mission: RFF Business Development Unit HQ Paris
Business plan end technical feasibility study of MaxiPerfo , railway traffic
optimization system
Fields of interests
! Space exploration, Business Development & Project Management
! Free time: Traveling, Football, Cooking, Theater, Photography

403 Bis, Rue de Vaugirard
75015 Paris

Mobil: +33 (0)6 18 19 16 53
Skype: matteo_de_nitto

26.10.2013 APCI IItaly 8
Matteo De Nitto
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! cole des Ponts ParisTech, visiting student
Thesis: Structural analysis of anchorage systems
! Politecnico di Torino, Msc
Major: Structural engineering

Practical Background
! EDISON (EDF group): CDI Mission Technical coordination of Oil & Gas
! O.P. SOLAR: Co-founder - photovoltaic power plants development
! TAURASIA: Project manager - rooftop photovoltaic plant construction
! EDF: Intern - FEM analysis of anchorage systems in nuclear power plant
Fields of interests
! Energies, Business Development, Entrepreneurships
! Free time: Travelling, sports and photography

Curriculum Vitae

Via Giannone, 4
10121 Torino

Mobile: +39 333 30 26 846
Skype: stefano.occhetti

27.10.2013 APCI Italy 4
Stefano Occhetti
EducationaI Background
! mperial College London : MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures
! Suplec : diplme d'ingnieur Suplec
PracticaI Background
! CD Mission : CEA, I-ts (Institute of techno-economic analysis)
Subject: Evaluation of the impact of the 4th generation of nuclear
reactors in terms of added value and jobs creation.
! EDF Energy, London, Corporate Strategy Department
Subject: Assessment of the potential and economic viability of producing
electricity from biomass in the United Kingdom.
! EDF, Nuclear plant of Gravelines, MTE service
Subject: inventory of ATEX zones of the plant, redaction of a
troubleshooting guide for the power supply device of the reactor.
FieIds of interests
! Consultancy, strategy, energy, management, organization
! swimming, kayaking, chess , psychology, neurology, Rock & Roll dance
Franois d'Oliveira
Curriculum Vitae
3 rue de Gometz
91 440 Bures sur Yvette
MobiI: +33 6 50 89 48 96
Skype: francois.doliveira
Educational Background
! RWTH Aachen University & Trinity College Dublin, M.Sc.
! Mechanical Engineering and Management: Production technology
! Master thesis: Performance Management in Global Production Networks
! Bachelor thesis: Selection processes in innovation management of SME

Practical Background
! Mission: Evonik AG, CA-IM-ES: Transfer of Science2Business
! SCHOTT AG & SCHOTT Asia: Projects for Technology Foresight and
Global Manufacturing & Production Technology departments
! University of St. Gallen (HSG): Research project on coordination of GPN
! Innolabor GmbH: Consultancy for innovation management & financing
Fields of interests
! Technology & innovation mngmt., IP, entrepreneurship, medical techn.
! Free time: Travelling & photos, soccer, games, skiing, diving

Curriculum Vitae

Fichtestrae 28
58675 Hemer

Mobil: +49 170 297 27 33
Skype: massadamo

Manuel Opitz
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! Post-graduate MS Degree, Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
Propulsion Systems Engineering
! Master of Engineering Degree, Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
Materials Engineering

Practical Background
! AvioAero (A GE Aviation Business)
Program Manager for Pratt & Whitney programs
! Avio
Manufacturing Process Engineer. Process analysis and optimization.
! Euroheat Srl
R&D specialist

Fields of interests
! Strategy, Program Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship
! Martial Arts, Drawing & Graphic, Illusionism & Close-up magic
Curriculum Vitae

Mobile: +39 3406255236
Skype: edoardo.pallaro
27.10.2013 APCI Italy 17
Edoardo Pallaro
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! Universit degli Studi di Ferrara, Italy - MSc
Major: Mechanical Engineering, Thesis: FEA on Composite Materials
! Cranfield University, UK - DoubleDegree MSc
Major: Advanced Mechanical Engineering, Focus: Solar Thermal Power
! Universit degli Studi di Perugia, Italy - BEng
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Practical Background
! Mission: Edison, EDF Group, in Oil & Gas business unit.
Infrastructure development for natural gas storage plants
! Faurecia. Research & Development centre in the United Kingdom.
Product development in the automotive industry
! EDA Industries. Burn-in and climatic chambers for microelectronics
Fields of interests
! Automotive, Energy, Entrepreneurship, Food and beverage
! Free time: Traveling, Motorbike, Snowboard, Cooking and Wine tasting

Curriculum Vitae

Mobile: +39 328 9686 620
Skype: proias

28.10.2013 APCI Italy 14
Stefano Proia
Sylvia Rabemanantsoa
Educational Background
! ENPC (Ecole des Ponts ParisTech), France Engineering
Department of Economics, Management and Finance, specializing in
Financial Engineering
! Lyce St-Louis, France - MPSI/MP*
Mathematics and Physics
Practical Background
! Commerzbank AG, London
Equity derivatives structurer for Private Bank Sales

! Mission : Air Liquide, Paris Financial Controller within Group IT

Fields of interests
! Finance (Corporate & market), entrepreneurship
! Free time : Photography, swimming, dance, food

Curriculum Vitae

27, rue Clment Perrot
94400 Vitry s/ Seine

Mobile: +33 6 70 15 57 51
Alexander Rehn
Educational Background
RWTH Aachen University & University Heidelberg, M.Sc. Biotechnology
Major: Industrial and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
University of Manchester & University of Cologne, B.Sc. Biology
Major: Pharmacology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
Practical Background
BASF SE: Masters Thesis, Topic: Development of a mathematical model
for the simulation of an industrial whole-cell biocatalytic process.
cole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France: Research project in genetic
engineering on the immune system of E. Coli bacteria.
Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, Singapore: Research
Project in Tissue Engineering involving Peptide-based Hydrogels
involving stem cells for the development of novel therapies.
Sanofi Aventis S.A.: Internship in Quality Management
Fields of interests
Finance, Operations Management, Entrepreneurship
Tennis, Swimming, Arts, Traveling

Curriculum Vitae

9 Rue Montbrun
75014 Paris

Mobile: + 33 695 84 58 77
Tom Reichardt
Educational Background
! Technical University Munich (TUM), Dipl.-Ing.
Major: Aeronautical Engineering, Focus: Product Development
! University of California Berkeley (USA), Master Thesis
Major: Lean Design
Practical Background
! Lufthansa Technik Sofia (Bulgaria), Internship, Topic: Lean Production &
! MAN Diesel SE Augsburg, Project Work, Focus: Development of Anti-
Piracy Strategies for Mechanical Systems
! BayPat & Lehrstuhl fr Sportgerteentwicklung (TUM), Project Work,
Focus: Enhancement of Patented Technology & Business Planning
! Bertrandt AG Ehningen, Internship (Mechanic)
Fields of Interests
! Entrepreneurship, Lean Production & Product Development, SCM
! Sailing, Scuba-Diving, Skiing, Team-Handball

Curriculum Vitae

Schwarzstr. 4
81669 Mnchen

Mobil: +49 157 30060321
Antoine Richard
Educational Background
! Universty of Cambridge, PhD Biochemistry (Prof Robin Irvines lab).
Thesis on the Regulation of the Localistion and function of IP
! Universty of Cambridge, MSc Biochemistry. Major Biochemistry.
! Universty of Leeds, BSc Biochemistry. Major Biochemistry and Cell
Practical Background
! SpencerStuart Paris, Knowledge Analyst.
! University of Cambridge, Research student and project Leader in
Professor Robin Irvines lab.
Fields of interests
! Business Development, Venture Capital, Marketing.
! Drama (pupil at Cours Jean-Laurent Cochet Paris), Cinema, cooking,
sailing, fencing.

Curriculum Vitae

4 rue Cavallotti
75018 Paris

Mobile: +33650762266
Skype: richardantoine
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! Politecnico di Milano, Master of Science & Bachelor of Science
Major: Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering
! Technische Universitt Mnchen
Erasmus Programme & Master Thesis

Practical Background
! Student Assistant at Lehrstuhl fr Leichtbau, TUM
! Internship at Alenia Aermacchi
! Mission: Pirelli
Fields of interests
! Business Development, IT, Project Management and Strategy
! Free time: Sport, Traveling, Reading

Curriculum Vitae

Via Ippolito Nievo, 21
20145 Milano (IT)

Mobil: +39 340 522 3761
Skype: sonik_87

26.10.2013 APCI Italy 15
Anthony Ricter
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! Dipl.- Ing. Aerospace. Technische Universitt Mnchen, Munich,
Germany. Areas of specialization: thermo-fluiddynamics, flight propulsion
and turbomachinery.
! Institut Suprieur de lAronautique et de lEspace ISAE, Toulouse,
France. Diploma Thesis.

Practical Background
! Employee of EMBRAER in Paris, France. Aircraft manufacturer.
! Student employee at MTU Aero Engines, Munich, Germany
Fields of interests
! Member of the board of the Association Nationale des tudiants
Ingnieurs Luxembourgeois ANEIL the national association of
engineering students Luxembourg
! Free time: Music, boy scouts and all kind of winter sport

Curriculum Vitae

Kreuznacher Strae 32
60486 Frankfurt am Main

Mobil: +49 176 63 14 24 36

Jean-Luc Rippinger
Pascal Rivoire
! Educational Background

! ENS-Cachan Masters in Civil and Evironmental Engineering
! ENS-Cachan / Ecole Polytechnique. Masters in advanced calculations
for engineering.

! Practical Background
! University of Southern California, implementation of rails and stations of
the future California high speed rails.
! EDF R&D: improvement of Soil Structure Interaction calculations for
seismic design of powerplants.
! Colas group. Chief Work Engineer on St Denis's Project.

Fields of interests
Business Development, R&D, Management.
Free time: plane piloting, skiing and climbing.

Curriculum Vitae

1 Place Edouard Herriot
94270 le Kremlin Bictre

Mobile: +33 6 72 33 99 62
Skype: rivoire.pascal1
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! Politecnico di Milano, Master Degree
Industrial and Management Engineering
! Alta Scuola Politecnica, Double Degree Politecnico di Milano -
Politecnico di Torino
Innovation Management
! Politecnico di Milano, Bachelor Degree
Industrial and Management Engineering

Practical Background
! CDI Mission: Gartner IT strategic consulting
Practice: Financial Services
! Credito Valtellinese Banking Group
Project Management
! Strategic Management Partners strategic consulting
Practice: Media

Fields of interests
! Strategy, Entrepreneurship, IT, Media and Communication
! Music, semiprofessional activity as a singer

Curriculum Vitae

via Vigna Nuova 10
23020 Piuro SO

Mobil: +39 3332604237
Skype: lara.rogantini

27.09.2012 APCI Germany 7
Lara Rogantini
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! University of Genoa
Bachelor: Environmental and Civil Engineering
Major: Transport and Logistics Engineering
! Royal Institute of Technology of Stockholm
Major thesis: Ground Source Heat Pump Performance
! Universidad Politecnica de Valencia

Practical Background
! Bombardier transportation Services in Vado Ligure (SV).
Material Planner and Logistics
! Technical office Richero. Heating by traditional and renewable energy
Fields of interests
! Supply Chain, Logistics, planning ,Transportation, Business
! Free time: Traveling, all kind of sports particularly extreme sports

Curriculum Vitae

Via Ugo Foscolo 14
17025 Loano (SV)

Mobil: +39 347 1835 986
Skype: claudio10463

27.09.2012 APCI Germany 23
Claudio Rubatti
Sebastian Salomon
EducationaI Background
! Karlsruhe nstitute of Technology (KT), Dipl.-ng.
Major: Mechanical Engineering, Focus: Product Development
! Harvard University, Visiting Student Summer Term 2010
PracticaI Background
! CD Mission: Lufthansa Technik, Hamburg
! THOST Projektmanagement GmbH, Dubai (UAE): nternship in project
! Voith GmbH: Development of paper recycling machine (student project)
! nstitut fr Kolbenmaschinen at KT: Part-time research assistant
FieIds of interests
! Project Management, Product Development, Process Optimization
! Field Hockey, Hunting, Skiing, Sailing, Music (Guitar, Piano)
Curriculum Vitae
Ibsenweg 22
22587 Hamburg
MobiI: +49 162 2168253
Skype: sebastiansalomon87
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Dipl.-Ing.
Mechanical Engineering
Major: Production Technology

Practical Background
! TRUMPF: Office of Managing Director
! Mission: Lufthansa Technik: Materials Administration
Fields of interests
! Lean Production, Changeable Production Systems, Corporate Strategy
! Free time: Rowing, Running, Soccer, Cooking, Travelling

Curriculum Vitae

Bentheimer Strae 22
30539 Hannover

Mobil: +49 173 25 18 115
Skype: p4i5i7p

Philipp Schfers
Michael Scheidiger
Educational Background
! Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), M.Sc.
Major: Power electronics, power system analysis
! Trinational studies at FHNW & UHA & HFU, B.Sc
Major: Electrical Engineering
Practical Background
! ABB Traction Products, China.
Design, sourcing and commissioning of test area
! ILF Consulting Engineers, Germany
Power system harmonic analysis of gas compressor stations
! ABB Converters for Wind Turbines, Switzerland
Engineering and supply chain management
Fields of interests
! Renewable energies, smart grids, supply chain management, intellectual
! Free time: Swimming and cross country skiing, traveling

Curriculum Vitae

Birkenweg 10a
CH-5412 Gebenstorf

Mobil:+41 79 613 17 24
Skype: michael.scheidiger
Raik Schnabel
Educational Background
! University of Erlangen-Nuremburg / Robert Bosch GmbH, since 2011
PhD thesis on 77 GHz automotive radar sensors

! Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), 2010, Dipl.-Ing.
Major: Electrical Engineering, Focus: Optical & RF technologies
! Ecole Polytechnique Fdrale de Lausanne (EPFL) , 2010
Major: Electrical Engineering, final thesis
Practical Background
! SICK AG, internship, topic: project and innovation management of optical
! LTI, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, research assistant, topic:
raytracing for free-form surfaces
! PTV AG, research assistant, topic : georeferencing
! MAN Roland, internship (mechanic)
Fields of interests
Entrepreneurship, innovation management, soccer, biking, squash

Curriculum Vitae

Stuttgarter Strae 110
71229 Leonberg

Mobile: +49 170 235 12 90
Skype: schnabaik
Pascal Schropp
Educational Background
! Karlsruhe Institut fr Technologie (KIT), Karlsruhe, Germany. Dipl.-Ing.
Major: Mechanical Engineering, Focus: power generation and
environmental engineering
! MinesParisTech (ENSMP), Paris, France. Visiting student
Ingnieur Civil
! Shanghai JiaoTong University, Shanghai, China. Visiting student
Mechanical Engineering
Practical Background
! Robert Bosch GmbH, thesis: Optical Diagnostics of Wall Films
! Samsung Electronics, internship:liquid crystal display simulation
! World EXPO 2010, pavilion host
! ALSTOM (Switzerland), internship: gas turbine performance simulation
Fields of interests
! Energy, automotive and mobility
! Football, handball, cycling, winter sports

Curriculum Vitae

Gaensweide 12
74235 Erlenbach

Mobil: +49 176 55526339
Skype: passl1
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, M.Sc.
Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Power electronics, renewable energies
! Technische Universitt Darmstadt, B.Sc.
Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Automation and controls, medium voltage power transmission

Practical Background
! Start-up company in the sector of charging management for electric
! SAE Formula Electric and Shell Eco Marathon team leader
! Mission: BMW power grid integration and charging of electric vehicles
Fields of interests
! e-mobility, renewable energies, logistics, entrepreneurship
! free time: traveling, swimming, sailing

Curriculum Vitae

Michelstdterstr. 14
64720 Michelstadt

Mobil: +49 174 4640436
Skype: schuck-electronics

Marcel Schuck
Ulrike Schwarz
Educational Background
! Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Dipl.-Chem.
Major: physical chemistry
! Karlsruhe Institute of Technology,
PhD studies in physical chemistry,
Topic: Photoelectron spectroscopy of conformer selected clusterions
Methods: Mass spectrometry, ion mobility spectrometry, photoelectron

Extracurricular activities
! Fellow of the foundation of German Business
! Coach in the local rowing union

Fields of interests
! Combination of natural sciences and management for future value
! Sports (rowing, swimming )
Curriculum Vitae

Mobil: +49 17680075869
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! Politecnico di Torino (Turin, Italy), Master of Science
Major: Industrial Production and Technological Innovation Engineering
! Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain)
Master in Business Administration and Production Systems

Practical Background
! CDI Mission: Pirelli Tyre SpA (Turin / Milan, Italy)
R&D Plant technologies
Project: Product improvement; Focus: Next MIRS production line
! Abarth & C. SpA (Turin, Italy), Manufacturing Planning and Control Intern
Focus: Special series and limited editions production line management
! Comtec Quality SA (Barcelona, Spain), Data Analyst Intern
Project: Benchmarking in the Health Service

Fields of interests
! Entrepreneurship, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, R&D
! Free time: Reading, Travelling
Curriculum Vitae

Via IV Marzo, 14
10122, Torino (Italy)

Mobile: +39 342 8470757
Skype: chiara.sibelli

Chiara Sibelli
Arthur Singer
Educational Background
! Technical University of Munich, Dipl.-Ing.
Major: Electrical Engineering, Focus: Medical Electronics
! cole Polytechnique de Montral (Canada)
Major: Electrical Engineering
Practical Background
! CDI Mission: Siemens AG, Healthcare sector
Project: benchmarking & identification of optimization potentials
! Attocube AG, Student Trainee: Automation of a Cryostat for High-
! State of Bavaria, Qubec Office, Intern: Organization of Diplomatic
Delegations, Contact with Local Partners
! Drive-Consult GmbH, Engineering Office, Student Trainee: High-Tech
Start-Up, Development and (Re-)Design of Power Electronics
Fields of interests
Entrepreneurship, advances in medicine & medical engineering, applied
psychology, travelling, sports
Curriculum Vitae

Ludwig-Richter-Str. 21
80687 Mnchen

Mobil: +49 176 22 77 43 81

Martin Steinmeyer
Educational Background
! Technische Universitt Mnchen,
M.Sc. Mathematics in Science and Engineering.
Minor: Structural mechanics (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering).
! Universit Toulouse III Paul Sabatier.
Master courses in applied mathematics and mechanics.
Practical Background
! SONA BLW Przisionsschmiede GmbH, Munich.
Master thesis in tooth contact analysis.
! Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton (USA).
Developing in physics engine and image processing.
! IAV GmbH, Munich. Python developing for gasoline engines.
! Corporate Technology (Siemens AG), Munich. Python developing for FEM
Software improvements.
Fields of interests
! Mobility, Sharing, Infrastructure and building technologies.
! Free time: Soccer, Beach Sports, Politics and History.

Curriculum Vitae

Schillerstrae 6
86720 Baldingen

Mobil: +49 160 91423047
Julien du Tertre
Educational Background
Ecole Normale Suprieure, Paris. Major: Philosophy
University Paris IV Sorbonne: MPhil in Philosophy
Agrgation (French competitive exam) of Philosophy

Practical Background
MySportConnect: Marketing Consultant: Study on the German indoor
sport halls market
University of Chicago: Lecturer in French and Cinema
Marc Bloch Center, Berlin: Associated Researcher

Fields of interests
Strategy, Finance, Entrepreneurship
Football, Cinema, Literature, Traveling

Curriculum Vitae

299 rue des Pyrenes,
75020 Paris

Mobile: + 33 651 755 648
Elodie Thachil
EducationaI Background
! University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, Master of Science
Major: Physiology, Physiopathology
! University Paris Diderot, PhD in Biology
Major: Gastroenterology
PracticaI Background
! CD Mission: Sanofi, Human Resources strategy
! Harvard Medical School, HV research
FieIds of interests
Entrepreneurship, Human resources, Strategy
Curriculum Vitae
3 rue PauI Gauguin
78970 Mzires sur seine
MobiI: +33 621245244
Skype: Thachil Elodie
Anna Theresa Tshaus
Educational Background
! Technische Universitt Mnchen, Diplom
Mechanical Engineering (systematic product development &
product management)

Practical Background
! Jungheinrich AG
! MAN Bus & Truck
! Mission: Lufthansa Technik AG, Hamburg

Fields of interests
! Project management, business development
! Free time: horseback riding, skiing, golfing

Curriculum Vitae

Bltenstrae 21
85368 Moosburg

Mobil: +491717411999
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! ESPCI ParisTech
Major: Fluid Mechanics and Microfluidics

Practical Background
! Thales Alenia Space Cannes,France. Weather Satelite optic conception
! Ecole Polytechnique, Paris France: Fluids Mechanic lab
! Harvard University, Cambridge MA,USA : Microfluidics Lab
Fields of interests
! Business Development, Entrepreneurship
! Free time: Traveling, Sailing, Ski

Curriculum Vitae

1 avenue Theophile Gautier
75016 Paris

Mobil: +33 625 17 84 12
Skype: antoine_vian

Antoine Vian
Florian Blume
Educational Background
! University of Padua, MEng Energy Engineering
Major: Energy systems and Energy management

! University of Padua, BEng Energy Engineering

Practical Background

! CDI Mission: ERG, Power and Gas Unit
Practice: Planning

! World Energy Council- Italy
Practice: Energy Scenarios

Fields of interests
! Energy, Management, Strategy
! Free time: Traveling, Cinema, Arts
Curriculum Vitae

Via Amendola 16
30029 San Stino di Livenza

Mobil: +39 3406114492
Skype: irene.vignotto

APCI Italy
Irene Vignotto
Anna Teresa Wagner
Educational Background
! Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), PhD-thesis
Subject: Synthesis and Application of Rare-Earth Metal Clusters
! Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Dipl. Chem.
Focus: Organometallic Chemistry
Practical Background
! KIT - Institute of Organic Chemistry, Student Assistant
Focus: Organic Synthesis, Characterization of Reaction Compounds
! Trickfilmstudio Filmbilder, Stuttgart, Internship
Topic: Animation Layout, Postproduction
! ZKM Filminstitut, Karlsruhe, Internship
Topic: Production Assistance
Fields of interests
! Organometallic Chemistry, Product Development, Strategy Management
! Yoga, Sport, Art, Cinema

Curriculum Vitae

Scheffelstrae 22
76135 Karlsruhe

Mobil:+49 163 73 22 985
Skype: blubb2209
Manuela Wallesch
EducationaI Background
! Karlsruhe nstitute of Technology, Dipl. Chem.
Major: organic chemistry
PracticaI Background
! student research assistant at cynora GmbH
(start-up business, Eggenstein/Leopoldshafen)
! work placement at RheinChemie, Mannheim-Rheinau
! student temporary employee at Sd-Chemie, Moosburg
! student research assistant at nstitute for Nuclear Waste Disposal and
nstitute for norganic Chemistry (KT)
FieIds of interests
! Entrepreneurship, R&D
! hiking and swimming
Curriculum Vitae
Roonstr. 7
76137 KarIsruhe
MobiI: +49 1525 87 03 89 9
Educational Background
! Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Dipl.-Ing. Mechanical engineering
! Product development and lightweight design
! Diploma Thesis: Design of an electric traction motor for racing application
in the Formula Student

Practical Background
! Formula Student (4 years, KA-RaceIng at KIT) design competition,
Teamleader suspension, head of development electric car
! Continental Engineering Services, Brake system design and evaluation
! Mission: Lufthansa Technik - Engine Maintenance
Fields of interests
! Entepreneurship, integrated product development, E-mobility, knowledge
management, high-tech, graphic design
! Free time: offshore Sailing, cooking with friends, photography
Curriculum Vitae

Lindenallee 2
30657 Hannover

Mobil: +49 172 2059801
Skype: floweh

Florian Wehner
Karina Zillner
EducationaI Background
! University Regensburg
Graduate studies in Cellular Biochemistry and Biophysics
! Bavarian EliteAcademy
PracticaI Background
! CDI Mission: Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Corporate Strategy
! Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry: research assistant in
Medicinal Chemistry
! University Regensburg: research assistant in epigenetics
FieIds of interests
! Strategy and leadership
! Volleyball and Beachvolleyball, backpacking all over the world, Golf
Curriculum Vitae
Friedrichsberg 15
94110 Wegscheid
MobiI: +49 176 22 73 05 43
Skype: karina.zillner