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Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse and Revelation's

Seven Seals
Sequence of Events Chart with References
author Frank Nic. Bazsika (c)2014

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Sequential Order of The Seven Seals Following Prelude of
Chapter Five of The Book of Revelation:
The Seven Seals (5:1-5,9;c6 (1st 6 seals)
1) Deception; false representatives, pseudo 'Christianity', false prophet (6:2,8)
2) Wars; revolutions, civil disorder, riots, terrorism, murders, nuclear 'fire' (6:3-4,8)
3) Famine; food shortages leading to starvation, cannibalism, eating the unclean (6:5-6,8)
4) Disease Epidemics; berzerk wild life, plagues, endemic diseases, malnutrition,-
contributing factors of first 3 seals culminating in massive deaths (6:7-8)
{War between satan and demon army vs the Government of God leading to Seal 5} (12:3-4,7-10,12)
5) Tribulation; religious and national persecution; The Elect and "Jacob's Trouble",- (3:10;6:9-11;7:14;-
( 3 1/2 years,- 42 months) duration ) 12:12-17;13:7,17:6-
{Subjugation and exile of Anglo-Saxons; Occupation of Jerusalem} (11:1-2,8,13)
{Mission of Two Witnesses; 3 1/2 year duration} (11:3-14)
6) Heavenly Signs; (6:12-17;8:5)
{Sealing of God's servants before Day of The LORD commences} (7:2-9,13 14; 14:1;-
{Two Companies of The Righteous} (c7)
{The Seventh Seal is divided into 7 Trumpet announced Plagues}
7) The Seven Trumpet Plagues; ("The Day of The LORD or The Eternal") (7:1-3;8:1-2,5-13;-
(one year duration) 9:1-21;11:14-
the first 6 trumpets)
1stT) Earth, Trees, Herbage Plagued (8:7)
2ndT) Sea, Sea Life, Ships Plagued (8:8-9)
3rdT) Rivers, Fountains of Waters Plagued (8:10-11)
4thT) Cosmic Upset,- Sun, Moon, and Stars Darkened (8:12)
{The final 3 Trumpets of the 7th Seal are called 'Woes' which are three major war battles}
5thT/1stW) Beast European Bloc attacks North East Block of nations (9:1-12)
(5 month duration)
6thT/2ndW) North East Block Counterattacks Beast European Bloc (9:13-21;11:14)
{42 month mission of The Two Witnesses ends} (11:3-14)
{The Three Messages; 1)Announcing the Good News of God's Kingdom of world (14:6-7,8,9-12)
rule,- with a warning judgment and a command to worship the true Creator God.
2) Announcing the fall of (modern) Babylon (man's governments and religions.
3) Warning to those who worship the Beast State and it's Image church religion.}
{Strong Angel's Message to God's servants and all nations announcing the soon
fulfillment of all prophecies pertaining to The Day of The LORD} (c10)
{Resurrection of Saints, Apostles, Prophets, Disciples (11:18;14:1;20:4-6)
{Coming of Christ with angelic army and His saints (19:11,6-9,12-16;-
7thT/3rdW) The Seven Last Plagues (10:7;11:14-15,18;-
(NOTE: some claim this is a 24 hour duration, however it takes time to assemble 15:1,6-8;16:1-21;-
the nations armies to battle Christ and for these final plagues to have effect. 14:10-11,15-20;-
The scenario would dictate a period of a few months or weeks at least.) 17:14;19:11,14-21;-
1stP) Plagues of ulcers upon adherents of Beast Empire and Church (it's image) (16:2)
2ndP) Death of all Sea Life (16:3)
3rdP) Rivers and Water Fountains changed to Blood (16:4-6)
4thP) Sun's Intensity and heat increases (16:8-9)
5thP) Darkness and Pain inflicted upon Capital location of the Beast's Empire (16:10-11)
6thP) Armageddon the assemblage of armies from the East to join up with Beast's armies (16:12-14,16)
7thP) Battle of The Great Day of GOD Almighty (Great Banquet of God; Wine-press of (11:18;14:10-11-
God's Wrath). Destruction modern Babylon (Beast's system) and it's Image Church 15-20;16:17-21-
and all man's governments put down. Plagues of lightning, hail, earthquakes with 17:14;19:11,-
geographical changes. Consummation of God's Wrath 14-21;c18.)
Maps of Megiddo place of Armageddon

photo maps Bing(c)
After the Battle of Armageddon and Christ has put down all opposition, - the Kingdom Of God is
established beginning a New Age of worldwide peace for all mankind while satan is imprisoned and
an age lasting fire in the Valley of Hinnom is set up. God's Kingdom will rule the earth for a 1,000
years,- a millennium of peace, health and prosperity free of war and satan's influence. God's spirit
will be made available to everyone enabling them to overcome their human nature and live in
accordance with God's Laws and way of peace. (11:18;20:1-6)
"Armageddon'; In the Valley of Jezrell (Plain of Esdraelon) bordering Megiddo, the world's armies
will unite and assembaledge to fight the returning Christ. They will then converge onto the
Jerusalem area to fight the King of Kings. They will be vanquished in the Kidron Valley (also
known as the Valley of Jehoshaphat). The proper Biblical name of this battle is 'The Battle of the
Great Day of God Almighty'.
Megiddo is located 55 mi. N/W of Jerusalem and a few mi. S/E of Haifa,- which is a natural sea port.
At this juncture in time the Beast' armies will already be in control of the Judea (State of Israel)
area, including Jerusalem, for the past 42 mos. of their occupation.
Author's notes; The book of Revelation is actually a 'disclosure' of prophecy from Christ to His
servants. The book explains it's own symbols and there is no need to ascribe man made speculations.
But the majority will not understand this book because they are not looking to Christ or the
complete Word of God for understanding. The Bible explains just who can understand prophecy;-
" Many shall be purified, and made white, and
refined; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the
wise shall understand.
Who is wise, and he shall understand these things?
prudent, and he shall know them? for the ways of the LORD are right, and the just shall walk
in them: but the transgressors shall stumble in them.
(Hos.14:9) And how do we obtain thisattribute of the spirit to be wise?
The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the
soul: the
testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple
. (Ps.19:17)
Understanding comes by keeping God's Laws! It is that simple. I have always said that 'prophecy is
God's motivational tool' to get us on board and involved in His plans for us. God does not keep His
servants in the dark but at the appropiate time 'updates' them.
Some works by the author that will add to this understanding may be found here;-