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Company Preview

July 2014

Table of Contents

Company Information 3

Quick Overview 4
About myself 4
Company Philosophy 4

What we do for our Clients 5

The Services we Offer 6
The Places we Go 6
The Standard we Set 6

Career 7

Job Vacancies & Opportunities 8
Training 8
Social Engagement & Company Policies 9
Application Form 10

Company Information

Quick Overview

We are a very young airline, trying to gain ground on the huge market of Air
Transport. We started off with a few bush planes type Cessna 185 on the island
of Chernogorsk, and developed since then to a big regional airline.But the
financial crisis did us no good and we had to cease our operation. We can now
see our chance of becoming a big national Air Transport Service on the islands
4ot he ArmA III Life world and hope to see you aboard one of our aircraft.

About myself

I have joy in flying since I was a little boy. Having always one eye looking tot he
sky, I wanted to start living my dream as a Commercial Pilot. Thats what I did,
but with the death of my father and the financial crisis, I had harsh times
surviving with my dream job. But I can look forward to better times with

Company Philosophy

As a small regional airline, we put our focus on getting Passengers and Cargo
from A to B quick and safe. With our high standard of safety, trained pilots and
serviced aircraft we can ensure a safe flight with us. Due tot he usage of both,
fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, we cannot only ensure the safety, but also a
quick journey. With both, cargo delivery and passenger shuttles, we hope to
get the airline started until we can expand and serve with new services. You
can find a full list of services and prices soon.

What we do for our Clients

The services we Offer

Passenger Department
Flying passengers from one place to another is not always the easiest
thing to do. Is it bad weather, turbulents or even unwell feeling
passengers, people that know how to fly, also know how to compensate
these factors! Low cost flights, shuttle services or private charter, your
wish is our command!

Cargo Department
Long drives, dangerous journeys or maybe not enough time to transport
your own goods? Its all faster, cheaper and safer with aircrafts! It
doesnt matter what it is, we fly for your smile!

Delivery Department
If it is not possible to land directly next 6ot he destination, we can
provide quick passenger and cargo transport from the airport tot he
destination. We go where you go!

Special Operations Department
An overwatch, unarmed recon mission. If you need help, we help!

The Places we Go

We always try our best, to land as close as possible to your destination.
Our pilots are trained captains that can bring an aircraft down anywhere
and anytime they want.

The Standard we Set

Comfortable Journey
Highest safety standards
Clean, modern and serviced aircraft
Low fares, making it for everyone possible to travel by plane or


Your Opportuinity to become a Part of us!

It is your choice. Live your dream and apply on one of our many vacant
positions! You will not regret working with us and living your dream.

Job Vacancies (Full- and Part-Time available)

Fixed- or rotary-aircraft Pilot
Ramp-Crew (Aircraft Ground Handling)
Inflight or Ground Safety Officer
Ground-Vehicle Operator


Every applicant is getting a brief training and a qualification examination to
ensure they have the capability and motivation tob e a long term member and
employee of aerowings.

Company Policies

As an employee and member (Part-Time or Fulltime) one is commited to
sign an Eployee-Contract.
If possible, we need every member to be as active as possible to ensure a
current workflow in the company.

Did we inspire you to join us? If so, please fill out the Application Form down
below and send it to Jonathan Arthur Gerrit via the ArmA III Life forums PM-
System. We will read the applications thoroughly and decide wether to accept
or postpone the the applicant.

Application Form

Please fill in the application form, copy and paste it into the PM and send it to
me (Jonathan Arthur Gerrit) with the title:
Your Name aerowingsApplication


Applicant Name

Date of Birth (DD/MM/YY)

For which position are you applying for?

Do you have any experience in this position, if yes, where?

Why do you want to join us?

Do you accept the Company Policies?

Anything else to add?


You will get a PM back as soon as possible (Max. 2-3 Days).

Thank you for Applying to aerowings.