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The singular, dual, and plural nouns

‫السم المفرد والمثنى والجمع‬

( ‫) السم المفرد‬ :Singular noun
(one person(he/she)'s name ( feminine or masculine -

‫ عبد الله‬،‫ محمد‬،‫أحمد‬ :.E.g

((one thing (animate creatures(f/m), inanimate creatures(f/m -
: .E.g

‫ورقة‬ ‫فتاة‬ ‫شجرة‬

A paper A girl Tree

) ‫)المثنى‬ :Dual
.When there is two of something–

) to the noun stem. in the nominative and ( ‫ )ـان‬The dual is formed by adding–
.in the accusative and genitive ( ‫ـين‬

I saw two cars - ‫رأيت سيـارتـين‬

Two cars - ‫سيارتـان اثنتـان‬

) ‫)الجمع‬ :Plural
.When there is three or more of something–

.There are two major forms of plural nouns: the sound and the broken–

The sound plural (unimpaired) means it doesn't change the internal○

structure of the singular. Simply they are formed by adding a suffix to

the singular form, The plural sound can be further divided into the

.sound masculine plural and the sound feminine plural

َ ‫و‬
ْ ‫ ) ـ‬The sound masculine plural are formed by adding a suffix

in the ( ‫ين‬
َ ْ ‫ ) ـ‬to the noun in the nominative case. And the suffix (

.genitive and accusative case


.The teachers are active - ‫المعــلمــون نشـيطــون‬

.I saw the teachers - ‫رأيت المعلـمين‬

) The sound feminine plural are formed by adding a suffix

) to the noun in the nominative case, And the suffix ( ‫ـات‬


.in the genitive and accusative case ( ‫ـات‬



.The teachers are active - ‫ت‬

ٌ ‫ت نشيطــا‬
ُ ‫المعلما‬

.I saw the teachers - ‫ت‬

ِ ‫رأيت المعـلمــا‬

The broken plurals change the internal structure of the singular noun○

according to established patterns, and for each new noun student

normally memorize the broken plurals. The broken plural can be

divided into: the lesser broken plural which indicates on

something between 3 and 9, And the greater broken plural

indicates on something greater than 9 in number. Each case has

.its own established patterns


( a student – students) ‫طالب – طلب‬

( a friend – friends) ‫ أصدقاء‬- ‫صديق‬

(red) ‫حْمـر‬
ُ - ‫حمراء‬
Below is a summary of the Arabic terms that describe plural



The broken plural; a word that is pluralized by

‫جمع التكسير‬ changing the noun’s structure

ّ ‫جمع المذ‬
The sound masculine plural
‫جمع المؤّنث‬
The sound feminine plural

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