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Three-Dimensional Quilling Project

Complete Step-by-Step Instructions
For my online friends both old and new ones
Feel free to distribute this tutorial, as long as it is left completely
intact, unaltered and delivered via this PDF file.
Copyright 2009 Crafts, ids, !uilling " #nna$s Creations
%http&""'. (ome rights reserved.
Lion: 3D Quilling Project
Colored paper red, orange
Quilling paper strips, 6mm wide
Quilling paper strips, 3mm wide
orange, brown, red
Quilling paper strips, 1.5mm wide
Slotted quilling tool
Wite cra!t glue
1: $oll a tigt coil using a 1.%m long
6mm wide strip. &ou migt need to
'oin se(eral strips to acie(e te
required lengt. )or instance, si*
strips i! +ou use ,3-cm long strips.
2: .lue down te end and take te coil
o!! te tool. Create a bell /i(e, cup0
sape b+ gentl+ pressing te center
o! te coil wit +our !inger or tumb.
3: Coat te inside o! te bell wit glue.
1ake anoter bell similarl+. 2ut te
two bells aside.
3! +ou don4t a(e quilling paper, +ou ma+ use an+ colored paper to cut suitable strips.
5 wooden tootpick or cocktail stick can be used instead o! a slotted tool !or tis
pro'ect. Cut a slit into its end to make rolling te coils easier.
Conversion table appro!"#:
66 15cm 57%6 1.5cm 17386 1mm
1-6 85cm 1
7%6 3.5cm 17166 1.5mm
186 3-cm 86 5cm 17%6 3mm
896 6-cm 8
796 :cm 1796 6mm
6 !eet 1.%m 96 1-cm 57%6 15mm
2age 8 o! %
&ou 'ill nee(:
Lion: 3D Quilling Project
*: "o make te bod+, +ou will need a
3-cm long 3.5cm wide strip. $oll te
strip around a pen to create a tube.
"en !ree te tube and let te paper
unroll until its diameter matces te
diameter o! te bells made in steps
+: .lue down te edge, appl+ a tin
coating o! adesi(e o(er te rims o!
te tube and attac te two bells to
its ends.
,: 1ake a <teardrop< quilling sape
using a 3-cm /appro*.0 long 6mm
wide strip.
-: 5dere te teardrop to te bod+
close to its end as sown in te
pictures. 3t will make te lion4s rear
.: =o te same on te opposite side o!
te bod+ !or anoter ip.
/: Create a paw> start wit a teardrop,
ten press it in te middle and pinc
te teardrop4s rounded end a little.
2age 3 o! %
Lion: 3D Quilling Project
10: )inis making a leg b+ adering te
paw made in te pre(ious step to a
11: $epeat steps ? and 1- !or te oter
12: )or te !ront legs, make two <e+e<
sapes using two 3-cm long 6mm
wide strips.
13: 5ttac te @e+es6 to te bod+ at
bot sides, one opposite te oter,
in line wit te rear legs.
1*: 1ake a paw as in step ? and adere
it to te upper part o! a !ront leg.
1+: =o te same o! te oter !ront leg.
2age 9 o! %
Lion: 3D Quilling Project
1,: Aere4s wat te bod+ wit !our legs
sould look like.
1-: "o make te tail, create a spiral b+
rolling a 6mm wide strip along a
tootpick or cocktail stick. Cut o!!
te e*cess strip. "e lengt o! a
tootpick is su!!icient.
1.: 1ake si* 3-cm long 1.5cm wide red
strips, stack tem and cut a !ringe.
1/: Cut a 5cm long piece o!! te !ringe
and roll it around te tool.
20: .lue down te end. &ou4(e made te
tu!t o! te lion4s tail.
21: "ake te tu!t o!! te tool and adere
it to te tail end.
2age 5 o! %
Lion: 3D Quilling Project
22: 5ttac te tail to te bod+. 23: 1ake a bell sape as described in
steps 1 troug 3, ten glue a 85cm
long !ringe around te bell, using te
piece o! !ringe le!t a!ter making te
2*: &ou4(e obtained a @!lower6 tat will
be used to create te lion4s !ace and
2+: Bpen up te @petals6 o! te @!lower6
b+ pressing tem down and out.
2,: "e !inal sape sould look like in
te picture abo(e.
2-: Coin te !i(e !ringed strips togeter.
$oll te resulting strip around te
tool to create a tu!t as in steps 1?
and 8-. .lue down its end. "is time
te tu!t will be muc ticker toug.
2age 6 o! %
Lion: 3D Quilling Project
2.: .entl+ press in te center wit +our
tumb or !inger.
2/: 5ppl+ a coating o! adesi(e on te
inside o! te sape.
30: 5ttac te @!lower6 made in step 86. 31: &ou4re almost done wit te lion4s
32: $oll a 15cm long 6mm wide orange
strip and sape a al! circle to make
an ear. Similarl+ make te oter ear.
33: 5dere te ears to te ead
between te !ront and rear parts o!
te mane.
2age : o! %
Lion: 3D Quilling Project
3*: $oll a 6mm wide strip into a barrel
and attac it to te ead to make
te lion4s neck. Dse te piece le!t
a!ter making te tail /step 1:0.
3+: Eow take te ead !ace down and
press te !ringe down and out wit
+our tumbs to !lu!! up te mane.
3,: 5ppl+ adesi(e to te bottom o! te
neck to attac te ead to te bod+.
3-: "is is wat te lion looks like now.
3t4s almost !inised, e*cept !or its
3.: $oll two black tigt coils !or te e+es
using 1-cm long 1.5mm wide strips.
)or te nose, use a 1-cm long 3mm
wide brown strip. )or te ceeks use
3-cm long 3mm wide orange strips,
and, !or te mout, a :cm long
1.5mm piece o! red strip.
3/: 5rrange te elements to create te
lion4s !ace, ten add wiskers. )or
te wiskers cut eigt 1*15mm
strips and adere tem to te
ceeks, !our on eac side.
The lion's taking a rest after a
heavy meal >0
2age % o! %