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National Highway 79 (NH 79) is a National Highway that links Ajmer in Rajasthan
and Dhar in Madhya Pradesh. The highway is 500 km long, out of which 220 km is i
n Rajasthan and 280 km is in Madhya Pradesh. The section of NH-79 from Chittorga
rh to Nimbahera & up to Madhya Pradesh border is only 2 lane. The road portion f
rom Chittorgarh to Ajmer has already been developed as 4 lane under GQ. The road
portion in Madhya Pradesh from Naya Gaon to Indore has also been developed as 4
lane by Madhya Pradesh State Road Development Corporation. The East & West side
of Chittorgarh has been developed as 4 lane road as East West corridor. The Tra
ffic density on Chittorgarh Madhya Pradesh border is very high and the present r
oad is not capable of sustaining the operational traffic resulting in frequent r
oad blocks & traffic jams.
1. Project NH-79 Chittorgarh to Neemuch including Nimbahera bypass, starts
from km 183.00 and ends at Km 227.080 in Neemuch, MP border. The project road st
arts from Chittorgarh which is a famous tourist place and has many cement indust
ries and passes through Nimbahera which is also known for cement industries and
stones and finally it ends at Neemuch which is also having Cement Industries, Ag
riculture Business, and is a Major CRPF Center.
2. As the project road starts and passes through industrial areas, trucks w
ith double and multi axle are the major components of the traffic.
3. The existing highway is generally 2-lane wide except at some places. One
ROB at Km 222.160 is also 4-lane. The proposed NH-79 is having two Bypasses nam
ely Shambhupura Bypass (From Km 194+450 to Km 198+000) and Nimbahera Bypass (Fro
m Km 209+000 to Km 223+500). The entire stretch traverses through the plain terr
ain. The pavement is flexible having an earthen shoulder except in urban locatio
ns. NH-113 is 240 Km long connecting Nimbahera in Rajasthan and Dahod in Gujarat
, out of which 200 Km is in Rajasthan and 40 Km in Gujarat.The project stretch N
H-113 starts at Km 0.00 (Nimbahera) and ends at Km 80.00 (Pratapgarh). The major
towns on the project corridor are Nimbahera, Chotti Sadri and Pratapgarh are th
e towns on NH 113 section. As part of this BoT project, two toll plazas are prop
osed on NH 113, located at Km 10.00 (Narasinga) and Km 70 (Kulmipura). The proje
ct corridor, the main land utilized is agricultural on NH-113. The stretch of NH
113 is currently with intermediate lane and is proposed to be widened to 2 lane
with earthen shoulder.