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By : Habib Muhammad Shahib

Have u thought? Who will be the winner if the majority of our society do not come to the
general elections places to vote the leader candidates. The terminology of this situation in bahasa
we know as a golput. Golput (Golongan Putih) or we can say in English; people who do not use their
vote rights to vote the candidates of an election. As a country that use Democracy to rule its
Nations. Surely, Republic of Indonesia must to do election to select its leader. We know as long as
NKRI exists in this world, the elections to select Indonesians Leader exist too. But, are the
elections good for our society? And why some of Indonesians people do not use their vote rights? I
think, lets we answer them together.
After Soehartos era (ORBA), Indonesians people now live on a Reformation era that makes
so many changes in this country especially the terms of election. Before the Reformation era,
Indonesians leader elections just selected the peoples representative (parliaments members) and
after that the parliaments members used their vote rights to vote The President or The governor
(for province parliaments members). It is based on the fifth sila in Pancasila ; Kerakyatan yang
dipimpin oleh hikmat kebijaksanaan dalam permusyawaratan perwakilan. Because of this situation,
the corruptions had happened in the past mostly from the parliaments members. Because if a
candidate want to be a winner. He/she must to bribe the parliaments members with a big amount of
So what is happened today? Today is crazier than before. The cost of election is so
expensive because today elections rule has changed to be a direct election that means people have
the vote rights to vote their leader directly. So, if the candidates want to become the winner in an
election. They must to spend much money for campaign to suggest people believe in them even they
do the black campaigns or money campaigns. The result of high cost political like that makes
Leaders after they have chosen, they directly think how can they get their modals or their friends
modals back? Surely, the conditions like that make the government cannot free from corruptions
who ever the Leader. The district or country is just ruled by autopilot. I mean the policies or
programs just like some ceremonial things to make people happier in a few times. The general aims
from the Leaders just to get much money as soon as possible for their family or their friends.
The impact from those conditions makes some people lose their believe feelings on their
leader and for the next elections they will vote to do not vote again (golput). But, sadly golput it is
not ruled by Indonesians Law so even golput people are the winner there is not a change in our
beloved country.