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Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is one of those things that you do not consciously

know that you are missing. It can take you as far as you want to go,
in so many ways. It can show you how to take the pain out of a
skinned knee or a burn. Pranic Healing can teach you to accelerate
the healing of a broken bone, or help you to find peace and

Pranic Healing gives you the tools that you need to live a fruitful,
loving and productive life. Its Founder has thought of a remedy for
whatever ails you, on whatever level.

Learning Pranic Healing is like learning to read, or add, at first it

seems foreign, then it is second nature, and you wonder how you
could ever get along without it.

After some time, one begins to realize what a precious gift Pranic
Healing is. Like a fine wine, or a friendship it unfolds revealing ever
more subtle expressions of its unique genius.

So what is Pranic Healing?

It is a Simple yet extremely powerful recipe driven, no touch system

of healing. The foundational techniques can be learned by anyone
able to follow simple instructions, in just one weekend course.

The Founder of Pranic Healing a Chinese Energy Master,

named Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, ( to be referred to as
GMCKS), is known for his exceptional ability to distill complex topics
down to their essence, making them easy to understand and
practical to apply.(Click here for more on the development of
Pranic Healing)

Pranic Healing is complimentary in nature. It is not meant to replace

Allopathic Medicine, or any other healing method. It is easily
adapted into a practice, or may be used alone.

GMCKS Pranic Healing uses the forces present in nature, along

with the body's innate abilities, as the foundation on which Pranic
Healing is built.
The two principals in Pranic Healing are:

1. The body has the innate ability to heal its self.

2. In order to do so life force, or life energy must be

I will elaborate a little on these principles.

1. The body does the healing always, period. We may

encourage the body's immune system with drugs, sew it
together or put a limb in a cast, but it is the body that
does the healing.

The body has intelligence of its own. If it did not we would spend all our time
telling it what to do. No time to do anything else. The body has the ability to
control and energize its own system if it is it's condition to do so.

2. In order for the body to heal it requires life force or life

energy. Simple, no life force or life energy, no healing can
occur, the body is dead.

There are several sources of this life force or "Prana". These include
the environment i.e. the sun, the air, the earth. We get some prana
from the food that we eat, from animals, and from other people, and
spiritual sources.

I feel fairly confident when I say that all of us, at one time or other
has been a source of life force or energy for other people.
Remember that time that you were feeling great? A friend called, or
came by, who was depressed or needed your help. They left feeling
better, however, you were exhausted. You were happy that you
could help, and relieved that they were gone. You felt drained, the
question is why?

The answer is that energy and water operate in a similar fashion.

They will both seek their own level. If there is a passage between
two containers, fill one, and both will become half full. Unless the
passage is plugged or filled, the liquid will seek its own level, always
flowing from high to low.

When you were in that GREAT mood and your friend was in that bad
place guess who was in the high position?
YOU!!! That's right. The question you should be asking is how can I
still help without becoming drained myself?

Another good question is where is this energy stored and how do I

get more?

The First healing technique learned in Pranic Healing is how to stem

the flow, how to remove attachments and energetic links to negative
people and situations.


I would like to introduce you to your energetic anatomy.

We know right now through our exposure to technology, that there

are many frequencies, around us that most of us cannot see. We
have created many instruments to both sense and utilize these
various frequencies. Everything from microwaves to x-rays,
television and radio signals, all these are invisible to the untrained,
naked eye. Yet we use them and interact with them and accept
them without any hesitation.

This is a great time in history for us to speak about Energy and

Pranic Healing because we are all so familiar with energy terms and
concepts. We understand that everything is Energy, regardless of
how dense that energy is. E=Mc squared.

In Electrical Engineering there is something called the right hand

rule. Simply put, it states that if you have a copper wire and run
electrical current through that wire, it will form an electromagnetic
field around that wire, and it will rotate in a right hand direction.

We have created instruments that can detect the resistance and

impurities in wire by measuring the regularity in the electromagnetic
field outside the wire.

We also know that the physical body has bio-plasmic impulses

flowing through it. The body acts as the copper wire for the bio-
plasmic impulses to flow through. This current flowing through the
body forms a bio-electro-magnetic field around the body. This is
commonly known as the Bio-plasmic field, or the Etheric Field or the
Auric Field.

This Auric field is the container that holds Prana or life force. It is
made up of several layers. The outermost of these layers is termed
the Outer Aura. Again, it's function it to contain or hold in the energy
that the body acquires from those various sources. If there is a hole,
crack or tear in this field, the prana, or life force will steadily leak

If you have ever met someone who is frail, always getting sick, or
when they recover they often have relapses, this condition may be
caused by a leak in this Outer Aura. Another symptom of a leak may
occur when a person receives a treatment of some kind. The person
feels good for a couple of days, and then recidivates to the previous

The next layer of the Aura is called the Health rays. These health
rays are like the energetic pores. They push used up energy outside
of our system. They are actually our first layer of defense. When you
feel someone "bristle" you are feeling the Health Rays stand up on
end, kind of like a porcupine, or the hair standing up when a cat has
been spooked.

If the health rays become damaged, tangled or droopy this will be

reflected in the physical body as weakness, illness or injury.

The innermost layer is called the Inner Aura. This is the layer that is
generally measured to gauge irregularities in Bio-Energetic

Just as we have physical power plants, transformers and wires, we

have energetic power plants, transformers and wires as well. The
energetic power plants are called Chakras. They gather energy and
change it into something digestible to the subtle and physical

The Chakras, (chakra means wheel in Sanskrit), spin two directions,

they inhale fresh clean Prana, and expel used up or diseased
energy. They also supply Prana, (life force), to our internal organs
using our version of wiring, the Meridian System. The Meridians are
those lines on an Acupuncture Chart.

The energy generated at the physical power plant is too great to use
directly, it must be made "compatible" with our appliances. This is
done through a series of transformers. Something similar also
happens within chakra system.

Many people are somewhat familiar with the seven Chakra system.
There are many, many Chakras in our system. There are major
chakras, such as those that are located down the front of the body,
there are minor chakras such as those on the hands feet and spleen.
There are mini chakras like the ones on the tips of the fingers,
and micro chakras such as those dots on the acupuncture charts.

The Major Chakras supply etheric energy, Prana or life force to the
various systems and organs within our bodies. (See Miracles
Through Pranic Healing for a complete description)

So, just to quickly recap, our energetic anatomy is made up of our

chakras, (power plants), the meridians (the wiring) and the Auric
Field (the emanation of the current running through the system).

The Auric Field is the energetic blueprint that the physical body
follows. The body is the last thing that appears in the physical world,
not the first. Just as the blueprint for the oak tree is already
contained in the acorn, so the blueprint for the body is present
before the body is created.

Everything that happens in the manifest world happens in the

energy world first. Allow me to explain.

Let us say that you want to build a house. The first thing that one
does is to think of building the house. That is in the mental realm or
mental world. Then one has an emotional reaction, excitement, or
interest or happiness. This is the Emotional realm. Then the idea
gets put down on paper, it starts to come into the physical world,
goes to the Architect, and then to the carpenters, who, when
provided with enough building materials make it a reality, bringing
the idea into physical manifestation.

Now say the blueprint becomes damaged or unreadable in some

way. If the carpenters do not get the blueprint redrawn, they may
put a window where a door is suppose to go. Or they may use the
wrong grade of materials.

If the project runs out of funding it may take a long time to


So when the body is ill or injured, all of its resources are directed to
that problem. All of its carpenters are focused on that project, if the
blueprint is unreadable or not enough material is furnished, the body
may not heal properly, or rapidly.

The techniques used in Pranic Healing are Cleansing and Energizing.

Before any energy is given, negative, dirty, diseased, or
contaminated energy is first removed and disposed of properly.

Did I say PROPERLY? So many times I have walked through a health

fair, or a psychic fair, where massage therapists or "energetic
practitioners" have been doing healings. I have watched them shake
their hands out away from their bodies, out into the space around
them. Have you seen that?

What are they doing? If you ask they will tell you (sometimes) that
they are shaking off the dirty or diseased or "bad energy". That is
ok, but where is it going? When asked this question you will be met
with anything from a puzzled look, to into the earth, into a flame, or
a vague statement that the Universe will take care of it.

Ok, so, if someone throws garbage into the street, will the Universe
take care of it? The answer is of course YES! The question is,
however, how long will it take? Will we have to see it? Smell it?
Perhaps step in it? Drag it into our houses on the bottom of our

If I have mud on my hands and shake my hands do my hands

become clean? No. Just slightly less covered in mud.

If something is true on one level it is true on another level.

If it is true in the physical world it is true in the energetic world as

well. Have you heard AS ABOVE SO BELOW?

Remember that it was said that the chakras spin in both directions,
they inhale and they exhale. What do you think happens to the dirty
energy remaining on the hands of a person, even those who are
handling energetically unclean things, let alone persons with
disease? Could some of the dirty energy be inhaled through the
chakras in the hands?

Here is a list of pitfalls that may befall the therapist who uses these
approaches, as well as dangers to their clients

1. The Practitioner may become quite contaminated.

Symptoms of contamination include:
o Arthritic conditions
o Carpel Tunnel Syndrom
o Heaviness in the legs
o Itchiness
o Fatigue
2. The next Client may pick up the dirty energy from the
past clients on their way out.


In GMCKS Pranic Healing we are taught how to clean ourselves, our

environment, and how to dispose of the negative, dirty, diseased, or
contaminated energy, simply, effectively and with minimal effort.
We learn how to help others while avoiding burnout and other


Remember the idea that water and energy operate in much the
same manner? Yes? You remember also that the body will regulate
its own energetic system if allowed to do so? Good. If the energy
system is clean, and the chakras are also cleaned, then they will pull
in fresh clean prana on their own.

As a Healer I may not need to energize at all.

This has been demonstrated on many occasions when I have simply

cleaned the spine, head and back chakras of a person with a
migraine headache and the headache has disappeared, with no
energizing. This is because there is already too much energy in the
head causing the head to pound. If the blockages and excess energy
is removed the headache is relieved in just a few minutes.

However, a healing process may be greatly sped up if the body has

unlimited or at least extra resources at its disposal.

I have seen this happen on many occasions from broken bones to

burns. The time that it would take to heal is extremely reduced,
sometimes from a few months to a few weeks.

So ......

There is lots of good news, for everyone. I believe, no, I know that
absolutely everyone can benefit from Pranic Healing in one way or
another. Whether it is from learning how to help without being
drained, or to keep your body healthy, or to help your family, and
even your pets, Pranic Healing has something to offer.