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A Detailed Lesson Plan

on Adjectives

I. Objectives

A. Identify words that describe people, places, and things in sentences
B. Share their adjectives with the class.
C. Write down adjectives to describe their classmates

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Adjectives

References: Expanding English Skills for Empowerment II by BernardoB.Marquez Et. Al
pp. 121 -123

Proficiency in English II by Magelende Magallona Flores Et. Al
pp. 228 232

Materials: 5 different objects chart
5 paper bags bond paper

Values Integration: Cooperation

III. Procedure

A. Daily Routine
1. Prayer
2. Greetings
3. Classroom Management
4. Checking of Attendance

B. Pre Grammar Activity

Teachers Activity Students Activity
Class I will divide you into five groups

I have here five paper bags. You are going to
name the object inside the bag by describing it.

How are you going to name the object? Its
very simple; you just simply place your one
hand in the bag and feel the object. You can
touch the object and shake the bag but you

(Each group will receive paper bag).

cannot look at the object.

Did you understand the instructions?

Okay, very nice descriptions.

And now lets reveal the objects inside the

Bag 1 Potato
Bag 2 Fabric softener
Bag 3 Apple

Yes maam!

After touching the object and shaking the bag:

Group 1 Potato


Group 2 Fabric Softener


Group 3 - Apple

Medium sized and somewhat oblong/
round in shape

Group 4 - Chocolate Bar


Group 5 Stone


Bag 4 Chocolate bar
Bag 5 Stone

C. During Grammar Activity

Teachers Activity Students Activity
Class you used the words soft, hard, rough,
oblong, and solid.

Those words are adjectives. Adjectives can be
used to describe many objects. Even though we
cant actually see the objects, we came up with
many descriptive words to help others
understand what are senses are telling us about
the object.

And now, who can define the meaning of

Yes, name of student?

Very good!

Adjective is a word used to describe or modify
or give more information about a noun.

I have here sample sentences. Lets read them
one by one.

1. Leo is very helpful.
2. He lives in a peaceful village
3. He saw a strange creature.

Look at sentence number 1, who is very

Okay good!

Look at sentence number 2, where does Leo


(The students will raise their hand)

An adjective is a word that describes a noun or
a pronoun.

(The students will read the sentences).



And look at sentence number 3, what did Leo

Very good!

What kind of boy is Leo?


What kind of village does he live in?


What kind of creature did he see?

Okay, very good!

Any question about our lesson?

Did you understand our lesson?

Okay, if that is, let us have this activity.




None maam

Yes maam

D. Post Grammar Activity

1. The students will receive a blank bond paper and they will form a circle.
2. They are going to paste the bond paper at the back of their seatmate on the right side.
Then, they will describe their seatmate by writing on the bond paper.
3. Students will read in front of the class the description that their seatmate gave to them.

IV. Evaluation

Encircle the descriptive words in the sentences and underline the words that being

1. A good classroom is a good place for learning.
2. Careful analysis is given to the new lesson.
3. A selfish student will not make friends with others.
4. The endless love for learning motivates the Chinese to pursue their dreams.
5. A lovely student passed by the corridor.
6. The pie is delicious.
7. Her son is very lazy.
8. The book is heavy.
9. She owns a shiny mirror.
10. He gave her colorful pillows.

V. Assignment

1. Listen to your favorite music.
2. Write down at least ten adjectives that describe your favorite music.
3. Write your answer on your notebook.