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In Japanese, Reiki means Universal life force energy; Rei – Universe and Ki- life force
energy. In the past 3 decades, Reiki has become popular as a unique means of healing
the mind, body and soul.

The human body has visible physical body and an invisible auric body. The aura is the
energy field diffusely distributed around the visible physical body. The aura is
distributed in seven layers and the outermost layer is the outer limit of the body. The
inner most layer called inner aura having the same shape as the physical body. In this
invisible inner aura, seven major chakras are located. Chakras are the energy centres.
Major chakras act as link between the universe and the body. Chakras located in the
inner aura and are capable of breathing. When chakras spin, cosmic energy created
by the supreme power is drawn in to the chakras (inhaling) and reaches the physical
body. Thus the physical body becomes cosmic conscious. Entire universe is
constituted by five elements viz. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Void What is in the
universe exists in the human body also. The five elements are distributed in
Mooladhara chakra [earth] Swadhishtana Chakra [water], Manipura chakra [fire],
Anahatha Chakra[air] Vishudha, Ajna and Sahasrara chakra.[ether/void].


Every physical disease has a metaphysical cause. Stress has become a part of our life.
There are several causes for one to feel anxious, Diabetes, sad, angry, jealous etc. But
persisting emotional disturbance blocks the flow of energy through aura and chakras.
Block in the flow of energy throws the chakras in to imbalance. Imbalance or
malfunctioning of a single chakra results in malfunctioning of other chakras,
hormonal imbalance, imbalance among five elements. The net result is the disease of
single organ or the entire system under the control the particular chakra and the
physical body reveals symptoms of disease. Block for the flow of cosmic energy results
in accumulation of negative energy in the organs and causes disease.

Uninterrupted flow of cosmic energy without any block is the basis for health. For
maintaining health, mind plays a crucial role. Mind processes the information
received by the five senses (eyes, nose, ear, tongue, skin). Hence the influence of
external environment gathered by these five senses plays a major role in feeding the
information to the mind, the sixth sense. Thus when the mind is relaxed and free
from stress the energy processed by the -mind flows to the subconscious mind
through the auras and chakras. Hence feeling the information through the five senses
plays a crucial role in keeping the mind and body in perfect coordination.

Cosmic energy passes through the body of the reiki channel or reiki healer to the
patients during the treatment to the chakras

The flow of energy through the aura, chakras and the dependence of the physical body
on the flow of energy for balancing chakras, endocrine organs and five elements is
mandatory for a healer to keep himself and others healthy.

Benefits of Reiki

Removes blocks to the flow of energy

It purifies the body, Aura & chakras

Relaxes the body

Releases stress

Heals the body & mind

Enhances the healing power of body

Pathway of kundalini power is cleared

Reiki or Chakra meditation relaxes the body and mind and prepares the body for
attunement and to receive abundant cosmic energy; to awaken super conscious mind
and to reach ‘O’ level


Skyrocketing price of medicine

- Reiki is cost effective

Side effects / Cumulative effects

- None

Iatrogenic disease

Can be used ALONG with other forms of treatments also (allopathic,

siddha, ayurvedha etc.)
Cause not known for most diseases
- Reiki reaches the root cause of the problem

Symptoms are treated

- Whole body is treated without drugs

Works at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels




Link between Chakras and Endocrine Glands

Each Major chakra is associated an endocrine gland. Endocrine glands, within the physical
body, synthesize hormones .balancing of chakras with uninterrupted cosmic energy flow
brings about endocrine balances (hormonal balance). When the mind is in balance, cosmic
energy’s flow through the aura and chakra is uninterrupted and smooth.

Scanning the aura, chakras is done with palm chakra of the healer. Block for the flow of
cosmic energy through aura or chakra is identified. Talking with the patient on his symptoms
as experienced by the patient, duration of the disease, how and when it started about his
background and life style, eating habits, mental make up are taken in to account for proper

The present symptoms, experiences, duration, frequency and intensity are recorded. Based
on all the information from the patient, further diagnosis is done. For diagnosis, no tool or
machine or tests are required Scanning the aura and chakras by using palm chakras reveals
the malfunctioning chakra.


2. Energising (beaming cosmic energy in to the chakras)

Cleansing the aura and chakra with palms removes the blocks for the flow of cosmic energy.


Healer channelises the cosmic energy from the cosmos to the patient’s chakras. The cosmic
energy thus received by the patient’s chakras reaches the endocrine organs,
neurotransmitters and the organs. Cosmic energy sets right the imbalance; Balanced chakras
results in balancing of endocrine glands(hormonal balancing). Slowly the cosmic energy
reaches the diseased organs, replaces the accumulated negative energy. As the negative
energy is released, at times, the problem may appear to have aggravated. But it is called the
healing crisis and it subsides once the body fully releases the negative energy.

Chakras to be healed

The healer must heal understand the body systems and all the chakras affecting the organ
and the system. For e.g. respiratory problems are not the resultant of a single organ but of
multiple organs which are controlled by different chakras (See visual below). So the healer
must heal all these chakras to remove the root cause of the problem.
Patient’s response

In Reiki, healing is done by cosmic energy. Unless the mind accepts the cosmic energy, it
doesn’t reach the physical body. Hence patients consent, cooperation, full faith in the healing
energy is required for success.


A Healer must have a purified soul, be humble, sincere, spiritual and honest.
Meditation on chakras makes the healer a perfect medium to transmit the cosmic energy. He
should be a perfect Guru to talk about the healing power of cosmic energy created by the
supreme soul and also transmit his energy without claiming anything personal.

To shorten the duration of healing other systems also can be combined, with Reiki. Since
Magnetotherapy, acupuncture, acupressure, crystal involve the energy, most of the healers
opt for these systems to heal.

Healers are created by reiki masters by a sacred process termed attunement. Healer gains
the capacity to channelise the cosmic energy to heal the body and soul. Reiki healers gain
knowledge of universal energy and chakras and the simple technique of drawing this
abundant universal energy in to the invisible chakras. This is possible by meditation on
chakras with associated Manthras. Manthras resonate with the movement of chakras,
empower them and this abundant universal energy is drawn in to the chakras and
transmitted into the physical body. Continuous, uninterrupted flow of universal energy
through the seven layers of aura and finally through chakras with the inner auras maintain
the chakras in balance. Balance of chakras resulting in balancing of all the five elements
distributed in the chakras keep the mind free from stress.

Reiki Symbols

An important feature of Reiki is the symbols. Reiki symbols are used to focus energy for a
specific purpose. Reiki symbols are used to access the Reiki energy both in performing
healings and the attunement process. The Reiki symbols bring to the practitioner certain
"flavors" of the Reiki energy, tuned to specific uses. They are taught only from Reiki II stage

Mooladhara chakra, Swadhishtana Chakra, Manipura chakra, Anahatha Chakra, Vishudha

chakra, Ajna chakra and Sahasrara chakra

Distant healing

Distant healing is the reiki channel’s power to treat a person without the healer and the
patient next to each other. In Reiki, intent is the key. The healer can ‘send’ the energy across
time and space to the patient to receive the energy. It doesn’t sound easy to believe. Watching
a live telecast of an event happening on the other side of the world, is also transfer of energy.
Earth going around the sun is energy. The reason you are reading this page created
somewhere else is also due to energy. Earth, sun, galaxy, universe all work only because of
some form of energy. It’s the same all powerful energy that can cure a simple headache.



In Reiki, unlike other healing systems, the master opens the chakras, connecting the
student to the limitless source of universal energy. Attunement creates a healer and is
called Reiki channel, empowered to channelise the universal healing
energy, Reiki attunement is done at 3 levels.

I Degree attunement opening the crown, Ajna, Vishudha and Anahatha chakras,
empowers the student to heal self and others. Self healing after attunement raises the
vibrations of life force energy, enables the body to channelise the healing energy &
body gradually gets rid of negative energy. All physical diseases can be healed.

II Degree attunement Students are initiated once again and are taught traditional
and nontraditional symbols. Symbols are sacred tools which enhance the healing
energy. Healing Karma, distant healing, non healing use of symbols ( energising
machineries, establishment, Personality development, etc.,) are taught. Opening third
eye enhances the psychic power, which makes distant healing possible.

III Degree

III A. Advance Reiki Training (ART)

Psychic surgery advance level of meditation to empower kundalini shakthi, crystal
grid formation are taught.

III Master degree B

Attunement at this level creates a Reiki master, Training to conduct I and II degree
classes and spread the message of universal love is imparted.

Grand master:- Attunement at this level creates a grandmaster who can create
Learn Reiki to lead a stress free life and create a disease free nation.

Additional information:

• Reiki can be used for keeping the body and mind pure and healthy, thus
preventing the disease. In disease healing takes place at physical, emotional,
mental and spiritual levels.
• For personality development, to bring harmony in life, financial gains, goal
achievement, Reiki can be used.
• Safe and no possibility of contacting any infection or negative energy, from
the patient, since the healing energy is beamed from the healer to the patient
and not vice-versa.
• Compatible with all other systems of medicine, like allopathy, homeopathy,
unani etc., no side effects.
• Healer need not diagnose since the universal energy is more intelligent and
knows what to do, how to act and where to act.
• No diagnostic test or medicine is required.
• It is simple, safe , easy to learn, (8 to 10 hours for each level of attunement).
Any one (irrespective of nationality,caste,religion,sex) can learn since it is
universal energy and meant for every one.
• Anyone who has love for others can learn.

• Crystal Therapy:
Crystals are Mother earth's gift to mankind. Quartz crystals,
used for healing act like computers, receiving, concentrating, amplifying the
cosmic energy and beaming the healing energy. Crystal enhances reiki power
and hence they are used in reiki healing. Healing with crystals results in faster

Precautions are taken in selection of crystals and programming.

Classes are conducted on crystal therapy for reiki channels.

Classes are also conducted for reiki channels on acupressure -

To heal
the patients through meridians/correspondence points.

Reiki I and II degree classes will be conducted once a month on Sundays in

Thiruvanmyur, Chennai. Class will be between 9 am - 5 pm. III degree and above can
be done on request. I can consider taking classes elsewhere on a case to case basis.